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The Best Air Mattress article may include your next mattress for your next camping adventure, I hope you will find the information included helpful in assisting you to make the correct decision for your needs.

This Article Was Last Updated On June 30, 2021

One of the real benefits of an air mattress is that it can be deflated after use and folded down into a very compact size, making it very portable which in turn makes them ideal for camping hiking, and other outdoor exploits.

 No matter where you plan to use it, it’s the comfort levels and the build quality of the better-made ones that make the difference. Some Air mattresses can be as comfortable as your bed at home particularly after you dress them with clean sheets and a nice warm blanket.

Check out our buyers guide to give you some insight into what you need to satisfy your own individual needs.

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Buyers Guide To Help You Choose The Best Air Mattress 


  • The construction of most air mattresses will use a PVC based material, readily available, affordable, and flexible, with the possible uses and design in products virtually unlimited. PVC is less expensive than rubber, leather, and latex which is used to simulate.
  • It is made softer and more flexible by the use of plasticizers. In this form, it is the essential ingredient in the construction of most modern inflatable mattresses, which are supremely better quality and comfort than those of yesteryear.


  • You will need to determine the size of the mattress needed for your particular requirements, although this will not be difficult of course.
  • If you and your partner are both going on the trip, a Queen size would seem a logical choice. However, if there are children, teenagers, or other people then the sizes and needs will vary accordingly. 
  • Air mattresses usually come in four sizes, King, Queen, Twin, and Single. There are extra-long beds for the taller person, plus there are wide single mattresses which are excellent if you turn during the night.
  • There will be a lot of personal requirements when choosing the size of the mattress for our outdoor adventures, our shelter, tent, or other covers will also help determine the size. Determine your own needs and buy what suits you best.


  • This will largely be determined by how much money you wish to spend, and in what situation or location your proposed camping or other outdoor activities take place.
  • If it’s for remote wilderness camping, buy the best quality you can afford. Then you can add nice sheets and blankets to really go to the next level of comfort.
  • A thicker mattress tends to give more support and keeps you from touching the ground. Flocked material tops are plush and cozy to sleep on.
  • One recommendation from me to you would be to make sure you have at least a good quality groundsheet to place under the bed to help with insulation and protecting the mattress. 


  • As mentioned previously the carrying weight of an air mattress is minimal, when deflated they all fold up into varying compact and portable sizes which makes air mattresses extremely portable.
  • If you are backpacking, an ultralight blow-up pad will be suitable.
  • However, with most camping being in vehicles, we are seldom restricted when transporting air mattresses, as they are very portable indeed, and take up very little space. 
  • When packing the vehicle with equipment for a camping holiday, the use of limited space becomes a major concern as there is limited space in most vehicles.
  • Packing gear that fulfills our needs, and is small in size, allows us to carry all the important things we require to enjoy our trip.

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Here Is My List Of Best Air Mattress For This Year

1. Etekcity Portable Air Mattress


  • Twin or Queen size
  • Non-toxic shell
  • Rechargeable pump 
  • 650 Pound carrying capacity


  • Some reports of the mattress deflating overnight

This bed from Eteckcity comes in a Twin or Queen size and has been specifically designed for outdoor use.

It has a unique inner construction, encased in a hard wearing non-toxic shell, it comes with a soft and warm flocking top. Comfortable, firm, yet flexible, the material used in the construction of this bed makes it quite durable.

It is made from a PVC outer layer and when used in conjunction with a good sleeping mat as a ground cover, will allow you to enjoy a relaxed and quality sleep whilst camping.

It comes with a portable rechargeable electric pump, which is always handy, as it can be charged in the vehicle in advance.

The rechargeable pump is cordless which adds to the convenience, and when using the pump to inflate the bed, it will take less than 2 minutes to give the desired firmness, and deflating takes approximately the same time.

Easily fits inside the family tent, It is lightweight, comfortable, 6 feet 8 in long, and has a tremendous load capacity. 

It has a high 4.2 star rating from Amazon customers, and we give it a rating of 8 out of 10. Check out my full review here at Etekcity Queen Size Mattress.   

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2. Coleman Airbed Cot with Side Table


  • The mattress comes with a strong steel support frame
  • The capacity of 600 pounds
  • Battery operated pump included 
  • Off the ground convenience


  • Quite heavy at 43 pounds

Coleman has produced a very user-friendly Queen size air bed here with a comfort level that is most suitable for short-term camping. This cot has a strong under-body with sturdy steel supports.

This is a comfortable air mattress that will give you a good night’s sleep while keeping you off the ground, which is always a nice benefit. It is also an ideal bed for guests visiting or children’s sleepovers.

The mattress features a coil construction for good support and comfort it has a carrying capacity of 600 lbs and can easily sleep a person of 6 feet 2 inches in height. It includes the two side tables that feature very useful cup holders.

It also comes with a very well-performing battery operated air pump, so you can easily inflate the bed quickly and efficiently while deflating the bed is just as effortless.

Nearly everyone has heard of Coleman, they have been around for a long time and make some great products. This is a versatile design and can be used as a very comfortable bed while camping out and in the home as a spare bed.

My Rating on this particular Coleman bed is 8 out of 10 and for more in-depth information read my full review on the Coleman Airbed.    

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3. Ivation EZ-Bed (Queen) Air Mattress + Frame


  • Queen or Double
  • Inflate in 4 minutes
  • A study self-driven setup frame is included
  • 450-pound carrying capacity 


  • Electric power is required for this one

This bed is very easily set up within a couple of minutes by removing it from its bag and standing on its feet. It has a self-deploying design with a collapsible framework under a very comfortable air mattress.

It will self-expand from a standing start while air is blown into the mattress. To deflate, the bed also has a self-driven function to remove the air, then simply fold it up and zip the wheeled case closed

The EZ bed comes in two sizes a Queen or a Twin,  and depending on your requirement these beds are easily set up and keep you comfortable throughout the night.

It can also be used in a number of applications not only camping but in your cabin or fishing hut, maybe your beach house. A generator or power is required for this Bed.

This bed is not for everyone as it is quite expensive plus it requires electric power. While it works well and is very comfortable to sleep on I think there are better options available to you. 

It has a 450 lb capacity and it is quite bulky and as we are looking from a camping perspective my rating on this bed is 7 out of 10.

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4. Lightspeed Outdoors 2 Person PVC-Free


  • Nice and Lightweight
  • PVC and Phthalate free
  • Boston valve for easy inflation
  • Battery pump Included


  • Needs a ground cover to protect the base

A lot of us these days are concerned about the use of PVC in a number of different products, this mattress is a good option for someone who is concerned because it’s PVC and Phthalate free.

It’s from Lightspeed Outdoors, and it’s a two-person air bed mattress. Independent connectors inside the construction evenly distribute the weight to minimize bouncing and movement disturbances between partners.

It has a patented valve called the Boston valve which allows you to simply adjust the firmness to your liking. The material used in the construction of this mattress is thermoplastic polyurethane TPU which is light and extremely durable. 

It comes with its own carry bag and a battery-operated pump which makes for ease of inflation and deflation of the mattress. It also comes with a one year warranty, but be sure to check with the retailer before buying.

The weight of this mattress makes it very portable, at under 6 lb, this compact mattress is less than half the weight of most air beds. The air mattress comfortably fits two adults on queen size sheets.

I’m not convinced about the quality of build of this mattress, there are many positive reviews on this product, however, there is also a high amount of negative comments mostly about air leaks and faulty workmanship.

Personally, I found it extremely lightweight and portable which is good, comfortable when inflated fully. But, it didn’t stay fully inflated and was half flat in 6 hours. My rating 6 out of 10.  

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5. Intex Classic Downy Airbed Set with 2 Pillows


  • Large comfortable size
  • A soft flocked sleeping surface
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Durable and good build


  • Only comes with a handpump but rechargeable pumps to suit are available

The Intex classic downy air bed is not only a good looking air mattress but also a good size at 80 inches by 60 inches wide. This queen size airbed comes with two inflatable pillows and a hand pump included.

This particular air mattress has a cozy flocked top which makes cleaning very simple and is waterproofed which is always good for camping. 

Crafted using heavy gauge vinyl this bed provides a very comfortable sleeping surface, and queen size sheets fit perfectly.  It has a 600 lbs carrying capacity, weighing in at just over 11 pounds it is quite durable, so well designed for a camping environment.

Although the pump that is included is a hand pump, if this is not to your liking there are many rechargeable pumps available from Amazon that are very affordable and very efficient, which will certainly make this chore a little easier.

Be aware that this mattress will stretch quite a bit when new, so after inflating it may need to be topped off a number of times when first used.

This is an extremely lightweight good size mattress, and for the price, I believe it to be a very good buy, but nothing is perfect and this type of inexpensive equipment may be a little inferior to some on our list.

Still, I am giving it a rating of 8 out of 10.

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6. SoundAsleep Queen-Sized Camping Mattress


  • 78 Inches long
  • Quality pump included
  • 500 Pound load limit
  • Carry bag included


  • Keep dry while storing otherwise tho top may harden with time

The good-looking Sound Asleep Mattress is designed specifically for those of us who love the great outdoors.

Whether camping by the beach, or out in the wilderness, this mattress has been made with durability in mind, and if you are heading out for a weekend or a week this will be the perfect companion. It comes in either Queen or Twin size.

It comes with a rechargeable external pump, which is very convenient and makes it very easy to inflate the bed in super quick time, also deflates the bed just as quickly after use.

The rechargeable battery is best kept charged when your vehicle is moving, or maybe you have some other form of charging your battery. 

This bed has a solid following and close to 900 Amazon reviews give it a rating of 3.9 out of 5. I really like the rechargeable battery option available within the pump.

With technology today we can have fully charged batteries within reach at all times. Pull up at camp and within 3 minutes of laying out your mattress it will be fully inflated

A great Mattress that has features that work well in the outdoors, take a deeper look here at the Sound Asleep Camping Mattress review I recently wrote.

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7. SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress


  • Excellent mattress if you have transport 
  • Twin and Queen Size
  • Inflate quickly
  • Lightweight for its size


  • You will need mains power for this one 

Do you enjoy the comforts of home, do you have a truck or RV and want comfort outdoors, then this is an air mattress that will provide you with superior sleep while spending time in RV parks.

It is available in both Twin and Queen sizes, so simply hook up the power and the sound asleep air mattress will be fully inflated in under 4 minutes your bed will remain flat and firm so on any night you can stay sound asleep.

While it should hold up well, I would recommend the use of a good groundsheet underneath for protection if using on the ground or inside the family tent.

While no air mattress is designed and intended to be used every day for a long period of time, this particular air mattress is a good one for short-term use in areas where power is available.

I have put it into this review as one for total comfort while vehicle camping in an RV park or facility with a powered site. A portable generator will inflate it but you would not want the generator running through the night if you had to top it off

From a comfort point of view, this mattress takes some beating and if you have space in your vehicle then this might be the one for you. While you need power for the bed, it has a place in parks and recreation facilities that are connected to the grid.

This is my top pick for an air mattress even though it needs power my rating for this mattress is 9 out of 10. Over 14,000 Amazon reviews give this bed 4,3 stars from 5 so this in itself speaks volumes.

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8. Lightspeed outdoors Self-Inflating Camp Pad


  • PVC Free 
  • Silky soft top 
  • Lightweight 6 pounds
  • Self-inflation


  • Single size only 

We have listed this super plush camp pad as a great substitution for an air mattress. this is a lightweight PVC free product with no plastic smell that will give you a very peaceful night’s sleep without the hassle of carrying and setting up a larger bed.

The design of this pad offers a silky softness that cradles your body, the three-inch-thick foam mat offers a soft and warm surface for sleeping.

This pad works well while camping or other outdoor activity, it has a dual valve for easy inflation and deflation and an integrated pillow for additional comfort.

The soft foam in the pad automatically expands when unrolled, which eliminates the need for a pump, add a few breaths of air to increase the level of comfort if necessary.

The Jersey material outer has a nice feel, while the mattress conforms to the shape of your body while sleeping and the size is just right to enable you to turn over at night.

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9. ALPS Mountaineering Rechargeable Air Bed From


  • Comfortable reinforced surface 
  • Affordable 
  • 80 inches long
  • Durable PVC material


  • Replacements pump may be difficult to find if it fails

Simple comfortable and portable are some of the things we ask for in our camping equipment, some obviously are better than others, and I see this mattress as a mid-range, affordable, good quality mattress, that will provide you with a comfortable nights sleep.

The reinforced construction provides a comfortable and plush sleeping surface. It is available in Queen and Twin size.

Personally, I would recommend a good quality groundsheet be used underneath all air mattresses, even ones used inside your tent, as they will puncture easily if hit by a sharp stone or stick. 

The top of this mattress is a soft and plush flocked material, this luxurious surface is not only very nice to sleep on it also restricts your bedding from slipping and sliding all over.    

This bed comes with a rechargeable pump and that seems to be a real problem with this outfit. It fits this bed perfectly and works well, however, if the pump fails, you will struggle to buy a pump that fits.

There is nothing on their website in regards to a separate pump purchase, although apparently, you can telephone them. This is a real negative in my mind and reduces the appeal of the whole product.

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10. ALPS Mountaineering Velocity Air Bed


  • Easy setup
  • Robust material construction
  • Portable and compact 
  • Lightweight 
  • Real value overall


  • It is not the cheapest but is good value

This is a very versatile and reliable bed when you go into the wilderness camping or hunting and will give you a good night’s sleep. The other benefit of having a bed like this is if you get unexpected guests arrive.

This is a trendy and good looking camping bed, made with a robust and durable non-toxic comfortable PVC free material with a 500-pound capacity.

This polyester oxford fabric is soft and extremely comfortable. It is portable and compact that makes it easy to carry, and takes up very little room in the vehicle.

It’s an extremely lightweight sleeping option, suitable for many indoor and outdoor situations. This is one of the best sellers on Amazon for camping equipment, and it’s quality construction and heavy-duty materials will last for many seasons.

If you enjoy the comforts of home while outdoors and are looking for a really good comfortable air bed, then this quality-built air mattress should be your next purchase.

This is a portable, comfortable solution that we believe is up at the top of our list of air mattresses. We consider it real value for your money and highly recommend the Alps Mountaineering Velocity Air Bed. This bed is a real contender, therefore, I put a high rating of 8.5 out of 10.

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11. King Koil Queen Size Inflatable Air Mattress


  • Soft Flocking surface
  • An inbuilt pillow for convenience
  • Spacious 80 inches x 60 Inches
  • Inbuilt 120V pump 


  • Needs a generator to supply power if remote camping 

One of the features that make it stand out is the enhanced technology in design and manufacture, with a soft flocking layer and an inbuilt pillow design it offers the ultimate comfort away from home.

King Koil comes in as one of the top choices for any camper, the extra spinal support offers more than comfort and support for your back.

This mattress also comes with a waterproof design which is a great feature especially if you have to use your mattress in soggy weather.

Another exciting aspect about it is by far is the suede top which helps keep your bedding in place for easy use and with dimensions of 80 inches x 60 inches you are assured of ample room to share.

Thankfully, this one comes with an inbuilt 120V AC pump, which operates very quietly, so you can simply lug your mattress along and inflate it whenever you need to.

One thing that the pump in this mattress really does best is to ensure easy, fast inflation and deflation. You can fill it up or deflate it in less than 4 minutes.

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12. Intex Prestige Downy Twin Airbed


  • Compact queen size
  • Handheld battery pump
  • Waterproof surface 
  • Soft and durable
  • Very Lightweight


  • Needs extra batteries to operate the pump

Here’s another bed that has the right size, it measures 39 inches by 8.75 by 75 inches enough space for comfortable sleeping and for easy portability it packs in small enough when folded, making it ideal for easy transportation but still roomy enough for two people

The manufacturer claims that this bed is built well enough for absolute performance thanks to its solid construction. This includes a tough design with an impressive 300-pound capacity, which is ideal for couples and solo sleepers alike.

An included hand-held battery pump comes in very handy when inflating your bed, making inflation further easier and faster. Make sure to purchase 6 “C” cell batteries for powering the pump, as those are not included in the package.

For plush sleeping comfort, this mattress also packs in a soft flocked top and an inner wave beam construction, a design that offers outstanding comfort and much-needed support.

One last thing, there’s the waterproof surface which makes it great for easy cleaning and great for outdoor adventures.
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13. LANGRIA Upgraded Twin Air Bed


  • Nice mid-size mattress
  • 300 pound support
  • Soft non-toxic sleeping surface
  • Handheld electric pump included


  • Not quite comfortable enough for 2 people

It might not be as big as a Queen bed, but this mattress still has enough room for impressive comfort. Measuring 74 inches by 39 inches by 8.5 inches it can support up to 300 lbs, so you can count on this bed for strength and comfort.

An interesting design with its 32 circular coils manufactured into the bed that ensures the bed stays firm even under significant weight. The soft non-toxic and skin-friendly sleeping surface gives you the ultimate comfort.

Inflation and deflation is also a breeze. With a handheld electric pump handy, inflating your mattress never got easier. The mattress also comes with two power adapters, an AC and DC adapter, as well as a car cigarette lighter adapter, so you can use any of these to inflate your bed.

Transportation shouldn’t be a challenge either, as the bed comes with a bag that makes it easy to carry with you as well as store it.

With a plush flocking PVC top layer, it is firm, cozy, and durable. Seamless welding helps keep the whole bed together, this also helps prevent possible leaks. It also features an anti-skid base that keeps it in place on just about any surface.

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14. Klymit Static Ultralight Sleeping Pad


  • Ultra-lightweight sleeping pad
  • Easy to carry 
  • Semi self-inflatable
  • Design features comfortable rails and ribs to fully support your weight


  • Single bed only 
  • 2.5 inch thickness is not for everyone

If you want to experience comfort with a difference, then a sleeping pad could be the way to go, made of 75D polyester on the bottom, and a 30D polyester material on top, it is built for heavy-duty use.

But performance is not the only thing that this material does best, as it also offers good durability that when looked after should last many seasons.

The portability is another thing worth considering, its compact size and an included storage bag mean this quite lightweight 16.3-ounce product won’t be difficult to transport.

A simple twist valve offers an easy, efficient way of inflating it, which takes only about 10 breaths to fill up. Once filled up, you don’t have to worry about air leaks, thanks to an included secure seal.

With this design, once inflated the pad centers you when you lie on it and prevents air movement as you turn and toss. The pad also comes with an antimicrobial treatment that permeates into the laminate.

This is great at preventing fungus, bacteria, and other microbial organisms that could damage the material or cause odor. Side rails integrated into the construction and patterns. These are ideal for a secure comfortable sleep.  
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15. SoundAsleep Camping Eco-Friendly Air Mattress


  • Comfort coil design 
  • Fast inflation
  • Included carry bag 
  • Rechargeable pump included


  • Use a groundsheet for protection 

One of the things to love about this mattress is the ComfortCoil design. Made with heavy-duty air coils, the mattress is built for durability even with the rigors of being outdoors. It is comfortable, lasting, and above all, easy to carry

Nothing quite beats the easy, fast inflation in this mattress. You top it off to full inflation in less than 3 minutes. An external rechargeable pump gets the job done easily and fast for easy inflation and deflation.

Since the high-powered pump comes with the purchase, you don’t have to spend more for the pump. With an included carry bag, transporting your mattress is easy it also packs in small and compact.

A waterproof flocked top is great for comfort and support, and a sure-grip bottom offers the needed traction to prevent sliding at night. Take it camping near the beach, or in the woods, this one is built for the outdoors.

Inflation and deflation are a child’s play as well. You can have it fully inflated and totally firm in well under 3 minutes with the external pump with a rechargeable battery.

Above all the great features is the 1-year warranty that the company promises to offer. And the customer support is quite impressive too, as you can reach them easily via call or email.

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16. KingCamp Outdoor Sleeping Mat Pad


  • Lightweight Single and Double


If you are on the hunt for a light air mattress that you can bring along to any outdoor adventure, this one might be just the one for you.

With an inbuilt foot pump, inflation and deflation of your mattress is usually a snap. You can also use your hand when inflating the mattress, just make sure to cover the hole as you pump.

The best part is that this pad comes with a wave system that keeps it firm and comfortable once fully inflated. Sturdy material and the right construction also make this mattress ideal for the outdoors as well as ensuring durability.

Made of 190T polyester material, it is both waterproof and resistant to stretch and puncture. An included repair kit also goes a long way in case the mattress develops any punctures. Although it doesn’t have glue included, the kit still has a lot of stuff you will need.

This mattress also features other exciting attributes like great size with the single and double options at your disposal. It is also very lightweight at only 3.74 pounds for the single and 7.71 pounds for the double.

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17. Deeplee Queen Size Inflatable Mattress


  • Large 600-pound capacity
  • Roomy 80 inches long
  • Nice thickness
  • Rechargeable USB pump


  • Lots of reports of leaks with this one

Coming in last on this list doesn’t mean this mattress is the least of all. The manufacturer claims to have equipped it with an array of features that set it among the top options.

But does it actually live up to the hype? As a Queen Size bed, you can be sure space shouldn’t be something to worry you.  But there’s more, despite being roomy at 80 inches by 60 inches, with a height of 9 inches.

A soft skin-friendly material that is gentle on your skin. Then a PVC material offers a good waterproof performance as well as offering outstanding durability.

Inflating your bed doesn’t have to take ages. That’s why this one packs in an electric rechargeable 3-nozzle air pump for fast inflation and deflation.

With the ability to inflate the mattress in just about 3 minutes and 3½ minutes to deflate it, this is the master of convenience. You can also recharge the USB pump in just 5 hours.

An anti-slip bottom keeps the mattress from moving around on the floor. The mattress also offers impressive performance in terms of comfort, thanks to a unique edge design along with the columnar honeycomb design.

It does have quite a few negative reviews that are hard to overlook so do your research well.

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man sitting on an air mattress overlooking the ocean


Best off the Ground: Coleman Airbed Cot with Side Table

Best value Budget: SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress

Best all Round:  ALPS Mountaineering Velocity Air Bed

Comparing air mattresses is not that difficult, as many of them are very similar both in construction and design. But try to make sure you choose a quality product, even if it costs you a little extra.

If you purchase an inferior air mattress, and it fails to live up to expectations, sleeping on the hard ground when it leaks during the night could be a very uncomfortable experience.

There is a number of things to consider before making your decision on an air mattress for your next camping trip. Where are you going, how are you getting there, and how many people will be using the bed.

Air mattresses are certainly a great option when camping outdoors, the main factor is their compact and portable nature.

The other very useful benefit of owning a good quality air mattress is the fact that if you have visitors suddenly show up on your door, or the kids want to hold a sleepover these products will provide a good bed for extra people in the home.

All air beds leak to some degree so the firmness will naturally wilt and the material used in the construction of the bed will relax over time.  


If you have any more questions about the Best Air Mattress, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.


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  1. Buying a mattress online is not my thing, but this year I just thought I should try something new, by buying a mattress online. Those I have been seeing are not meeting my taste but reading this has really convinced me all the mattresses here are superb, now you left me with the problem of picking the best of the best here.

    • Hi Lok, thank you for your comments. There are some really good mattresses on this list and you will definitely find one that suits you. Good Luck Shane.

  2. Hi Shane – I love to camp, I just don’t get the opportunity to do it so much anymore.  I remember when I first started camping, I definitely wasn’t sleeping on anything but the hard ground.  Then I started using the thin sleeping pads which definitely was an improvement.  But, I never thought about using an air mattress.  Now, that’s camping in comfort.

    Thanks for the idea,


    • Hi Michele, yes it’s certainly becoming more comfortable with some of the gear available today. Thanks for your comment, Shane.

  3. These mattresses are definitely combing comfort with portability, I can easily imagine myself bringing one along with me to my next camping trip. I’ve went camping before without any mattresses, and even though I had layers of sheets between me and the ground it just wasn’t enough.

    I never thought before about bringing an inflatable air mattress with me to the woods until now, the ones you recommend definitely seem promising. Some are a bit pricey though, which one would you say is the best for a single person?

    • Hi Kent, I like my comfort and its a long time since I’ve slept on the ground (I was a lot younger then) so i always recommend a comfortable sleep when in the woods. Purchase the best one you can afford, and if you are vehilce camping check out the Alps Mountaineering Velocity Bed in the twin size because at 39 in wide you get a bit of room to move. If space is an issue or if you are hiking i would say go for the Lightspeed Self Inflating Camp Pad.

      Thanks for your comment, i would like to hear from you again if you purchase one. 

      Thanks Shane.

  4. The SoundAsleep air mattress seems to be a very good one. 

    We have one now but it is so bad, every night the air is gone and we’re lying on the ground whenever we use it.

    So this comes in the right time, and right moment, soon we need one again, so ordering this one will save our back

    Thanks for sharing it!

    • Hi Emmanuel, yes the SoundAsleep mattresses are really nice, they work great and i’m sure you will enjoy it.

      Let me know how it goes please.

      Thanks Shane.


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