ALPS Mountaineering Dining Table Review

The portable ALPS Mountaineering dining table is a compact, portable, lightweight, and versatile table. Ideal for family camping trips, outdoor cookouts, picnics, and tailgating. ALPS is a brand well known for its high-quality camping equipment.

This Article Was Last Updated On January 27, 2021

The quality can be seen in the construction of this folding table. Three options are available, and all come with an aluminum X-frame leg design that is lightweight and durable.

A table for the outdoors is just as important as having a table at home. For those that need a compact camping table that can be carried easily and too many destinations, we suggest you take a look at the available options from ALPS Mountaineering.

Read below our full review so you can easily decide if this outdoor table is for you.

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ALPS Mountaineering dining table


Key Features

Three Size Choices

This dining table is available in three different sizes depending on your needs and the choices this gives us makes for a wonderfully versatile piece of equipment.

There is the regular size (28″ x 43″ x 28″ with a weight of 12 lbs.), the traditional square size (31” x 31” x 28” with a weight of 8 lbs.), and the extra-large size (28″ x 55″ x 28″ with a weight of 14 lbs.) great for larger groups.

Design and Materials

The ALPS Mountaineering dining table is lightweight and portable in design. It has two main parts namely the aluminum X-frame and the aluminum top.

The X-frame design makes an easy setup. This will also give space to your legs so it can freely move and eliminate your knees from banging the table when sitting down.

The aluminum top can be folded into a nice compact size and very easy to roll down into a tabletop. Each panel is interconnected by elastics that are not visible when the table is set up.

You will find a locking mechanism on each side of the table to make sure the countertop is securely placed. This table is available in two colors (silver and clay) to choose from.

There are plastic foot covers to protect the floorings whenever you happen to use it indoors. Well, that actually is good news because you don’t have to worry about having scratches on the tiles of the floor.


You can conveniently take this foldable dining table anywhere you go. All the table parts are placed inside a sturdy storage bag so you can easily stash them in your van or car.

The storage bag has large straps that are comfortable over the shoulders. This helps to free both your hands and allows you to carry other pieces of stuff like coolers and water jugs as you settle for camp.

When collapsed, the table frame and top can smoothly fit into the bag. Due to the fact, that each panel can fold away into a very compact size is very advantageous when not in use.

Ease of Setup

The ALPS Mountaineering dining table is very easy to set up and take down. Actually, anyone in camp can set it up even without looking at an instruction manual.

This is because of its intuitive design that anyone can set it up immediately. The first time you would set it up would probably take 5 minutes after that would only take a couple of minutes.

To start set up, first, extend the legs then the base, to make the table stand. The X-frame structure will be visible by this time.

Once it is settled on the ground, you’re ready to roll the aluminum top and lock it on both ends for a more stable and durable table. The best part is, it is high enough that you don’t have to hunch down.


We have tested its stability and so far, we are satisfied with the results. The X-frame sits strong and stable enough to hold a reasonable amount of weight.

Aside from its main purpose, you can also use it as a sturdy game table with no problem. You can also place a portable grill or camping stove on top of it without worrying that it might collapse or tip over.

This camp table has an impressive size-to-weight ratio. We only noticed an average amount of natural wobble which we assume is typical on uneven ground.

But in summary, we are convinced the ALPS Mountaineering dining table is a stable table for outdoor use.


The durable anodized aluminum construction makes it lightweight yet sturdy. Even with several uses which include assembling and disassembling many times, this table has responded perfectly without any wear and tear.

We are surprised that the metal top didn’t heat up even in direct sunlight for several hours. It can also withstand the heat of the grill without being burnt or damaged.

Truly, the all-aluminum design makes it highly resistant to heat, water, and scratch and we really love that about it.

Best Applications

Having the ALPS Mountaineering table around will add to the comfort and joyful feeling you will experience outdoors. This table is handy in many different situations including the ones that do not involve food.

Other applications may include laying your map flat on top of it to plan your next adventure, gathering your friends to play cards, or even make it as a countertop for your grill, and other useful ways you can think of. 

The Price Is Right

Considering its performance and how convenient it is to take it along anywhere, plus the high rating and many positive comments from a large number of customers make it a compelling purchase.

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ALPS Square Dining Table

Benefits of the Product

Dummy proof setup, anyone can help set it up at camp. No need for other tools or complicated instructions to follow, it only requires a little common sense.

Collapsible and easy to fold down. The panels can be rolled in less than a minute without any hassle and each part perfectly fits inside the storage bag.

It packs small, which is convenient for any kind of family travel. You can stash it inside the trunk and still has plenty of room for other outdoor gears.

The customized easy-to-carry storage bag has two compartments. One is for the aluminum X-frame and the other for the folded aluminum top.

Sturdy, the cross-frame structure holds up to the ground well. You may notice some natural wobbles but very minimal.

A versatile table, highly recommended for any outdoor trips especially when you’re traveling in groups. It can be used in lots of different ways outdoors.

No added fittings or bars that will be beneficial for your legs and knees to have plenty of room space underneath.

With three size options, you can choose the best size for any applications you desire. This will make your decision making faster and fewer frustrations.

Holds a respectable lifetime manufacturer’s warranty plan. Based on our research the company promises to replace or repair the table if proven a manufacturing defect.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • It has spacious room for your legs and knees
  • Very easy to assemble and takedown
  • Foldable and collapsible parts
  • Portable with a handy storage bag


  • The load capacity of the table is obscure but has been proven to be less than other tables of similar construction and size
  • Can be a bit wobbly, but if you choose a much level ground surface then this shouldn’t be a problem
  • With the metal construction, there’s a possibility of corrosion but of course, this can be avoided with proper maintenance.

Questions and Answers

Q: Is this table adjustable?

A: No, ALPS Mountaineering dining tables are not adjustable. But you can choose the best table size that suits your needs.

ALPS offers three sizes which include the regular size, square size, and extra-large size. We think there’s no need for adjustment because this table is created in such a way that both adults and kids can sit comfortably around the table.

The best part is there are no annoying bars that may knock off your knees. It has plenty of room space for your legs.

Q: Is this table stable enough for carrying heavy loads?

A: We really think it can be stable enough for reasonable weight loads. Like if you would use it as a countertop for your barbeque grill or dishwashing tub then this table would do perfectly.

But considering the lightweight aluminum construction, it might not be as heavy-duty as you think it is. We think it’s best to refrain from placing too much heavy load on top of it.

Other than that, this table is still very functional as a dining table or a game table and has been designed as such. I would like to point out this is not a heavy-duty work platform for heavy loads.

Tips You Can Take Away 

  1. Make sure to properly clean the table before storing it to avoid corrosion.
  2. As much as possible, choose a more even surface when settling the table down to eliminate wobble.
  3. Safely store in a dry and clean area that is unreachable by children to avoid any damages.


We are very pleased with how the ALPS Mountaineering dining table performs. The X-frame construction, that gives plenty of room to move the legs and knees without smashing to the cross-bar is absolutely something to look forward to.

This can be the best choice of a portable table for any kind of travel. Whether you’re going for an occasional camp trip, picnics, relaxing at the beach, or a long road trip, we believe this table will truly come in handy in many situations.

With its portability, stability, and durability, you can definitely consider this table a good buy. It is not only for outdoor use but may also be for indoors especially if you’re looking for an extra dining table to fill in your veranda.

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If you have any more questions about the ALPS Mountaineering dining table, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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