Best Folding Camping Chairs

Life can be harsh in the outdoors so if you’re looking for a good camping chair and scratching your head over which one is for you, this best folding camping chairs list will guide you.

With the right camping gear no matter what it is it should provide all the comfort and plenty of fun. A good camping chair will make all the difference wherever you spend time outside away from home.

Comfort strength support and durability are some of the features you need in your equipment so take the time to find the chair that has everything you need for a joyful and relaxing seat on your next camping or outdoor adventure.

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Here’s A Quick Checklist Of Our Top 10

ImageProduct NamePrice
Coleman Camping Chair with Built-in 4 Can CoolerCurrent Price
Coleman Camp Chair with Side TableCurrent Price
Oniva Sports Chair with Side TableCurrent Price
GCI Outdoor Freestyle Folding Rocking ChairCurrent Price
Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping and Sports ChairCurrent Price
Timber Ridge Camping Chair 400lbsCurrent Price
Helinox Savanna High-Back Collapsible Camp ChairCurrent Price
ALPS Mountaineering King Kong ChairCurrent Price
ALPS Mountaineering Rendezvous ChairCurrent Price
Cascade Mountain Tech Low Profile Camping ChairCurrent Price
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Here is our Top 10 Descriptions

Coleman Camping Chair with 4 Can Cooler


  • A handy mesh cup holder for your drink
  • You also have a cooler for keeping drinks cool and refreshing
  • Its strong steel frame is ideal for heavy-duty use and durability
  • You also get a great deal of comfort
  • Spacious seating


  • The cooler makes it hard to fold back and stuff it inside the bag
  • It’s also pretty heavy at 10 pounds

First Impression: If you’re an ardent outdoors person, then you probably already have Coleman outdoor gear. The brand has become a favorite of many with its quality products, and this chair too has a lot to offer.

Among the most impressive features, this chair comes with, is a steel frame and a solid build that makes it strong enough to support up to 325 pounds. The fabric isn’t any bit less awesome either, as it is both tough and comfortable too.

The comfort doesn’t end there, this chair’s cushioned seat and back take matters even further with a space of 24” wide and 18.1” deep this ultimate comfort allows you to sit in this chair for hours.

This chair also allows you to keep your beverage within reach; and not just that, it also has an inbuilt cool so your favorite drink can stay cool. How many cans is it capable of holding? Well, it’s quite spacious actually, capable of accommodating up to four cans.

You’ll also love several other features such as the side pockets where you can keep a few useful items that you want to access with ease. Besides, it has a cup holder made of mesh so water doesn’t collect inside. In addition, the armrests are adjustable, allowing you to set them right where they feel most comfortable. Read my full review Here.

Coleman Camp Chair with Side Table


  • A flip-up cup holder and a side table for convenience
  • Angled seat design for perfect relaxation and comfort
  • Wide seat and enough seat height for easy sitting down and getting up
  • Cushioned armrests for the much-needed arm support
  • The back is also padded so you can sit in this chair for hours


  • It’s a bit difficult to collapse down
  • Costs a bit more than most other chairs in its tier, but the solid build is well worth every penny

First Impression: If the above Coleman chair, then this one might be just the perfect choice for you thanks to its laundry list of awesome features that guarantee hours of comfort.

One of the things I love the most about this chair is the frame, which boasts a robust steel construction and a solid build for ultimate performance. However, what makes it stand out is the durable nature of the steel material, which also makes the chair very lasting despite exposure to the environment.

The fabric is also very resilient, capable of withstanding an impressive 225 pounds just like the frame. And yes, when it comes to durability, it’s just as enduring; giving you lasting service over the seasons.

Then there’s the comfort, which is where such factors as the relaxed angled design of the seat come in. But that isn’t the only feature you’ll come to love about this chair as far as the comfort goes. you also have padded armrests as well as a cushioned back for ultimate support and luxury.

Besides, you have other awesome bits such as the spacious seat at 20.5 inches wide, and a seat height of 17 inches, not forgetting the flip-up cup holder. And it weighs just 8 pounds, quite light enough for a chair this strong. Read my full review Here.

Oniva Portable Folding Sports Chair


  • Webbed carry handles and detachable shoulder straps
  • Padded armrests and seat for the best comfort
  • Easy organization for your gear thanks to an accessories panel
  • A fold out side table that you can fold up only when needed
  • The seat height is also pretty awesome at up to 16 inches off the ground


  • Weighing 10.55 pounds, it’s undoubtedly a hefty chair
  • Would be great with a cup holder too

First Impression: Looking for a chair that can withstand a bit more weight? Then go with this ONIVA chair, which is capable of supporting up to 300 pounds.

You can thank the aluminum frame for the outstanding strength of this chair, but that isn’t the only bit you’ll get to love about this chair. It also comes with a very comfortable build, including an extra-wide seat design that offers plenty of room for big people.

Then it has padded armrests, which further add to the comfort by offering convenient support for your arms. Additionally, the seat itself is padded too, making it comfortable enough you can spend hours on this chair.

When it comes to convenience, you have several features to count on, including the foldout side table, which allows you to flip it up for use, and fold it out of the way if necessary.

Also, it has a very reliable accessories panel with several pockets where you not only get to keep your stuff tucked nicely out of the way yet within reach, it also allows you to organize stuff in there.

Its under-seat handles allow you to grab this chair easily when it’s time to move out. However, you can turn to an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap for carrying your chair over long distances. Read my full review Here.

GCI Outdoor Freestyle Folding Rocking Chair


  • Patented Eazy-Fold design for easy folding and unfolding
  • Comfortable padded armrests for keeping your arms supported
  • Handy beverage holder is in place and easily accessible
  • Convenient carry handles for easy handling and transportation of your chair
  • A smooth rocking action offers an undisputed comfort


  • Although it’s pretty sturdy, at 12.1 pounds, this chair is quite too heavy for some outdoor activities.

First Impression: With a capacity of 250 pounds, this GCI Outdoor chair might not be the strongest on this list, but it earns itself a spot with the laundry list of awesome features.

One of these is the sturdy powder-coated steel frame that is not only pretty strong and capable of supporting most adults but also lasts a very long time against the onslaught from the elements.

It also has a spring-action rocking technology that you’ll be hard-pressed to find in most other chairs out there, which is fantastic when it comes to giving you top-notch outdoor comfort.

Speaking of comfort, you can’t fail to notice the padded armrests on this chair, which offer very reliable support for your arms, making you comfy for hours on end. Additionally, it has a built-in beverage holder where you can stash a drink so you don’t have to put it on the ground or your lap.

The folding design of the chair is hands down awesome, but it gets even better with convenient carry handles that make it easy to handle and move around. Read my full review Here.

Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping Chair


  • A dual-locking design lets you lock the chair in the open or folded position
  • It has a carry strap attached to the chair, as well as a carry bag
  • A cell phone holder, a mesh pocket, as well as a zip pocket for storage
  • A spacious seat at 22” wide and 16” deep, with a seat height of 19” off the ground
  • you don’t have to worry about any bar digging uncomfortably into your legs


  • The long side of the chair when folded makes it cumbersome to carry

First Impression: This Kijaro chair also has plenty of awesome features that you can count on for outstanding comfort out there, but perhaps the no-sag seat design is the most impressive one.

The diamond ripstop polyester doesn’t disappoint when it comes to offering you an impressive luxury, but the one thing I can’t help but mention about this chair is the breathable mesh on the back. This design makes the chair perfect for use in hot weather by offering a great airflow and helping you stay cool.

Its metal frame doesn’t disappoint either, thanks to its solid construction and ideal design for premium seating comfort. What’s more, when it comes to performance, it rises to the challenge with the ability to take on up to 300 pounds, which is quite remarkable too.

You also get 2 cup holders, allowing you to use either the right or left hand. Additionally, it has an organizer fitted with a zip so you not only get to keep your items neatly organized and within reach, but you can also zip it up so nothing will fall off. Read my full review Here.

Timber Ridge Camping Chair


  • The heavy-duty polyester and steel frame can take up to 400 pounds
  • Spacious seat with a width of 22.5 inches
  • The seat height is similarly great at 18.5 inches
  • Comfy back height with 22 inches of back support
  • Detachable armrests offer you a touch of flexibility, too


  • Weighing 13.67 pounds, it’s so far the heaviest chair on this list, which also makes it hard to bring along on long hikes or backpacking trips

First Impression: This chair too comes packed full of awesome benefits that make it worth the money. But of course, the steel frame, which is the foundation of the chair, stands out.

Supporting up to 400 pounds, the frame on this one raises the bar as far as performance goes, beating some of the other options out there almost double-fold. The manufacturer of this chair doesn’t leave it at that. They have gone a mile further and designed it with a 22-inch high back construction for sufficient back support.

The seat is just as impressive, with a smooth foam padding that allows you to sit in your chair for hours on end. And the support for your arms hasn’t been overlooked either, since you also get padded armrests that take care of that.

However, there’s more to the armrests than just the padding, they are also detachable just in case you don’t need them. And they have a swivel cup holder built into the side, which allows you to keep your drink close but without being too close to your legs for comfort.

Of course, this chair also has other great features such as the foldable design for easy use, transportation, and storage, along with a handy carry bag that keeps it protected from dirt in transit. 

Helinox Savanna High-Back Camp Chair


  • The machine-washable carry bag and fabric make cleaning easy
  • It’s by far one of the most lightweight chairs at only 4.1 pounds
  • Solid and durable fabric as well as a solid aluminum frame
  • A convenient cup holder is at hand for keeping your drink close by
  • Mesh panels allow for ideal airflow in hot weather 


  • It’s a bit expensive, but the awesome weight to performance ratio makes it worth it
  • The only major downside to this side is the lack of a shoulder strap on the carry bag

First Impression: For those in need of a chair that you can bring along to virtually any outdoor adventure, you should try this Helinox aluminum chair and get to enjoy the comfort it offers.

The fact that it’s built with aluminum material shouldn’t fool you into thinking it’s a flimsy el-cheapo. This chair is still strong enough to support up to 320 pounds, which is the average weight of most adults and even slightly built individuals.

Also, it packs in a touch of comfort with mesh ventilation panels allowing for ideal airflow in hot weather. The chair’s carry bag also doubles as a pillow that you can use as a headrest for additional comfort.

Then you have the cozy seat fabric, which is also built for heavy-duty performance and durability, thanks to its tough and UV-resistance capabilities. While still at it, you will also notice the 13” seat height is ideal for snuggling around the campfire or enjoying some awesome comfort at the beach.

A cup holder is also in place to ensure your drink stays off the ground and your hands stay free. Then the setup is super easy and fast, all thanks to the bungee cord that makes assembly of the poles a snap.

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair


  • The seat is roomy, with a 24.5” width offering enough sitting space
  • Two side pockets and a large back pocket offer enough storage for your items
  • Two cup holders on each side allow you to use your dominant hand
  • Solid steel, fabric, and construction make this one of the strongest chairs
  • A folding design makes it easy to use and takedown


  • The cross braces on the front might dig into your legs depending on how you sit
  • The seat sinks some, making it pretty hard to get out of

First Impression: If you want a chair that can withstand some serious weight, then you should go with this ALPS Mountaineering King Kong chair with its whooping 800-pound capacity.

The strong powder-coated steel frame of this chair makes it one of the best sellers on the market due to its outstanding performance, and it’s sure to last you for seasons too. Its fabric isn’t any less impressive, with the 600D polyester fabric offering you top-level comfort and stability.

Unlike most of the chairs on this list, and even out there, the armrests on this chair are adjustable too, allowing you to set them at the desired height, which is cool. Even better, on each of them is a cup holder, allowing you to use the hand that feels best for you.

As far as storing your stuff, you have a side pocket where those handy items go, so you don’t have to put them on the ground. Besides, it has a large mesh pocket at the back where you can store the carry bag when using the chair.

And the convenience doesn’t end there, since this chair also comes with a shoulder carry bag that makes transporting it as easy as it can get. Read my full review Here.

ALPS Mountaineering Rendezvous Chair


  • Solid materials and construction
  • A low-profile build makes it very comfortable
  • Ideal TechMesh fabric is very breathable
  • Easy to set up, close, and carry
  • Powder-coated steel frame guarantees lasting performance
  • At 6.8 inches, it’s not very heavy for a chair this strong


  • The back height isn’t as high so you won’t be getting much support from it
  • It also tends to sink in the sand quite easily

First Impression: The one thing I can’t help loving about this chair is the low-profile design, which sets it apart from most other camping chairs and makes it super comfy for use on the beach or around the campfire. What’s more, the low-profile build allows you to lean back perfectly and stretch out your legs.

Of course, that doesn’t shadow the solid construction, with the strong powder-coated steel frame onboard to give you the best of both performance and lasting service. The TechMesh fabric is very impressive too, since it matches the frame’s strength to support up to 300 pounds, and delivers a great deal of stability. And with the mesh design, it’s very breathable, making it perfect for use in hot weather.

The folding design makes setting up your chair as easy as it can get, and when it’s time to take it down, you can collapse it super easily. Even better, with the collapsed size, it fits easily in the included carry bag, making it easy to transport and store. Read my full review Here.

Cascade Mountain Tech Camping Chair


  • Compact design makes this chair easy to handle and store
  • It’s also a low profile chair for great comfort
  • Breathable mesh fabric keeps you cool in hot weather
  • Cushioned armrests offer ideal support for your arms
  • Reinforced feet are perfect for use on sand and soft ground


  • It might be a little uncomfortable with a bar digging into your hamstring

First Impression: The last chair on this list is just as impressive as the options I’ve listed before it. From the performance to the comfort, ease of portability, and all the bells and whistles, it’s got it all.

Let’s start with the ideal low-profile design sitting at only 9” off the ground, which makes it ideal for those who want a chair that allows you to snuggle around the campfire or stretch out your legs and relax on the beach. Besides, it has a breathable mesh fabric that ensures a breeze of cool air penetrates inwards to keep you refreshed.

The compact 21” by 20” build is pretty small, but it also folds down into an even smaller package at 26” by 8” thus making it unmistakably easy to carry to just about any outdoor adventure. Comfort hasn’t been left behind either, as this chair also comes with cushioned armrests to give you as much luxury as you need.

And it’s still solidly built, sturdy enough to support up to 250 pounds, thanks to the stout steel and aluminum frame that also lasts for years.

An included storage bag also goes a long way to making transporting your chair super easy. Read my full review Here.

chairs and umbrellas on a beach

My Top Picks

Most popular chair — Coleman Folding Camping Chair with Built-in 4 Can Cooler

Why: If not for anything else, the 4 can cooler on this Coleman chair makes it stand out from the competition. Most chairs have a cup holder, but having one that offers you a way to keep your drink cool is downright, cool!

Highest rated chair — GCI Freestyle Portable Folding Rocking Chair

Why: The rocking design of this chair not only makes it a popular choice among outdoor lovers; it’s going to make your camping adventure worthwhile too. The weight capacity isn’t that great, but if you’re within its weight limit, then it’s the chair to have your eyes on.

Best chair for Large People — ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Folding Chair

Why: The 800-pound capacity of this chair speaks for itself as to how much this chair can prove to be a savior for the big users. Besides, the solid construction further makes it very durable. If you’re a large person and struggling to find a chair that can guarantee reliable support, check this one out.

Best Low Profile Chair — ALPS Mountaineering Rendezvous Folding Chair

Why: Nothing screams comfort like a low-profile chair that lets you stretch out and unwind after a long hike. And that’s exactly what this chair does best. This design might make it a bit of a pain for tall people to sit in it or stand up, but it’s sure a go-to option for absolute comfort.

Questions And Answers

Question: What is the most common weight capacity do folding chairs support?

Answer: That depends on the chair you go for, usually hinging on the material of the chair, and of course, the construction. However, if you’re a slightly built person, you should be able to find a chair solid enough for your weight.

Some of these chairs can support up to 400 pounds, some even more. So finding a seriously heavy-duty camp chair shouldn’t be a far cry.

Question: Is a folding camping chair better than other types?

Answer: When hitting the road with all the gear you have to haul along on your trip, every ounce and inch counts. Thus, it pays to have a chair that folds down small enough to fit in the tiny space available in your car trunk, or a cramped tent.

That’s where these chairs come in, helping you save on space, and most of them are pretty lightweight, so you won’t have to worry about them bogging you down much.

What To Look For When Buying

The build

While everyone is keen on the material of a folding camping chair, few bother to take a closer look at the build itself. Well, to be sincere, having a solid steel frame chair that is shoddily built isn’t going to make much of a difference now, is it?

It’s crucial to pay as much attention to the construction itself rather than just checking out the material. A look at some of the reviews around should help you figure that out.


Getting that herculean chair that can take on almost a thousand pounds is one thing, but being able to hike with it on your back can be quite a whole different story. So, when deciding on the chair to go for, don’t just look at the performance, peep further to see whether it can make life easier for you on the trail as well.

The good news is, there’s a hoard of great lightweight chairs out there, you just have to find the right one.

Is it comfortable enough?

Of course, comfort is the last thing that should go out the window no matter how strong you want your chair to be. you might be a little too cautious after that embarrassing fall last summer and want a chair that won’t disappoint you this time around.

However, you can’t afford to miss such luxuries as an armrest, padded headrest, mesh panels for breathability, and such awesome features.


This has to do with everything from accessory pockets for your small items like phone and sunglasses, to a side table, a cup holder, and of course, the ease of fold-ability.

Some chairs even take matters a notch higher with adjustable armrests, giving you comfort that is second to none. If you prefer outdoor gear with all the bells and whistles, then you can find a chair with all you want.

Here’s A Tip Or Two

  • If you are planning on spending your trip down by the beach, then spare yourself the frustration that comes with sinking chairs and get one with the right feet for use on sand and soft ground.
  • An easily washable chair will continue looking pristine. You might not notice it with a single-use or by the second trip, but with time, your chair is going to collect enough dirt and grime, you will need to clean it at some point.
  • Storing it inside the carry bag helps keep it from collecting dust and dirt fast.

Special Mention

I must make special mention of one chair that stands above a lot of them and that is the excellent Oniva by Picnic Time. With an extra-wide seat sitting 16 inches off the ground and having a weight-bearing capacity of 300 pounds this is one of my all-time favorites.

Numerous storage pockets and a sturdy side table make this good-looking well build chair a very high contender and you should do yourself a favor and check it out closely as you won’t be disappointed. It’s in the image below.


Looking for a reliable folding camping chair? Then I hope this list has brought your search to a successful ending. With such great variety to choose from, finding that ideal chair for the oncoming outdoor activity doesn’t have to be a hassle anymore.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions please leave them below in the comment and I will answer them as soon as possible. Also, join our Facebook community for more great articles and news.

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