Best Camping Tents for 2018

Camping is an excellent way of spending quality time with your family. It gives countless thrilling memories that will be cherished for a lifetime and the opportunity for bonding that takes place is priceless. However, you can have a thrilling experience only if you are well prepared. You have to ensure you have all the essentials to make the trip a success.

The Priority, Shelter.

The thing that should be first on your gear list is a good family camping tent. Below is a small list of the Best camping tents for 2018. The tent will be your family’s temporary home, and can make all the difference on whether your trip is a success or a flop.

Things to look for in a good family camping tent, things that will give you comfort, and be practical based on:

I. How large is your family – Ensure its capacity will accommodate all your family members.
II. Ease of access – Ensure the tent gives you the capability to enter or exit easily.
III. Privacy – Go for a tent that will give you privacy from your children e.g. through dividers.
IV. Waterproof – The family camping tent should be waterproof regardless of the time of the year. You want to have fun and stay dry inside the tent.
V. Center height – Make sure the camping tent you choose for your family allows moving around in a comfortable way. Does it allow you to stand up inside, you do not to be crawling around while in the tent? Right?
VI. Weight – A good family camping tent should be easy to carry around. However, this can be determined by the distance you will have to carry it. If you will be walking a small distance a heavier tent should not be a problem. But if the distance is long as in if you are hiking going for a light tent would be the better option.
VII. Pricing – Your budget will determine which tent you will settle for. You should not compromise quality over price. Never go for a cheap tent which may compromise quality. You should also not the mistake of thinking being expensive is the best quality. do your research. The rule of the thumb is to be cautious when choosing a tent.

Top 5.

Top 5 best camping tents for 2018
So we have determined the type of tent and the uses it must satify. Next we have done our own research and have listed below 5 of the best camping tents for 2018 to help you make an informed choice while choosing a shelter for your family for an enjoyable camping trip.

5. Coleman 8 person Canyon Tent.From $107.71


This is a spacious family camping tent measuring 17 x 10 feet or 5.2m x 3m and has a center height of 6 feet or 1.83m. It is quite light, which makes it easy to carry around. It can offer comfortable accommodation to a maximum of 8 campers. It comes with 2-zipper-in dividers which you can you use to create 3 rooms. This gives you added privacy as you will not have to sleep in the one room with your kids.

The floor of this tent is sealed which protects you and your family from attack by crawling insects. The sealed floor can also be used as a sleeping surface which you will not find in many tents. You will not have to worry about water seeping through since the material it is made from is strong and waterproof.

There are four mesh panels on and opposite the exit at every end to give you enough ventilation and light. There is a little mesh panel for the ceiling which gives you a storage room for light items like smartphones, torches, keys and other small items. You will be sheltered from rain by a WeatherTec System with patented welded floors to keep you and your family dry and comfortable during your camping trip.

Putting up and dismantling this tent is easy since the poles are color-coded to guide you through the processes. This tent can withstand strong winds courtesy of its strong frame that has zipper protections.

What is the main selling point of this tent?
In summary, this is a uniquely designed camping tent that is built using strong materials to last long and protect you from getting wet in case it rains. You will enjoy the privacy you deserve while outdoors with your family.

4. Wenzel Klondike Tent.From $154.75


This is another camping tent that can accommodate a family of 8 or less. It is made of weather resistant material and designed to offer you a lot of flexibility. It has a screened area which seems like an extra room and allows in plenty of light. This makes it a good sunroom and a good place to relax. You can also use it as extra storage for items like extra clothing, among others or use it as a sleeping area.

The main cubicle is a strong dome tent. There is a big circular door separating the two sections which can be opened to make the tent a single. You can gaze at stars while sleeping through the several windows and full mesh ceiling of this tent. The floor is waterproof and you should not worry about waking up to a flooded room. You cannot set up this tent on your own. You will need assistance to get it in place.

Why should you go for this family camping tent?
Having 6 feet 1 in or 1.85m headroom all around is the main selling point of this family camping tent. It is also tough and roomy tent to take during your next family camping trip if you do not mind about privacy.

3. Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room XL Family Cabin Tent. From $80.30



This is a three-roomed tent with 6 windows and 3 doors. Those windows will give you a clear view of the outside and allow in plenty of light. It is properly ventilated to give you fresh air as you relax. This tent is waterproof to keep you dry throughout your camping trip.

You can easily set up this camping tent on your without any complications. It comes with a zippered carrying bag for easy carrying but may be of little help if you will have to walk for a long distance during your camping trip. This is because it is slightly heavy weighing approximately 32 lbs which can be tiring.

What makes Ozark Trail be among the best camping tents for 2018?
If you are looking for privacy and space, this is the right family camping tent for you. It has a full coverage fly for extra protection. More important it comes at a reasonable price, plus includes some extra bonus mattresses.

2. Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent From $227.90

This camping tent offers you a wide view of your surrounding through its 7 windows with mesh screens while protecting you from rain and insects. The windows plus 2 doors ensure you are well ventilated. The tent is made of sturdy materials and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

You can easily set up this tent to make a temporary home for your family while out there in the natural environment. It’s spacious which ensures all your camping essentials are under a roof to protect them from being affected by weather conditions. For instance, if you have essentials made of steel, they might begin to rust if you leave them exposed outside.

The tent has a zippered divider which you can use to create two rooms which can be good if you are looking for privacy. When it comes to weight, this tent weighs around 35 pounds or 16kgs which may restrict you how far you will explore into the woods. It has a center height of around 6 feet or 1.83m making it easy for nearly everyone to stand upright. You will not have to worry about your items getting wet as this family camping tent has a WeatherTec system with patented welded floors, that keeps inside the tent, and its contents dry.

What makes this tent a good choice for your trip in the outdoors with your family?
Privacy and space are the main selling points of this family camping tent.

1. Coleman Montana 8-Person Family Tent From $139.50

Montana is a spacious camping tent measuring 16 x 7 feet or 5.2 x 2.1m and 6 feet 2 inches or 2.1m high and can accommodate a maximum of 8 people. It has a single large room with mesh window at the top on each end. The windows can be zipped for privacy. You can also leave them open when it’s raining and no water will get in since they are angled inwards.

This tent comes with a door in the shape of a D which operates like the typical door. It has a small hinged frame and the door closes with both Velcro and a zipper. If you are constantly moving in and out of the tent, this becomes convenient for you. There is added storage with this tent where there is an interior pocket for holding small items like your phone, eyeglasses among others.

The floor of the tent is waterproof and has a small folding mat sewn at the entrance. Camping involves getting dirty but you do not want to make your resting place dirty? Do you? The mat will save you the trouble of finding somewhere to stand on while wearing your dirty shoes.

What would influence you to buy this?
Combining durability, modern design, and space, in one affordable package, makes this tent among the best camping tents for 2018.

Decision time.

If you want your family to enjoy the camping trip, give them the right shelter. With so many camping tents on the market, it can be hard for you to settle on the best one. The above guide can help you to choose one of the best camping tents for 2018 for a comfortable and enjoyable trip.

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it.


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