AYL StarLight 330 LED Lantern Review

Offering a combination of strong battery life and durability, the AYL StarLight 330 LED Lantern is a well-regarded piece of outdoor equipment, one that you should seriously consider having with you when you go camping or outdoors.  

If you want something that is made to last, then this lantern is the thing for you. Shockproof and resistant to water, its plastic and rubber frame ensures that it is well protected. This coupled with the powerful light underneath ensures that this lantern will be a part of your equipment for many seasons.

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Key Features 

Multiple Lighting Modes 

The AYL StarLight comes in three lighting settings that can be adjusted to best suit your needs. These settings are low, high, and flashing strobe and can be changed with the main button at its base. 

Its strongest setting is high and is used for pitch-black conditions. Its strength is equal to that of a 30-watt lightbulb. The low setting is also good in the partially darkened conditions where you may need so extra light to see. Lastly, there is the strobe light which unleashes a series of rapid flashing lights that will call attention to the lamp. 

Rubber and Plastic Frame 

The lightbulb itself is protected by a frame of rubber and plastic that ensures that the bulb is protected from the hazards of the outside. The rubber is high quality while the plastic is ABS Plastic that is meant to be high impact resistant and very sturdy, perfect for your outdoor adventures

The frame is also removable by unscrewing it with the option of removing the entire thing or just the lid. This means you can also use its light directly and unobstructed, allowing you to adjust the lamp’s light depending on the situation.  

Shockproof and Water resistance 

Owing to the materials used and its good craftsmanship, the AYL StarLight is also shockproof and can be dropped onto the ground and survive to keep going. Additionally, to ensure that the battery compartment is protected from humidity and water, the AYL StarLight comes with a special seal that keeps the humidity out. 

The rest of the lantern has a watertight build that ensures this lantern can be used even in rainy weather without the risk of becoming waterlogged or damaged.  

Green LED Blinker  

Unlike most lanterns on the market, the StarLight also has a blinker light located at the pedestal of the lamp. This little blinker is an LED light that flashes a green light every five seconds. This light is meant to indicate that the battery of your lamp is still good. This gives you a good indication if you need to have your batteries changed. 

Adjustable Handles 

Like any lantern, you will need to carry this thing around, though luckily for you, the StarLight has you covered with two methods of which to hold or carry it. The first is the handle at the top which like any lantern can swivel back and forth. 

The second is a small plastic hook that can be found at the bottom of the lantern and can retract into the base. This hook can be used to snap the lantern onto your pack so you don’t have to carry it or hang it inside your camping tent in case you need some overhead lighting. 


True to its small size of 4x4x7 inches, the AYL StarLight also clocks in at an easily manageable weight of 15 ounces. This makes carrying it a nonissue as you would hardly feeling it and especially when coupled with the lamp’s adjustable hooks and handles. 

Powerful LED Light 

The AYL StarLight boasts a powerful LED bulb that makes it a long life span as can be seen by its service life of almost 100,000 hours. That could be translated to over a decade of use. This comes out as 1000 lumens of light which makes it one of the brightest lanterns in the market. Not only strong, but this LED light also generates little to no heat from it which reduces the risks of burnings or starting a fire. 

Battery Powered 

The lantern is powered by 3 D-sized batteries which are inserted at the bottom of the pedestal. Thanks to the energy-efficient LED bulb in the lamp, a single set of fresh batteries can last a long time. According to the manufacturer, it can last about six days of uninterrupted use, likely even longer if you give it a break in the middle. This means not having to worry about recharging the lamp each time you use it.  

AYL StarLight 330 LED camping and outdoor Lantern

What are the benefits of the Ayl Lantern 

Because it is made from a plastic and rubber frame, this means that the lantern is very lightweight, causing no difficulty for you to carry around and can even be carried by kids with relative ease. 

Rain is also a hazard you don’t need to worry about thanks to both its waterproofing and the strong lightbulb that can continue to offer light even in those dreary conditions. 

Not only good for adults, but the StarLight Lantern can also be safely used in the hands of kids. This is thanks to its simple design they should have no problem working out how to use it and because of its shockproof build, the risk of them breaking or damaging it is much lower. 

Its lightweight and adjustable hook ensure that you can hang it anywhere in your tent or home and not have to deal with constantly having to have to carry it in your hand. 

Fire hazards will also be an unheard-of issue with this lantern thanks to the low heat emitting LED light it uses. Now you can safely hang it from your tent or hold it in your hand without hurting yourself. 

Its light is already long long-lasting, but there is also no noticeable decline in its light strength from when it is first given fresh batteries to a hundred hours into its use. 

While a seemingly small feature under most circumstances, the blinking green light can actually be quite useful in a pinch. This allows you to easily find and retrieve your lamp in the dark. 

Coupled with its strobe light feature will ensure that in the event of an emergency, your lamp can also be handy to call for help or alert others to where you are. 

Speaking of its light settings, all three light settings have been shown to be more than enough to illuminate a darkened room, allowing it to serve as a backup light in the event of a power outage. 

Beyond being just a lantern, the StarLight can also double as a lamp, an overhead light, a book lamp, and a flashlight depending on how you hold and position it. 

Quick Specs 

  1. Brand: AYL 
  2. Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 7.2 inches 
  3. Weight: 14.56 Ounces 
  4. Light Emitted: 1,000 Lumen 
  5. Power system: D-Size Batteries (3 units) 
  6. Light: LED bulb 
  7. Battery Life: 6 days 
  8. Frame Material: Plastic and Rubber 
  9. Style: Western Equestrian Style 
  10. Color: Forest Green 


  • Lightweight 
  • Durable 
  • Long-Lasting 
  • Water-resistant 
  • Shockproof 
  • Excellent Lasting 
  • Compact 


  • The plastic hook may be a bit fragile 
  • The batteries need to line up with the base which moves around

Questions and Answers

Question: Is the lantern waterproof? 

Answer: No, it is water-resistant. This means that it can only withstand water to a certain degree. It won’t be too badly affected by rain, but it would not be advisable to submerge it in water. 

Question: How can I replace parts? 

Answer: AYL offers a limited lifetime warranty which means that they will replace certain parts that are broken or defective, though they will only replace certain ones. 

Question: Does the StarLight come in different colors? 

Answer: No, the StarLight only comes in forest green. 

Here Is A Tip or Two 

  • It may be handy to invest in rechargeable batteries with this lamp in order to ensure a constant supply of power without having to always get new batteries. 
  • In case you need to look for something, you simply unscrew the top of the lantern, you can turn it into a makeshift flashlight. 


For such a little thing, this lantern has shown to have plenty of power and just as many uses. Its usability extend beyond just the outdoors and can also be employed within your own homes. 

The lantern is a worthy investment for anyone looking for something that will last them a long time. It is a good and reliable piece of equipment that should be a must for any campers in need of something to light up their way ahead of them. 

If you have any more questions about the AYL StarLight 330 LED Lantern, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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