Bessport 2 Person Tent

Be sure to check out the Bessport 2 person Tent if you’re wanting your camping experience to be comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable.

Sometimes you have to take a step outside with your camping gear and start discovering its wonders. But first, you must have the right gear so get the best tent for your needs.

Bessport Tent is best known not only for its durability but for its features.  It is at its best when it comes to its usefulness. It will surely make your camping experience better!

What features do you usually look for when you are buying a tent? Bessport 2 person Tent definitely has many! Let’s go through some of these features, and the pros and cons of this tent to see if it stacks up.


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Bessport Camping Tent

Key Features

3-season tent

When it comes to tents, this is the first thing that you should consider. There are tents that you can only use for mild weather campings 3-season tents, made for outdoor campings, be it in the summer, spring, fall.

This is an important feature to consider when you camp outdoors. Always check if your tent can handle the current weather. Is it going to rain? Is it going to be sunny all day? 3-season tents are specially made for these weather conditions.

This particular Bessport 2 person Tent that we are looking at is a 3-season tent.

Can it Withstand the Rain?

We can easily rely on the rainfly when it comes to rain. But how much rain can it withstand? Will this tent protect you from getting wet in the rain.

With use and knowledge about this tent and spending time in it, we can safely say we were kept dry and comfortable though two nights of steady light rain. It is sturdy enough to keep you dry. You don’t have to worry about rainfall with this tent!

Quick to Set Up

Another problem faced by campers is time management. Some people end up building a fire for hours. Some people struggle with taking out their camping gear and set their camp.

Of course, then there are people who take so much time building the tent because of its complicated instructions. None of that will happen with this tent, the Bessport tent setup is easy.

Its design is very simple, making it is easy for you to pitch your tent. You can even try building it without the instructions and you will still find it easy to build!

This feature is important so that you don’t have to spend so much time doing one thing, and besides after a long day to reach your campsite you don’t want to be sending a lot of time on this task.

It is also easy to take down as it is easy to set up. Packing, transporting, and storage is convenient with this tent.

Doors on Both Sides

You will never know the benefits of having a two-door tent until you have one. This tent has doors on both sides, making it easy for you to move around your tent.

If ever you need to enter the tent and your camping companion wants to exit the tent at the same time, wouldn’t it be so convenient to use different doors? It is a feature that you never thought you needed.

You won’t have to climb over each other and disturbing each other. It can also let more air enter, making your tent well-ventilated.

Mesh Doors

Imagine zipping your tent door all the way up just to keep the insects out. It could cause you to feel a little suffocated, right? These mesh doors aren’t only keeping your from getting bitten by mosquitos, but also making sure that you can get a nice flow of fresh air.

Proper ventilation inside your tent is important, comfort is a major part of enjoyable camping. It would not be so hot inside the Bessport tent with these mesh doors. One point for safety!

Lightweight Design

With its capacity, you might think that this tent would be heavy. It is actually lightweight and kept on a tent bag, allowing you to bring it with you even when you go hiking. It is not heavy and it will not take so much space.

The 2- person Bessport ultralight tent weights in at 5.2 pounds so it will not be a burden to carry. This feature will enable you to have a convenient camping experience.

Perfect Fit for 2 People

Truth be told, there are other sizes available. However, the most popular one would be the 2-person Bessport tent. You might be wondering why. Well, here’s the reason. When you say it is a perfect fit for two, you would think that it is just right for two people.

This tent is not built that way. You can fit two people in it and still have your personal space when you sleep. It is a good feature to have, most especially if you are with a friend. You wouldn’t want to take over their space.


Where do you keep your things when you are camping? Some people settle on putting their things outside, with nothing else to protect it. Some people even try to cramp it with them inside the tent. Where do you keep yours?

You will definitely enjoy this feature. Vestibules are invented to serve as a space for your camping gears. It is located right beside the tent door, like an extra tent to keep your things safe. It is attached to the tent itself.

Bessport 2 person Tent - blue tent set up in the woods

What Are The Benefits of This Product?

Its compact design makes tent pitching much easier. It would only take you around 5 minutes to build this tent by yourself, and it’s the same when you take it down.

The rainfly works well in different weather conditions. It can even withstand heavy rain and light snowfall.

You don’t have to worry about moving around your tent. It has plenty of space and has doors on both sides.

Keep the bugs out using the built-in mesh doors. It will also make sure that you have proper ventilation inside your tent.

This tent can be easily carried anywhere. With its compact design, you will have no problem carrying it around even when you go hiking. It’s not too heavy and it is kept in a tent bag.

You can place your camping gears under its vestibules. You don’t have to keep your things inside and let it take over your space.

Securely pitch your tent with the stakes that came with it. This will make sure that the tent is securely placed in one location, even in a situation where strong winds blow.

Due to its durability, you can definitely take this tent to your next camping trip. And the next. And the next. And the next. It is so sturdy, you don’t have to buy another one for your next trip!

Quick Specs

  • Available in different colors (green, gray, orange, blue, brown, dark green, and dark gray)
  • Available in different sizes (1 person tent, 2 person tent, 4 person tent)
  • Weighs 5.2 lbs for 2 person
  • Dimensions: 86.6in x 48.4in x 43.5in High 2 person
  • Zipper Closure
  • Doors on both sides
  • Includes 2 poles with clip-pole attachment
  • Rainfly
  • Comes in a compact tent bag
  • Aluminum poles


  1. Ultralightweight. It doesn’t add much load to your backpack
  2. It includes a rainfly that you can use if needed
  3. You can easily pitch it even without a guide
  4. The material used for this tent is waterproof
  5. It has plenty of space even for people who are taller than usual


  1. The smallest size can only fit one person. It might not be ideal for someone who is planning to share a tent.

Questions and Answers

Question: Is it recommended for winter outdoor camping?

Answer: Ideally, the worst condition it can handle is heavy rain. However, if ever, it could protect you from light snowfall. It would depend on the weather if you use it for winter outdoor camping.

Question: Is it possible to pitch this tent alone?

Answer: Yes! It is very possible. With the included clear instructions, you will find it extremely easy.

Question: Does it have a standard size?

Answer: The best part about this tent is the available options! You can find the perfect tent size for you and the features would be the same.

Here’s A Tip

For safety, be sure to install the rainfly properly. There are instances wherein it is not properly installed, causing the inside to get wet. Ensure proper installation to avoid leakage.

The tent floor could feel different for different people. Just to be sure, it is recommended to use a tarp footprint along with it. You have to place it underneath your tent for a better experience. This would depend on your liking.


If you are looking for durability and stability, this is the tent for you. Its features are off the charts and extremely helpful.

From its exterior features up to its interior, this tent will surely make your camping experience so much better. It endorses convenience and safety. This is the tent that you are looking for.

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If you have any more questions about the Bessport 2 person Tent, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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