The Best Baby Carriers For Hiking in 2020

Hiking is a wonderful form of activity and the best baby carriers for hiking show you a special tool that will allow you to connect with nature with your very young children. Sharing this activity with your family is one of the best ways to engage and create happy memories with them.

Some hikers would love to bring their baby or toddler on their hike. In this way, their baby could also get the benefit of being with nature.

They get to explore the beauty of nature at a very early age and the best part is they get to experience it with their mommy or daddy or both.

We listed here some of the very best baby carriers that are not just high-quality but also economical. They have good ratings on Amazon from many satisfied customers so rest-assured that these picks are some very good quality baby carriers for hiking.

Some are for longer distances and longer times out in the sun and others are for short casual hikes. Scroll your way down and choose the best baby carrier for your baby and yourself.

Our List Of The Best Baby Carriers For Hiking

ClevrPlus Cross Country Child/Toddler Carrier

A very popular lightweight child carrier the Clevr Cross Country Child Carrier is built with strong yet lightweight metal frames that can hold out against extreme elements, even if you use it daily. It only weighs 5.5 pounds and the maximum child weight it can carry is about 33 pounds.

The carrier contains many pockets that are very useful for your hiking, you can put water bottles creams and other small items in them. You can easily fold the metal frame and adjust the child-seat and its length that fits your size.

You can guarantee that you and your child are comfortable using this carrier as it has thick padded shoulder pads and bolsters and sturdy canopy for sun and rain protection.

The downside is there is no footrest so expect dangling feet when you carry your child with this. But overall, it gives great comfort for your child and even for you.

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Kelty Journey Perfectfit Signature Series Child Carrier 

Kelty is a well-known provider of camping gears from backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, and now to child carrier backpack. They claim that their equipment is made to last so you can rest assured that this carrier is made of durable materials that will last longer than other brands.

It features a unique and simple design. It does not have a water bottle holder but it has many compartments to put your other camping supplies.

It fits very well and it is easy to adjust. The metal bar is very useful also to put the carrier on the ground with your child still in it.

Comfort and security are what you can experience with Kelty Journey PerfectFIT Signature Child Carrier. It weighs 6 pounds and can carry a maximum 48.5-pound child weight.

It has a padded aluminum roll cage and sunroof for that extra comfort and protection.

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BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original 

This highly rated and popular carrier was not created exclusively for distance hiking but could be very useful for short hikes and walks in nature, just provide extra protection to your babies such as sun protection and long socks.

One of the baby carrier’s features is that it offers two secure and functional design carrying positions: baby facing in and facing out. It is very easy and quick to adjust to fit you and your baby’s size.

It has durable and adjustable head support that gives the correct support for your baby’s neck and head. The design gives also great back support and free movement for legs and arms.

This carrier is small and perfect for a newborn for that easily put on and take off both at home and outdoors. Two words for this baby carrier: Ergonomic and Secure.

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LÍLLÉbaby Complete All Seasons Baby and Child Carrier 

Awarded as the Most Comfortable Carrier by The Crisbie Awards 2016. It is a nice baby carrier as you can quickly use it for your newborn. The finished padded and adjustable head support provides complete comfort and security to your baby’s head and neck.

You can use this whenever and wherever you are mobile on any adventure maybe the museum with your family or a gentle walk through the countryside.

It is an ergonomic and hip-healthy carrier which gives complete support and positioning. Also, one of its features offers a temperature regulation panel that you can easily adjust the coolness and warmth of its mesh.

It is breathable, lightweight, and great for everyday use at home or doing outdoor activities such as hiking. This baby carrier weighs 2.5 pounds only and can carry a maximum of 45-pound child weight.

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ClevrPlus Urban Explorer Child Carrier for Hiking 

Another excellent ClervrPlus baby carrier for hiking that will surely give comfort to your baby and you while having a nature getaway with your loved ones.

This is a lightweight and very comfortable baby carrier as it provides great padded straps and hip belt while it also features energy-absorbing lumbar padding that helps you carry it without pressure and worries.

It also has many compartments enough to put your baby’s diaper, bottles, other needed things for your hiking. Rain or shine your baby will always get protected and comfy with its rain cover and sun canopy.

It can be easily adjusted depending on your baby’s size. The carrier weighs 7.2-pound only for that lightweight experience and can carry a maximum of 42-pound child weight. Plus, you will love this one because it has a large diaper changing pad, very convenient and helpful for your hiking endeavors.

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Luvdbaby Premium Baby Backpack Carrier for Hiking 

The Luvdbaby Premium Baby Carrier’s functional design provides amazing comfort and safety experience not just for your baby but for you as well. It has a removable sun visor that will protect your child from any harmful elements.

You can also adjust its height easily depending on your size while providing great comfort because the straps are heavily padded and the belt is load bearing to evenly spreads the weight of your little one.

It has an insulated pocket where you can keep your baby’s milk bottles warm and other useful pockets to put other necessary stuff for your baby’s needs on your hike.

The foldable diaper changing pad is also very useful where you can place your child safely outdoors. This carrier is waterproof and lightweight and is built to last with high-quality materials. It can carry a maximum of 40-pound child weight.

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Pognae No 5 All-New Outdoor Organic Baby Carrier 

Upgrade your baby carrier in style with this minimal design of Pognae Outdoor Baby Carrier that matches perfectly with any look. It is light yet very durable due to the functional materials used.

The comfortable design will make give you a pleasant feeling while carrying your baby as your waist and shoulders are evenly distributed.

This carrier is so versatile that you can even use it to carry your baby even when hiking. The quality is great and will make you and your baby love the comfort that it can give to both of you.

The detachable hip seat perfectly fits any size and this could very helpful to help to take some off the weight when carrying your baby. It can carry a maximum of 40 to 50 pounds of child weight.

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Infantino Swift Classic Carrier 

Carrying your baby front-facing or back-facing is never this easy with Infantino Swift Classic Carrier. It is easy to adjust as it provides one-hand adjustment, plus it is also light and compact you can bring it anywhere you want.

The design is simple and is great for use for any on-the-go family trips or hikes, it has its own detachable wonder cover bib to protect your baby’s clothing as well as yours. It can carry a maximum of 25-pound of child weight.

The carrier is very comfortable to carry for such a good price of 20 bucks only. It won’t hurt your shoulders and back while carrying your child for an hour or two. This is a great carrier starter if you have no idea what kind of carrier to purchase.

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Baby Toddler Hiking Back Carrier with Cover 

Hiking or just walking your baby outdoors, this carrier will do the job to carry your baby comfortably and securely. This high-quality backpack child carrier is designed with strong and lightweight metal frames and 600d oxford cloth.

A sturdy child carrier that can withstand any elements and every day use mostly for hiking or camping. This is very safe for regular use and will completely protect your child as it has its own removable canopy and rain cover.

Plus, the padded cocoon with double security jacket, stirrups, and safety straps will keep your child safe and comfortable. It is very easy to use and carry.

The carrier also has multiple compartments to put all the necessities, and thick shoulder pads and waist for your own comfort while carrying your child. It can carry a maximum of 50-pound child weight, plus the reflective strip across the storage bag is very helpful also in dark.

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Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier 

This is a best-selling baby carrier that a lot of parents use around the world. Though it was not created for hiking any long distance, this is more a shopping carrier but can easily be used for family walks through the woods.

The versatility of it could be very useful for short hikes due to its extra padded shoulder straps and a supportive waist belt that smoothly distribute the weight of your child for complete security and customized fit.

If your taking a short walk to your favorite waterhole or waterfall maybe along the beach then this might be the most affordable way to go with safety and comfort for both you and bubs.

It can be adjusted to multiple carrying options for that ergonomic experience. It can carry a maximum of 32-pound child weight. The best part is that it only cost around $30, that’s a great value for money and a good starter if this is your first time to use a baby carrier.

You can still use this one as your baby grows as you can increase the size of the seat to give a continuous knee to knee support for your cute little angel.

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man and child hugging

If you are an active person and would want to pass your love for outdoors to your children, then your active life should not stop when you start to have a family of your own.

You can still do outdoor activities such as hiking and be able to bring your family to it. If you have a baby or a toddler, you can always carry them using a baby carrier that fits them and you.

Choosing a great quality baby carrier will only give you convenience but also a valuable investment as you can use it many times whenever you want to go on outdoor adventures with your child.

Questions and Answers:

Question: What activities can you use baby carriers for?

Answer: Baby carriers are very essential to conveniently carry your baby anywhere the both of you go whether it is for vacation or a short walk outside.

Your both hands are free to carry other things while you have your baby with you, so this is very useful when you go shopping in the mall. Baby carriers are very useful for camping and hiking as well.

There are carriers that are actually made for hiking or camping as they give more protection and comfort to your baby and you for this kind of activity.

Question: What are the weight limits?

Answer: Depending on the baby carrier you purchase, some have a maximum weight limit and if you put your child that exceeds the maximum limit of the carrier then it can cause distressing or troublesome to both of you and your child.

Make sure that you are choosing a baby carrier that will fit you and your baby. Look at the range of weight supported by the baby carrier. Also, check the dimension of the waistband and arm straps.

Question: When it is safe to begin using a baby carrier?

Answer: You can actually use a baby carrier as soon as they are born. There are different kinds of baby carriers so always pick a model age-appropriate for your baby.

The Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier, BABYJORN Baby Carrier, and LÍLLÉbaby Baby and Child Carrier are all perfect carriers for newborns.

Be sure to check the manual of your baby’s carrier to ensure that your baby meets the minimum weight requirements as it varies between models.

luvdbaby child carrier

My Top Picks

Best All-round Top Pick:           

Luvdbaby Premium Baby Carrier for Hiking

 Why: Stylish looks modern design and safety features that will provide comfort, safety, and protection for your precious cargo.

The Luvdbaby carrier is well made with different compartments to keep bottles and containers in their place.

Constructed using quality lightweight materials it will not weigh you down and cause backache.

Best Carrier in Any Weather:  LÍLLÉbaby Complete All Seasons Child Carrier

Why: This baby carrier has a unique feature that will keep your baby comfortable whatever the temperature outside. So, this is best when you use it for hiking or camping.

You can zip the panel up and it provides warmth to your baby. If it is hot outside, then just unzip it then the inner mesh will keep your baby cool by expanding the airflow.

Best Budget Buy:   Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier

WHY: This is a combination of all other baby carriers at an outstanding price for about $29.88. It has almost 7,000 customer reviews and a rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon.

This is worth a good take if you are in the market for a baby carrier perfect for daily use.

Best Lightweight Carrier:    ClevrPlus Cross Country Child/Toddler Carrier

Why: One of the most popular lightweight child carriers in the market. The Clevr Cross Country Child Carrier is built with strong yet lightweight metal frames that can hold out against any elements.

Durable carrier even if you use it daily, the carrier also contains many pockets that are very useful for your hiking, you can put two water bottles or other packages in them.

Final Words

Doing the activity that you enjoy most together with your family is a precious thing but of course, nothing is more precious than your child.

As a parent, we make sure that we feel safe when we use a baby carrier for our baby. And, if we bring our child to our hiking activity then we should choose a baby carrier that fits best for our child and for us.

The above list contains the best baby carrier for hiking. These bring convenience for you and protection for your baby. Baby carriers also help develop head and neck strength and control.

It also strengthens the bond between you and your baby as you keep the closeness throughout the day especially when you are hiking with them.

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