Battery Fan For Camping

While basic and survival gear could be the first things that come into mind when the plan to go camping pops up, some basic luxury items might include a good quality battery fan for camping.

This Article Was Last Updated On December 23, 2020

5000 aMh and rechargeable will help keep you cool through those hot evenings. Let’s face it, camping in the hot season is a great idea, but it too brings up it’s a whole new set of challenges.

While basking in the morning sun can be bliss, if it gets too hot, the stay inside your tent might not be so much fun. So, what is it about this fan that makes it worth bringing along on your adventure?

Let’s get down into the ins and outs of this gizmo to help you find out if it’s the best for you.

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5000mAh Battery Camping Fan with LED Lights

The Key Features

Strong airflow

The airflow is the one thing that would make you consider getting a camping fan in the first place, so you should go for a unit that can deliver to your expectation. Besides, with a strong performance, you can expect the fan to get that cool, refreshing breeze all around the tent.

Albeit being a small unit, this fan packs quite a punch, thanks to its robust high-quality motor that does a great job when it comes to producing a strong airflow, pushing it up to 3.3 feet from the fan. This should be more than enough especially if you’re camping solo in a small tent.

Lasting battery life

Having a battery-powered fan is a great plus as you won’t have to use it when plugged in, which can be a challenge in the wild. However, this also has a catch, as the amount of juice in that battery also determines how reliable your fan can get.

COMLIFE has taken care of that by packing this unit with a robust battery with enough power to keep the fun going for long. With the ability to last anywhere from 4-40 hours, you can count on the battery in this one to keep the fun going and keep you enjoying a breath of fresh air. And this is adjustable depending on the setting you select on the fan.

It’s multifunctional

It’s always a good idea to get some products that you can use even when you’re not camping, allowing you to make your life even easier at home, or on other outdoor activities. This not only saves you money, but it also spares you the hassle of having to look for separate items to use when you’re not out there.

Whether you’re out camping, at work, at home, or even in a worst-case scenario as a hurricane outage, this fan goes with you. It has an inbuilt foldable hook at the bottom that you can use to hang it on the tent roof; you could also place it on the desk, or even mount it onto the wall. your call!

Wide-angle rotation

Just like most of the other fans operate, getting a camping fan that can spin in all directions adds to the convenience that you can expect from it. Besides, this makes it even more hands-free as you won’t have to turn it around all the time.

That’s exactly what this gizmo does, thanks to its 270-degrees vertical and 350-degrees horizontal rotation, which offers you an all-around airflow. So you can just hang it up and wait for that fresh breeze at any angle you want it.

It’s also quiet enough

Noise is always a concern when it comes to using fans, whether it’s a small unit like this one or large-scale home and commercial air-con machines. Moreover, when you’re out there communing with nature, or on your desk at work, a quiet environment means a lot.

The one thing I loved most about this little fan is how quiet it can be, especially at the lowest setting, it’s virtually inaudible. Then it becomes a bit audible in the second speed, and the loudness increases with the highest speed.

Dual power supply

Powering your fan is the other challenge that you will have to face even before you can get to enjoy the comfort it has to offer, and whenever it runs out of charge. So it should be easy to charge just as it is convenient to use.

Not to worry, this fan seems to be built with that need in mind. As such, you have two options to power it. You could either count on the battery for nightlong operation, or simply use the USB charger to connect it to your computer, a USB charging output, or a powerband.

Inbuilt LED light

Lighting options can be a bit of a challenge in the outdoors, and while you could count on a headlamp, or other items, getting a fan that could also keep your tent lit can be hands down a big plus. It even gets better if the unit can offer you the best of both worlds without a compromise of the performance of either.

This fan goes the distance to keep your tent lit besides keeping the air flowing. It also comes with 12 bright LED bulbs that allow you to enjoy a well-lit tent.  What’s more, the light too has up to three settings that you can fine-tune to the brightness that works best for you at any time.

camping fan with light - a lady with a red fan

What Are The Benefits Of This Product

Producing only 30 dB of noise at the lowest noise, this fan delivers a considerably quiet operation despite doing a great job of keeping the air flowing.

The charging time is fast too despite the lasting battery life of this unit, as you can have it fully charged in only 3 to 4 hours.

With the 5000 mAh battery, you should have enough power to last you up to 147-440 hours of lighting use depending on the brightness selected.

A small compact unit makes packing and transporting effortless, as it measures a mere 5.5 inches by 2.6 inches by 7.2 inches, which allows you to tuck it just about anywhere.

The weight shouldn’t be a problem too, as this fan weighs only 1.25 pounds, so if you want a nice little unit that doesn’t bog you down, then this is it.

With up to 3 settings on the light and 3 on the fan speed, this unit gives you all the control you need to set it just the way you want to suit different conditions.

An aroma diffuser function also comes in handy at helping you disperse your favorite aroma all over the tent or bedroom.

Its multifunction design further makes this fan worth the money, as you can use it as a wall-mounted fan, a camping lantern, a desk fan, or as a hanging fan wherever you need one.

With an intake of only 5V DC power, it is a low power consumption unit that is best suited for outdoor use, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it indoors too.

You can also use this as a diffuser for mosquito repellent, which allows you to keep them away and sleep safely and comfortably through the night.

Quick Specs

  1. 270-degrees vertical and 350-degrees horizontal rotation
  2. Battery life 4-40 hours
  3. Charge time 3 to 4 hours
  4. Weight: 1.25 pounds
  5. Measurements: 5.5” X 2.6” X 7.2”
  6. Settings: 3 light levels, 3 fan speeds
  7. Operation: Button operated
  8. Light: 12 LED bulbs
  9. Power options: Built-in 5000 mAh battery, USB charger
  10. Lowest noise level: 30 dB


  • It is a small, lightweight unit, yet offers an impressive performance
  • Low power consumption and the robust battery keeps it running for long
  • Easy toggle between the different fan speeds and light brightness
  • Several powering options make it a versatile unit for indoors/outdoors use
  • Could also be used as an option for aroma diffusion


  • At the high setting, you might have to charge the unit daily

Questions And Answers

Question: How do I use this fan for aroma diffusion?

Answer: It has a sponge in the middle where you can spray your favorite essential oils, and the effect of the fan will diffuse the aroma across the tent or room. It’s that simple!

Question: Can I control the fan and light separately?

Answer: Fortunately, yes! There are different buttons for switching on and setting the different levels on either the fan or the light. This allows you to use one of them at a time or both all at once depending on what you desire. It’s all up to you.

Here’s A Tip Or Two

  1. Unless you have it on the highest fan speed, you shouldn’t have a hard time falling asleep with the fan on.
  2. The lowest fan speed is very quiet, while the second speed is more like white noise. It may get too loud when set at the highest speed, so set it accordingly at night.


While a tent, a stove, solid boots, and a few other items could be essential for your survival in the wild, it doesn’t mean you can’t bring on board a few items that will make life easy and fun while out there.

And this fan is by far one of the most impressive additions you can throw into your must-haves list when preparing for your upcoming outdoor adventure. It is reliable, the performance is remarkable, and carrying it with you is effortless.

I would highly recommend getting it if you want an extra piece of gear that will transform your camping experience for the better.

If you have any more questions about the battery fan for camping post, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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