Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags

I believe this tried and true list of 12 best backpacking sleeping bags is bound to contain the best bag for you, to ensure your sleeping needs are covered while on your next hiking trip.

This Article Was Last Updated On April 17, 2021

Although the market is flooded with different types and models of sleeping bags for backpacking the solution is within this list. The wide variety of options will leave you spoilt for choice.

Here’s the thing, with your own research together with the information we have gathered here you won’t make the wrong choice, know what you want and you will get the best.

Check the temperature rating

  • Staying warm and comfortable through the night while outdoors is the primary purpose of getting a sleeping bag.
  • You need to ensure that you get the correct one for your individual needs, so be sure to double-check the temperature rating.

Insulation – Synthetic or Down

  • As far as sleeping warm and the use of these bags goes, the insulation of the sleeping bag plays a very important role. There are two main types that you can choose from; synthetic and down.

The loft matters a lot

  • It’s important to note that loft is yet another feature that you definitely don’t want to miss. Simply put, a loft can be measured by the height of the down, which you can determine by checking the fill power, a higher fill power indicates that the product is lighter and warmer.

Should you get a women’s specific bags?

  • Women and men are wired differently in the physical aspect in many obvious ways but one not obvious is that women are typically colder sleepers while men are warm sleepers, this is another distinction that plays a major role when it comes to choosing your sleeping bag.

Make sure it’s a great fit

  • Sleeping bags usually come in different sizes. These include the regular as well as long lengths. The regular ones could fit most average individuals, but if you are a bit taller, then it would be best to go for a long length option that can work for you. 

Weight is a crucial consideration

  • The weight of a sleeping bag plays a major role, the weight of your gear for backpacking or hiking is a crucial aspect of your planning.
  • A rule of thumb when it comes to outdoor adventure is you really need to count the ounces, a lighter option is always the best way to go.
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My List Of The 14 Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags

Hyke & Byke Antero 0-Degree Sleeping Bag

My Initial Thoughts: Let’s start off with one backpacking sleeping bag that truly brings along comfort to any destination thanks to its impressive extra-wide design, which is around 4 inches wider than most other bags.

This offers sufficient wiggle room, allowing you to toss and turn with ease. Besides the oversized design, this bag also boasts a water-resistant construction that makes it great for use in damp conditions.

Thanks to a LofTech summit design on the bottom, since LofTech is great at moisture resistant and durability even when under compression.

  • With a number of bags with different ratings from 0 degrees F, you can bet that this bag will keep you warm even in very low temperatures.
  • It also has other ratings that are worth mentioning here including a low limit for men at 15 degrees F and a comfort limit that would be great for women at 30 degrees F.
  • The other features that we can’t leave out include YKK zippers with an anti-snag slider, a center zip design for easy access as well as a foot box for additional insulation, and wide shoulders for a nice fit.

You will also enjoy the vertical baffles, a drawstring made of snag-free Velcro, and most importantly, a sleeping pad like the Therm a Rest Neoair Xtherm Sleeping Pad will have you in total comfort.

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Paria Outdoor Thermodown Mummy Sleeping Bag

My Initial Thoughts: One sleeping bag that every outdoors person would want to haul along for a night of warm sleeping.

First, its ideal insulation with 700-fill power down makes it by far one of the best options for cold conditions. It also boasts a large baffled construction that adds to the warmth that this bag offers.

With a temperature rating of 0 degrees F, you can bet that it’s capable of keeping you toasty warm through the night.

An included zipper guard is also another feature that is sure to blow you away, as it ensures you won’t be dealing with the frustration of snagging zippers.

  • Keep in mind that this bag not only ensures ease of use with its 2-way YKK zippers, but it also offers ultimate flexibility during warm nights.
  • Then there’s the easy-to-use draft collar, which also turns out to be a great feature. And most of all, for additional warmth, there’s the trapezoid foot box that has some extra insulation to keep you toasty warm.
  • But the best part by far is that besides the great construction and performance of this sleeping bag, it isn’t too heavy to tote along.
  • Weighing only 3 lb, it comes across as one of the best lightweight bags you can bring on an outdoor trip. 

Not forgetting, it also comes with a compression sack, which packs pretty small at 10 inches by 8 inches; portability can’t get any easier.

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Paria Thermodown 15 Degree Down Mummy Sleeping Bag

My Initial Thoughts: This one from Paria outdoor products has a long list of exciting features and a lovely design.

Starting with the most important it’s worth mentioning that this one is built to keep you warm even during cold nights, with a temperature rating of 15 degrees F.

What gives this high level of warmth that this bag offers is the ideal 600-fill power down. This will work well inside a good quality backpacking tent.

Besides, since it weighs only 2 lb. 14 oz, it’s a great pick if you love walking the trails, you won’t notice any significant weight.

It also comes with an included compression sack and it cinches down to only 11 inches by 7 inches.

  • For easy use, you will love the YKK zippers on this bag are sure to make using it as much fun as it is easy.
  • And besides being snag-free and convenient, they also last as long as the bag itself.
  • As far as durability goes, this one truly takes the lead, thanks to tough construction and its 20D ripstop nylon fabric, which is built to withstand the rough outdoors over the years.
  • Not forgetting, the inner lining is made of a tough 320T polyester pongee that is both durable and cozy.

Finally, it also boasts a large baffled construction and for easy portability, this bag is built with a lightweight design that makes it easy to tote along even over long distances in its very own compression sack.

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Hyke & Byke Antero 15 Degree F 800 Fill Sleeping Bag

My Initial Thoughts: For a real taste of what comfortable outdoor sleep feels like, you may need to check out this sleeping bag.

It’s definitely built to give you a combination of warm, comfortable sleep and years of fun and adventure. It all comes down to some amazing features in the innovative design that makes it a 4 season sleeping bag.

With an impressive 800 fill power goose down, built to give you more than sufficient warmth even during extremely cold nights.

Another great thing about this bag is its YKK zippers, which are designed to make its use as easy as it is fun, thanks to an anti-snag slider design that takes the constant frustration of snagging zippers out of the way.

  • Moreover, you will come to love the center-zip design that ensures super easy access when opening or closing your sleeping bag.
  • The other great features that this bag comes with include a large foot box for flexibility, snag-free Velcro, and vertical baffles for reducing heat loss.
  • Others include a compression stuff sack that comes in very handy when it comes to storing or transporting your sleeping bag.

Most importantly, this bag comes in regular size, ideal for people up to 6 feet and a long version for taller people up to 6 ft 6 inches.   

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Therm-a-Rest Hyperion Sleeping Bag

My Initial Thoughts: Here is a sleeping bag that is sure to take your outdoor sleeping to a whole new level in terms of comfort and convenience.

To begin with, nothing compares to the powerful 900-fill down that this sleeping bag comes with, which is built to give you toasty warm night sleep in freezing conditions.

If you are camping in a cold season of the year, this bag got your back, but the down is not all, it also comes with a Nikwax hydrophobic down treatment that ensures you can sleep in ultimate warmth and comfort.

It’s also worth mentioning that this treatment is RDS-certified, so you can bet it’s the real deal.

  • Another feature that sets this bag apart is the durable material that both the outer shell and inner lining are made of, with the shell made of 10D ripstop nylon and a DWR finish. 
  • For ultimate warmth, you’ll love the draft collar, which you can cinch down when the night gets too cold.
  • Not forgetting, it also comes with a draft tube that ensures the cold air stays out of your bag by preventing it from leaking through the zipper.
  • Another feature includes meshing walls that maximize the loft, as well as zoned insulation that ensures ultimate warmth while keeping the weight at a minimum.

As such, you can bet that this bag is super easy to carry around, weighing only 1.25 pounds, and the size is also as great, as this bag packs down to 23 inches by 17 inches by 11 inches.

The portability and storage of this sleeping bag can’t get any easier.

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Therm-a-Rest Ohm Sleeping Bag

My Initial Thoughts: The list rolls right on, and here comes yet another sleeping bag that you can’t help but love thanks to its outstanding construction and remarkable performance.

Perhaps the best place to start is the insulation of this bab, its 900-fill down packs in enough warmth to enable you to sleep in toasty warmth even on some extremely cold nights.

  • And while staying warm in wet conditions could seem like a tall order, this sleeping bag takes the task on a stride thanks to its Nikwax treatment that enables it to retain heat even when you encounter slight moisture out there.
  • As far as construction goes, the material that this bag is made of is one of the things that make it worth a hard look.
  • The outer shell features a tough 10D nylon ripstop that is built to withstand the unforgiving outdoors.
  • But the inside is designed to suit your comfort needs but without trading off the durability, with a similar 10D ripstop nylon and a ThermaCapture capability. 
  • Another thing that makes this sleeping bag great is the ultralight design, which is perfect for an outdoors person who wants a bag to use on the go since it weighs a mere 1.55 pounds.

But the most exciting bit by far is the compact size of the bag once folded, as it packs in as small as 26 inches by 17 inches by 11 inches.

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Sea to Summit Trailhead Synthetic Sleeping Bag

My Initial Thoughts: Sea to Summit Trailhead features the full-length zipper, which runs all the way through the foot box, which makes it easy to regulate the temperature depending on the conditions at any particular time.

Moreover, YKK zipper is strong and easy to use, not to mention that it also offers much-needed flexibility as it allows you to open the bag flat for use as a comforter.

A spacious interior is the other thing you’ll come to love about this bag, thanks to a contoured rectangular shape and a wide girth for sufficient wiggle room.

If you hate feeling restricted when sleeping, which we all do, then this bag is for you. you will also love the amount of warmth that you can get with this bag,

  • Other features that play a great role in the performance of this sleeping bag include a shaped hood as well as a zipper draft tube for trapping as much heat as possible while keeping the cold air out.
  • For easy portability, the lightweight design of this bag, as it weighs only 2 lbs 4.7 oz, and comes with an included stuff sack that comes in handy too.
  • The synthetic fill and its WaveLoft design is a good combination that ensures maximum warmth.

Along with the synthetic fill design, this feature also enables the bag to offer a lower temperature rating of 30 degrees F and a comfort temperature rating of 30 degrees to 75 degrees F.

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Sierra Designs Synthesis Sleeping Bag

My Initial Thoughts: Here’s another sleeping bag for every outdoor person, and it’s truly built for the outdoors, with just the right features to keep you warm and cozy throughout the night even in extreme conditions.

Keeping your sleeping bag closed is what enables you to keep the cold out, which is where zippers come to the rescue.

A dual zipper system in this bag ensures super easy use as well as an impressive performance over the years.

The other feature that you’ll dearly need while out there is the insulation, and this sleeping bag comes with synthetic insulation that does more than just keep you warm but also ensures the bag remains reasonably lightweight.

  • What’s more, an ergonomic mummy design makes it look as great as it feels, with enough wiggle room on the inside for tossing and turning.
  • A self-sealing foot vent is another feature in this bag that is outstanding, as it allows you to vent heat easily, especially during warm nights.
  • The other feature in this bag that makes it a perfect choice for the outdoors is a draft dodger baffle, which also goes a long way to ensuring you can enjoy warm night sleep despite the low temperatures outside.
  • And the same goes for the included cinch-cord hood, which you can cinch around you to reduce heat loss even further.

And as we’ve mentioned above, the lightweight design of this bag comes across as one of the reasons you should consider it for different outdoor activities, whether it’s backpacking, camping or hiking.

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Eddie Bauer Unisex-Adult Airbender Sleeping Bag

My Initial Thoughts: This Eddie Bauer Unisex sleeping bag could be just the right choice for anyone.

It has just about everything you would ask for in a sleeping bag, but the unisex design makes it truly worth a hard look.

One of the features that make this bag a great option is its three-dimensional foot box, which is not only a great and unique addition to this bag but also offers maximum comfort.

Another outstanding feature, which is the integrated inflatable sleeping pad design, which is definitely going to blow you away.

  • But that’s not all; it also comes with a hand pump included in the package, so you don’t need to spend any time and money looking for means to inflate the sleeping pad.
  • With an impressive 850 fill StormDown, this bag ranks among the warmest options out there.
  • Factor in the innovative DWR goose down for ultimate insulation even in moist conditions, and you have an irresistible bag for your trip.
  • Its outer shell is also every bit as impressive with a 15D Pertex nylon material that is as lightweight as it is tough.
  • A combination of these materials, along with a ClimaShield HL high-loft synthetic at the bottom of the bag, it is capable of keeping you warm even at 20 degrees F.

For easy transportation, it also comes with a stuff sack. Use a Gound pad like the Exped Megamat 10 Sleeping Pad for even more comfort.

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Mountain Equipment Glacier 700 Sleeping Bag

My Initial Thoughts: This one is a women’s specific option, and it has a fair number of features that make it very exciting as well.

 It packs in a full-length zipper design that ensures you have sufficient space to get into and out of your sleeping bag with ease.

It’s also worth mentioning that when it comes to keeping you warm, this bag never disappoints. With a robust 700-fill duck down, it’s capable of keeping you warm enough at as low as 9 degrees.

  • While still on the material, the PU coating that this bag comes with is also very impressive at keeping you warm.
  • Not forgetting, it also boasts a DriLite loft that adds to this bag’s ability to keep you warm while ensuring it’s very lightweight.
  • Speaking of weight, this bag is built for the outdoor person who might be trekking for miles, which is why it’s very lightweight at less than 3 pounds so toting it along should never be a pain in the neck.
  • The other features that are worth mentioning include a regular height of 5 feet 9 inches and a long height of 6 feet 1 inch, which offers enough room so you don’t have to feel restricted in there.

Its mummy style is also worth mentioning, as it allows you to enjoy cozy night sleep in its roomy interior.

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TETON Sports Tracker Double Sleeping Bag

My Initial Thoughts: TETON is the name we’ve all come to love for their wide array of outdoor gear, and this bag also lives up to the hype with a long list of remarkable features.

To begin it’s a little different in that it’s a double sleeping bag, and the features are many which make this ideal if traveling with a partner.

The insulation is one of the most important features, thanks to cutting-edge microfiber insulation that offers more loft to keep you warm throughout the night.

You want a sleeping bag whose features ensure you can sleep in toasty warmth, zipper draft tubes in this bag also ensure no cold air leaks inside, another good feature.

  • An included vaulted foot box is also a feature that you will definitely love, thanks to how it provides the much-needed warmth for your feet as well as ultimate comfort.
  • It is also worth mentioning that this sleeping bag got your face and head covered, thanks to a mummy hood design that is built to eliminate any gaps that could lead to heat loss around those vital parts.
  • As a double sleeping bag, this TETON offers enough comfort and space for not only one, but also it allows you to cuddle in warmth with your partner when camping as a pair or couple.
  • In addition, it is worth mentioning that this bag is 8.2 pounds in weight, which makes it quite acceptable for almost any outdoor adventure, even the ones that require walking some distances.

An included compression sack is the other feature in this bag that will blow you away as it takes away the struggle that comes with the necessity to roll your sleeping bag.

You can stuff the bag in its sack easily by starting at the bottom, and then you can tighten the sack’s heavy-duty straps and off you go.

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RAB Mythic 600 Sleeping Bag: 10 Degree Down

My Initial Thoughts: Meet another sleeping bag that’s truly built with the needs of the average outdoor lover at heart.

It comes equipped with just about everything you need, starting with the mummy shape, which is not only roomy but is also very warm.

And speaking of warmth, you will also come to love the insulation that this sleeping bag offers thanks to its 900-fill European goose down, which is sure to keep you toasty on the inside even during chilly nights.

And did we mention that this bag is also waterproof? Well, with an impressive DWR treatment, this bag is built to keep you nice and warm on the inside even when using it in damp conditions.

  • Not forgetting, its Nikwax hydrophobic treatment is also eco-friendly since it is fluorocarbon-free.
  • The material of this bag is another thing you can’t help but love. Made of a Pertex Quantum 7D material, it goes beyond being built to take on the rigors of the outdoors; it’s actually built to last you for years.
  • Portability isn’t an issue you have to worry about if this is the sleeping bag of your choice since it’s a very compact unit once packed, measuring only 18 inches by 20 inches by 11 inches.

And then it gets even better with the weight, as it weighs only 1.96 pounds, a great option for anyone who wants a sleeping bag with the best warmth-to-weight ratio.

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In Summary 

Synthetic insulation features polyester materials, which make it the best choice if you would like a quick-drying bag that you can count on in wet conditions.

This design is also great since it’s cheaper and, most importantly, non-allergenic. The only downside is that the sleeping bag is most likely going to be heavier.

Down insulation, on the other hand, takes the cake in terms of warmth to weight ratio, thanks to its lightweight and compressible design. It’s also the go-to option if durability is of the essence for you.

But this one too has its downsides, the main one being that it will lose its insulating ability if wet.


The weight of any pack needs to be kept to an absolute minimum if you intend hiking into remote areas and for long distances.

There is no number that suits everyone so make sure you determine the actual packed weight of the sleeping bag you intend to purchase before handing over your money. 

Other important factors

The list of factors that you need to consider when shopping for a sleeping bag is a long one. But besides these crucial factors that we have listed here, you will also need to keep an eye out for the zippers.

For instance, an anti-snag zipper is always better at making things easier for you, and a full-length one could mean that the bag can be compatible with another one to make a double sleeping bag.

A hood also adds some warmth to your sleeping bag, and a draft-blocking feature would be great at keeping warm air from escaping, thus adding to the warmth as well.

Others include a stash pocket for your personal effects, a pillow pocket in case you ever need it, and of course, a liner, the inner fabric, and the shell (a tough shell that can withstand the rough outdoors would be a great pick) too. 

Also, don’t forget to check if it comes with a stuff sack or a carry bag, preferably one with drawstrings, which will be handy when it comes to transporting or storing your sleeping bag.


No matter which outdoor adventure you have your eyes set on, bringing onboard the right backpacking sleeping bag will make a world of difference to your adventures into the wilds.

These bags are not only great for their outstanding performance, but they also prove to be very easy to carry to any adventure.

To gather lots more information and comparisons on an amazing range of quality sleeping bags, read my post titled Best Sleeping Bags

If you have any more questions about the Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below

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