abco tech instant pop up privacy tent Review

This Abco Tech Instant Pop Up Privacy Tent is one of those very handy accessories any camper without an RV would appreciate while outdoors surrounded by nature but also by other people and no amenities.

When it comes to private matters such as bathing or toileting most of us prefer it done withour exposing ourselves for all and sundry. So, some sort of screen is a must.

While I simply love to get up close with the beauty of nature I appreciate the convenience of having the appropriate gear for myself and my family to enjoy the time outdoors. This equipment is simple, yet fulfills an important role in keeping everyone safe and happy.

Do yourself a big favor and check out this review and the product it covers, it may be ideal gear for your next outdoor family adventure

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Instant Portable Outdoor Shower Tent

The Key Features

Durable construction

Finding a good shower tent for a trip or two is one thing, but if you are an outdoors person, finding a lasting pop up privacy tent can be a completely different story. As such, it’s important when making that final decision to be sure you won’t be back on the market sooner than necessary.

Thankfully, the steel material that this tent’s frame is made of takes care of that, as it is not only very sturdy, but its flexible design gives it a remarkable ability to last for a very long time. This ensures you can keep on using your tent for many camping trips even in harsh conditions.

Tough polyester fabric

Just as crucial as the frame is, so is the fabric. Having a solid tent with a sturdy frame but a flimsy fabric just won’t cut it, as you will have privacy and durability to worry about. This brings up the need for a closer look at the fabric as well to ensure you can count on it too.

Abco Tech hasn’t disappointed on this one, thanks to the awesome combination of an impressive tent frame and fabric. With the polyester material featuring a silver coating, the fabric on this tent not only ensures ultimate privacy with zero silhouettes but also lasts just as long as the frame does. 

Easy set up

Preparing to settle for the night can be very hectic, especially considering you may have to do this after a long day on the road. As such, there’s always the need for a fast equipment set up, to make things easier for you so you can spend the rest of the evening relaxing.

This pop up shower tent makes that achievable thanks to its easy, almost instant setup since it pops right up with no complicated installation needed. This means you can not only use it on the campsite, but you could also pop it up and take it down along the way when you need to answer the call of nature.

Sufficiently ventilated

A tent’s performance is not just all about the material; sometimes other such features as ventilation play an almost irreplaceable role too. And if you are camping in the heat of summer, having a tent that lets in enough fresh air while still keeping you well obscured will be convenient.

One thing I love the most about this tent is that it offers the best of both worlds as far as privacy and breathability, thanks to a handy side window that allows in air and still doubles as a space for exterior visibility if need be, which is a nice touch.

Built for on-the-go use

As mentioned above, this tent is best suited for use on the campsite and that means it needs to be as portable as it can get to make life easier for you on the road. In this case, the size and weight matter.

Since this tent folds flat to a package that is only 2 inches thick and 23 inches wide, you can easily toss it at the back seat or trunk of your car and hit the road. And even when you have to haul it along on a short hike, the less than 5-pound weight shouldn’t be heavy enough to bog you down.

Keep your personal effects handy

Another area that makes these small pop up tents awesome is if you have an option for keeping your necessary personal items within reach when inside the tent. And thus, you need a pocket or mesh that can hold your items as you go about your business.

Now, this one offers just that, with a built-in pocket that allows you to keep those important items within reach when inside the tent. Whether it’s your watch, phone, or maps, this pocket has got you covered, so you won’t have to worry about where to keep them or settle to leaving them outside as you go in.

Inbuilt clothesline

It might not sound like an important addition, but a clothesline goes a long way to making the use of your tent easier, more convenient, and fun. Being able to keep your wet towels outside the main tent can be one of the little things that could make things less messy inside the tent.

This pop up tent has a convenient clothesline that you can count on for keeping your clothes within reach yet off the ground, which could be very impressive for showering or when using it as a changing room. Besides, you could use it for drying your clothes and towels, a big plus especially if your main family tent doesn’t have enough room.

Instant Portable Outdoor Shower Tent - a girl beside an abco tech shower tent

 What Are The Benefits Of This Product

A large door makes entry and exit very easy and convenient, especially when using it as a change room where people have to go in and out of the tent frequently.

Its zipper closure also makes easy use of the entrance, allowing you to open and close it with ease whether you are operating it from the outside or inside.

With 4 mounting stakes, securing your tent to the ground makes it very stable and allows it to withstand considerably strong winds thus ensuring your privacy.

 The bottom is up to 3.5 feet square, which is awesome as it offers enough room to turn around and shower without feeling restricted inside.

And with a height of up to 75 inches, you can stand in the tent with ease when showering, tall people should be able to use this tent without any disappointments.

An included carry bag makes transporting your tent easy while keeping it protected from dust and dirt and preventing damage from scratches.

With two zippers at the main entrance, opening and closing your tent is super easy whether you are opening it from the outside or inside.

With the window located up, you can easily feed a shower hose into your tent, allowing you to enjoy a hot morning or evening shower.

Included instructions further make the setup of this tent even easier especially for first-timers who might have a hard time wrapping their heads around how it works.

The tent is also easy to take down, and fold into a circle, and even easier to pack into the carry bag, and off you go.

Quick Specs

  1. Occupancy: 1
  2. Closure type: zippers
  3. Frame material: Steel
  4. Fabric material: Polyester
  5. Dimensions open: 47” X 47” X 75”
  6. Dimensions packed: 23” x 2”
  7. Weight: Under 5 pounds
  8. Floor: No
  9. Number of stakes: 4
  10. Windows: 1
  11. Doors: 1
  12. Carry bag included


  • It’s a very solid and durable tent
  • Dries up quickly after use, and very opaque
  •  Up to 4 stakes for securing it solidly to the ground
  • Fast and easy set up since no installation is necessary
  • Sufficient interior room and height
  • Folds up small and comes with a carry bag for easy transportation


  • This tent would be great with a floor
  • The windows don’t have a mesh, which could be a nice addition

Questions And Answers

Question: What is the height of this tent?

Answer: The center height is about 6 feet, which makes this tent high enough to accommodate even tall guys easily, and if you are a short person, then this tent should be more than tall enough for you.

Question: Does this tent come with a floor?

Answer: No, which means you might have to buy a tarp or rubber mat separately. However, if you want a tent that doesn’t have a floor, then this will make a perfect choice for you. 

Here Is A Tip Or Two

  • This tent is only designed to accommodate a single person, if you want a more spacious privacy tent that can be used by two people at once, then you should consider checking further afield for a double pop up tent. Thankfully, there’s a range of some impressive double tents out there.
abco tech Camp Toilet Changing Room


For a privacy tent that you will be proud of at the campsite or on almost any other outdoor activity, this Abco Tech fits the bill. It’s robust, durable, and even better, compact as well as lightweight, which makes it ideal for almost any outdoor adventure.

The awesome height of the tent and the spacious interior further offer easy use of this tent is a nice thing too. And of course, the pop-up design makes the setup easy. I would highly recommend this tent to anyone looking for a convenient outdoor privacy/shower tent.

If you have any more questions about the Abco Tech Instant Pop Up Privacy Tent, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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