Advanced Elements Solar Shower Review

This review we are looking at a very capable and well designed Advanced Elements Solar Shower, this company designs and manufactures many different models that are very functional and user-friendly.

Each has its own individual features and this particular unit in this review is the Advanced Elements 5-Gallon Summer/Solar Shower.

Advanced Element solar shower is an intricately designed portable shower, which features a four-layer construction and comes with an easy to use on and off shower head. 

Moreover, this state of the art portable shower also comes with a huge screw cap valve which in turn makes filling the device much easier.

My Initial Thoughts

For easy storage, you can easily roll up the shower and store it in a backpack or just place it with the other camping equipment in the vehicle.

The Advanced Element 5 is ideal for camping because of its portability and ultralightweight, coming in at only 1.4 pounds, that is an important factor as weight in the vehicle is always a consideration when packing the things you need camping.

The Advanced Element Solar Shower can be easily transported. For optimal heat retention, the Advanced Element Solar Shower has been engineered with a 4 layer construction, which features a reflector panel, insulator panel, solar panel, and water reservoir.

The Shower is highly recommended for individuals who are looking for the ideal outdoor solar shower to provide hot water at bath time.

With a rating of 4.6 from several hundred people on Amazon, the Advanced Elements Solar Shower is undeniably the most popular product on the market by Summer Shower.

That’s why it’s one of the best solar showers today, because of its 5 gallons capacity.  Elements Solar Shower holds the capacity of delivering 2 good showers and maybe even a third after a single refill.

Key Features

Large Filling Valve

  • Easily fill up the reservoir using water from any source using the extra filling valve, which is capped with a convenient twist cap. The convenient twist cap allows the user to easily fill up the water reservoir with water from different sources. Once the shower is full, users can easily lock up, the reservoir using the twist cap and prevent water from overflowing out of the reservoir.


  • Considering the fact that the Advanced Element 5 has a capacity of 5 gallons, filling the reservoir will take a little bit more time, which also means the showers will also last for quite some time. Reflective Mirror and Temperature Gauge  Users can easily harness the sun’s energy using the device’s reflective surface and state of the art solar technology.


  • The insulator and solar panels will heat up the water in the reservoir with much ease. All the user will be required to do is to fill up the reservoir with fresh water and then place the shower in the sun. For safety purposes, the advanced level 5 comes with a temperature gauge to ensure that the water does not overheat. It is important to note that not all portable showers come with temperature gauges

Durable Handle

  • The Advanced Solar Shower also comes with a durable handle, which allows users to hang it on any location that they deem fit. Users can hang the outdoor solar Shower on a number of places including on their RV, tree branch or on any other object that the rubber handle can withstand.

Pockets for Shampoo and Soaps

  • Apart from having a durable rubber handle, the Advanced Element outdoor solar shower also comes with a pocket to hold the user’s soap and shampoo. Moreover, this advanced solar shower also sports velcro straps that can be used to hold washcloths and other items. This feature is not present in similar products.

On and Off Shower Head

  • The On and Off shower head gives users the ability to control when and how the water should come out from the device. For those who love to control the amount of water that they use while showering, then this feature will come in handy.

Reinforced Panels

  • For added durability, the Advanced Elements Shower comes with thick reinforced back and front panels. With reasonable care, users should expect this device to last for quite some time, and is most definitely one of the things you need camping.

What are the Benefits?

Comes with a side pocket for placing soap and shampoo-Users can place their soap and shampoo in the side pockets while taking their showers.

Is there anything more annoying than dropping the soap in the dirt, well the pockets will help eliminate this problem

Has velcro straps for holding washcloths. Just like the shampoo and soaps, you can place your washcloths in the velcro straps while showering. Let’s face it sometimes there are not too many places to store thing when your bathing outdoors

Has an easy to use shower head that has an off and on button. The on and off button allows you to control the amount of water that you can use while showering.

Either a little or a lot it’s up to you and if you want to use the whole 5 gallons well that will give you a good soaking.

Powered by solar technology-The solar technology ensures users are able to shower with warm water without necessarily having to heat the water externally.

Solar power is always a winner when we’re out camping if the weather is good it’s reliable and free just how I like it. simply place the bag out in the sun full in the morning  and let it warm-up

advanced elements solar shower

Features a 4 layer construction with insulator and reflector panels, these are pretty fancy however all in the design and the main thing for me is as long as these features do there job.

I know I will have a hot shower at the end of the day and that is why I carry these items

The bag material cannot easily rip off, thereby ensuring that the shower can last for a long time.

This simply means if we pay a reasonable price for something, we expect a certain quality and durability that will serve us well for an extended period


  1. Easy to use
  2. Sports an adequately long hose
  3. Designed with good heating features
  4. Has the ability to convert any clean water into a nice shower
  5. Light in weight, thereby making a convenient camping shower
  6. Has a 5-gallon capacity, big enough
  7. Produces warm water faster than its competitors


  1. Be aware of where the sun is and where it’s going, the shower will not heat up if it’s under a shady tree
  2. The hose tends to kink easily try to keep it in a roll when stored



The Advanced Element Solar Shower is an outstanding choice. Powered by solar technology and a four-ply construction which consists of an insulator panel, reflector panel, a water reservoir, and solar panel, the advanced panel will meet all of your needs.

By combining solar technology and the four-ply construction, this Summer Shower can easily deliver warm water, especially desirable on cool afternoons.

Nonetheless, it is important to note that the Advanced Element Outdoor Solar Shower will stand strong when compared to similar products on the market. This is a good choice if you are traveling in a camping Trailer.

However, we believe the quality and durability of the advanced elements solar shower makes it stand out from its competitors.

When purchasing any outdoor item it is always important to remember that reliability is key. This is undoubtedly the greatest selling point for any product and the advanced element solar shower has greatly capitalized on this.

If you are looking for an ideal summer solar shower for your camping trip then the advanced elements solar shower is a great choice.

The shower’s prominent features and its ability to provide hot water after a full day of excitement, as well as the numerous positive reviews from customers around the world, makes this a very highly regarded solar shower.

The Advanced Elements Solar Shower delivers beyond expectation when compared to similar devices, and could even be the best solar shower in the market. we rank it very highly at 9.5 out of 10 and is one of 3 contenders for the title best solar shower.

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If you have any more questions about the Advanced Elements Solar Shower, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.


4 thoughts on “Advanced Elements Solar Shower Review”

  1. Looks perfect for my needs. I’ve been looking for a portable shower for when I go backpacking since I’m usually out for 3-5 days. This looks like it’ll be small enough to fold up in my pack. There’s nothing more morale-boosting when you’re sweaty and dirty in the woods than a nice shower.

  2. I have been using a cold shower for years and never really took a second to think about the ability to take a hot shower. I always assumed cold showers are part of the “Camping Experience”. Now knowing about this tool I am definitely going to have to pick one up before my next camping trip! Thank you for creating this post!

    • Hi Justin, cold showers, bbrrrrrrr, do yourself a favor and purchase this product you will not be sorry, i have used a few over the years, and the Advanced Elements stands above the rest. 

      Thanks for the comment Shane


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