GCI Outdoor Compact Folding Camping Table Review

Just because you are going on a camping trip doesn’t mean you have to give up all your comfort, just bring along an aluminum camping table such as the GCI outdoor compact folding camping Table.

This Article Was Last Updated On January 31, 2021

A tabletop like this one gives us a lot of options, from the obvious, like eating from, playing board games on, to holding our drinks while sitting around enjoying our surroundings.

If you are looking for a good quality camping table, then you are on the right page, read on to gather the information you seek and to find out all there is to know about this table, so you can decide if it solves your table needs.



The Key Features

Stable construction

Let’s start with the most crucial of all, the stability of any table truly counts when it comes to its use. No one wants a wobbly table that could topple over at any moment. And if you have some hot drinks and meals on it, then the stakes could be sky-high.

GCI knows that’s one thing you don’t want to take chances with, and as such, they ensured this table is solid and stable to give you the best performance possible.

With an aluminum tabletop that’s capable of supporting up to 60 pounds, it’s just the perfect fit for rigorous outdoor use such as dining, playing games, grilling, or cooking on it.

Easy to set up and takedown

When the topic of folding tables comes up, then you can guess that it will be an easy task to set up and collapse. But not all tables in this tier are best suited to give you such an easy time.

Luckily, however, this one takes the matter beyond just the hype, thanks to its telescoping leg design. This turns out to be a one-piece type of structure, a full-size option that is both easy to set up and collapse.

Just pull down the legs when you want to use your table, or push them up once you’re done, it’s that simple!. Even more exciting is the fact that once it’s folded, it becomes very compact, which adds to its ease of transportation.

Easily portable

When making the choice for the right camping table, you can’t afford to miss this consideration. Portability and ease of use are important. Also, the compact size allows it to easily fit inside your camping tent.

We’ve already mentioned one thing about this table that makes it super easy to carry and store, which is the compact folded design. Measuring 24.8 inches by 2 inches by 24.3 inches when folded, it’s an ideal size that you can toss into the trunk of your car and drive off.

Besides, since it weighs only 6 pounds, it’s definitely a worthy option if you really want to go light and fast, which is important for campers and virtually all outdoor persons.

Spacious top

Nothing quite beats the fun of using a spacious table that you can sit around, play games, have breakfast, or just take an evening drink as you talk about the day’s events. Having a strong, easily portable table that doesn’t offer sufficient tabletop space still won’t be cool enough.

The good news is, this folding table gives you the best of both worlds, and when it comes to space, it never disappoints. Measuring 24.8 inches by 25 inches by 28.2 inches when fully open, it has enough room on the top for up to four people to sit around it.

But you can always set it for use as a side table, it all depends on what you want.


Among the most important things a camping table can offer is versatility. If you are an outdoors person, and camping isn’t the only thing you love, then it makes sense to have a table you can bring along on other outdoor activities too.

That’s exactly what this table is built to offer. It’s not only ideal for camping, but you can also use it for fishing trips, RVing, picnics, and tailgating as well as road trips. Don’t spend more getting a table for each of your favorite outdoor fun activities, wherever you go, this table goes with you.

Limited lifetime warranty

Even with all the hype, you still don’t know how well a folding table can hold up, at least until you test it yourself. What works for someone else might not work for you, so sometimes you have to try any table to know how well it performs.

But this shouldn’t be a gamble with your hard-earned money, and GCI sees to that with its limited lifetime warranty, which goes a long way to ensure you can enjoy the worry-free purchase.

What Are The Benefits You Can Expect From This Product?

With a one-piece design, this table not only turns out to be super easy to use, but it also helps ensure it’s very durable and with heavy-duty performance.

Transporting your camping table will not be a difficult task because of its compact lightweight design.

And with an aluminum frame as well as tabletop, this one is super lightweight, which makes the transportation effortless.

Forget the extra cost of getting different tables for different outdoor activities, the versatile design and heavy-duty performance of this table makes it ideal for most of these adventures.

You have two sizes to choose from, depending on what you need.

This larger 25-inch table is just the right option for larger tabletop space, but it weighs a little more.

The smaller 20-inch table works great with two seats, so that would be the best pick if you are camping as a pair, and it’s a bit lighter at only 4 pounds.

The legs have a button that keeps them in place once folded. This keeps them from opening during transportation and storage of your table. You can then just push the buttons to release the legs when setting up your table.


  1. This table is very lightweight, so transporting and storing it should never be a challenge.
  2. It’s also very robust, with the ability to support up to 60lbs.
  3. With ideal stability, you never have to worry about any wobbling or possible toppling.
  4. The construction quality is remarkable.
  5. You can choose from two sizes depending on your needs.


  1. The legs can sometimes be hard to slide into position, as they are quite stiff, but will free up with use.
  2. You can’t extend the legs when setting this table on the uneven ground since they come in a set length.


What makes this table special in its own right is definitely a number of outstanding features, least of all its impressive construction. Finding the right camping table out there can be an uphill task, and purchasing the wrong table is not going to help us.

Enjoying a great meal, playing chess, or sipping a drink and chatting with friends around the table at a camp has to be easy, and with this table handy you can always enjoy the convenience you have at home, and without having to add significant weight or bulk to your luggage.

It’s also a stylish design that will make you the envy of the campsite, and of course, the performance will be sure to blow everyone away.

Make the most of your table on just about any outdoor activity, I highly recommend this table for anyone looking for a small 2-4 person table, you’ll love it.

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If you have any more questions about this aluminum camping table, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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