Best 8 Person Tent

A tent is without a doubt one of the most important pieces of outdoor camping equipment, and if you want the best 8 person tent for your small family or group of friends this list contains some excellent choices.

A good tent is great at protecting you from the elements, but that’s not all there is to a tent. It also needs to be spacious enough so you won’t be crowded in there.

As such, a spacious tent is always a great idea when camping with the family, which is where these large 8 person tents come in.

We put together some of the top-rated and most popular 8 person tents on the market, so read on, you’ll find the perfect tent for your next adventure.  

The Details Follow Below, But Here Is My List Of The Highest-Rated, And Best 8-Person Tents.

  1. Marmot Lair 8 Person Tent
  2. Big Agnes Guard Station 8
  3. Marmot Limestone 8P Tent
  4. Qomotop 8 Person Instant Tent
  5. Coleman 8 Person Evanston Tent
  6. Big Agnes Mad House 8 Person Tent
  7. Coleman Tenaya Lake Cabin Tent 
  8. NTK Laredo GT 8-9 Person Tent
  9. Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent
  10. Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent
  11. Coleman 8-Person Montana Tent  
  12. Coleman 8-Person Instant Family Tent
  13. Big Agnes Mint Saloon 8 Person Tent
  14. Ozark Trail 8 Person Dome Tent
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Buyers Guide To Choosing The Best 8 Person Tent


No matter how large a tent is, if the construction isn’t right, you might end up with a crappy tent that can’t withstand the punishing conditions of the outdoors.

Such designs as inverted seams and zippered cuffs with protective fabric, and welded floor joints all play a big part at ensuring you can enjoy the comfort you expect during your stay inside your tent


Besides the construction, the material also matters if you are to get a tent that really packs in the value you pay for. Also, any material with water repellent treatment is worth extra attention.

Such materials as polyester and polyurethane go a long way to offer you ideal water protection. But mesh also counts as you want to enjoy sufficient ventilation during the warm season, and less condensation in wet conditions.


It’s all in the size, isn’t it? Although in this post we’re looking at 8-person tents, you may have noticed that all of them are not equal in size anyway. Some have a larger floor area than others, and some are taller.

You want to get a tent that best suits your needs without sacrificing comfort. If you prefer some extra space on the outside, then one with an awning would be a great pick, the choice is all yours.  


Protection from the elements is the very reason why you would consider bringing along a tent in the first place, and as such, it should be able to withstand the rough conditions out there.

Well, the wind is one of the elements that go hard on tents, and if by any chance the wind wins, it’s inevitable that you’ll remain exposed.

It’s thus very important that you make sure the tent you go for is designed to hold up well even during harsh winds and rough storms. Such features as stakes and poles count here, keep an eye out for those.

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Ok Let’s Start With The Biggest And The Best

Marmot Lair 8 Person Tent


  • At  165 square feet, this is one of the biggest 8P tents available 
  • This tent comes with seam-taped construction for durability
  • It also features a full-coverage fly
  • It has great jingle-free nylon zippers
  • A field repair kit comes in handy if any damage happens
  • Light-reflective points help keep you visible and safe
  • It also comes with a removable floor


  • It will be difficult to find a genuine fault with this excellent tent

First Impressions:  Marmot, a popular outdoor brand has produced an excellent basecamp tent that is built to take on rugged mountainous regions and the nasty weather that accompanies those extreme areas.

To start with the size, this one’s a monster by its own merit, albeit being an 8-person tent just like the other tents on this list. However, with a floor area of up to 165 square feet, it’s awesomely roomy enough for a large family.

  • That’s not to say it isn’t easy to transport, as it packs down to a compact unit that you can handle with ease.
  • Measuring only 24 inches by 30 inches, that’s small enough for a tent this big.
  • At 24lbs it is not the lightest on this list.
  • However, lightweight tents are not what we are here to discuss.
  • This one is a genuine base camp tent

Quality build

Now onto the construction, and this is where this tent leaves the competition in the dust, thanks to its solid construction and tough materials. 

These include 40D 100 percent ripstop silicon fabric, and a tent fly made of similar material.

These materials, together with the dome design and good construction techniques produce a tent that is built to perform in harsh weather while giving you excellent protection.

It also has a 70D 100 percent nylon tent floor, and with 10 solid aluminum poles 9.5 mm thick; it’s a 4-season tent with a difference and just in case, it comes with a small field repair kit.

Spacious and strong 

Storage of your items and ventilation are also catered to, as you have up to 40-square feet of poled vestibules and interior pockets.

Fly vents and two large D-shaped doors, which by the way make access in and out of the tent quite easy too. The Marmot Lair 8 Person Tent is a solid shelter that will keep your family safe and dry in nasty weather and high altitudes.

We Rated This Product 4.9 From 5 Stars

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Big Agnes Guard Station 8


  • The dome shape helps minimize the load from snow and wind
  • Its removable floor offers a bit of flexibility
  • It’s big and spacious at around 12 x 10 ft
  • Easy to set up, with reflective guy lines for safety at night
  • Lots of ventilation options, including two robust doors and up to six window
  • Packs small at 24 inches by 15 inches by 10 inches for easy portability
  • Comes with an internal clip-in pod that allows you to separate the living and sleeping space


  • It would be very claustrophobic with 8 people inside

First Impressions: A waterproof 4-season tent that not only offers more than enough for your entire family but also throws in a great deal of comfort as well.

To begin with, this tent has a DAC exoskeleton with a sturdy pole system that offers a lot of structural strength to withstand the harshest of winds.

  • It also sports robust material (with aluminum tent poles and ripstop polyester fabric) that makes it strong enough to withstand extreme alpine conditions.
  • Its dome shape helps enhance the living space for you and your gear, and to minimize the load from snow and wind.
  • And with a floor area of up to 128 square feet, there’s enough room for your loved ones.
  • Plus, you’ll also love such features as the pre-cut guy lines as well as tensioners that allow for easy setup, and removable floor design is a handy addition.


A tent that isn’t well ventilated can be a real bummer, no matter how well it’s built or how lasting it claims to be.

Thankfully, Big Agnes thought about this when building this tent, which is why it comes equipped with sufficient ventilation features, including up to 6 windows, two ceiling vents, and two doors.

Storing your gear

Storage inside the tent can be a bit confusing despite the ample space, so getting some gear organization features could be of much help.

Not to worry though, this tent has got you covered with its integrated gear storage solutions and several interior loops for your accessories.

This is a good strong tent for serious camping in cold environments.

We Rated This Product 4.6 From 5 Stars

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Marmot Limestone 8P Tent


  • A strong tent canopy made of 40D polyester no-see-um mesh for good ventilation
  • The rain fly is also very strong, made using 68D 190T polyester taffeta
  • With up to 5 poles measuring 14.5 mm wide, it can take on strong winds and storms
  • Very roomy vestibules with up to 32 square feet of space


  • Some issues with leaking, you need to have a footprint to keep it dry

First Impressions: One look at this spacious tent and you can bet there’s enough room for all of you in there.

Built for camping, the first thing you’ll notice, and probably love about this one is the easy, quick set up, thanks to its color-coded clips and poles, which take most of the confusion out of the way

  • With 77 inches by 100 by 187-inch floor area, it is very roomy
  • A spacious and comfortable good sized living area of up to 130.5 square feet
  • Built with a super-sized door as well as a large D-shaped rear one, you should have an easy time getting in or out of your tent.
  • Another nice feature is the lampshade pocket that helps secure your lamp for hands-free use.

Easy access

So you can pitch up your tent in next to no time despite its size, and getting in and out of your tent is also as easy as pitching it proves to be, which is where the double doors in this one come in.

Once on the inside, you will definitely love the zone pre-bend design, which keeps the walls as vertical as they can go, creating more room inside as well as sufficient headroom. Speaking of which.

Spacious design

Still, on the issue of space, you should also have more than enough room for your gear in the vestibules. And the Marmot Limestone 8 Person Tent has got you covered on that one, not to mention that it also sports interior pockets that you can use for small gear.

The other features that you’ll love in this tent include its waterproof seam taped design, sufficient ventilation through the doors, windows, and its fly vents, as well as the robust seam taped 150 polyester Oxford floor.

We Rated This Product 4.5 From 5 Stars

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QOMOTOP 8 Person Instant Set-Up Tent


  • Double layer zippered windows for ventilation
  • Two doors at the front for easy access in and out
  • Up to 3 stuff bags and a welcome doormat included
  • Built-in gear loft, gear pockets, and a power port
  • There’s also a room divider for privacy


  • Just like any other tent this big, it is a bit heavy

First Impressions: Here’s another spacious tent designed for those who love exploring the outdoors in the company of their loved ones.

The height is also just as impressive, since standing at 78 inches at the center; it is high enough to allow you to walk inside with comfort.

  • Measuring 13 feet by 9 feet, this tent has enough room for up to two queen-sized mattresses, sufficient for 8 people.
  • It’s super easy to set up despite being such a big tent
  • It comes with the setup instructions manual on the side of the bag
  • This design also makes this tent very resistant to strong winds. Not forgetting, it also features up to 6 windows.

Setting it up is pretty easy

Thanks to the pre-attached telescoping poles, making it a pop-up tent that only takes a few short steps to set up. It’s so easy to pitch two people can do it in a mere 60 seconds, however, even one person can set it up.

Access in and out shouldn’t be a problem, thanks to this tent’s two front doors. And once inside, you’ll love how well ventilated this tent is, with a floor vent and a mesh roof, which allows air to flow conveniently.

Staying dry inside

Keeping out of the elements inside your tent is the very reason you spend money on one in the first place, and this one is designed to deliver just that.

Its full seam taped design allows this tent to keep the water out. But it also has a rain-fly, as well as 600mm PU coating, so rainwater getting in there is very unlikely.

We Rated This Product 4.8 From 5 Stars

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Coleman 8 Person Evanston Tent With Screen Room


  • Comes with an included carry bag that you can use for transportation and storage
  • It has inverted seams for extra weather protection
  • The fabric is made of a robust polyester material
  • The windows have an extended awning that allows you to open them for ventilation
  • The frame and its poles are designed to withstand strong winds


  • On the downside, however, the door is not wide enough to fit a queen-size air mattress through
  • At 26.4 pounds, it is a bit hefty

First Impressions: Coleman has been with us in the outdoors for a long time, and this tent is, like the others on this list, built for families enjoying the outdoors.

The first thing that truly sets it apart is the weatherproof design, thanks to its welded corners, as well as inverted seam design, which helps, keep water out, ensuring you stay comfy and dry.

  • And that’s not all; it also packs a rainfly that offers that extra bit of weather protection in extreme conditions.
  • The set up is a bit fast for a tent this big, taking only 15 minutes
  • The Coleman Evanston has reasonable space at 15 ft x 12ft enough for a small family 
  • The screen room is a lovely feature that allows you to sit and stargaze.

Also worth noting

The doors feature a zipper cuff built using weather-resistant fabric that further offers protection from the elements. Then a welding-inspired floor design helps make it very waterproof by eliminating needle holes.

The other great feature in this one is the roomy interior, with an impressive 15 feet by 12 feet floor area, which can comfortably fit up to 2 queen-sized air mattresses.

Standing room

And the height is also sufficient, with the center height at up to 6 feet; it should be high enough for most campers. What’s more, it even has a bug-free lounging, with a 10 feet by 5 feet screen room. 

This does a great job when it comes to ventilation, but it isn’t the only feature you can count on here. This tent also has sufficient airflow through its windows and door. Check my in-depth review of the Evanston Tent.

We Rated This Product 4.6 From 5 Stars

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Big Agnes Mad House 8 Person Tent


  • The doors have a dual-zipper design for smooth closing and opening
  • Large 3D bin pockets for ample gear storage
  • Its strong design makes it a reliable 4-season tent
  • The fly is connected to poles using Velcro for stability and ideal pitching
  • Webbing and buckles are color-coded, offering faster setup
  • Tough fly made using high tenacity yarns Dominico undyed polyester
  • Strong, waterproof floor made of polyester Oxford featuring a polyurethane coating


  • Just like most other tents on this list, this is a heavy one, at 369 ounces.

First Impressions: Here’s another one from Big Agnes, and this one too comes jammed packed with some great features that will make the trip more fun even during nature’s extremes.

First off, its two doors are designed with your need for convenience at heart, so they’ve been built to offer you easy in/out access.

  • It’s worth noting that this tent also has up to 6 mesh windows, which offer a great deal of airflow too.
  • Then there is the issue of space, which could mean all the difference when it comes to tents.
  • However, it packs real small at only 26 inches by 10 inches by 15 inches.
  • Considering it is an eight-person tent, the 124 square feet of living space should be enough for everyone.
  • The tent fabric offers the best of protection and airflow, thanks to its ripstop polyester and a breathable mesh.

The design 

The door’s design also goes a long way at ensuring easy access and exit, but there’s more; as the doors also have a mesh design with a polyester layer on top, which allows you to use them for ventilation only or as access too.

And when it comes to your gear, you should have enough space for that too thanks to the 2 large vestibules and interior bin pockets of this tent.

The other features

Features worth mentioning here include a full-coverage fly and dual guy lines for stability in extremely windy conditions, and an easy (and fast) set up thanks to this tent’s freestanding design.

For a bit of privacy, which could be necessary when camping as a family, this tent has an included fabric wall that you could use as a divider or stow away when it’s not needed, giving you that extra bit of flexibility as well.

We Rated This Product 4 From 5 Stars

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Coleman Tenaya Lake Cabin Tent 


  • A hinged door allows easy access in and out
  • The door also has a zipper cuff made of water-resistant material
  • The frames guy out triangles and redesigned frame takes on strong winds
  • Inverted seams offer extra protection from wet weather
  • An E-port allows you to connect power to the tent
  • It also has a hanger bar, which adds to the convenience
  • There’s also a spacious carry bag with wheels for easy portability


  • The poles fit a bit tight, stretching the seams a bit

First Impressions: When camping as a family, a large tent like this Coleman 8-person camping tent could be all you need to fully enjoy your outdoor getaway.

The size is, of course, the first thing we loved about this tent and one you’ll love about it too. But Coleman doesn’t leave it at that; this tent also has a 2 by 2-foot closet, which adds extra space.

  • At 13 feet by 9 feet, and 6ft 8-inch center height, it has enough space for the entire family.
  • Here’s how fast and easy it is to pitch, taking only about 9 minutes thanks to the color-coded poles.
  • It might not be the fastest setup, but considering its size, that’s an easy set up right there.

What’s more

It also comes with a rain-fly that not only keeps the water out but also allows you to enjoy better airflow inside the tent in any weather.

You’ll also love the storage space inside, with storage mesh pockets sewn into the walls, which you can use for keeping small items.

If privacy is of the essence to you

This can be very helpful when camping as a family, you’ll definitely love a room divider that this tent comes with too.  

When it comes to protecting you from the elements, this tent’s WeatherTec system with welded floors, and inverted seams, never disappoint.

We Rated This Product 4.4 From 5 Stars

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NTK Laredo GT 8 to 9 Person Camping Tent


  • Very breathable interior with an ultra-thin mesh
  • Convenient carry bag designed with compression straps
  • Full coverage rain-fly ensures you stay dry
  • A zippered electric pocket allows you to import power into the tent
  • It’s roomy enough to fit up to 3 queen air mattresses


  • This tent has only one door

First Impressions: The zippers on its door can be a bit difficult to use as it has one on the bottom and one on the side and over the top

If you’re considering a tent that pushes the limits a bit when it comes to capacity, check this one out. This durable tent is good and solid, made of double-layer 190T polyester, and with a polyurethane, 2500 mm water column lamination.

  • With a spacious 10 by 15 feet interior and a 6ft 2 inch height, it has enough room for 8 people, adults, and kids.
  • The door offers easy in/out access thanks to its large D-style.
  • But that not all; as it also features a mosquito mesh for ventilation and clear view of the outside.
  • It also sports large mesh vents and up to 3 windows that further enhance the ventilation.
  • There’s also a gear loft and utility pockets for your items.

But there’s more

The frame is also built with your need for a robust tent in mind, thus it’s fitted with 100% virgin NANO-FLEX shock-corded fiberglass rods.

These quality made rods which also have an enhanced diameter along with double gold plated ferrules for maximum performance.

Its bathtub style floor

It is every bit as impressive. Featuring a heavy-duty anti-fungus polyethylene material and an inner silver coating, it is sure to keep you dry.  

Its heat-welded PU seams also offer extra protection from the elements, not to mention that they also feature UV protection for durability.

We Rated This Product 4.5 From 5 Stars

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Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent


  • It comes with a removable fly for extra protection
  • A convertible screen room featuring a “T” style door and zippered windows
  • Enough storage space with interior pockets for your gear
  • A Hi-Low ventilation system for sufficient airflow
  • Its corded fiberglass roof and upright steel supports make this tent very stable


  • Issues with leaking around the seams where inside pockets are attached

First Impressions: If you are yet to find that ideal tent for your upcoming expedition, then this one might fit the bill.

It has enough features to protect you from the elements while offering all the comfort you need in the outdoors. The fabric of the tent features a tough polyester fabric with a polyurethane coating for enhanced water resistance.

  • Besides, it’s also high enough so you can walk in without having to bend, with headroom of up to 6.5 feet.
  • This tent also boasts an impressive design when it comes to waterproofing.
  • Waterproofing is assisted by the seam-sealed fly which plays a major role.
  • It also has double-stitched and lap-felled seams for enhanced protection against water.
  • Water repellant treatment of the threads, zippers as well as webbing.

What’s more

For ventilation, you’ll love the full mesh roof of this tent, as well as mesh windows, which ensure ideal airflow while keeping the bugs out.

The roomy interior has more than enough space to fit two queen airbeds with space to spare for some of your gear.

Not forgetting

The Wenzel Klondike 8 Person Tent also comes with a large screen awning in the front that you can also use as a porch, as well as a good number of vents.

The other features worth mentioning include the convenient storage of your gear thanks to the inbuilt roof pockets. But, keep in mind that this tent is also quite hefty at 27.3Lbs.

We Rated This Product 4 From 5 Stars

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Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent


  • Its wind-strong frame features redesigned poles and guy-out triangles that make it great for withstanding stormy days
  • The zipper cuff has a weather-resistant fabric that offers extra protection from the elements
  • The seams also offer additional weather protection as they’re inverted thus hiding the needle holes
  • At 21.5 pounds, it’s one of the lightweight options on this list by far


  • On the downside, the two main poles are designed to be held in place by tension, which could lead to instability if strong winds pull them out of place

First Impressions: For another great camping tent, here’s another one from Coleman that you’ll love when camping with the family.

First, the set up of this tent is as easy as it is fast, all thanks to the color-coded design and the pre-attached poles as well as hubs. All you have to do is simply unfold your tent, extend it, and secure it to the ground, and you’re all set.

  • Another great aspect of this one is the spacious design.
  • Designed and built to be roomy enough to fit eight people without trading off the comfort.
  • Measuring up to 17 feet by 10 feet, it offers enough space for the entire crew.

Not forgetting

With a 6-foot center height, it is high enough that you can walk inside upright with some to spare for your gear as well. With the waterproof floors, you can count on this tent to stay dry even in wet conditions

Even better

This tent is built with the need to stay dry during any weather in mind, which is why it comes with a patented WeatherTec system that features welded floors as well as inverted seams designed to prevent any water from making its way inside.

And for easy portability, this tent comes with separate bags that you can use for the poles, the tent itself, as well as one for the stakes. But the best part is that taking it down and packing it away is simple and uncomplicated.

We Rated This Product 4 From 5 Stars

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Coleman 8-Person Montana Tent


  • It’s made of a polyester material that is both robust and lasting
  • Hinged door for easy in and out access
  • Easy setup and takedown
  • The snag-free continuous pole sleeve design and a pin-and-ring system
  • You get up to 1-year limited warranty


  • The only real problem is that the stakes with this tent are not strong enough, purchase some more reliable ones.

First Impressions: It not only packs in enough space for your whole family, but it also comes with a wide range of other great features too.

Protection from the weather is one of the most important bits that you need to consider when deciding which one to go for, and Coleman has made sure that’s taken care of with this tent’s weatherproof design.

  • Welded corners as well as inverted seams that help keep water out.
  • But for protection from above, you can count on a rainfly that it comes with.
  • Angled windows allow you to help them to keep the air coming in even during rain
  • For easy in/out access, there’s the hinged door, which swings open easily allowing you to enter or exit your tent.
  • Another attribute is in the extended awning that this tent comes with, which offers some great extra space.

Speaking of space

It’s worth keeping in mind that this tent is also designed to give you as much room inside as possible. Measuring 16 feet by 7 feet, it’s spacious enough to fit 3 queen-size airbeds.

Be sure to read my in-depth review of the Coleman Montana Tent.

What’s more

It’s also high enough, with an impressive 6ft 2inch center height. Setting up this tent is also every bit as easy, with the conventional pitch taking only about 15 minutes.

Taking it down is also easy and fast, if not faster. And once you have it down, you can take advantage of an included carry bag, which is great for storage and transportation.

We Rated This Product 4.4 From 5 Stars

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Coleman 8-Person Instant Family Tent


  • The set up is easy, with only three simple steps
  • Similarly easy takedown and pack up
  • Sufficient center height allows you to walk upright inside
  • Ideal construction to keep the water out
  • Included carry bag for storage and transportation
  • Spacious doors for easy entry and exit


  • The guy lines that this tent comes with are not strong enough
  • Corner brace on its poles are made of plastic, making them very likely to break

First Impressions: Coleman designed this tent with an instant setup design with pre-attached poles that enable you to pitch it easy and as fast in just a minute.

First things first, you need a tent that is easy to pitch, with an instant setup design with pre-attached poles all you need to do is unfold it, spread it out, and secure it.

  • Once set up, space is the other thing you should be thinking about when it comes to using your tent.
  • We particularly loved the amount of space you get with this one and a center height of up to 6ft 7inches.
  • More than enough room for 2 queen size air mattresses to fit comfortably
  • Then there’s the protection from the elements, which is the essence of getting a tent in the first place.

Weather resistance 

Again, Coleman doesn’t disappoint at this, as this tent comes equipped with a WeatherTec featuring patented corner welds and the seams are inverted to help keep the water out.

To make the tent durable this tent is designed with a rugged double-thick Polyguard 2x fabric as well as robust poles.

What’s more

It also packs up with ease, when the time to break camp, and fits easily in an included, expandable rip-strip carry bag for convenient transportation.  And with screened doors and windows, you get the best possible airflow for ultimate ventilation.

I think this tent is for the casual camping trip in mild weather it is cheap, water-resistant but the stakes need to be thrown out and new stronger suitable stakes purchased.

We Rated This Product 3.8 From 5 Stars

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Big Agnes Mint Saloon 8 Person Tent


  • Up to four fly vents and other ventilation features
  • Gear loft loops for organizing your gear and other items.
  • The guylines and webbing are reflective, making your tent visible in the dark
  • It is a lightweight tent for easy transportation and storage


  • It would be great with two doors
  • A room divider would be very handy for that extra privacy

First Impressions: Built for base camp, car camping, and expeditions, this one from Big Agnes is a little bit different.

The Saloon packs in a good range of great features that are sure to make your trip worth remembering.

  • You’ll fall for the amount of room that this tent offers, at 102 square feet, it might not sound as huge and spacious as some of the other options we’ve looked at, but it’s still a whopper once you step inside.
  • We also loved the amount of space it offers for your gear as well, with an oversized front vestibule and several interior loops that you can use for attaching those handy accessories.
  • It packs small enough at 30.5 by 13.5 by 8 inches and comes with a backpack-style carry bag.

In/out access

It doesn’t have to be a challenge if you have the right tent, and this one, albeit being a single door tent, offers you just the easy entry and exit you would get with any tent this big.

The door is large enough, and Big Agnes has thrown in some flexibility to this one, as you can stake the door out as a shade, or zip it shut for protection from the elements.


The large door offers sufficient airflow, along with peak vents, as well as large sidewall windows keep the cool breezes circulation the tent for maximum comfort.

Setting up this tent is also pretty easy, thanks to its ready-to-pitch pre-cut guy lines as well as tensioners that attach to the fly. Besides, it has up to 15 aluminum hook stakes that are both lightweight and easy to use.

We Rated This Product 4 From 5 Stars

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Ozark Trail 8-Person Dome Tent 


  • It comes with a front mud mat that helps keep the inside clean
  • With a gear loft and inside storage pockets, you can always keep your gear organized
  • It’s virtually impossible to pitch it up alone, but it’s easier for two, taking only 10 minutes
  • XL windows allow sufficient airflow so you won’t feel claustrophobic in there
  • The separate doors are also great for privacy and easy in/out access  


  • Some problems with the zippers sticking and leaking often
  • There are a lot of negative reviews on this one
  • This is a cheap tent with a lot of features but don’t expect miracles

First Impressions: The poles are made of plastic, would be great if they’re made of a more robust material

Ozark is a popular brand among outdoor lovers, and this tent seems to offer reasonable performance.

Let’s start off 

  • Want size? this one is huge! With an impressive 115 square feet of living space.
  • It has a center height of up to 74 inches, it’s roomy enough to fit two queen airbeds.
  • Spacious enough to accommodate all the members of the family and the dog comfortably.
  • As far as ventilation goes, you can’t go wrong with this tent’s five windows. 

And speaking of

The doors, it’s important noting that the tent features two rooms, and each of these has its own doors. So if you’re looking for a bit of convenience, then this tent got you covered.

Also, these two doors are designed to give you as much airflow as needed, a comforting breeze is always welcome. This is a budget tent suitable for a weekend camping in mild conditions.

Want to use it as a single room?

No problem! The center divider is easily removable. It’s also a strong tent capable of taking on some serious wind; just make sure to stake it down solidly.

And if you like gazing at the stars in the evening, then this tent’s mesh roof should take care of that while keeping the bugs out, too!

The rating is low because a lot of problems exist with this tent. When I purchase camping equipment I expect it to last several seasons. This tent would be suitable for a weekend camping trip at a campground with family and friends.

We Rated This Product 3.3 From 5 Stars

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Question: How to set up my tent with ease?

Answer: The question of whether your tent is going to be easy to set up or otherwise hinges on how well it’s designed and built.

Some tents feature an instant setup design that allows you to set it up in a matter of minutes regardless of the large size, then there’s the conventional pitching that takes anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes.

So make sure what your options are before choosing.

Question: How can I know my tent will last long enough?

Answer: This will mostly depend on the material the tent is made of and the construction as well. However, it also depends on the brand you go for.

The cost of the product is not always a sign of durability however a cheap tent can only be manufactured using less robust materials with basic construction. So, you will have to pay good money for good quality.

But most importantly, if you want your tent to last longer, one of the best things you can do is get a footprint, this is a good affordable start which enhances the durability and life of the floor.

Question: Must my tent be a 4-season?

Answer: Not necessarily a must, but it’s a big plus to have a tent that you can carry with you on an expedition at any time of the year.

These tents are quite large and costly, so having to keep several of them around or spending on different ones for each season can be a bit draining.

So while it’s a good idea to get a good 4-season tent if you intend to use it, if you usually only go camping in mild weather during school holiday times you a 3 season tent will work perfectly.

Question: How do I ensure it is easy to store and transport?

Answer: It all depends on the size and weight of the tent, but a carry bag also comes into play here. And more importantly, what your options are.

If you are heading out on a car camping trip, the size of a tent or its weight won’t matter much. But if you are walking any distance, then maybe consider a lightweight option to shed off as much weight as possible.


The only thing worse than leaving behind a tent when heading out on a camping adventure is spending money on a shelter that can’t stand between you and the elements.

And if you haven’t learned this lesson the hard way, don’t wait to. Make sure to get the right tent for your adventures, and be keen to consider what the tent is designed to take on and where you are headed.

Especially with these family-size tents, the slightest mistake could jeopardize the safety of your family, so we hope you choose wisely and have fun with no worries. 

If you have any more questions about the Best 8 Person Tent, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.


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