Simply The Best Camping Tents for 2020

Simply the Best Camping Tents For 2020 means you have found the right place. Camping is fun when you have everything you need handy, but not having a good tent could spell a frustrating and disappointing event.

A tent is essential for making your nights outdoors in the wilderness more comfortable and importantly it plays a more significant role by protecting you from the elements. However, before you can think about bringing your tent along, you have to purchase one first. The market has a lot of them and you’ll be spoilt for choice.

However, not every tent out there can withstand the rigors of the outdoor environment and fall apart after just a couple of uses. Fortunately, you no longer have to scour the marketplace for the right tent as we’ve already done that for you.  If you’re in the market for a Multi-person Family tent then read on and I assure you by the end you will know if your perfect pick is among them.

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Buyer Guide To Choosing The Best Family Tent For You.

Size and Capacity

The start of any purchase is based on the benefits you will receive or the solutions a product will give you so let’s start with the tent size.

In general terms, with regards to a camping tent, the size is generally based on a particular number of people the manufacturer claims will fit into the tent. While this is a number based solely on the available floor space and then divided by the smallest space required by one person to lay down.

The major problem here is you will end up shoulder to shoulder with the other occupants and this would prove to be very uncomfortable in most situations. The solution is to make sure the tent size is at least 2 people bigger than your group or family number.

For example, if there are 6 people in your family then purchase an 8 person tent, this should ensure you have a little space between people and able to be comfortable while sleeping. If you have kids they obviously take up less space than an adult but its still a good measurement.

This also gives you some breathing space if you have to spend several hours inside during the day in wet weather playing cards or board games waiting for the weather to improve. What about the gear you will need close to you, it has to be stored somewhere.

So be sure to determine the number of people that are likely to use the tent when you are out camping so you can then make a decision that will provide you with not only shelter for your family but a comfortable and secure spot for you all to relax and enjoy your time together. 


The weight of the tent is not really an issue if we are camping outdoors as a family or group and we have a motor vehicle to ferry us to the campsite.

This would be a major concern if we were backpacking or hiking through the high country and needed to carry our equipment on our backs. However, in most traditional camping scenarios we use a vehicle loaded to the brim with all the essential items that provide us all the comforts of home.

While some tents are heavy and cumbersome most of the synthetic type of tents widely used today come in under 30 pounds, and that is where most of the tents on our list come in, as the title of the article says these are family tents not backpacking tents.

So you will need to determine the different transport modes that will be used, if you are typically carrying it in your car or pick-up then the weight of the tent will not be a noteworthy consideration, Most come in a storage bag with handles so one adult will have no problem hand carrying most large tents into the campsite from the car.

Design Type

While there are many different designs available today 0ur list here will be made up mainly of nylon and synthetic material tents designed for mild to moderate weather conditions, generally the 2- 3 seasons that are fine and pleasant.

The design of a camping tent is ever-changing but there are some standard design types that we favor in this list. You have dome tents which are quite stable and can accommodate large numbers of people, then there are cabin tents some of which are quite tall with straight walls up and down and then there are instant tents.

Some of these instant tents can be erected in less than 3-4 minutes which is extremely time-saving. All have their individual features and these features are what you need to look for so we can pick the perfect tent for our families shelter requirements.

One thing to do before setting up your new tent at your campsite is to place a good quality tarp on the ground and then erect the tent over the top of it, this will help reduce the possibility of damage from sharp sticks and other objects that may put a hole in the floor.

Is It Weatherproof

Most manufacturers note that their tents hold up better in the rain than others but most family type tents are manufactured using the same or similar synthetic or polyester material which is quite hard wearing and is waterproof to a certain level.

Different manufacturers have there own design techniques they use in constructing what they each say is the most waterproof tent, however, in all my years of camping in many different designs and styles, I don’t know if I ever said a tent was totally waterproof.

Having said that, the higher the quality (Denier) the material the closer it will be to waterproof, but there is always one thing I do to each tent I have bought and that is to purchase a spray-on aerosol waterproofing agent and apply it over the whole tent and generously to all joins and seams before I use the tent.

Just remember to do this in dry weather and allow the product to completely dry on the tent before repacking and storing. This action will not cost a lot of money but it will make a huge difference to the capability of most tents to stay dryer during those inevitable wet days. 

tent and chairs

Free Flowing Ventilation

Fresh air is the essence of life and ventilation inside your tent is essential to a comfortable outdoor adventure.

Some of these tents are huge and capable of holding a dozen people so ventilation is something that will be extremely important on those nights when you have to close it up a bit because of inclement weather. The best way to start is to be sure the tent you purchase has a large number of openings and that some of the openings are weatherproof when open.

The next best option is to have a rain fly completely covering the whole tent so you are then able to open all windows and doors on a hot and humid evening that is highly likely to produce rain. Being comfortable is what makes being outdoors enjoyable if we had to suffer we would not do it.

So fresh air circulating throughout our tent equates to happy times, so choose a tent that has lots of openings. One more thing on openings is that you make sure that it also has mesh screens covering all those openings as a tent full of biting insects and mosquitoes at night is not much fun.


Your own budget and personal circumstances will largely determine the tent you purchase, however, don’t compromise too much with price as the quality of a $20 compared to a $200 will definitely be known when the first rainstorm hits, probably earlier when you try to erect it and the cheapie falls apart.

Nor am I saying you need to spend enormous amounts of money, consider the amount of time you will use it and where and when you will use it, if you are camping out for a long weekend and not again for the foreseeable future then a very basic tent will suffice.

If you have plans as a keen outdoor adventurer and you plan on taking the family away each holiday break, then do yourself a big favor and spend some money on a quality family tent that will put smiles on your faces for many seasons, If your budget is a bit tight, then less than $200 will get you a great starter tent, I have quite a few here for you. So let’s begin.

 1. Coleman 8-Person Canyon Tent

When it comes to size, this tent is a behemoth. Measuring 17 ft by 10 ft and a center height of up to 6 ft, it is spacious enough for up to 8 campers. And if you need a little privacy, then you can take advantage of its 2-zipper-in doors to create up to 3 rooms. So the kids can sleep in their room without necessarily getting them a different tent.

To keep you dry even in heavy downpours, this tent comes with a WeatherTec system, which includes welded floors. The floor is strong enough to ensure you can sleep without worrying over water seeping in at the most inappropriate time. As well it provides sufficient light and ventilation if you enjoy fresh breezes then this one may be for you.

It comes with up to four mesh panels located on the exit and the opposite side to keep air and light coming in plus it features another mesh panel on the ceiling, which you can use as a storage bag for small, light items.  This helps keep your gizmos out of the way, which goes a long way to ensuring organization in your tent.

  • Packing it away after use is also as easy and fast, measuring 25.6 inches x 11 inches x 10.2 inches when packed down it comes with a separate bag for easy portability.
  • With a weight of 22.4 pounds, it won’t break your back carrying it to the campsite.

The setup is another exciting aspect of this tent as setting it up is a snap, taking just a few minutes. All you have to do is unfold, extend, and secure your tent, and you have a roof over your head. You’ll have its pre-attached, color-coded poles and hubs that make pitching this tent 50% faster than with most others.

This is a simple and affordable tent that I have reviewed in depth here at Coleman Red Canyon Tent Review.

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2. Wenzel Klondike Tent 

 This tent comes with a screened area that allows a lot of light into your tent. You can also use it to relax and gaze at the stars above. But it still has another exciting function. It also comes in hand if you are in need of an extra room to keep your luggage or sleep. The main cubicle of the tent features a dome design, which is sturdy enough to take on quite a beating from the weather.

This tent is built with weather armor polyester featuring a polyurethane water-resistant coating. This material goes the distance to keep you protected all-around. Besides, it features double-stitching and lap-felled seams that offer further protection from the water. It also has a front awning that enables the tent entry to remain dry as well. A rainfly and zippered windows also help keep the inside of the tent dry.

  • Even more, it comes with a circular door. This enables you to decide on whether to separate the tent into two sections or use it as one room.
  • The features and benefits of this tent led me to do a single full review on it here at the Wenzel Klondike 8-Person Tent Review.

To ensure ideal ventilation, this tent comes with a full mesh roof. It also features two mesh windows, and these are what you need to keep the bugs out and the breeze coming through. This helps keep the inside of the tent well ventilated, so you don’t feel like you are in a tomb.

With this tent, you don’t have to feel like you are far from home. You can use the screen room as a front awning, which offers unprecedented comfort. And it keeps you protected from the sun, weather, and bugs. You can as well use it as an additional sleeping room, or storage for your gear.

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3. Ozark Trail 10-Person Family Cabin

 If you want to push the limits with the size and space, then this tent is for you. At its size, it dwarfs most of the competition, offering enough room for the entire family or a group of friends.

The first thing you want to see in a tent is the ultimate protection. And with the full fly coverage, this one offers unparalleled protection from the weather. It’s fly further features taped seem that help prevents water leakage, keeping you dry even during torrential rain. Along with the fly, this tent also features a waterproof design that helps keep you dry too.

  • When it comes to space, this tent goes above and beyond. With up to three rooms, you can have enough area to sleep and rest during the day. Besides, it includes two twin air mattresses, offering a little extra sleeping area and comfort.
  • With up to six windows, you have sufficient ventilation in the tent even during hot days. Moreover, this helps give you a panoramic view of the area around your campsite as you relax.

To ensure you get all the privacy you need, this tent has up to three doors into each room. These include a center door and two on the side. So the kids can have their separate entrance, giving you additional privacy, unlike most other smaller tents. Better yet, its two-room dividers are removable, so you can decide to use the whole tent as a single room if you wish to.

Bringing your tent with you is always a breeze, thanks to an included zippered carrying bag. Keep in mind, however, that at its size, this tent weighs up to 32 lbs, which can be quite hefty.

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4. Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent

 Sometimes you need to enjoy the panoramic view of the area you are camping in. And this is where the man windows in this tent come into place. It features up to 7 mesh screen windows, which not only gives you a glimpse of the outside. It also enables much-needed ventilation while keeping the rain and insects out.

Along with the windows are two doors, which also add to the ventilation that you can get with this tent. And with these doors, access in and out of the tent is not only easy but also convenient. This holds true especially if you have divided the tent. You can have a separate entry to each compartment, giving you more privacy.

  • This tent also comes with a zippered divider, which you are sure to find handy if you want a little privacy. With this divider, you can make two rooms out of your tent.
  • This means you don’t have to share the same room with the kids. And if you are camping as a few friends, then using it as one room can be great.

When looking for that ideal tent, you need to keep the necessity for the storage of your gear in mind. And with this one, you have plenty of room for your stuff as well. Besides being roomy enough at 14 ft by 10 ft on the inside, this tent is also sufficiently high, up to 6 ft 5 inches at the center. This enables you to stand upright and walk around in the tent with ease.

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5. Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent

 If you want a tent that can protect your family from the elements without sacrificing comfort, then this one is for you. It is spacious enough for the whole family, built to last, and above all, comfy enough on the inside.

The first thing you will love about this tent is just how roomy it is inside. It measures 16 ft by 7 ft, with a height reaching up to 6ft 2 inches. It is capable of fitting up to three queen size beds; it is spacious enough for up to 8 people, making it ideal for a small family or several friends.

Another thing that truly stands out about this tent is the windows. First, they are angled inwards to prevent water from entering the tent if you leave them open when it’s raining. Besides, they feature zippers, so you can simply zip them up for privacy.

  • This tent’s D shaped door also proves to be ideal for easy use. It opens much like a normal door, thanks to a hinged frame. So you can get in and out with ease. Besides, you can close it with a zipper or Velcro.
  • To keep your items organized; this tent comes with an interior pocket. This goes the distance to offer much-needed storage for a small item such as eyeglasses, your phone, and others.

With a waterproof floor, this tent also ensures you can stay dry even in the worst of downpours. To keep you dry, it further features the WeatherTec system, which includes inverted seams. It also comes with a folding mat that has been sewn on the entrance. With this feature, you can step into your tent without bringing in dirt from the outside.

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6. CORE 9-Person Instant Tent

 Here’s yet another tent you should try if you don’t like the idea of pitching or taking down your camping tent in hours. As the name suggests, it is a snap to set up at about just a few minutes, but once inside, it still has a whole lot more to offer

This tent also ensures you can get fresh air coming in at all times. It’s all thanks to its advanced venting design, which features adjustable air vents. Located on the ground, these allow the fresh, heavy air in; pushing the light hot air out through the tent’s ceiling mesh.

  • If you want a little privacy with your tent, then you will definitely need this feature. Better yet, this divider is removable, so it offers you the flexibility you need.
  • Another exciting thing about this tent is how roomy it is. With its 14-foot by 9-foot floor, it can fit up to two queen air mattresses. It can accommodate up to nine persons, and you still have enough space left for the luggage.  

You can also get a perfect view of the sky right from inside your tent through its mesh ceiling. The panels are oversized, with a thick tape attached to the fly, keeping wind and any rain out. The whole tent is also built with a durable 68D polyester material, making it both tough and lasting. And a water block technology with heat-sealed seams from the fly all the way down helps keep the rain out.

For easy access into and out of your tent, the door plays an irreplaceable role. With its side T-door, accessing the tent is super easy and simple, and it offers a great opportunity for great airflow.

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7. Alpha Camp 10-12 Person Tent

 There’s virtually no better way to experience camping with a difference than with this tent thanks to its screen room. But there’s still more to it than just the screen room. It also comes with a wide range of features that you are sure to find exciting. Besides giving you a chance to gaze at the starry sky, let’s take a look into some of its most exciting aspects.

To get started, you need to take a good look at the materials if you are to get an ideal family tent for your camping trip. With a polyester PU material, the fabric is tough, so much so, that it can protect your family from the elements. Its PE floor material gives it an ideal sturdiness that stands the rough ground out in the wild while still keeping your tent from taking on water. The frame poles are made of high-grade steel and fiberglass material that withstands even significantly strong winds.

  • When camping as a family or with several friends, privacy is of the essence. This tent goes the distance to ensure you can get all the privacy you need.
  • With a room divider, you can partition it to different rooms, which makes it great even when sharing the interior space with the kids.

You Don’t want to feel like you are suffocating, and that’s why ventilation is crucial for a tent, its large “D” design door, 5 windows as well as top mesh panel ensure your tent maintains a constant, efficient airflow always. The screen room also offers outstanding ventilation to lounge in during hot nights. And for a bug-free and sun-protected lounging, the front awning takes your camping experience to a whole new level.

If you are looking for a camp tent with enough room for your whole family, then this is it for you. Measuring 7 feet by 12 feet of interior space, it is pretty roomy, making this tent enough for the entire family or several friends. It offers enough room for up to 10 to 12 people. The height is 80-inches; it is great even for tall people.

Like most other family tents on the market, this one isn’t a lightweight option, as it weighs up to 32 lbs. However, what this tent lacks in this aspect, it makes up for with its carry bag. The high-density oxford carry bag, which comes with the package, includes wheels that make the transportation of your tent a breeze.

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8. CORE Two Room Cabin Tent With Side Entrance

 With the setup taking only about two minutes, you can have this tent pitched up in no time. It all comes down to the tent’s unique ten-leg pole style that this tent features. With the poles pre-attached to the tent, all you have to do is unpack it, unfold it, and extend the legs to lock into place.

One side features a D-shaped door, with a T-shaped one on the other end. This means you can access or leave the tent with unparalleled ease. And if you want a little more privacy, then you will need to make the most of an attachable room divider. With this feature, you can create several separate rooms in the tent, which you can use for living and sleeping if you so wish.

  • This tent measures an impressive 18 feet by 10 feet, offering enough space to ensure people and camping gear have sufficient accommodation.
  • Its sheer size offers sufficient living as well as sleeping space, so you never have to be overcrowded in your tent. It’s no wonder this tent can accommodate up to a dozen people.

With a water-resistant design, this tent has all it takes to keep all of you dry through the night even when it’s raining. First, the tent features a removable rain fly that you can put in place only when you need it, or remove it to get the ventilation advantage of the mesh ceiling.

One thing for sure is that you don’t want to sleep through the night in a poorly ventilated tent, that is, if you can sleep at all. To ensure you don’t have to put up with the claustrophobic nightmare, this tent comes with top-of-line ventilation that ensures a constant flow of fresh air.

It includes adjustable vents that draw air in, with the mesh ceiling allowing the hot air to escape through the top. From the awning poles to the rainfly, stakes and room divider, as well as a carry bag, this tent comes with virtually everything you need when pitching it or once inside. And to ensure you can buy with confidence, it also comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

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9. Coleman 6-Person Tent

 This list wouldn’t be complete without the Coleman 6-person tent.  It has about everything you would need out there as far as accommodation. It’s spacious and comfy and built to take on even the worst of weather.

This tent is definitely built for the rough outdoors. It comes with a rugged and robust Polyguard 2X design with a double-thick fabric.

This not only makes it great for any weather, but it is also very durable, lasting you for seasons. Besides, it is large enough to fit up to two queen-size airbeds, offering sufficient sleeping area. Then strategically positioned storage bags are great for organizing your gadgets.

  • The other thing you will come to love about this tent is its integrated rain fly. It is great for preventing rain from getting into your tent, but it also plays yet another role you will find exciting altogether – allowing great airflow.
  • With tents, keeping the rain out becomes a priority, and this does it best. This design comes with welded floors as well as inverted seams. Hence, it has you covered from the rain all the way from top to the floor.

If there’s one thing about this tent that will blow you away, it is the easy pitching at only about 60 seconds. To make this a reality, it comes with pre-attached poles, which means you don’t need additional assembly. This not only makes the setup super easy but also pretty fast.  And once you are heading home, you can simply fit your tent in a provided carry bag for easy portability.

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10. Coleman Evanston Tent

 It is the true combination of comfort, convenience, and durability. The Coleman Evanston is one of the best tents to lug along if you want a little more comfort out in the wild. And it has all the features to offer you more than just a bargain. At around 25 pounds it’s not too heavy for most camping situations.

To offer unprecedented protection from the elements, this tent features an outstanding polyester taffeta 75D fabric. This gives you not only the protection but also lasts for seasons, giving you the value you pay for. On the inside, it comes with a 12 by 12 ft footprint, offering enough room for up to 8 people, then add on the screened room and you have a very large tent.

  • And the height doesn’t have to be a challenge, as it stands at a good 74-inch center height helping get the fresh air in your tent thanks to the variflo system.
  • This design offers outstanding adjustable ventilation. And if you want to import power into your tent, then it also has got that covered for you with an electrical access port to pass the cable through.

Leaking water is the last thing you want inside your tent, and that’s where the WeatherTec system in this tent comes into play. This design goes the distance to help keep the inside of your tent dry even in quite heavy rain.

Pitching this tent is super fast too, thanks to its pre-attached poles. Along with included hubs, you can set up your tent 50% faster than you would with most other tents out there.

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11.  Ozark Trail 10-Person Tent

 First off, this tent keeps leakage under check thanks to its tub floor design. It also boasts taped fly seams that further keep the top of the tent protected from potential leaks. What’s more, it features an enhanced weather armor, which further keeps your family dry.

If you are taking the whole family on an outdoor excursion, this is the tent for you. It is spacious enough to accommodate up to 10 people. The three-room design of this tent is something you can’t afford to overlook.

  • Bringing the whole family on board calls for a little privacy, this is where you’ll need the tent’s 2 removable dividers.
  • You can decide to put them up and divide the tent up into three rooms or use it as a single room.

Nothing says convenience than a tent with double doors. This one’s 2 doors are ideal for easy entry and exit of your tent. But there’s still more to them, with zippered protection, they have the potential to serve you for a long time.

Besides these features, this tent also comes with a few more aspects that you will find handy too. These include a convenient zippered carry bag, a mud mat, E-port, and a shoe pocket.

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12. Coleman Tenaya Lake 8-Person Tent

 Easy access in and out of your tent is crucial. And thanks to this one’s hinged door, you can easily walk right into your tent or out without worrying about the door getting stuck in the zipper. Besides, this design makes the door further durable too. To protect the door from the elements, this tent also features zipper cuffs that are worth a hard look as well.

Well, this tent sports an array of features for this purpose. First, it has an included rainfly, which enables you to get the best breeze while keeping the rain out in wet weather. WeatherTec system design with welded floors and inverted seams also helps keep you dry

  • With 13ft by 9ft floor area, it offers enough space for up to 8 people. Its 6ft 8-inch center height makes it tall enough for even adults to stand upright while inside. 
  • Also, it has a room divider that you can find crucial if you want a little privacy.

Pitching your tent is every bit as easy and fun too. With its color-coded poles, you can get the guesswork out of the way and have your tent pitched in a matter of minutes. Once you are done using it, you will have an even easier time with storage and portability. And it’s all thanks to an included carry bag with a rip-strip.

This is one tent you don’t want to miss out on. It has a whole lot to offer that you may not find in a lot of other tents. And with such a wide range of features that blow the competition away. With its shelves and a hanger bar, you can use it to organize your stuff and reduce the floor space they take.

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13. Coleman Weathermaster 6-Person Tent

 Spacious 11ft x 9 ft in area will accommodate a couple of queen size beds ceiling height is a very generous 6ft8in high in the center as well as an impressive 9ft x 6ft screen room gives a lovely sitting area and also one where the bugs are kept out so you can enjoy the surrounds of your campsite in comfort

Weathertek features a tub-like design on the floor as well as welded seams and joins includes inverted seams with the needle holes on the inside. The additional rainfly gives another level of water resistance to the tent, then add to this the fact that the windows are angled to further help in keeping the rain out.

  • Setup is a breeze so that within 20 minutes or so continuous pole sleeves and patented slip-proof pin and ring system and an instaclip option holding the tent fast will have it up and you with good shelter for the night.
  • Bring a power cable in through the eport for lighting and other equipment and additional storage makes life a little easier

Here’s yet another tent you can count on for ultimate comfort away from home. With a large floor surface, it is great for up to 8 people. And with a weather-resistant material and construction, you hardly ever have to worry about the elements. However, like all tents like this, I recommend that a spray-on sealant is applied to the joints and seams.

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14. CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

 If you want to push the limit in terms of size, then you should check out this tent. Roomy enough for up to 12 people, it can accommodate a medium to large size family or several friends and still has room to spare. But space is not the only impressive thing about this tent, as it also comes with many other exciting features that are worth a look too.

Measuring an impressive 18’ by 10’, it is spacious enough to fit up to 12 adult campers. And a really nice height at up to 80 inches. Besides the many people it can accommodate, this tent also takes in a good amount of camping gear as well. To make access to the tent super easy for you, this one comes with a front as well as a back door, both with awnings, which besides the easy access, it also helps enhance the ventilation.

  • With two-room dividers that this tent features also offering ideal privacy when camping with friends or kids.
  • If there’s one thing that makes this tent stand out, it has to be the durability, made of robust materials, it’s not only built to take on the rigors of the outdoors but also lasts for years.

One exciting thing about this CORE 12 person tent is the performance it delivers when used in rainy weather. First off, its removable rain fly doubles as a protection against the rain while still folding back to give you a glimpse of the stars above. It has a heat-sealed tape design that keeps the rain and wind away in times of need. The tent also boasts an H20 tech design that ensures water stands no chance.

To ensure you spend the evening gazing at the stars rather than fighting to put your tent together, the company ensures that this one requires minimum to no assembly. Since its steel poles come assembled, all you have to do is a few steps and you are ready for the night. The transportation of this tent is also as easy. Since it comes with a carry bag, you can simply take it down, stuff it in the bag and head home. However, keep in mind that it’s quite heavy at 52.5 lbs.  

This tent still comes with a fair few other exciting features that are worth mentioning as well. These include a gear loft for keeping some of your items. Up to two-room dividers are also included in the package, and it still has a port for an electric cord in case you want to connect power into your tent. Then it also comes with up to 20 steel stakes, 7-inches each

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15. CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

 This CORE 9 is spacious enough to accommodate an entire family, and with a sturdy frame to stand strong winds. this is a very good strong shelter. Durable construction and features that include a sealed floor that keeps the crawling insects and other little critters at bay so you can sleep soundly.

It’s a giant tent for a family camping trip with a floorplan of 14′ x 9’it can accommodate up to 9 people, it is spacious and comfortable enough, and that’s not all it has to offer; it still comes with an array of other exciting features too, setting up your tent and taking it down is also super easy, the inside center raises up to 72 inches.  It roughly takes 15 minutes to get the job done. And with an included carry bag onboard, you never have to worry about the portability.

  • For ultimate performance and durability, this tent features 150D material which makes it quite strong. Along with a weather-resistant design used in the construction of this tent together with the rainfly keeps water out, ensuring you stay dry throughout.
  • Adding to the water protection are heat welded floors and its covered seams.

This one needs to be on this list, you need to check out this monster that can get your family protected from the elements.

It is roomy, comfy, and above all, durable plus sets up in double-quick time and as the poles and legs are pre-attached just unpack and unfold the legs and raise the whole structure adjusting the legs as it goes up.

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Buyer Guide For The Best Tent 

  • Size and Capacity.
  • Weight.
  • Design Type.
  • Weatherproof.
  • Ventilation.
  • Price.


Best 6 Person Tent  Coleman Weathermaster 6-Person Tent

coleman weathermaster tent

WHY: A weather-resistant design and material make this tent quite good for most fine to moderate weather.

Although one of my best tips for this type of tent material and all tents like it is to always buy a spray-on waterproofing product and apply spray/seal all surfaces, joints, and seams.

While it is claimed to be a 6 person tent I suggest you always go up in size to accommodate your family or group in comfort.

This is an excellent choice for a tent for 4 people. This is a nice tent that is easily erected and taken down, good construction by a well-established brand.

It is a simple tent to enter and exit with plenty of headroom 6ft 10in center hight and nicely ventilated. Just remember this is a 2-3 season tent when most of the time the weather is good to reasonable.

The floor space is 99 sq ft main room and a 54 sq ft screen room which is a nice area to get away from the biting insects at night.

Also even though the floor in the screen room does not have a floor if you take a tarp big enough to go under the entire tents 17ft x 9ft footprint, that will also ensure further protection for your tent floor.

Plus if you have air mattresses laid down these will also be protected from sharp sticks and other objects that may damage it. I have done an in-depth review of this Tent here at the Coleman Weathermaster Tent.

Best 8 Person Tent  Coleman Evanston 8-Person Tent

coleman evanston tent

WHY: Here is a nice strong spacious tent with a floor area of 12 ft x 12 ft plus a good screen room that doubles as extra sleeping space in good weather or a nice place to sit and relax in bad weather.

It is also good when the insects are biting as it gives you a room to sit and enjoy the evening without those annoying buzzing creatures making everything uncomfortable

Ventilation is well thought of in the design of the Evanston developed using the variflo ventilation system plus adding in four good size windows and the fresh air will circulate nicely throughout the tent.

This is classed as an 8 person tent, However, with most of these sort of tents the size tends to be overstated and an 8 person tent is really a 6 person tent. I would suggest you always choose a couple of sizes up when looking to purchase a family tent.

Using durable 75D this dome-style tent is a good combination ag quality and durability. The tent has large privacy wings and a hinged door for easy access, and the weathertec system well known in Coleman tents.

It has a number of design features working together to keep you dry when the rain decides to fall. I completed an in-depth research review on another Evanston tent that will give you a great comparison check it out here the Coleman Evanston Review.

Best 10 Person Tent  OZARK Trail Family Cabin Tent

Ozark 10 person tent

WHY: The massive size of this tent provides spacious comfort that is big enough for the whole team, this large area allows you to lay three Queen size mattresses on the floor.

This will be ample space for most of us, giving you enough sleeping area for you and your partner the inlaws, and the kids. 

A full fly coverage provided enhances the rain protection you will get, plus the fact that the seams are all taped and along with the weather-resistant design built into the tent all works well to keep out the rain better than a lot.

Once again lay a groundsheet beneath the tent that will also ensure further protection for your tent floor, Air mattresses and other bedding laid down these will also be protected from sharp objects that may damage it.

The purchase price includes 2 free twin-sized Air mattresses which are a nice touch, for the size of the tent is it quite good value there are 6 windows which allow for good ventilation and views of the outside.

The dimensions are 20 ft x 10 ft x 78 inches high that will give a good head height. It is slightly heavy weighing approximately 32 lbs and will fit 8 people comfortably

Best Camping Tents Comparison

Brand CapacityWeight Floor AreaClick Here For A Price
Coleman 8 Person Red Canyon 8 people22.5 pounds170 sq ftRed Canyon
Wenzel Klondike 8 Person Tent8 people 27.3 pounds176 sq ftKlondike 8
Ozark Trail 10 person family tent10 People32 pounds200 sq ftOzark 10
Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent8 people 43 pounds 140 sq ft Coleman 8
Coleman Montana 8 person Tent 8 people24.5 pounds112 sq ftMontana 8
Core 9 Person Instant Tent 9 people 35 pounds 126 sq ft Core 9
Alpha Camp 10-12 Person Tent10-12 people32 pounds 228 sq ft Alpha 10
Core Two-Room Side Access Cabin Tent 12 People40 pounds 180 sq ftTwo Room 12
Coleman 6 Person Tent6 people 28 pounds 85 sq ft Coleman 6
Coleman Evanston 8 Person Tent8 people25 pounds 144 sq ftEvanston 8
Coleman Tanaya Lake 8 Person Tent8 people 30 pounds 117 sq ft Tanaya Lake 8
Coleman Weathermaster 66 people 32 pounds 153 sq ft Weathermaster 8
Core Instant Cabin Tent 12 People 52 pounds 180 sq ftCore 12
Core Extended Dome Tent9 people 20 pounds 126 sq ft Extended 9

Your family deserves a special treat to a weekend getaway from time to time. And a camp trip is one of the best options at your disposal.

Nothing quite beats the experience that comes with having a good time as a family, and sometimes it goes to enhance the family bond.

But taking your family out there is one thing, keeping them protected from the elements is a different story.

Frankly speaking, this can be a bit harder than it sounds, as not every tent out there will have you covered. That’s where family tents come in handy.

Spacious, comfortable and easy to tote along, these tents offer something beyond the ordinary. When shopping for a family tent for your family’s next excursion, make sure to check out any of these quality tents.

Taking your family on a camping trip means ensuring they are well housed and protected from the elements. It takes an ideal tent to keep everyone safe and comfortable.

These tents will take you there. For the performance, you can expect a family tent to cost you a few dollars. For an exceptionally good small family tent check out the Eureka Assault Tent.

But considering the service you stand to get and the durability, you can be sure to get the ultimate value for your money.

Get the one that best fits your style and set out to enjoy a great time in the great outdoors. Camping has never been more fun!   

My Overall Opinion

Any of these tents will keep you in a warm and cozy spot and keep the elements out. They offer ideal accommodation for a whole family or a couple of friends.

But comfort is not the only thing you can count on with these tents. Sometimes having just the right tent could mean all the difference between fun happy times or a disappointing failure.

So do your research and choose the one that best matches your needs, and then you can set out with confidence. this list has one that will solve all your shelter problems while on your next outdoor adventure.

If you have any more questions about the Best Camping Tents for 2020, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.



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