ALPS Mountaineering Velocity Air Bed – Excellent Portable Comfort

In our Journey to discover excellent camping products Alps Mountaineering Velocity Air Bed is just one bedding ensemble we have looked at and it stands out because of its simple but extremely useful features and benefits.

Sleeping comfortably while camping outdoors is not an issue with the right equipment. Bedding for all occasions and environments is available today in a multitude of designs, sizes, and construction.

Read on and join us as we uncover an extremely comfortable, and excellent Queen size bedding option to have on your next camping or outdoor adventure.

The Key Features.


No matter if it’s for sleeping at your favorite campground or offering the best night’s sleep to your sudden guests at home.

The Queen size ALPS Mountaineering Velocity Air Bed is the one bed that lets you take the comfort of your bedroom outside. Available in a Twin and a Queen size, this trendy bed can make a great sleepover solution when fully inflated.

Take it on your camping, trekking or hiking trips, and this next-Gen flat type bed will take care of your ultimate outdoor comfort anytime, anywhere.

Made of sturdy and strong material, this outdoor gear comes in a no odor, no-bounce, and no air leakage design, and keeps you comfortable all through the night whatever your accommodation needs in any situation.

Easy Inflation:

One of the outstanding features of this bestselling PVC free air mattress is probably its state-of-the-art and cutting-edge AC/DC air pump (110V AC, 12V DC wall, and car adapters for a recharge anytime).

Easy-to-use and compact, this rechargeable device can get your bed ready for you in under two minutes.

With a hassle-free Inflation and deflation mechanism, it ensures your air bed can be made up as many times as you want. When charged for 12 full hours, this pump can work at its best and fill air into the bed very fast.

The fully open and large valves are used to inflate air into the air mattress.

PVC Free Durable Fabric:

Another great feature of this Non-toxic Air Mattress is its high-quality fabric. Built with PVC free, non-toxic material, this outdoor bed is very robust and firm and promises to support you all through the night.

It is made up of stretch resistant Polyester Oxford fabric that comes coated with 150D TPU. What’s more, its 45% lighter than a traditional bed made of all PVC, this sleeping mattress will make a great choice for outdoor camping adventures of all sizes. 


Want to take your bed with you on the go? The ALPS Mountaineering Air Mattress could not be a better solution.

It lets you transport your sleeping gear hands-free and will fit comfortably in most family tents. When it comes to packing the bed after use, the pump can deflate the mattress quickly and efficiently.

Once deflated, it can be folded and packed back to the drawstring sack (comes with the bed in the same package) again. With a packing size of 18.5″ x 8.5″, this bed can easily fold down and fit easily into the trunk of any car. 

Now carry it or store it and look after it and this smart sleeping kit will offer you a long shelf life without wear and tear.


This Queen size sleeping air mattress is an extremely lightweight solution that has something for every indoor or outdoor makeshift.

The Queen size is a 6-inch thick double-wide mattress that has an inflated dimension of 56″ x 80″ x 6″ and a weight of around 5lbs 6oz. As this bed is a great lightweight solution, it will solve the bedding needs for almost any outdoor camping or extended trip.

Heavy Duty:

What’s more, very strong and heavy-duty construction which will last well on many wilderness adventures. This heavy-duty sleeping gear can support up to 500 lbs. of weight.

With its two available compact sleeping airbed sizes, one is a Twin (39 x 80 inch) and the other is a Queen (56 x 80 inch), both are the best sellers on Amazon for car or truck camping as they offer high-performance bedding.


ALPS Mountaineering Velocity Air Bed goes the extra mile and offers its users a warranty period that will be worth the purchase.

This product delivers its promises of long shelf life with its defect-free material and flawless craftsmanship. What’s more, this high-quality bed is tactfully engineered with a strict set of specifications and manufacturing intricacies.

Moreover, it meets all quality standards and checks and flags a green signal to live up to its expected quality levels. This company also promises to help in case your product does not last the expected warranty period. All you need is just a call.

Value For Money:

Planning to spend a couple of nights under the starlit sky on a riverbed or a sandy beach? This air bed is probably the next best go-to solution for all your next level camping needs.

If you prefer the creature comforts of a home outside, then make this strategically built quality air mattress your next purchase.

This sleeping pad will not break your bank and we believe it to be very good value for money if you consider its quality, structure, comfort, and ease of use over the long run.

It’s the perfect equipment for all styles of wilderness camping and will provide a high level of comfort to every camper or traveler.

air bed with rechargeable pumpWhat Are The Benefits?


Its built-in coil support helps keep the weight evenly distributed across the sleeping surface.

You can rest, relax or sleep in this solid, spacious, and comfortable mattress with great peace of mind.

When you buy this Velocity Air Mattress rest assured that your sleep and comfort will be provided to you with ease.  

Rechargeable Pump:

Blowing something like this up by mouth is virtually impossible using a hand pump is just too hard, however, the alps mountaineering rechargeable pump that comes with this air bed makes it so simple and easy just with the hit of a button.

The 12v charger will keep you hassle-free on your travels when you need a power recharge of this air pumping device. this makes inflating and deflating this bed simple and quick.

PVC Free:

With so many negative influences in our lives, it is nice to be able to choose some things that are simply better for us, and in this case, the materials used in the construction of this PVC free air mattress are free of any PVC and are extremely durable.

Also feel no discomfort, sound, or extra stretch at all when you sleep on this mattress. This also eliminates the distasteful smell of PVC that can be quite awful. 


Its portable feature makes this camping gear a great hack for explorers from all walks of life. You can roll it up to the shape of a normal sleeping bag and carry it everywhere.

It comes with its own stuff sack for easy storage and transport and takes up very little space in the vehicle. 


If all you are looking for is one lightweight mattress that can easily fit 2 adults on its single sleeping surface, this heavy-duty bed is just for you.

Use the portable air pump to adjust the flat and tight body of this air bed and this high load capacity pad will keep you top of your comfort and convenience.


The long-lasting materials and the quality build are features that make this sleeping pad one of the best picks for campers.

Just don’t forget to keep this mattress cleanly packed in the storage bag along with some basic maintenance so that you can enjoy the extended use of a very good product that will last you many years.

Value For Money:

With so many great features and benefits, this travel bed is one of the best picks for its price, this could be the best camping air mattress

We feel that the Queen size ALPS Mountaineering Air Bed is true value for money, given that the value is represented by the quality and workmanship of the product. 


  1. A lightweight yet heavy-duty sleeping solution
  2. Nontoxic PVC free anti-stretch Polyester Oxford fabric is extremely long-lasting
  3. The internal coil system offers a sturdy and comfortable bed
  4. Compact, Portable and easy stowing with the carry bag
  5. Easily fits into any vehicle and most two-man + tents
  6. Minimal air leakage
  7. Valves are done with impeccable attention to detail
  8. Makes no noise like some air mattresses
  9. Extremely space-saving.


  1. It is not the cheapest if that’s what you want
  2. The battery of the pump seems to use a lot of charge, each inflation so keep it charged
  3. Like all air mattresses, it will require a groundsheet for some protection


This Queen size Air Bed packed within its own stuff sack, is nicely compact and lightweight making it very portable.

No more time-consuming hand pumping here, this bed is easily inflated and deflated in just a couple of minutes with the flick of a button on a very smart rechargeable pump.

It is available in Twin or Queen size. We say this is a great all-round bed for outdoor use as well as having a spare bed for visitors and sleepovers.

This PVC free heavy-duty sleeping companion will provide a very comfortable surface like being curled up in your normal bed at home.

This is a really nice piece of equipment that will provide you with superior outdoor comfort and assure you of a good night’s sleep and that’s what it’s all about. Buy this product with confidence.

Check The Price On Amazon

If you have any more questions about the Alps Mountaineering Velocity Air Bed, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

For more choices and an amazing range of quality Air beds with a lot more information for your next adventure read my post on the      

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Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.



12 thoughts on “ALPS Mountaineering Velocity Air Bed – Excellent Portable Comfort”

  1. This ALS Mountaineering Velocity Air Bed sounds great! I have been looking for a good quality mattress that won’t easily get damaged, but that is light weight and convenient to use. 

    I love camping but I have suffer from sciatica so I need a good mattress. Thank you for your recommendation. 

    • Hi Lynne, i have done a lot of camping over many years and have slept on some very rough and hard surfaces, but now i am getting older i suffer from back and hip pain so i really need a comfortable surface to sleep on. This remarkable ALPS Mountaineering Velocity Air Bed, will provide the support your body needs to enjoy a pain free nights sleep. 

      Place the mattress inside the family tent together with some warm and cosy blankets or doona, and you will be drifting off into a wonderful slumber in no time. Please let me know if you go ahead and purchase one, then you can tell me what you think of it.

      Thanks for the comment, Shane.

  2. I think these airbeds are an awesome invention for camping and mountaineering kinda folks. Many times, I remember camping with just a sleeping bag and sleeping bag mat, I could never get a good night’s sleep due to the discomfort of the hard ground.

    So these velocity airbeds will help make all the difference. I also like the fact that they are easy to inflate, lightweight, and super strong too. Exactly what’s needed for a great camping experience.

    I’m not sure if I missed this part or not, but is the fabric easy to clean because I know how dirty and muddy tents can get on the inside, particularly when it rains?

    Thanks, Neil

    • Hi Neil, I couldn’t agree more, things have really improved in recent years with equipment. You will not find a more lightweight compact and portable Air mattress with a rechargeable pump that is also strong and durable. 

      The Polyester Oxford fabric is coated with polyurethane which creates a waterproof barrier that is breathable and very easily cleaned, however, make sure it is completely dry before long term storage.

      Thanks for your comment, Shane.

  3. I think camping is a great way of seeing the outdoors, but a lot of people lose the feel of what real camping is like with so many commercial comforts in the industry. 

    One thing you do not want while camping is a bad back, and the Alps Mountaineering Velocity Air Bed is a piece of kit I think you need to keep optimal fitness and health while in the field.

    I did have a question, but the rechargeable adaptor answered for me. Its a good idea that it can deflate as well, as trapped air in the bed would cause problems when breaking camp and moving on, so that is a feature that is ideal.

    • Hi Darren, yes there are numerous comforts available today, it can be a bit overwhelming, we really only need the basics, however a few comforts never hurt anyone did they; 

      Saying fit and healthy while out in the wilderness is very important, and a good sleeping arrangement is a necessity. One of the most convenient features is the rechargeable pump, it works a treat and saves a lot of time and effort.   

      I thank you for your comments, Shane.

  4. Aaah camping…I am dreaming of one day being able to get all the necessary equipment and go to some nice camping places with the family. I am making a list of things I will potentially need. This air bed look like it will do the job just fine. I will definitely add it to my list. A good night’s sleep is always important no matter if you stay indoors or outside surrounded by nature. Thank you for the review.

    • Hi Stratos, thanks for your comment, you wont go wrong if you purchase this excellent and very versatile air-bed.

      I camp out a lot, and love my sleep no matter where i am, so its important to have good equipment.

      Thanks again Shane.

  5. What an awesome bed, and not just for camping but also as a spare bed in the home for guests.I like that it comes with a pump, and one that you can recharge in your car, because outdoors there is usually no electricity supply. 

    It looks super comfortable judging by the pictures you have supplied, and the fact that it is light weight and easy to carry will make it more attractive for all those outdoor enthusiasts.

    Camping has gotten really luxurious nowadays. I remember the days of sleeping on a sleeping bag on the hard tent floor.

    • Hi Michel, one of the real features of the ALPS Mountaineering Velocity Air Bed is that it comes with a rechargeable pump for inflating and deflating the bed, that makes the setup and take down very simple and quick.

      The Mattress is very comfortable Michel, its lightweight and compact size makes it extremely portable, which is another very good reason why owning it will solve not only the camping bed requirements, but also the need for a bed when visitors pop in overnight.

      I love camping but i also love my comfort, Thanks for your comment. Shane

  6. I didn’t know that air bed exists in real life lol.I have seen them in movies only but with this detailed post i realised how great it is to have air bed. When doing field trip one can take it and no need to pay much money for hotel room. I like it

    thank you

    • Hi Julienne, yes they certainly exist and they come in many shapes and sizes, but this one it is a very good Air Bed. I am glad you like it and i appreciate your comment.

      Thank you Shane.


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