Ayamaya Pop Up Tent

Here’s the Ayamaya Pop-up Tent with Vestibule for 4 to 6 Person for Small family or group campings. Pick a camping tent that can fit everyone and can provide good protection against harsh weather. 

It’s a large capacity pop-up tent with a double-layer design that’s perfect for your next small gathering at your favorite campsite.

It has a spacious floor area that can accommodate 4 to 6 people and a vestibule that can serve as a camping gear storage area and a lot of other uses.

It has good ventilation, a waterproof roof and groundsheet, and a bunch of other great extra features.

Here’s a more detailed look at the product.

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Ayamaya Pop Up Tent

Key Features

Easy Setup

Setting up your Ayamaya pop-up tent is super easy. Once you picked your campsite, just unzip the carrying bag, pull out the tent, undo the strap, and as in the video, simply throw it up in the air.

It will open itself up. Flip it up and set it upright and you’re done. You’ll enjoy doing it!

You may further secure your tent by using the reflective guylines included in your purchase.

A pop-up tent like this is way better than conventional tents that take a long time to assemble and pitch. It’s user-friendly and sets up in under 10 seconds.

Accommodates 4-6 People

If you’re looking for a camping tent that can fit your entire family, look no further. This tent is good for 4-6 people. 

With 12.5 x 8.5 ft floor dimensions, it’s large and spacious for a group of campers. There’s plenty of room to move around and hang out inside your tent.

Having a spacious camping tent lets you bring more people for more enjoyable camping trips. This tent is perfect for a family or friends who love going outdoors. 

It’s fun to be camping with your buddies and relax outdoors together with this roomy camping tent.

Double Layer Design

This tent has a double layer design for your protection against condensation and harsh weather elements. 

It basically has a rain fly integrated into the tent. The inner layer is connected with the outer layer using hooks. 

There is a gap between the layers that provides additional ventilation to keep you cool during a warm spring or humid summer evening.

It’s great to have a double layer tent that comes in a pop-up design. You can rely on it to protect you during your stay at the campsite.

Good Ventilation

Having good ventilation is extremely important so you can stay comfortably inside your tent. 

Ayamaya pop-up tent included plenty of ventilation in its design. It has 2 front doors, 1 rear hooded vent, and 4 side mesh windows. 

The front door is a nylon door awning that you can attach to poles to increase your shaded area. Followed by a layer of mesh door leading to the vestibule that opens and closes with a zipper.

The door to the main compartment is also all mesh and secured by a zipper. At the back, it has a hooded vent that you can open for added ventilation.

There are also 2 double layer windows on each side of the tent, mesh on the inner layer and polyester on the outer. All these make up a well-ventilated tent.


You really can’t predict the weather so it’s nice to have a waterproof tent in case it rains. This tent is made of 4000 mm waterproof PU-Coated oxford groundsheet and 3000 mm waterproof PU-Coated polyester fabric roof.

The PU (polyurethane) coating belongs to the strongest and most abrasion-resistant types of coating so you can be sure water will not easily leak inside your tent.

The connecting areas of the fabric are also heat-sealed for added waterproofing. These waterproofing features give you peace of mind when unexpected rains happen.

Vestibule Included

The vestibule part of the tent has many practical uses that can make your life easier. You can even make it a designated place for your pets so they too can feel comfortable and safe.

This front compartment can serve as a storage area for your camping gears. It frees up space in your main tent compartment so you can bring more people inside or make you move with greater freedom. 

You can make it a place where you can leave your muddy footwear or outer clothing so you can maintain the cleanliness of your main tent. Plus lots of other uses you might think of.

Portable and Lightweight

You may think that this tent with a large capacity must be bulky and heavy but it’s actually lightweight and easy to carry.

It’s just a little over 10 pounds in weight and it comes with a nice disc-shape carrying case that allows you to carry it by hand or as a backpack.

The way the tent is packed away makes the tent compact and once it’s inside the case, carrying it is a breeze. This portability makes it ideal for family camping trips and outdoor gatherings.

Packed With Extra Features

This camping tent also comes with a lot of added features campers will absolutely love. It has an electrical cord access port that enables you to run an extension cord from an outside power source into the devices inside your tent.

You can keep some valuable items inside the storage pockets located just below each side window.It has a hook where you can hang your camping lantern. 

Lastly, it includes aluminum stakes and reflectorized guy lines for your tent’s extra stability and visual convenience at night. These things come in handy for safe and happy outings.

one green tent and one blue tent set up

What Are The Benefits Of This Product?

The quick and easy set up of your tent saves you time and energy because your tent has pre-assembled poles, instantly pops up, and opens in seconds.

The large capacity of the tent makes it ideal for group or family campings with 4-6 people where you need a large space for sleeping and moving around.

The strong protection provided by the double-layer design of the tent keeps you safe from external elements while keeping you comfortable inside it.

Maintaining the ideal condition inside your tent is achieved by providing a ventilation system that lets good air passage through multiple openings of the tent.

The waterproof protection from PU coated materials will prevent water leaks from the rain to keep you and your camping gear dry throughout your camping.

Multiple uses of the vestibule help you better organize your camping gear while allowing more space available inside your main tent for sleeping and other activities.

The ease of carrying the camping tent because it’s lightweight and has a designated carry bag makes it perfect for campers and outdoor enthusiasts.

A durable and high-quality tent that has sturdy but flexible poles and waterproof groundsheet and roof can last a long time with your proper use and care.

Several helpful additional features like the inclusions of the electrical cord access port, hook for a lantern, storage bags, guy lines, and aluminum stakes provided extra convenience during campings.

A fully freestanding, nice-looking tent that you can bring and use conveniently on your camp trips makes you enjoy your outdoor adventures even more.

Quick Specs

  1. Brand: Ayamaya
  2. Floor Dimensions: 12.5 x 8.5 ft
  3. Center Height: 53.5 inches
  4. Item Weight: 11.9 pounds
  5. Packed Dimensions: Disc shape, 34.6 inches diameter, 5.9 inches thickness
  6. Capacity: 4-6 person; With Vestibule
  7. Vestibule Length: 31 inches
  8. Closure Type: Zipper
  9. Fabric Material: 190T Polyester
  10. Ground Material: 210D Oxford
  11. Waterproof Index: 3000 mm – 4000 mm
  12. Window cover: 3000 mm Waterproof PU-Coated Polyester
  13. Openings: 2 Front Doors, 1 Rear Hooded Vent, 4 Side Mesh Windows
  14. Colors: Green, Khaki


  • Super easy to set up
  • Can accommodate 4-6 people
  • Double-layer design
  • The vestibule has many uses


  • Packing it away may be confusing the first couple of times

Questions and Answers

Question: Does it include a rain fly?

Answer: Yes. The rain fly is integrated into the tent but you may also use a separate rainfly for added protection.

Question: Is it suitable for camping in extremely harsh weather?

Answer: No. It may not stand heavy rains and strong wind for long periods of time so it’s best to get a heads up on upcoming weather conditions if you will use it.

Question: Is the pop-up construction sturdy enough?

Answer: Yes. It’s the same with traditional camping tents; only the poles are pre-assembled so it’s much faster and easier to set up. It also has reflective guy lines and stakes that you can use to further secure your tent.

Here’s A Tip Or Two

  • Pay attention to how it is folded when you first open the tent and repack it the same way
  • It’s a good practice to always secure your tent with guy lines and stakes for better stability. It can prevent the sagging of your roof when it rains. 
  • Pitch your tent on solid ground while considering your sun and wind exposure. Be careful when tossing it up and keep it away from objects that can potentially damage it.


A pop-up tent is quick and easy to set up. It’s ready to use in an instant. It saves you time so you can maximize your relaxation and other camping activities.

Camping with a group or with your family makes it more fun and exciting.  And for this, you’ll need a top-notch tent that can fit the whole crew, and protect everyone from any harsh weather elements.

You should get the Ayamaya Pop-up Tent with Vestibule for 4 to 6 Person if you camp with a small family or just a couple of friends, It will keep everyone comfortable inside while keeping all your stuff organized.   

Include the good ventilation system, the waterproof design, the multi-purpose vestibule, and other great added features; it’s a true winner and it’s setting the standards for pop-up tents.

If you have any more questions about the Ayamaya Pop-up Tent, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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