Best Camp Stove For, Backpacking, Camping, Fishing, and Outdoor Cooking

Let’s see if the amazing Outbound camping portable propane gas stove is the Best Camp Stove For, Backpacking, Camping, Fishing, and Outdoor Cooking. From camping to hiking, fishing or throwing a party in the backyard.

This Article Was Last Updated On February 23, 2021

it takes a well-built stove to perform perfectly, and it has to be something special to be the best.

It’s a tough unit built for the outdoors, strong enough to deliver the best performance possible, and quite easy to tote along, could it be the best for you?.

There’s more to this stove for you to find out, so let’s take a look at some of its best features and also any downsides. 


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Outbound Gas Camping Stove

The Key Features

Solid construction

How well any outdoor gear is built comes across as one of the things that give you a hint of what to expect as far as performance and durability go.

In most cases, this comes down to two things; the material a unit is made of, and the craftsmanship that’s put into its construction.

In that case, this unit has it all, starting with the tough chrome-plated steel material. If you are on the hunt for that unit that can take on the rigors of the outdoors and still last you for a long period, then this one won’t disappoint you as it is built for the long haul.

Double burner design

There’s always something about the burners that make a camping stove worth checking out, and most often, bigger is always better. Well, with two of those, this unit is equipped to give you the performance you would ask for in this type of stoves.

With each burner packing a very good 10,000 BTUs of cooking power, you can get all your needs covered with the collective 20,000 BTUs of power that both of the burners in this unit deliver together.

This amount of heat is sufficient in helping you cook just about any item on your menu with ease.

Spacious cooking surface

This feature counts as one of the most important things you have to consider when on the lookout for that ideal camping stove. Get it wrong, and you might end up with a stove that can’t fit large pans and pots.

Here’s the thing; with an impressive 15 inch by 9.5-inch cooking surface, you can bet that this one will have enough space for just about any of your cookware.

It’s also worth mentioning that this space comes in handy along with the two-burner design to make your cooking both easy and fast.

Ideal protection from the wind

If there’s one thing that can make outdoor cooking a real hell for you are gusts of wind blowing right into the burners of your stove.

This means two things; a frustratingly slow cooking and a complete waste of your fuel, something you don’t want to risk if you don’t have enough gas reserve and your trip is not anywhere close to an end.

Well, here’s some good news for you; the manufacturers of this unit got that figured out, which is why this stove packs in up to three sides, protecting the burners from the wind.

As such, you can enjoy fast and energy-efficient cooking even on windy days, which could otherwise be a nightmare.

Easy transportation

Nothing brings people together than a fun outdoor party, whether it’s friends or family. But there’s a catch, bringing the necessary equipment along is usually easier than said, especially when you have to tote along with heavy appliances.

Not to worry though, this unit doesn’t make things too difficult for you, thanks to a number of outstanding features. One of these is the collapsible, compact design, which makes this unit super easy to store and transport.

Measuring 18.5 inches long by 11 inches wide by 3.5 high, this Outbound stove isn’t big luggage once packed, so you can fit it in your car or truck with ease when it’s time to transport it.

Easy cleanup

With the party over, there comes that time when you have to clean your stuff before packing it away until next season. But this is the moment most outdoor people don’t like as much as they love adventure.

However, if you have a unit that’s easy to clean, this should never be a problem for you.

And that’s exactly what this camp stove does, thanks to an included stainless-steel drip tray. This not only helps to make your cooking less messy by capturing any dripping fat, but it also ensures the cleaning becomes very easy.

Propane attachment included

Attaching the gas tank to your stove is one of the things that could get real tricky real fast if you don’t have the right accessories for the job. But things could get even easier if the unit you get comes with these essential features, which makes this stove truly outstanding.

Well, this stove comes with an included propane attachment that you can use when hooking it up to your propane tank, ensuring an easy connection, and a very convenient one at that.


When you buy a product always check to see what the warranty covers and more importantly what it doesn’t cover, manufactures will cover defective workmanship in manufacture.

However, there are many other instances that vary from product to product and manufacturer so be sure to check your warranty closely.

This Outbound stove has a limited 1-Year warranty.

Price and Compare

The price of the Outbound 2-burner camping stove is very attractive and I believe it offers good value compared with other similar small 2-burner stoves on the market.

It is quite inexpensive so check out the current price here now on ==>Amazon<== and compare the information with the Martin 2-burner Propane stove for a good comparison that will help with your purchasing decision.

 What Are The Benefits Of This Product

The durability of its chrome-plated steel is by far the most noticeable thing about this stove that you can figure out at first glance and confirm over time.

An inbuilt handle adds to a good number of features that make the portability of this stove a breeze, but the most remarkable thing about it is that it’s very strong.

Its burners are not only very robust, but they’re also independently adjustable with easy to use temperature control dials that give you ultimate control over your cooking.

The stainless steel cooking surface is very strong, durable, and super easy to clean, so you can bet that it will be strong and looking as pristine several seasons down the line.

While still at the cooking surface, it’s also worth mentioning that it’s capable of withstanding high levels of heat and weight; it’s basically built for heavy-duty use.

Besides, the easy portability of this stove, what will blow you away is its versatility since you can use it in the backyard for camping, hiking, near the beach, etc.

The windscreens are not only convenient at keeping the wind out, but they are also very easy to fold when packing the unit, which is also a great thing.

Since it’s more of a tabletop stove, the set up of this unit isn’t a complicated endeavor, since all it takes is hooking it up to the gas tank and unfolding the windscreens.

It packs much like a briefcase, which serves two purposes; first, it makes the transportation easier, and secondly, the outer casing protects the burners and internal parts during transportation.

 A set of stainless steel feet that go from the front and underneath the stove are also very impressive as they are both strong and as lasting as the stove itself. 

Here’s A Tip

  • Cooking with propane gas is a risky business, always ensure the hose and regulator are connected correctly and there are no leaks.


  • Built with durable chrome-plated steel for lasting service.
  • Independently adjustable burners for easy, convenient use.
  • Powerful burners with a collective power of 20,000 BTUs.
  • Wind panels keep the wind out to ensure stress-free cooking.
  • Easy setup and takedown.
  • An included propane attachment for convenience.
  • Durable, strong stainless steel cooking surface.
  • Spacious surface for cooking two items at once.


  • Despite the long list of exciting features, this stove may be a little heavy to carry any long-distance, weighing up to 10.6 pounds. 


If you are on the hunt for a stove that you can use for any of your outdoor cooking, then you need to check this one out. It is robust, solidly built, easy to use and transport, and above all, very durable.

This unit is definitely built with the needs of every outdoors person in mind, which is why it comes equipped with all the features you need to achieve fast, effortless, and efficient cooking.

Go ahead and try it, it might be just what you have been missing all this while. Make sure to keep it clean and ensure good maintenance to enhance its durability.

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