Best Camping Accessories

The best camping accessories are items that you can add to your list of camping checklist essentials to make your trip more comfortable. You should not deny yourself some of the comforts you have at home.

You have to make the trip as comfortable as possible and today the equipment we have access to can make for a thrilling experience. Camping is a fun and relaxing activity that brings you closer to the beauty of nature.

These few camping accessories can help make you build a home away from home in the great outdoors, and are only a few of the many items available today and I’m sure you would have your own list.

Please Feel free to share your list with us at the bottom of this post.

This Article Last Updated February 12,2021

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1. External Power Bank

Heading outdoors for camping means you will sometimes not have access to electrical power for your electronic devices. So what will you do when your phone battery runs low?

A power bank can help you in this moment of need and a Portable Charger RAVPower 26800 Battery Packs work a real treat  

Solar Powered to power up these units are also available. It can use the solar energy readily available outside to produce the source of power that your devices require.

You will not be limited to how you use your electronic devices for fear of draining their batteries. You will need your digital camera to be charged at all times to help capture all those beautiful moments as they happen.

You will need your phone charged to keep you connected to the outside world. So A solar-powered power bank can help you achieve this by providing free energy from the sun.

A good solar charger having 10000mAh will cost you around $25 while one with 25000mAh will cost you around $60.

The cost of these portable chargers will vary depending on their power storage capacity and other features like led light, battery type, number of charging ports among others.

Consider the features you require from the charger when buying one. That will determine the costs your likely to incur. Keep your electronics charged while on a camping trip with a portable solar-powered charger.

Take a look at the Anker Power Core, an external battery pack that is compatible with iPhone Ipad Samsung, and others

2. Camping Cots

Being off the ground when camping out is one of my top 3 priorities. A good night’s sleep makes you ready for the next day’s adventure.

Sleeping on the ground is sometimes part of the adventure I’ve had all sorts of bugs in my swag from time to time, however, a camping cot can ensure you get a good sleep.

A good camp cot will provide you the benefit of sleeping higher above the cold hard ground, and also allows the use of a good sleeping bag.

This makes you sleep comfortably without the risk of attack from crawling insects and other bugs and wrigglies, also there are various health conditions for people like Arthritis or joint issues that may worsen due to sleeping on the cold ground.

This can hinder you from enjoying a camping trip. and turn it into a nightmare trip. However, with a good camping cot, you will feel like you are almost sleeping in your comfortable bed at home.

You will not have to turn all night due to wetness and hard ground. Even if it rains, you will not have to worry about getting wet, you will wake up dry and refreshed ready to enjoy the beauty of the natural environment.

3. A GPS watch

A GPS watch is a great technology and has improved the way we travel every day, and once outside our familiar environment there are no signposts in the places we may need them.

When you’re in the woods or remote areas what do you have to help you in navigation.  What happens when you make a single wrong turn?

You will get lost. How will you find your way back? A GPS watch can help you maintain a sense of direction.

A GPS watch will not only help you in navigation but can also be good for communication through messaging, emails.

It will also help you monitor your fitness and health levels through monitoring your heart rate. Although this may not necessarily help in an emergency situation.

It may be worthwhile to get a basic GPS navigation watch to guide you through your travels.

4. Satellite Communicator.

If you are camping deep in the wild or a remote area, you will need a means of communication that can function even in harsh conditions.

A satellite phone can enable you to still communicate even if you are in an area with poor or no phone signals. This is a priority to me if I travel in very remote areas.

You cannot predict Mother Nature where there can be severe weather conditions that can change rapidly which can affect phone signals cutting your communication with the outside world.

If an emergency situation arises with no means to connect authorities or with your friends and family, have you seen the Garmin Inreach Explorer?

In this instance, this type of equipment comes into its own. Stay safe during your next remote camping adventure with a satellite communication system.

There are many types of phone and phone providers do your research for the best deal for you  You will require several hundred dollars to get a reasonably good satellite phone.

It may look expensive but can help you in an emergency situation during your trip.

5. Camping Knife.

A camping knife can be a good accessory, for protection and doing other tasks. It can be useful in cooking, setting up shelter, clearing the way and camping area, to assist first aid, cut rope, open a beer bottle (have done that before) and many more uses.

Some camping knives come with other features like a flashlight, nail cutter, bottle opener, fire starter, and many other features.

All these features make doing some activities easy which can make your stay in the great outdoors more comfortable Light my Fire Swedish Fireknife is a very good choice

The cost of a camping knife will vary depending on the features it has. The cheapest and probably the most fragile is an ordinary pocket knife, but it may serve your purpose ok.

I like a full tang knife, one of good quality. Japanese steel can have a razor-sharp edge and American handles are the strongest.  In this instance, this type of equipment comes into its own.

However, don’t expect to spend anything less than $20-30 to get a reasonable small knife. On average you will require around $40 – $100 to a good knife.

6. Portable outdoor speakers.

You can enjoy your tunes while outside by getting yourself a portable speaker during your next camping trip.

A portable camping speaker will use wireless connectivity means like Bluetooth which gives you the convenience to place them anywhere you prefer.

There is no better time for some people than to have there favorite music playing on when they are camping. Personally, I like watching the stars without music playing in the background.

The cost of a good outdoor speaker will depend on features like waterproof capability, shockproof, dust-proof, solar charging, and many others.

There are harsh conditions They have to endure at times and you need to spend different amounts of money for the speaker that’s right for you.

7. Portable gas stove.                                                                                                                                                       These are functional compact and can create a warming cuppa or a whole dinner depending on your individual circumstances where are you going, how are you getting there and what do you need the stove to do.

These questions will bring you to an answer about the sort of camp stove you will need on your next adventure.

My favorite for a cuppa is the Jetboil system, reliable compact, and super-efficient cost around $90- $130. This is a must-have accessory for me personally and stays with my best camp stuff at all times.

It doesn’t matter where I am I can stop and have a hot cup of coffee or tea in front of me within 3-4 minutes

8. Sun protection.

You will be exposed to the sun while on any camping trip. The morning sun can be good for your health but as the day goes, the rays can become harmful.

The rays can be damaging to your skin or even dehydrate you. So what do to protect your skin? Since you cannot interfere with Mother Nature, the best thing is to find protection.

Shade, sunscreen, and a hat are must-haves. Don’t forget your eyes also need protection from the sun so grab a good pair of sunnies also.

You should ensure you have a sunscreen lotion for healthy and protected skin, protect your face, with both sunscreen and a hat.

You should also consider packing a sun shirt or rashie top with you to wear when relaxing or playing in the sun. Plus the sunnies.

9. Hammock.

Camping is all about enjoying what nature has to offer. After a tiring day, you may want to take a nap and a hammock can offer you a good chance to rest while raised from the ground.

You will have a clear view of your surroundings while relaxing on the swinging hammock.

Cold drink in hand, now we’re talking. They are light, easy to set up, and very compact.

10. Self-Rescue Aids.

What happens when you get into a rescue situation while in the wild? Well, you can Scream.  This won’t help much, as your voice will not carry too far and soon you will be exhausted.

Having a whistle and a rescue mirror can help you in such a situation. So if you do some short hiking it’s always good to carry a backpack with some essentials.

A whistle is louder and will carry further, you can also continue whistling for much longer as compared to screaming, a small mirror for signaling and flint for lighting a fire.

These small rescue aids cost virtually nothing but could prove invaluable if needed. Stay safe during your next camping trip.

11. Bluetooth Headphones.

These latest headphones are a terrific source of fun and to be able to hear your favorite music when your outdoors lifts the enjoyment to a new level, the strong, crisp, and powerful sound from these headphones is just what you want.

They are durable and lightweight and designed for long listening comfort. Be sure to check out these Cowin E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones.

12. A good camping chair

A chair will not only help you relax throughout the day but will make you feel like King of the campground in your own personal throne.

But it can also save you the trouble of getting your clothes dirty by sitting on the ground. You don’t want to get your camp messy with dirty clothes? Right? That doesn’t usually get you any points from the Queen.

Your own list.

A camping trip is one of the most fulfilling leisure activities you can practice. Camping is not all about sleeping outside in a tent and sleeping bag.

These accessories will help keep you safe and comfortable in the natural environment helping us relax and add enjoyment to our camping trips while making you feel more right at home.

This list is just a few of many that many of us take and I would like to know what your favorite accessory might be so please leave a comment below and tell us.

If you have any more questions about the best camping accessories, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

For more choices and an amazing range of quality equipment with a lot more information for your next adventure read my post on the things you need camping.     

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.


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