Best Camping Cookware Set – the ultimate guide to cooking pots and pans

If you are planning for an enjoyable outdoor trip, just remember cooking is an important part of a successful outing. Taking the Best Camping Cookware Set is just one item on your must-have equipment list.

Cooking and serving food to be eaten happens multiple times each day, and this doesnt change weather you are solo or with a large group. So bringing along good reliable equipment is essential.

There’s a long list of the things you need to decide on when choosing the ideal cookware set for your outdoor cooking needs. In this list we make note of 10 excellent mess kits that are ideal for one or two people.

That’s where this buying guide will come in, to help you find out some of the best sets around as well as a few tips on landing the ideal cookware set to make your trip more rewarding.

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Camping Compact Stainless Steel 4 Pc Cook Set


  • Compact design for easy transportation and storage
  • Tough and durable stainless steel material
  • 4-piece set adds to your outdoor cookware
  • Perforated pot handles allow you to use them over a campfire
  • Included travel bag for easy and convenient transportation


  • Weighing up to 7.3 pounds, this kit is not the lightest one on this list

First Impression: This set is my favorite for many reasons, which range from its compact design to high performance and a whole lot more great features.

The one aspect of this cookware set that makes it virtually irresistible is the non-stick design of the pots and pans, thus making the cleanup a breeze after the fun is over. Then it has handles that allow you to hold onto your pot and suspend it over an open fire.

With the all-in-one purchase, you get just about everything you need for a fun cookout. In the package is a 4-piece cookware set that is large enough for a considerable amount of meals.

But what makes this set even more impressive is the weather-resistant stainless steel material, which ensures lasting performance besides being safe for your health.

Since the small pots nest nicely inside the largest pot, and everything then fits neatly into an included travel tote bag, transporting and storing your set becomes easy, but it’s not really a hiking item.

We Rated This Product 4.8 Stars From 5 Stars

Wild Peak Titanium Lightweight 3-Piece Mess Kit


  • The lightweight construction is a nice tough
  • Tough titanium material works great for durability and performance
  • Everything nestles in nicely when packed
  • The pan doubles as a lid, which is awesome too
  • A dishwasher safe design adds to the ease of use


  • Food burns in easily on the pot and pan, making cleaning them a hard task

First Impression: If you want to dish out delicious meals to your partner when venturing deep into the wild, then this is the set to go for. The tough titanium construction makes it a good choice for campers thanks to the tough, lasting durability, but it has more to offer than just the durable performance.

Besides the durability, titanium material packs a long list of benefits that make it perfect for cookware; it doesn’t corrode or rust, it’s non-allergic, and you don’t have to put up with any irritating odor or smell in your food.

A double boiler cooking design further makes cooking easier for you by allowing you to cook two items at a go, mostly for no-burn oatmeal, and other foods that require slow cooking. With the 3-piece kit including a 13.5-ounce frying pan, a 27-ounce pot, and a 40.5-ounce pot, you can cook a significant amount of food. 

The whole kit packs small at a meager 5.2 inches by 5.0 inches and weighs just over 1/2 a pound, which makes transporting it a breeze.

We Rated This Product 4.8 Stars From 5 Stars

Amazon Basics Non-Stick Cookware 15-Piece Set


  • Stay-cool, soft-touch handle is comfortable and fun to use
  • The kit comes with just about everything you need
  • Lids on most of the pots and pans make cooking faster
  • Non-stick pots for easy hand wash cleaning


  • There are a lot of negative comments on this product while others are great
  • The set is quite heavy and more

First Impression: If you’re looking for a set with more pieces, then this Amazon Basics cookware set would be a great choice. This is a very popular set, it also packs up some great features too.

The aluminum body is made with a non-stick coating that makes cleaning easy, and a BPA-free design further makes it safe for your health. Another great perk is the spiral bottom that heats up evenly, allowing your food to cook evenly and fast.

Its soft-touch handles are not only easy on your hands but also stay cool when in use, which is great for holding onto your pots and pans when cooking or stirring food.

In the package is virtually everything you need, including an 8-inch frying pan, 10-inch fry pan, a 2-quart saucepan, a 1.5-quart saucepan that has a lid, as well as a 5-quart casserole pan, which also has a lid. Then you get a 3-quart casserole pan with a lid and a 5-piece utensil set that has a soup ladle, a pasta server, a slotted turner, a serving spoon as well as a slotted serving spoon.

Measuring just 20.27 inches by 12.67 inches by 7.16 inches when packed, this set is compact enough to make storage and transportation easy for you despite being quite heavy at around 12 pounds. 

We Rated This Product 4.7 Stars From 5 Stars

Texsport Kangaroo 7 pc Camping Outdoor Cook Set


  • Made using lightweight aluminum material
  • A wide variety of items for different cooking uses
  • Two-tone heat-treated exterior keeps the pieces looking pristine
  • Included storage bag for easy transportation/storage
  • Non-stick interior makes cleanup easy and fast


  • The items are a bit small, the only ideal for a single person

First Impression: This lightweight kit comes with a long list of great items that you need for your outdoor cooking needs, but that’s all that makes it a great addition to your arsenal of camping gear.

To make cooking and cleaning easy, the kit has a non-stick interior with a two-tone heat-treated exterior finish that makes things a whole lot easier for you when cleaning up after use.

Made using lightweight aluminum, this kit weighs just 3 pounds, which makes it easy to transport, and with a two-tone heat-treated exterior finish, your gear will be looking as good as new even after years of use.

The 7-piece kit comes with a wide range of items that you need for different cooking, these include a 1-quart pot, 6-1/2 fry pan with a lid, 1-1/2 quart pot, 7-1/2 fry pan, as well as 2.5-quart pot, 8 and ¾ fry pan with a lid, a pot and pan gripper. Also included in the package is a mesh storage bag that allows you to store or transport everything easily.

We Rated This Product 4.7 Stars From 5 Stars

Winterial Camping Cookware and Pot Set


  • Non-stick Teflon coating on each piece for easy cleaning
  • Lids on the pot kettle for faster cooking
  • Up to 10 pieces for different functions
  • The pot, pan, and the other items nestle nicely in each other when packed
  • Very lightweight and compact for effortless transportation


  • This would be a great set if the items were made of a tougher material such as steel or titanium

First Impression: This Winterial camping cookware set comes with several items that have a lot to offer for your camping adventure, which makes it one of the best options out there.

A non-stick Teflon coating is one bit that makes this set the bread and butter for many campers thanks to the ease of cleanup after use.

And with the pot as well as the frying pan and the tea cattle made of solid aluminum oxide that is resistant to high temperature and friction, you get a great deal of performance and durability.

 With up to 10 pieces, which include a 2-quart large pot with a lid, a 1-quart frying pan, a 1-quart tea kettle as well as 2 personal bowls, a serving ladle, a serving spatula, as well as a cleaning sponge. Besides, you get bonus items such as a cutting board and a carry bag.  

Thanks to the lightweight material and the compact design of this set, transportation, and storage are super easy as the whole package weighs just 1.5 pounds, and measures only 6.75 inches by 6.75 inches by 3.5 inches.

We Rated This Product 4.6 Stars From 5 Stars

MalloMe Camping Cookware Mess Kit


  • At around 4 ounces it is very lightweight and easy to backpack and to carry around
  • Easy to clean thanks to the non-stick design
  • A convenient carry bag helps keep everything in one piece and silent
  • An included pot cover offers faster cooking
  • The ladel is also great for dispensing soups or hot water


  • The bowls are very small; hardly enough for one adult person’s serving 

First Impression: This MalloMe camping mess kit has been keeping campers sorted when it comes to cooking and serving delicious meals in the outdoors.

This all-in-one mega bundle have just about every essential that you need while out there, as the package includes a nonstick pan, an anodized aluminum nonstick pot, 2 bowls, a folding stainless steel sport as well as a soup spoon. And that’s not all; you also get a wooden spoon spatula as well as a cleaning sponge.

All the 10 pieces nestle effortlessly in each other and then fit in the provided nylon travel bag nice and easy, and with a drawstring pouch design, you shouldn’t have to struggle to keep everything in.

The pot is capable of holding around 34 ounces, and the non-stick design is undoubtedly a nice touch as it makes cleanup easier. Then there are the BPA-free bowls, which allow you to enjoy your meals with convenience and peace of mind.

With sturdy handles, you won’t have to deal with any unwanted spills or nasty burns when preparing your supper, which is a great addition. Read the full review here.

We Rated This Product 4.6 Stars From 5 Stars

REDCAMP 23 PCS Camping Cookware Mess Kit


  • Handles on pots and frying pan for easy use
  • The nonstick design makes cleanup easy
  • Virtually everything you need is included in the package
  • Considerably lightweight at only 3.3 pounds
  • Included carry bag for easy and safe storage


  • Frying food on the pan could cause sticking and a hard time cleaning

First Impression: Made using anodized aluminum, the cookware on this set is not only very lightweight but also contacts heat quickly, enabling you to cook faster and go easy on your fuel. But that’s not all there is to this REDCAMP mess kit… 

…With the nonstick qualities of anodized aluminum, the pots and frying pan are super easy to clean after use. All you have to do is ensure you add food or water before placing the pots or frying pan on your stove.

The 23-piece kit comes with more than enough items for your outdoor cooking needs, including 3 pots with covers, a single frying pan, 5 bowls, 3 cutlery sets, a single bracelet, and 1 tool card as well as 2 dishes. What’s more, you also get 1 ladle, a sponge brush, as well as a nylon bag for transporting and storing your mess kit.

 Once packed, the set is a small package that doesn’t take up any significant space in your bug-out bag or backpack. At only 8 inches by 8 inches by 5 inches, it fits nicely in the included oxford bag, and you can squeeze it into a tight space. 

We Rated This Product 4.6 Stars From 5 Stars

Bulin Camping Cookware Mess Kit


  • A nonstick coating makes cleaning this set super easy and fast
  • Compact when packed at only 8.35 inches by 8.27 inches by 6.85 inches
  • Lightweight design at only 3.31 pounds
  • Included cleaning sponge makes cleanup even easier
  • Foldable, space-saving design and a handy carry bag make carrying your set easier


  • The cookware is a bit too thin and thus doesn’t transfer heat evenly, resulting in hotspots

First Impression:  If you are looking for a cookware mess kit that will have the whole family covered, then this one’s for you.

Besides having everything you need, including 2 pots, a frying pan, and a kettle, 4 bowls, and 2 plates, as well as a foldable soup spoon and a single rice ladle, it also has other great benefits that make it the ideal choice for family cookouts.

The one thing I love the most about this set is the safe BPA-free design of the bowls and plates, as well as the soup spoon, which makes them safe for your health. And while still at it, it’s worth mentioning that the cookware is made of non-toxic aluminum that also keeps you safe.

What’s more, the hard-anodized aluminum ensures fast heating and high temperature and corrosion resistance, which gives you a reliable, lasting performance. The pots and pans also have heat-resistant handles that keep your fingers safe when cooking while still ensuring you don’t have to put up with messy cooking.

Although designed to cater to 2 to 4 campers, this cookware set is very collapsible and nests together nicely, allowing you to pack it up while saving on space and make carrying it as easy as it gets. 

We Rated This Product 4.6 Stars From 5 Stars

RegeMoudal Camping Cooker Set


  • Very compact and lightweight
  • A versatile kit for just about any outdoor adventure
  • Hygiene grade aluminum oxide for ultimate performance
  • The handles are pretty cool too
  • A 9-piece set comes with everything you need


  • With just over 1 liter capacity, the pot might not be spacious enough to cook for two

First Impression: A camping cookware set does more than just making your life easy, the RegeMoudal cookware set has some cool features that you can count on for that.

One of its most outstanding features is the BBQ tableware design that makes it versatile for a variety of uses ranging from camping to mountaineering, fishing, and even for barbecue uses. This makes it a popular choice among outdoor lovers.

The cooking items on this one are not only satisfactorily large, but the pot, the frying pan as well as the teapot are also made using food hygiene grade aluminum oxide. This material brings on a combination of durability, abrasion resistance, non-stick, and fast heat conductivity.

Not forgetting, thanks to the aluminum material, this set is very lightweight at only 1.3 pounds. But RegeMoudal has taken the ease of portability an extra mile further with a compact design. With the whole set measuring 7 in by 5 in by 7.25 in when packed, it doesn’t take up any significant space at all.

The other awesome features in this set include the heat-insulating handles that let you use the different items without any burns, as well as anti-slip processing that delivers a safe cooking experience. Moreover, in the package is everything you need, including the pot, frying pan, kettle, a bowl, bamboo rice scoop, and a soupspoon.

We Rated This Product 4.5 Stars From 5 Stars

Terra Hiker Camping Cookware Set


  • Made of safe, food-grade materials
  • Firm and anti-slip handles for easy, convenient handling
  • Very lightweight and compact construction, ideal for the road
  • Non-stick construction makes cleanup easy with the cleaning sponge
  • You can use the pots or kettle on an open campfire, which is a  big plus too


  • The handles keep falling in the folded position
  • Prying the lid off can be a challenge without some tongs when it’s hot

First Impression: This Terra Hiker 10-piece camping cookware set comes up in the last spot on this list, but that doesn’t make it any bit the least.

With the pots and pans made of safe, non-toxic aluminum and a non-stick coating, you not only enjoy safe meals, but it also makes the cleanup easy for you as well. And the bowls, as well as the serving ladle, are just as impressive, as they feature a BPA-free, food-grade PP plastic too.

The handles are made of thermally insulated plastic that helps keep your fingers safe when cooking. And then it has a safe, anti-slip design that guarantees a firm and comfortable grip even when you’re stirring meals.

You can’t help loving the lightweight and compact design as well, with this kit measuring only 7.2 inches by 5.1 inches by 5.1 inches, and weighing just 1.56 pounds.  Add the provided mesh set bag, and you have a nice little luggage that packs up tight and takes up less space, so stuff it in your backpack and hit the road.

We Rated This Product 4.4 Stars From 5 Stars

Camping kitchen set - a coffee pot on a small stove

My Best Picks

Best Overall Cookware Set: Camping Cookware S/Steel 4 Pc Cook Set

Best Lightweight Set: Wild Peak Titanium Lightweight 3-Piece Camping Mess Kit

Most Popular Cookware Set: Amazon Basics Non-Stick Cookware 15-Piece Set

Most Compact Cookware Set: MalloMe Camping Cookware Mess Kit

Questions and Answers

Question: What is the best material for a camping cookware set?

Answer: These kits come in different shapes, sizes, and materials of course. But mostly the materials used in almost all of them are checked and passed as food-grade and safe for this type of gear. However, if you want the best of the best, then consider going for stainless steel or titanium, and always check to ensure the plastic pieces are rated as BPA-free.

Question: Are there large sets for family camping trips?

Answer: Luckily, the answer to this question is a resounding yes. Nevertheless, not all of the sets out there are designed for more than one user, a good number of them are built for solo and two or three campers. So if you are camping as a family, then it would be wise to scout keenly to find a set that has large capacity pots and pans, and sufficient bowls to go around.

Question: Are these sets very durable?

Answer:  If it’s made using the right material, it should see you through countless adventures despite the harsh outdoor conditions and constant use. This will depend on both the durability of the material itself and if it is non-stick, which means less punishment for your cookware when cleaning up. If you want a long-term investment, then be sure to check and double-check those two aspects.

What To Look For When Buying

Get what serves you best

For some, a basic pot and pan set would suffice. For others, the whole package with the bowls, sporks, cups, soup spoons, and spatulas can be God-sent. If you have some of the items that can complement your cookware set, then you can cut on the budget and get a more basic set.

Check the material very carefully

This will come down to the budget you have set aside, but don’t look too much into the cost and let quality fly out the window, both go hand in hand here.

Most of these items are made of either stainless steel with its corrosion-resistant capabilities, anodized aluminum that offers an impressive non-stick performance, or titanium with its high strength-to-weight ratio.

Also, it’s important to ensure that the plastic items are safe and won’t produce any unpleasant smell too. So do a bit of footwork beforehand.


As mentioned above, weight is one of the factors to be wary of, especially when going on a backpacking or hiking trip or any other journey where you need to go as light and fast as possible.

In this case, you need to be very keen on your choice of cookware set to get the best balance between weight and performance.

Luckily enough, there’s a good number of sets out there, and some on this list are packed with great features and weigh just a few pounds so putting one of the lighter units in your backpack won’t weigh you down.


If you are a casual camper, almost any set could potentially cut.  But for those who take outdoor adventure seriously, it makes sense to invest in a durable and high-performance kit that you can bet on for many trips.

The high quality, usually from high-end materials as titanium, might cost you a bit more, but it pays to dig deeper into your pocket for a set that will make your life more fun in the outdoors, and for longer.

Ease of use

Of course, with a good cookware set comes ease of use. This could be in terms of fast heat conductivity, thus ensuring fast cooking time. It could also mean non-stick surfaces that make the cleanup easier for you, or it could simply be such features as anti-slip handles that guarantee a firm grip on your pots or when cooking.

The other additional bits that make the use of your set easier include the number of items for different functions, and how easy everything nests together when packing up. If you are the sort of a person who gets down to the nitty-gritty, then these are just a few extras you cannot miss out on. 

an orange tent on a mountain


Before you can finally hit the road in search of adventure, you need to make sufficient preparation to eliminate any surprises in the wild. And one of the best ways to ensure that you are ready is to have all the boxes checked when it comes to your cookware essentials list.

With any of the camping cookware options that we have looked at, you can get out there and enjoy the beauty of nature without having to worry about meal prep and serving. These all-in-one purchases not only save money, sometimes they save the day, too.

Grab your best choice and give it a go on your next trip.  

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  1. Hi Shane, I want to compliment you on this article. The weather is getting warmer and soon everyone will like to spend a beautiful weekend with family and friends camping. You have covered a very comprehensive list of camping cookware In this article, everyone should be able to find their favorite design in a cookware set. My favorite is the RegeMoudal Camping Cooker Set, lightweight and easy to use and clean. 

    Thank you for sharing


    • Hi Alketa, I appreciate your kind words, and agree when the warm weather arrives the opportunities to get outside will improve, and going camping is always fun.  I listed the top sellers in this niche so that there should be a suitable cookware set for most of us here.

      Thank you for your comment, enjoy the coming warm weather, thanks, Shane. 

  2. Great reviews, you really made me want to go camping now. And the prices of these items are very reasonable and affordable. All of them are very beautiful but the one I love most is the winterial camping cookware set, it is easy to use and store away in a small backpack. It Is also lightweight and has a wonderful kettle for morning coffee or tea.

    • Hi Dozzy, I also like the Winterial cookware set. At just 1.5lbs it is quite lightweight and for all 10 pieces, it is very convenient. For what you get I agree the price is an affordable and great value product.

      Thank you for your comments, Shane.

  3. Thanks for sharing this list of camping cookware with us. I’ve personally only been camping on several occasions but I have family who are always adventuring outdoors and are always looking for new camping gear so I’ll definitely share this article with them. I like how each of your choices are all high quality so I’m sure that they will find something that will match their needs listed here.

    • Hi Rachel, I am sure your family would be familiar with some of the items listed in the article, and most of us that go camping as a couple or solo appreciate the lightweight convenience of some of these sets. 

      Thank you for your comments I really appreciate them, and you thinking of sharing my post. Cheers, Shane.


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