Alvantor Pop Up Screen Room Review

The Alvantor Pop Up Screen Room is ideal for camping trips or other outdoor adventures where you need privacy. Simply place the unpacked tent in an open area and it will expand to its shape.

As you stay longer on your trip, you take showers, change clothes, and use an outdoor toilet so it’s best to have a shower tent that’s easy to set up, provides great protection from the elements, and has what it takes to make your life outdoors more comfortable.

The Alvantor Shower Tent belongs to this category and it has a lot of useful features you would need in a shower tent. Read on and learn more about this shower tent and how it may help you on your outdoor trips.

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Alvantor Shower Tent Changing Room

Key Features

Pop-up Design and Patented Folding

This portable shelter can be put up in seconds and kept easily for storage, thanks to its pop-up design. Since you can use it and take it down quickly, it’s ideal for your outdoor trips.

Simply throw the tent in an open area and it will expand to its shape. That convenience not only saves you time but energy as well because you don’t have to spend so much effort before you can use it.

The patented folding makes storing this shower tent fast and secured. To keep it, just collapse one edge of the tent inside. Lock the buckles to bring the edges together then overlap the middle section to flatten it. Lastly, fold the ends inward and place the tent inside the bag. It may look tricky at first but can be done quickly once you actually try it.

Large Interior Space

The Alvantor shower tent has a spacious interior with 4 x 4 x 7 ft dimensions. This huge interior space can accommodate most people, even those who are tall and plus size. This translates to greater freedom on your movements while you’re using this temporary shelter.

This awesome feature gives ease and convenience in using the shower tent and leaves you with great shower experience. If you intend to give it away as a gift, you won’t have issues about whether the user can fit inside and use it well. The mesh top provides ventilation and view of the sky.

Inside Pockets

The handy pockets located inside this shower tent provide easy access to your small personal items that you want to keep or set aside while you’re taking a shower or using this shelter. If you want to keep your phone, wallet, or keys near you, you can use these pockets at temporary secured locations.  

The pockets are placed within reach so you can quickly put and pull out your things when you need to. They are so convenient to use, they keep your items safe, and you help avoid losing your stuff when you’re outdoors. 

Teflon Coating Fabric

When it comes to protection from the elements, this shower tent is one of the best picks because it is made of 300D poly-oxford Teflon coated fabric that is strong and durable. This material is regarded as water, tear, oil, and dirt-proof.

It is even shielded with vinyl coating that provides UPF 50+ UV protection. This means a minimum 98% protection from the harmful radiation of the sun. During light rains, you’re well protected also from getting wet when you’re using this tent.

PE Floor 

To keep the user and the belongings clean, this shower tent comes with a polyethylene (PE) floor. It’s another great feature that adds to your wonderful experience of using this tent. 

The PE floor prevents direct contact with muddy/slippery ground as you use the tent. It also keeps your things tidy and secured from the ground.

Rope For Hanging Clothes/Towels and Hook

Including a rope for hanging your clothes or towels helps a lot in your showering/changing inside the tent. It provides you with temporary storage or clothesline while you use the tent.

With the rope, you can keep your clothes within reach after using the shower tent. You never have to improvise a temporary loop or string to hang your clothes when you’re changing or using the shower. Adding a hook inside for a bag, etc provides even better convenience. They are nice additional features that contribute to tent’s better user experience!

Comes with Accessories

To further reinforce the tent and help to make it cope better with unexpected bad weather, Alvantor shower tent includes the most essential accessories in the package. It has 4 sandbags, 4 guylines, and 8 stakes.

These accessories make the tent more stable during a rainy or windy weather. Installing them in the tent helps your tent more sturdy just in case the weather suddenly changes. But since it’s a pop-up tent, it’s still best to take precaution and be alert if you start experiencing strong winds or heavy rains. However, during light to moderate wind and rains, it can hold up and serve you well. 

Versatile For Many Uses

This tent is designed mainly for privacy, It can be a portable changing room, outdoor toilet, temporary shade or shelter, resting place while watching outdoor sporting events and so much more.

With its ease of use, you can bring this on your camping trips and use it depending on your needs. It’s versatility makes it an essential camping gear that’s compact, durable, lightweight and perfect for the outdoors.

Alvantor Pop Up Screen Room

What Are The Benefits Of This Shower Tent

As a pop-up shower tent, you can quickly set it up and use it so you save precious time while you’re on your outdoor adventures.

The large interior space on the shower tent helps you move with ease inside and not worry if a tall or big person will be able to use it. 

This shower tent comes with pockets inside to provide you with easy to reach storage slots for the small personal items that you needed to bring to the camp. 

The high level of protection that this shower tent provides against the elements using teflon coating fabric and vinyl coating shield give you peace of mind as you enjoy the outdoors. 

The PE floor makes your use of the shower tent more safe since you prevent direct contact with the ground and other things in it that may bother you while showering.

You can experience the convenience of having a rope in the tent where you can temporarily hang your clothes/towel as you do your showering.

The accessories included in the package like the 4 sandbags, 4 guylines and 8 stakes makes your tent more stable without having to pay extra for them.

The multi-purpose shower tent can be used in a lot of ways and is an essential camping gear that you would probably need while you’re outdoors.

You can carry it with ease since it’s a lightweight camping gear and it has a compact packing size for transporting.

This shower tent has a mesh top design that you can take advantage of for viewing the sky and for comfortable ventilation.

The large D-shaped doors make your entry and exit from the tent cot so much easier no matter which side of the tent cot you want to use.

Quick Specs

Dimensions Open:48 x48 x 84 inches
Dimensions Closed:20.8 in dia x 2.5 in
Closure Type:Double-sided Zippers
Item Wight:7.4 lbs
Color:Black and White
Extra’s:4 Sand Bags 4 Guy Lines 8 Stakes
Inside Storage:Pockets For Small Items
Lightweight:Fibreglass Frame


  • Easy setup
  • Spacious interior
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Accessories included
  • Multi-purpose


  • Folding might be tricky for first time users

Questions and Answers

Question: Can I use it without stakes?

Answer: Yes but for added stability, use the stakes included in the package.

Question: Does it support the weight of a shower bag?

Answer: No but you can set it beside the tent and just insert the hose inside the tent to use it.

Question: Does it have a separate cover for the top?

Answer: No. The top is made with mesh material for ventilation and easy hanging of a shower bag.

Here’s A Tip Or Two

  • Always secure the spot where you intend to put up your shower tent, don’t just throw it up anywhere, so you can avoid hitting sharp and pointed objects that can potentially damage the tent. 
  • Use the pockets, rope, and hook for light items only to keep the tent in good condition and extend its lifespan.


If you’re looking for a shower tent that you can set up quickly and hassle-free, the Alvantor Shower Tent should be at the top of your list. This portable shelter is a solid option if you want something that’s lightweight, durable, and packed with features for your showering and changing convenience. 

The protection that this shower tent provides is also top-notch and the large space inside can fit most people even the taller and bigger ones. To make sure that your tent is strong and sturdy, a complete set of accessories is also included without extra cost.

With all the things you can do with an Alvantor Shower Tent, it’s an essential outdoor gear you should definitely have.

If you have any more questions about the Alvantor Pop Up Screen Room, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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