ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight Cot – Easy to Carry Comfort

Hiking, camping, mountaineering, or down on the beach, this is where the ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight Cot – Easy to Carry Comfort Post can give you the solutions to a comfortable sleep wherever your adventure finds you.

This Article Was Last Updated On January 31, 2021

It can stand up to the task of providing you with a sleeping surface that is firm, flat, and quite comfortable while delivering a heavy-duty performance, and most importantly, last you a long time.

Sleeping on the ground is never the best option, so let’s dive right in and find out if this cot might be your best bet, by the end of this review you will know if it is the right one for you.


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ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight Cot

The Key Features

Robust steel frame

The performance and durability are first, and definitely the most important aspects to put into serious consideration when shopping for a cot. That is where the ALPS cot blows the competition away.

With a steel frame, this cot offers impressive support for up to 250 lbs of body weight, ideal for most adults and teens alike. But that’s not all yet, thanks to the durability of steel, this cot is also sure to last you for years.

Heavy-duty fabric

As it turns out, the frame is not the only sturdy feature in this cot; the fabric also has what it takes to offer you nothing short of impressive performance. Comprising entirely of 600D polyester, the fabric in this cot is as comfortable as it is robust.

This means getting a cozy night’s sleep but without trading it off for the quality. You not only get outstanding comfort with this cot, but it also goes the distance to offer lasting service.

Portable and no problem to carry it

Sleeping on the go means bringing your cot with you wherever you go. This can be a pain with a hefty, large cot. Luckily enough, this one is built with that problem in mind. To make the transportation of your cot a breeze, it comes with a carry bag.

Lightweight and easy to transport

You are going to love how easy this makes the storage and transportation of your cot. But there’s more, the cot is also very lightweight at only 11 lbs. Above all, it packs very small, collapsing to about 2-feet long and 8-inches wide when packed so it will easily fit in your Favorite Camping Tent.

Enough Space

This cot may be capable of collapsing down to a small and manageable size. But when it is set up, it offers just about all the space you need for comfortable night sleep. Measuring 74 inches by 30 inches, while it’s not the biggest this cot is large enough for an adult to stretch out and relax while looking up at the stars

Setup is a Breeze

For most users, this cot can be easily set up. However, when first used it will be a little tight but that is good because after a couple of uses it becomes more flexible and simple.  One thing is for sure, it takes a little muscle at first to get it ready.  In essence, the set up of this cot should take you less than 5 minutes.

To learn to nail it down with ease, consider assembling your cot several times before heading out on your trip. This enables you to learn how to set it up, making the process easier and faster when you will be setting it up out there.

What Benefits Can You Expect From This Product?

With the lightweight and compact design, this cot goes wherever you go. This ensures it offers impressive versatility. Take it with you on virtually any outdoor adventure on your list.

Use it in multiple situations from camping to hiking, mountain climbing, or a weekend at the beach, this cot is the way to go, very easy and simple.

A stable and taut fabric ensures this cot offers an exciting performance for people who turn and toss a lot in their sleep.

The size is just right so you don’t have to squeeze to fit in the bed, but it doesn’t take up much space in your tent neither.

For a little added comfort check out a good sleeping bag to enjoy with it.

The height is just right too. Despite this cot ensuring you can sleep off the ground, it isn’t too high such that you sleep almost close to the roof of your tent.

At 7.5 inches high, this cot features an ideal height for outdoors sleeping meaning you won’t be down with the creepy crawlies on the ground.

Have a bad back? No problem! The fabric is also great for users with such conditions. Thankfully, the material is taut enough, giving it an ideal firmness that ensures it can work for almost anyone.

For extra support on the cot, you can also add a sleeping pad for the best experience, this will not only help with comfort but will also assist in insulation from the cold or damp ground.

Carrying the cot is made easy by the compact nature and folded down the dimensions are 2 feet long by around 8 inches in diameter, so just sling it over your shoulders 11lb8oz should not burden you too much. 

Here’s A Tip Or Two

  • In case of a strong chemical smell right out of the box, give your cot some time to air out and shed off the excessive smell it’s best to buy a few days before your trip. 
  • If you have a bad back or other painful areas you may consider adding a sleeping bag.


  1. The setup is downright simple and straightforward.
  2. Robust fabric and frame material.
  3. Built for heavy-duty performance and durability.
  4. Its rounded crossbars won’t rip your tent floor.
  5. Comfortable to sleep in and easy to transport and store.


  1. The canvas might have a slight chemical smell when new.


Outdoor adventure is about experiencing new and exciting things to see and do but after a long day exploring and burning energy at the end of the day one thing remains constant; nothing beats a good night’s sleep.

Well, that is where the ALPS lightweight cot proves to be a contender for your next camp cot. This cot is an easy one to carry and set up, it’s also comfortable, strong, durable, very light, and packs small.

Most important of all, it is built for on-the-go use. If you’re looking for a lightweight easy to assemble cot suitable for your next camping or hiking excursion, I believe this is a very good choice, you may very well love it.

If you have any more questions about the Alps Mountaineering Lightweight Cot, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

You may also like to read my in-depth review of the very good Byer Of Maine Easy Cot for a good comparison that will assist you and help with your purchasing decision.

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.


6 thoughts on “ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight Cot – Easy to Carry Comfort”

  1. Hi Shane,

    the lightweight Alps cot is super amazing. The number one thing that I look for when buying any products especially camping product is quality and durability and it is nice to know that this cot is study and can last for years. Thank you so much for reviewing this product. I will be purchasing it for my summer adventure. Have a great day !



    • Hi Pam, I know you will find this cot to your liking and I look forward to hearing from you again after you use it.

      Thanks for your comment Shane.

  2. This is a wonderful addition to any camper or hikers kit. I love that the bed is small and compact to carry, and is easy to set up. Who likes to sleep on the floor, but this bed is raised off of the floor just enough for that extra comfort for a better nights sleep.

    The fabric looks like it is good quality and it will last, and glad to see that it is a firm bed, as my husband is always complaining about his bad back.

    Also, thanks for the great tips you leave us with for removing the chemical smell from this bed.

    • Hi Michel, thanks for your comment, the size and compact nature of this cot are certainly a couple of its good features, sleeping on the ground is something I have done many times in years past but now it’s all about the comfort., so good equipment is essential.

      Cheers Shane.

  3. this is very nice way of camping on your bed i call it  a bed  for it will do the job of abed very well sleeping on the glound is never a good idea due  many dangers that can happen while you are sleeping that is where this bed comes in hardy and it easy to carry around so whenever i go its on my side. and that can only be of great help

    • Hi Charles, I agree it is very easy to carry, and simple to setup so it could be with you whenever you need your bed. Thanks for your comment, Shane.


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