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The Best Camping Stove article contains at least one stove that will suit your needs and work perfectly for you. A good quality reliable gas cooking appliance that will provide the solutions for cooking outdoors.

This Article Was Last Updated On June 30, 2021

There are numerous types of camping stoves available to us, the pros and cons differ with each make and model.

I have looked at and researched many and have owned and used a lot of camping stoves, but which is the best means of cooking outdoors today?  

two gas burner stove

Buyers Guide To Choosing The Best Camping Stove For You.


  • Choose a camping stove with an in-built ignition to reduce the chance of accidents when lighting it. However, always have an additional lighter with you in case the ignition system fails.
  • This is an issue that may arise but not often as many electronic ignition systems are of very good quality.
  • The piezo ignition is proven and is one of the best on the market.
  • I have a number of appliances with this type of ignition, one is the Jetboil Cooking System, and even after 6-7 years they still perform perfectly.

Number of burners

  • This list of stoves has 1, 2, or 3  burners and most enable you to prepare two sides of a meal simultaneously. This will save you time when preparing food and is much more convenient.
  • Maybe if your a couple, a good quality 2 burner stove would be sufficient, even with a small child this type of stove will serve you well.
  • For a larger family of 5-6 plus, maybe a group of friends joining in for a feast at the campsite I would recommend a 3 burner stove that gives more options, while the larger cooking space allows you to feed a larger crowd.
  • Check out the excellent Outland Portable Camping Stove, this appliance will complete your camp kitchen to perfection and is one of my favorite stoves.

Heat Adjusting

  • Chose a camping stove with burners that will allow you to regulate heat, simmer controls will prevent burning food.
  • All good stoves will have an adjustable knob or tap that controls the size of the flame and the heat behind that flame, to allow for fast cooking or simmer. Some simmer controls valves work better than others. 


  • The stove of your choice should give you an easy time when it comes to cleaning and maintaining it. The top grill should easily remove to allow easy cleaning. They should also be light and compact for easy handling and storage if you have limited room.
  • But with an SUV or truck, and you’re with a small group of people you’ll be looking for a bigger stove and can take one of the bigger freestanding stoves with plenty of punch.

Cooking Area

  • Ensure the Stove has enough cooking surface area to hold the pans and pots you will be taking with you during the camping trip. Two good size burners will allow a frying pan and a pot which gives more convenience. However, if I’m on the road I prefer a three burner stove, It’s really a personal choice.

Griddle or Grill

  • Personally, I like to also have a full-size griddle plate that covers the whole cooking area, and the main reasons? I like a full-size griddle plate is this gives me a great option to do all my frying or barbecuing on the same surface.
  • I have made it with handles so I can just lift it on and off as I need. Another reason I like a stove is that I can simply remove the plate and I can do all my cooking and baking.


  • Never compromise the quality of the stove for the price you pay. Choose a good camping stove even if it means parting with a few extra dollars. The jets and burners generally last longer than the cheaper versions.
  • What you get is what you pay for seems true with some gas appliances. This list has a couple of cheap stoves if you only want to use it now and then, however, we have others on our list which will go further for longer.

Heat output

  • (measured in British Thermal Unit (BTU)) – Ensure the stove you choose has enough heat output to give you the convenience you need when preparing meals. See what Wikipedia says about BTU.
  • With the slightest of breeze, the flame from a small gas jet will struggle to stay alight. Always good to look at any windshields that may be on the stove to protect the flame in windy conditions.

Wind resistance

  • The best camping stove should offer you a good wind protection cooking surface from the wind. You don’t want the wind to blow the flame out which can make you waste your gas and take long periods to prepare foods.
  • Waiting for a quickly cooked item that’s normally cooked in 2 or 3 minutes on a windy day for 15-20 minutes can be very frustrating.


  • All outdoor gear has some sort of warranty, be sure to check with the seller of your potential purchase that it is covered in case of faulty or poor workmanship.
  • So with all that being said, below are some of the best camping stoves to choose from to take with you during your next camping trip with your family and friends.
food cooking on a cooking grate

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Ok Let’s have a look, starting with my favorite 

My Initial Thoughts: A great looking stove has three powerful burners built into a solid looking powder coated frame with die-cast knobs for easy adjustment of the flame, it has a nice finish and good overall build quality, I like this one a lot.

An excellent stove for camping, it stands on solid removable legs at 31 inches high, to give you a comfortable cooking height, if more convenient for you it can also be used on a tabletop without the legs. 

Two side tables are attached and fold out to provide a handy food prep area on each side of the stove, this is a really good feature and works very well as they can support quite a lot of food or utensils.

  • The stove also has a three-sided windbreaker which is ideally situated around the grill plate and swings on metal hinges.
  • A nice big solid-looking stove I like this one a lot and that is why I have chosen it as my number one. Read my full Outland Portable Camping Stove Review Here.
  • This Outland Summerland comes with an auto-ignition system that is extremely convenient and once fired up this appliance will complete your outdoor camping kitchen set up nicely.

This is a great camp stove for car camping, I highly recommend this one and have included it in my Best Propane Camping Stove article. It will take care of all your cooking needs while you’re in charge of preparing a perfect dinner out camping or just outside.

Check The Price On Amazon 

Camp Chef Expedition 3X 3 Burner Stove

My Initial Thoughts: Camp chef produces a very good product and stoves have been an area of great success for them.

This particular model, expedition 3 burner is a very strong freestanding stove frame with a huge 608 sq inches of cooking area, measuring 16 inches x 38 inches, a great surface, and enough room to cook for the whole team.

Each burner produces 30,000 BTU of powerful heating which is plenty for any camping cook up and also provides a good emergency backup stove for the home during a power outage or natural event that leaves you without an electric stove in the house.

  • A griddle plate measuring 24 inches covers two-thirds of the total area and leaves the grill above the third burner for pot or pan.
  • This stove works flawlessly, is well built, and has plenty of power to cook a steak perfectly or boil water quickly.
  • 3 Burners totaling 90,000 BTU is great. Nice griddle and convenient grate works well together

This Camp Chef 3 burner stove weighs 47 pounds, so if you can unload it from the vehicle directly at your campsite it is easy. Just if you have to carry it any distance it will require plenty of muscle.

We like the camp chef expedition for a larger group or an extended stay in one place. It is highly rated by buyers from Amazon, and the reviews are mostly positive and from satisfied buyers, this is good outdoor gear. Read my full product review here.

Check The Price On Amazon Check The Price On Moosejaw

Camp Chef Tahoe Deluxe 3 Burner Grill

My Initial Thoughts: This is another good stove by Camp Chef, it has good wind protection built into the housing making it ideal for cooking in windy conditions.

Fully adjustable simmer controls give flexibility to the heat output and allow for slower or faster cooking depending on the meal.

Another outstanding feature and one I really like is the push-button ignition, these are great. It also includes a regulator for gas control, as well as a 3-foot hose and connection.

  • The sturdy frame is built tough and looks tough plus it works really well, also the removable legs make it compact and easy to transport. 
  • Good adjustment of the flame with these valves. Good wind resistance in the design
  • This stove has a large 608 sq inches of cooking surface, to allow cooking of different foods at the one time, very convenient.
  • If you require a 3 burner stove for your camping this one will work very well, check out the review I done on this stove here at Camp Chef Tahoe.

The compact design, durability, and easily adjustable controls make this stove a great choice to cater to your cooking needs during your next outdoor adventures.

One of the better stoves for car camping and good powerful burners make for perfect delivery of required power.

Check The Price On Amazon Check The Price On Moosejaw

Coleman Classic Camping Stove 

My Initial Thoughts: This is the classic camp stove that comes in a slim metal case with a hinged lid that you can close for convenience while traveling.

The lid also acts as a windbreaker which can make your cooking smooth and easy without wind breaking the flame.

The cooking area is large enough to accommodate two cooking pans measuring 12 inches and 10 inches. Folding the lid flat offers you a wide space to cook with a cooking grate for a delicious grill-up.

The Coleman classic compact stove that comes at an affordable price and one on which we have done some further research, our Coleman Classic Review, take a look.  

  • Durable within reason, Affordable, Blocks wind, and Lightweight
  • Doesn’t have a built-in igniter, but a good cheap stove
  • Cleaning and maintaining this stove is easy as the grille is removable and is chrome-plated which is easy to clean.
  • I like to place an aluminum drip tray under the grill to catch excess fat. The tray is made of steel and has an aluminum coating which makes it resistant to rust.

Heat output on the two burners is sufficient for each having 10,000 BTUs and powered by 16.4 oz. fuel canisters, this one is one of the better small propane gas stoves.

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Coleman Triton 2-Burner Stove

My Initial Thoughts: Coleman Triton series is one of the better 2- burner portable camping stoves that offers you a large cooking area that can hold two pans measuring 10-in and 12-in.

It has 2 x 11,000 BTU burners and uses 16 oz. fuel canisters. This makes cooking your meals in less time. Carrying this stove is not an issue courtesy of its sleek design and its lightweight of just around 10 pounds.

This stove is made to last using steel and nickel-chrome alloy. This makes it highly resistant to rusting and easy to clean. Positioned up close to the top of our list for a small stove and another you’ll find more information on here at Coleman Triton Fast and Furious.

  • Durable, Compact, Portable, Push button start and easy to clean and maintain
  • The top lid of this stove acts as a windbreaker which can be of great help when you’re preparing food in the natural environment on a windy day.

The flame will not be interfered with, making the cooking process simple. The stove has an in-built Instastart push-button to ignite the burners. However, once again, you should have a lighter with you since the ignition on any stove could possibly fail.

Check The Price On Amazon

Camp Chef Teton 2 Burner Stove

camp chef teton stove

My Initial Thoughts: This stove comes with good cooking power, excellent reliability, and convenience which make it another good stove.

It comes with 2 burners with a heat output of 10,000 BTU s each. The stove weighs around 11 pounds which still makes it convenient to carry and sits well on the camp table.

  • Lightweight and Easy to clean up, Fast cooking, Good power output, Built in-built ignition
  • It has a three-sided windbreaker that protects the flame from interference by the wind.
  • Cooking various meals that require different temperatures is easy since this stove has an excellent simmer control.

Cleaning this stove after use is easy since it has a stainless steel drip tray. Igniting the burners is easy with an in-built ignition. You should, however, carry a lighter with you to prepare for the worst. Just in case the ignition fails.

Check The Price On Amazon

Camp Chef PRO 60X Two Burner Camp Stove

My Initial Thoughts: Camp Chef Pro is this newly designed model modular cooking grill to enhance the camping experience by giving all camping cooks an opportunity to create outstanding food in a camping kitchen.

When you set up this freestanding camp stove you have at your disposal 60,000BTU of total power that will heat the plate and have your steak sizzling in no time.

It has 32 x 14 inches of cooking surface so this will allow you to cook for the whole crew. Built with good materials this stove stands on four sturdy legs which are also foldable to create a compact and easy-to-carry unit for great convenience.

  • At around 48 pounds it’s a little heavy but it won’t blow over
  • Powerful and sturdy will do the job with ease, with a great cooking surface
  • Comes complete with a professional cast iron griddle plate to get them smokey flavors happening around the campsite.

It also has a folding windshield on three sides to keep any heavy breeze at bay, this is a very good feature as it only takes a slight wind to disrupt any flame. This one is a real contender and why? see my full review here.

Check The Price On Amazon

Coleman Perfect Flow Grill/Stove 

coleman perfect flow stove

My Initial Thoughts: Here is one that is just a little bit different, this 2 in 1 performs beautifully under all conditions.

Perfect flow means consistent flame from a very versatile grill/stove, there are some very good reviews and our own research comes up with a small unit that works well and is a great small camping stove. 

The design allows the grill and the stove to be used simultaneously, substantial windbreaks do a good job of keeping the wind away from the flame, plus they can be laid out to make little tables on each side of the stove. 

Perfect for camping, both the grill and the stove have fully adjustable knobs to control the heat output which can be as much as 10,000 BTU each burner.

  • A very easy to use stove. I like the large windbreak, and it has a good size grease tray for easy cleaning
  • This is a good little stove and easily makes it into the list of the best gas cooker for camping.

Aluminum grill grate and stove grate are both removable to make cleaning easier for you plus there is a removable grease tray that adds to the convenience of this appliance.

I would line the grease tray with foil to make it even easier to maintain. Overall for a small family or couple out camping, this stove/grill gets a high rating from me.

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Stansport 2 Burner Propane Camp Stove

My Initial Thoughts: Steel frame with baked-on enamel makes it look strong, however, I believe it may not be a strong as it looks,

Having said that the stove works very well and a feature is a detachable lid then allows you to use a larger pan. With two 10,000 BTU burners to total a powerful 20k of output, you have the capacity to cook for a small family or group with no problems.

You have individual burner controls to assist you in keeping the food cooking nicely with the correct temperature and the removable steel grate also allows for easy maintenance and cleaning.

  • This is a small and compact stove weighing in at 7.4 pounds, so it’s certainly easy to carry into the campsite.
  • It uses a 16.4 oz disposable propane cylinder so if your away for more than overnight fuel may be an issue.
  • It has good windscreens attached and the two burners can be adjusted quite well down to a small flame.

The two-burner configuration is also the most popular for most small camping excursions. this stove is quite cheap, but if treated right and maintained it may last a couple of seasons.

I think it may be wise to spend a few more dollars on a bit more quality, like the 2-burner Coleman Triton.

Check The Price On Amazon

Stansport Outfitter Series 3-Burner Propane Stove

stansport 3 burner propane stove

My Initial Thoughts: The Stansport 3 burner propane stove gives quite a bit of cooking power for its size, two outside burners produce 25,000 BTU each and the middle burner throws out 10,000 BTU.

This power output provides a nice overall temperature under a good griddle or plate, great for steaks or ribs as it provides a consistent and even heat.

This is a real convenience as it will allow you to enjoy the cooking process even more, plus the windshields give a much more precise flame that can be adjusted up or down quite well.

The Piezo ignition is a well developed and proven source of ignition and reduces the need for carrying matches or looking around for a lighter.

  • Plenty of power output for a small stove. Nice reliable stove. Good quality build
  • The stainless steel drip tray makes it an easy-clean, and also adding some foil in the tray and letting the fat drip onto the foil will always ease the cleaning, and keep the stove looking better for longer.

This stove proved itself to be a very good choice under our research and another one that easily earns a place on the list of the best gas cooker for camping. Read my full review here.

Check The Price On Amazon

Stansport Outfitter Series Propane Stove

My Initial Thoughts: Two burners on a stove are common but the 25,000 BTU pumping out of each burner on this Stansport is not.

This is a high output stove that can boil water quickly on full power, but just as easily, gently poach the eggs for breakfast. Individual control valves deliver the heat according to your cooking needs, you simply adjust the valves to suit.

Ignition is given by a very reliable and convenient piezo lighter so no more searching for matches to get dinner started.

The steel frame of the stove with its stainless steel windshields holds an extra heavy cooking grate that is solid and removable making cleaning easy for you.

  • This stove will give you fast and efficient cooking and if treated with care and kept well maintained should last many years.
  • Overall this is an outstanding small stove with a great output of power for a bench-top stove at a lightweight 10 pound.
  • I recommend foil in the drip tray for extra-easy cleaning.

It is very functional, and at this price point, maybe a little rich but the build quality is good and the higher power output is always better than a struggling little flame. This would be a good choice if you camping near the beach or other windy spots. Read my full review here.

Check The Price On Amazon

Camp Chef Explorer 2 Burner Range

 My Initial Thoughts: The camp chef explorer is a skeleton stove, just the two-burner stove on solid legs and plenty of options to choose from.

You can purchase a number of different accessories to configure the stove to your individual style. purchase a professional griddle, or cooking grate, how about an Artisan pizza oven, all these are available to make this stove your own.

A highly powerful and very efficient stove with burners that produce a very high 30,000 BTU each will have you boiling the scrimp or cooking your favorite Asian dish in a wok. It will use a lot of fuel on high but most times a more gentle approach using flame control with the available power is better.

  • The stove comes with a regulator and connection for bulk tank use and also can be adapted with parts purchased separately to use with disposable propane cylinders.
  • A sturdy workhorse with a good output of power, design your own style, and very good base camps.
  • Quick boil time is always positive.
  • This stove will perform the task of providing heat easily and quickly and allow you to cook a variety of food in a range of styles.

It is sturdy and stable and with the plates and grills available can be made into the perfect outdoor cooking stove for you and your family and friends.

The camp chef explorer rates high on our list for the serious camper. On Moosejaw, the model is a Stainless Steel design. Read my full review here.

Check The Price On Amazon Check The Price On Moosejaw

Coleman FyreCadet Propane Stove

My Initial Thoughts: Here is a good quality stove of two burners each producing 11,000 BTU of output, made by Coleman, a big company with plenty of followers.

This is a nice little stove, the heat is presented evenly across the grill plate and because there are no side windbreaks has plenty of room for a large pan with room left for a pot as well.

The design of this stove and in particular the pot supports that hold the pot are the windbreaks, however, on a windy day, the flame will struggle. the one door windscreen doesn’t really work for me.

You can interchange the stove cook-tops with a grill plate or griddle, these items are sold separately, and make for a very convenient addition to this stove.

  • The ability to change grill tops and reconfigure the stove is a great selling point and convenient, and the whole stove is also very compact
  • The stove has an instastart push-button ignition system which I think is a great feature.

The instastart works extremely well and makes this stove a lot more attractive. However, then you have a flame that is difficult to control and hard to reduce, which simply means it runs pretty high all the time and will burn your food quickly.

Check The Price On Amazon

MARTIN 2 Burner Propane Stove Grill

My Initial Thoughts: Another 2 burner stove this one by Martin, it is a lightweight small compact stove grill that will help you cook your meals with ease during your next camping adventure.

It is a light stainless steel structure that is very simple in design not unlike many others. Depending on your type of camping and what you require with a small family or a couple of friends this stove will do the job.

The quality of the stove is quite good however you can’t expect too much at this price point. If the stove is maintained and looked after there is no reason you shouldn’t get a number of good seasons from it.

  • This propane gas stove has two independent flame controllers one for each burner, for evenly distributed heat over the plate or pan which makes cooking your favorite dish a joyful experience.
  • Cheap and will perform well but at this price point don’t expect miracles
  • Always a good idea to line the bottom of any of these types of stoves with foil to make cleaning up much more simple.

While just a relatively cheap stove, producing 20,000 BTU it will do what you want it to do, and that is to provide enough precise heat to a plate or pan for cooking. Conveniently has a built-in handle for easy carrying. Read my full review here.

Check The Price On Amazon

Coleman Eventemp 3 Burner Propane Stove

My Initial Thoughts: Eventemp means exactly that even temperature across the entire stove giving you precise heat so as to show off your skills as the best camp chef in the campground.

Make dinner for the whole family and sit and enjoy the conversation that will surely come while the steaks are sizzling on the very portable and compact three burner stove.

A total of 28,000 BTUs of power will be delivered via 2 outside and 1 smaller middle burner. This stove has the instastart ignition system that works extremely well together with a good gas flow, thanks to the perfect flow pressure control technology from Coleman.

  • Three burners on a bench-top with the right price, Instastart ignition makes life easy
  • Windscreens help to protect the flame, however, sometimes a strong wind will create havoc with your stove
  • Don’t forget the foil to line the fat catchment area of the stove, to make cleaning, not such a difficult chore.

It has three-sided windshields that are fairly standard in these bench-top models and is a feature that has its merits and makes life a little easier on the windy days near the beach. Read my full review here.

Check The Price On Amazon



WHY: If your camping with your family this stove gives excellent versatility in that you have awesome power and convenient interchangeable 14″ grill top accessories.

Simply assemble and connect to a 20-pound bottle and you have the complete camp kitchen wherever your adventures take you.


The price is right on the 90,000 BTU 3 burner configuration which is my type of stove. Well built and durable this one will prove its worth over many seasons.


WHY: Affordable, simple stove with 20,000 Btu output that will perform nicely, lightweight with a high rating this is a very popular stove.


WHY: I just simply love the high power output, nothing is more frustrating than trying to cook on a gas stove during a windy day with insufficient power.


Camping trips out in the woods cannot be enjoyable without several main items. Number one is a good quality tent, you need to be well sheltered.

Another must-have is a superior sleeping bag, a restful comfortable, and warm night’s sleep will assure we are well energized for the day’s adventures.

And when you awaken hungry and in need of a hearty meal we are generally going to need a stove. The above guide on the best camping stove hopefully helps you with your decision.

If your a big online shopper like me, Amazon has these great stoves available. Please feel free to tell us about your stove for camping or camping experiences.

If you would like some more comparisons please check out The Best Portable Gas Stove

If you have any more questions about the Best Camping Stove, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.


30 thoughts on “Best Camping Stove”

  1. Hi Shane, I’m a little late to the party but I’m considering a nice outdoor stove for my back patio and the occasional weekend trip. I’m trying to decide between the outland living summerland stove and the camp chef pro 90x. I noticed the pro 90x isn’t on your list and was curious if you have used it and what your thoughts are compared to the summerland stove. Thanks!

    • Hi Chris, I think whichever way you go you will end up with a great stove, you have narrowed it down to what I think are two very good stoves. I did some research today on the 90X it is very similar to the Camp Chef Expedition and while the Camp Chef has some great features, I love the Summerland stove.

      I love the 90,000 BTU output which both have and the size and specs are very similar, Camp Chef has a large following but one feature that the Summerland has is the wheels for mobility which is very convenient for such a heavy stove. I personally choose the Outdoor Living Summerland stove as I am more familiar with it and have used it on a number of occasions.

      I would really like to know your choice of stove and your thoughts after your purchase.
      Thank you, Shane.

  2. Wow!  Those eggs and mushrooms look delicious!

    Seriously though, what a great and very detailed review of the options available for camping stoves! Whilst we have a caravan and generally choose to use a BBQ when camping, I have to surrender that a camping stove would be a great addition to our equipment. 

    You have certainly given me plenty to think about and the options are numerous. Even though there is usually only two of us, I am still tempted by the Outland portable camping stove that you highly recommend!

    Time to get the credit-card out and plan our next trip!, lockdown permitting!

    • Hi Lawrence, I have a camper that we use that has its own stove, but if we camp with the family we always carry a larger freestanding stove to cater for the numbers. 

      If you purchase the Outland Camping Stove you will not be disappointed, they are an excellent choice for a family outdoor stove. All the best on your next trip, and thanks for the comments, Shane.

  3. Beautiful choices.Choosing the stove is essential when you go camping,Personally I always use charcoal when possible, but it is not always allowed.On the other hand, the gas stove is healthier and safer for the environment.In these days of snow I dream of the day of the first barbeque, thank you.I will visit this page again.

    • Hi Facio, I appreciate your comments and i also like a nice charcoal grill. Please revisit and please leave another comment anytime

      Thanks Shane.

  4. Shane I have to say thank you for a very well laid out expose of a range of different camp stoves.  You have made it so easy to examine each one and weigh up the pros and cons.  I was really surprised by the variation in weight and functionality.. The price varies according to the quality and what you are getting with it as far as number of burners, heat output and warranty. 

    I appreciate the comparative table at the end , it really helps to make the final decision as to which one would be best to buy.  I would base my decision on how much camping I was planning to do.For a longer time the bigger, sturdier free standing one would be my choice but for the occasional trip a small table top one would do fine.  We are planning to go off road camping in a couple of months so I will be looking to buy one of the Stansport Outfitter Series 50,000. I think that will do us perfectly, not too heavy, not expensive and good heat.

    Thank you again for this comprehensive review of some options available

    • Hi Judy, what you say is correct, just for a picnic or a small family gathering occasionally I would go with the Coleman Classic as this is an excellent small tabletop stove. However, you have picked a very good stove for heat output and value in the Stansport Outfitter Series 50,000, this is my stove when I’m on the road for extended periods and I think it would take some beating. The heat output allows you to boil and cook without having to worry about the slightest breeze disrupting the flame.

      Thanks for your comments Shane. 


  5. Thanks for this great tips on getting the best stoves for camping, I should say all the points highlighted and explained actually caught my interest particularly the one that talked about maintenance. I really love when it’s so easy to clean and maintain, moreover it will also boost the durability of the stove. This review was really helpful. Thanks

  6. Hi. Thanks for this wonderful write up. It’s very important to consider the points mentioned therein before finally making a choice. For a nice camping experience and a easy usage, methinks the most important feature to consider in a camping stove is the Weather resistance and ease of maintenance. Given the fact that cooking while camping will kinda be in slightly open. Also, to prevent spending much time to stove maintenance, maintenance must really be minimal. So, for me, these two points are top priority

    • Hi Muhiyb, Thank you for your comments I appreciate them. Yes, maintenance is not something you want to spend too much time on and this list has many that are easily cleaned making them a good choice.

      Thanks Shane.

  7. Wow, thank you for taking the time to review all those camping stoves.

    I have been looking for one for a while now and your article saved me a lot of time researching.

    I need a small one, maybe for 2-3 people, not that expensive, kind of light and to last. I don’t want to have to buy another one after 1 year because this one stops working.

    Which one would you go for?


    • Hi Xaric, I am very glad I could save you some time in your research and or what you want the Coleman Classic will give you everything. At 12 lbs it is not heavy, and at around $40-$45 from Amazon New, it’s not expensive. This style of stove has been proven over many years, and if well maintained the Classic stove should provide good service well into the future for you. Hope this helps.

      Thanks Shane.

  8. I think I am going to purchase the Camp Chef PRO 60X Two Burner Camp Stove after all, after reading your review about it, I am already convinced this is exactly the kind of stove I want and need. A little bit on the heavy side, but very comfortable and easy to use. Thanks for the info

    • Hi Isaac, you won’t be disappointed with the Camp Chef Pro 60X. With matchless ignition and 60,000BTU of firepower at your disposal, you will be able to cook up some very delicious food indeed. Please purchase it through my link, it is no extra cost to you and helps us develop this site. Then please send me another comment about what you think of it. Good luck thanks Shane.

  9. Thanks for sharing so information on camping stoves. I find this review very helpful in making decisions during purchase and I also happen to be someone who loves to travel the world camping in various location for adventure,  and a camping stove is surely necessary. Getting one won’t be difficult, all I need to do is visit this article once again.

    • Hi Seun thank you for your comments please come back anytime and don’t forget to leave another comment on your experience with whichever one you buy. Cheers, Shane.

  10. I love most of these stove  they are compatible easy to move around and they can be used anywhere so when you have afamily gathering and an extra stove is needed they will do it very well without  problem so these store are the way to go for that best experience.

    • Hi Charles you will have plenty of good experiences with your family when you cook on any stove on the list Best Camping Stove 2019. cheers Shane.

  11. Great article you’ve written here. It must have taken you a while to put this research together. I like the Coleman classic because it’s in the range I can afford and I have a small family so I don’t have to worry about the Number of burners. Can I barbecue my chicken directly on the rack or do I have to suspend it?

    • Hi Louis, Thank you for your comment, the classic is a good stove and it has a large following, you would need a grill or griddle plate to cook your chicken to perfection. Thanks Shane.

  12. Very good, lots of details about each stove. It looks like you have done adequate research and are very knowledgable about the products you are advertising. Someone looking for a camp stove will be very informed when making a purchase decision. You should take great pride in this article. It must have taken awhile to write, but the while was worth it. I am sure someone will find great use in the info in this article. keep up the awesome content!

    • Hi. I am very happy that you thought our article was very good, i appreciate that and thank you. It did take us a while to put it together, as do all of our articles, because we want to share our honest thoughts about these products. We spend time doing research that gives us a through knowledge to present to our readers.

      Thanks Again Shane.

  13. Hey, great article on the best camping stove. Anyone who camps knows the stove you pic is a big deal. You need portability but most of the time that means that it is not great to cook on. I’m curious if you can cook burgers directly on the rack of the Colman you picked for number one?

    • Hi Casey, i think there are a number of very good stoves on this list. and the one you speak about at number 1 is the Coleman Classic which is a very good basic little stove. It will cook your burgers to perfection, but you would have to use a separate griddle plate, which you can also check out at Amazon with the stove.

      Thanks for your comment. Shane.

  14. Cool post shane,
    I hope you spent plenty of time outside camping and testing out as many of these as you could.
    I have tried dozens of different contracptions over the years and I have ended up with something very similar to the Weber Q100 you have on your list there.
    They are brilliant little machines and what I have found (with mine anyway) as an added bonus the lid locks shut at night time so you don’t have to worry about all the little critters getting onto your cooking surface and making a right mess.

    • Hi Remy 

      After many years of living, working and camping outdoors, i have used my fair share of camping equipment in real life situations. as for the list i have used most at one time or another shared the others. i find they all have there own little identities however as long as they work that’s the main thing when your hungry.

      I am with you on the webber Q this is just a great piece of equipment that should be on every RV. Take it everywhere performs great and looks great.

      Thanks for your comment, Shane.


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