Best High Back Camping Chairs

Owning one of these best high back camping chairs will provide you a great comfortable spot to stop and rest. No matter where you spend your outdoor adventure camping on the beach, or in the woods, you will need a spot to sit and relax, and usually, a tree stump doesn’t cut it.

The reason? They lack the one feature that you want so bad, enough support for your back. Well, if that’s what you’re on the hunt for, this list will contain a suitable solution for you.

Let’s get started and by the end, you will have all the information you need to make the correct decision about your next chair purchase.

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A Quick Glance At The Top 12

ImageProduct NamePrice
Graphic Image Aluminum Sports ChairCurrent Price
KingCamp Lightweight Mesh Back Camp ChairCurrent Price
Timber Ridge Ergonomic High Back Support ChairCurrent Price
GCI Outdoor Freestyle Portable Folding Rocking ChairCurrent Price
Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair With 4-Can CoolerCurrent Price
ALPS Mountaineering King Kong ChairCurrent Price
ALPS Mountaineering Escape Camp ChairCurrent Price
Ozark Trail Ultra High Back Quad Camp ChairCurrent Price
Coleman ComfortSmart Camping ChairCurrent Price
Timber Ridge Camping Folding ChairCurrent Price
ONIVA Portable Reclining Camp ChairCurrent Price
REDCAMP Low Lightweight Chair With High BackCurrent Price
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Let’s Start On Our List Of Contenders

Graphic Image Aluminum Sports Chair


  • Made using strong and durable materials
  • Easy to collapse and fold up, with enough carrying options
  • Comfortable wide-seat design and padded armrests
  • Very lightweight at only 9 pounds
  • Lots of pockets for your stuff, and a pop-up side table
  • Webbed carry handles go easy on your hands


  • Very functional and hard to fault

First Impressions: Built for just about any outdoor adventure, this high back camping chair has a fair number of great features that you might find exciting during your time outdoors.

The one thing that stands out here is the combination of lightweight design and high performance of this chair.

Despite weighing only 9 pounds, it’s strong enough to hold up to 300lbs, which allows you to enjoy reliable support without having to struggle to move your chair around.

Another great touch

This chair has a pop-up side table, which is great for keeping your items close, but there’s more; as it also has an armrest caddy and several other pockets that you can use for keeping magazines, books, and other items.

And for your refreshment, there are two beverage pockets, which are insulated, by the way, to keep the chill in your drink.

This chair also features

Reliable materials, with the frame made of aluminum, which is not as tough as steel but still has a high weight capacity. The fabric is made of polyester canvas, which is actually padded for that extra bit of comfort.

Some of the other features that are worth mentioning include the wide seat design, which along with the padded armrests, offer sufficient comfort when sitting for long hours.


It has a folding design with under-seat carry handles and detachable shoulder straps for easy portability and transport.

What I liked was the functionality and the bright colors that are available, and the very high customer rating makes this sports chair one of the best in my opinion. Read Full Review Here.

We Rated This Product 4.8 From 5 Stars

KingCamp Lightweight Mesh Back Camp Chair


  • The headrest also doubles as an extra pocket for your items
  • Spacious sitting area with a seat width of 21.2 inches
  • The carry bag has straps that make it easy to handle and carry
  •  It’s a very lightweight yet solidly built and durable chair


  • An adjustable back would make this the perfect low camp chair

First Impressions: If you want a low sitting lightweight high back camping chair, then this Kingcamp camp chair should fit the bill just right.

Weighing only 7 lbs, this chair is by far the most lightweight one on this list so far, and probably one of the lightest high back chairs available. A good combination of lightweight design and outstanding performance.

But this doesn’t mean this chair isn’t solid enough to hold your weight, with its sturdy cross design steel frame, it is not only built to last, but it also supports up to 300lbs.

And there’s something more

The foot bars are big and feature an anti-skid make that allows the chair to remain very stable in different terrains, which is not only convenient but is also essential as far as your safety goes.

Besides the stability, you’ll love just how comfortable this chair can get, thanks to the high back design, which is pretty much the standard feature in the chairs on this post.

But wait

This one takes matters a notch higher with a headrest that offers even more support for the area around your neck and head. One key feature I like about the Kingcamp is that you can stretch out in this low sitting chair.

Also, its armrests come wrapped by foam that brings onboard a soft touch for that extra comfort. Then its 600D Oxford fabric is built to complete the comfort that you can get with this chair, as it has a mesh design that is very breathable for those hot days.

The other features

Compact and easy to carry is another aspect that makes this chair worth a second look. It packs small enough for easy transportation, measuring 30.7inches by 7.9 inches by 5.1 inches, and fits nicely into a spacious carry bag.

You’ll love this Kingcamp chair with the easy open and fold design, as well as an underneath pocket and a cup holder to keep your drink close and handy.

We Rated This Product 4.8 From 5 Stars 

Timber Ridge Ergonomic High Back Support


  • Sufficient back height of up to 22inches
  • It offers an oversized seat area for comfort
  • The detachable armrests offer a bit of flexibility
  • Strong material and solid construction allows it to support up to 300lbs
  • Packs quite small, measuring 9.4inches by 6.5 inches by 39 inches


  •  It’s not the lightest so would not be suitable for long treks

First Impressions: This high back chair has enough features to transform your camping experience for the better.

A fully padding design makes it very comfortable, especially if you want to sit on it for a long time such as when resting at the beach.  At 13 lb in weight, it is a sturdy and stable chair.

For extra comfort

It also has detachable armrests, which help support your hands, not to mention that these are padded too, giving you ultimate comfort.

Its sitting space is the other factor that you can’t miss, with a width of 22.5 inches; you have more than enough room to sit in. But the real deal is in the back height, which measures up to 22 inches, offering sufficient support for your back.  

Besides the comfort

Performance is the other thing about this chair that makes it worth the money. Made using a strong, durable polyester material along with a solid heavy-duty frame made out of steel, it is capable of supporting up to 300 lbs.

And for that bit of convenience that you should get with this kind of chair, there’s a swivel cup holder located on the chair’s side, ensuring your drink stays off the ground and within reach. 

The other features

We have to mention include the foldable design of this chair, which makes it very convenient as it is super easy to open and set up, and just as easy to take down and store. Even better it comes with a portable carry bag for storing and transporting it.

We Rated This Product 4.8 From 5 Stars  

GCI Outdoor Freestyle Portable Folding Rocking Chair


  • The spring-action design offers great comfort
  • The mesh backrest is both comfortable and breathable
  • Its padded armrests add to the comfort of this chair
  • An inbuilt beverage holder is great for keeping your drink close by
  • It’s sturdy and easy to unfold or pack up


  • At 12.1 lbs, it may be hefty for longer treks to the campsite

First Impressions: Looking for something a little different? How about a rocker.

If you want a high back chair with a difference, then you should check out this one from GCI, as it has a good number of outstanding features.

The patented spring-action design is one of the things that caught our eyes, and which will most probably catch yours too. This allows the chair to rock in a smooth motion, which could take your outdoor experience to a whole new level.

A mesh backrest

Another feature that sets this chair apart when it comes to comfort is the breathable mesh back, but that’s not all there is to it, you also get an extra bit of comfort with the padded armrests that this chair comes with.

With a seat height of 19.7 inches, it is easy to sit in and stand up without having to struggle. When open, this chair measures 24 inches by 25 inches by 34.8 inches

And the best part

Well, there’s an inbuilt beverage holder on the armrests, which allows you to keep your drink within reach. 

After use fold the chair into a compact 25 inches by 4.9 inches by 34.8 inches, for simple storage and transport. However, if you want a chair that’s built for some serious heavy lifting, this might not be the one for you.

With its strong frame made of powder-coated steel, it can support a slightly lesser weight of 250lbs, however, this would still suit the majority. Read Full Review Here

We Rated This Product 4.7 From 5 Stars 

Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair with 4-Can Cooler


  • Enough sitting space with up to 24-inch seat width
  • Strong and very durable steel frame
  • Sufficient cushioning on the seat and backrest for comfort
  • Side pockets for convenient storage of your items
  • Convenient four-can cooler for keeping your drinks cold and within reach


  • The cooler makes inserting this chair back into the sleeve

First Impressions: If you love Coleman products, then you might need to check out this one. But does it have what it takes to transform your outdoor experience?

Let’s start with the comfort, where the 18.1-inch sitting height comes in, not the highest on this list though, but still enough for shorter guys. And what this chair lacks in the sitting height, it makes up for in its cozy design, with armrests and a fully cushioned seat as well as the back.

It’s great to have a camping chair that allows you to keep your drinks within reach. Coleman takes matters a notch higher with this chair’s built-in 4-can cooler on the armrest, which keeps your drinks cold and refreshing.

What’s more

It has a mesh cup holder, as well as a side pocket, both of which do a great job of keeping your beverages and personal items within reach for easy access.

The steel frame on this chair is also both sturdy and very durable, giving you the value you pay for, and allows super easy foldable design as you can collapse or fold up this chair in next to no time, making it easy to store or transport. Read Full Review Here 

We Rated This Product 4.6 From 5 Stars

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair


  • It’s a strong chair that can hold up to 800lbs
  • The seat is very roomy
  • More than enough pockets for your personal items
  • Up to two cup holders help keep your drinks where they’re easily accessible
  • Its adjustable armrests are great for extra comfort and flexibility
  • It’s both solid and very durable thanks to the quality materials and construction


  • The seat sags too low, making this chair a bit uncomfortable to sit in and difficult to stand up

First Impressions: If you like big and strong, this may be the one.

With the ability to support up to 800 lbs, it’s a solid chair capable of holding up people of all sizes, which is one of the things that not only earn this chair a spot on our list but also surpasses the other options we’ve looked at by far for capacity.

And it’s all thanks

To the robust powder-coated steel frame, along with the 600D polyester fabric. But there’s more to it than just the strong material and solid construction.

When it comes to comfort, this chair’s adjustable armrests get the job done by giving you the support and flexibility that you need when out there.

And remember, it also has two cup holders, as well as two side pockets and a large pocket on the back, which help keep your drink and personal items within reach.

The other feature

That we couldn’t help but notice is how roomy the seat is, measuring an impressive 24.5 inches wide, it’s one of the most spacious ones we’ve come across yet.

Still, on the measurement, the Alps King Kong chair measures 38 inches by 20 inches by 38 inches, but it packs small and is easy to fit in an included carry bag for easy transportation and storage. Read Full Review Here.

We Rated This Product 4.7 From 5 Stars

ALPS Mountaineering Escape Camp Chair


  • The frame is made of a durable powder-coated steel frame
  • Its 600D polyester fabric is both strong and durable
  • Easy to collapse and fold up once the party is over
  • It’s very lightweight at only 10 lbs
  • Very flexible feet to suit your preference


  • If you’re a big guy, the weight capacity may be a little low at 225 lbs

First Impressions: ALPS Mountaineering has been around for long enough, and we’ve all come to know and love their impressive products, so does this chair live up to the brand’s reputation?

The material (a frame made of powder-coated steel and a durable 600 polyester fabric) makes it very lasting, although it isn’t as strong as most other chairs on this list it has a lower weight capacity of 225 lb.

For a bit of flexibility, the footrests are both adjustable and removable. Also, if you want a really low-profile chair, you can remove them altogether.

Still, on convenience, you have the cup holder by your side so you can always keep your drinks within reach for that refreshing sip at any time. 

Then there’s the foldable design that allows you to collapse or fold up this chair with ease, not forgetting a shoulder carry bag that it comes with, which makes transportation and storage a breeze.

And that’s not all

This chair also comes with other such great features as the lightweight design, since it weighs only 10 lbs, coming in as one of the most lightweight options on this list. It’s also a bit compact, measuring 32.5 inches by 17 inches by 41.5 inches.

We Rated This Product 4.4 From 5 Stars

Ozark Trail Ultra High Back Quad Camp Chair


  • Very comfortable with the high back design
  • Capable of supporting up to 300lbs
  • Very versatile, you can take it to any outdoor adventure
  • A headrest design for additional comfort
  • A convenient fabric cup holder


  • It’s quite bulky and a bit difficult to carry over long distances

First Impressions: If you’ve been a lover of the outdoors for long enough, then chances are, you’ve used gear from Ozark at some point. So, does this chair offer the value and quality you would expect from this brand?

The performance is one of the things that make this chair worth the money, thanks to its durable steel frame, which is capable of supporting up to 300 pounds, making it a great chair even for big guys.

And as it turns out

Your comfort is also taken care of, which is why Ozark added a headrest for the much-needed support. Not forgetting, it also features a high back design at 24 inches, ensuring enough support for your back, enhancing your camping experience.

What’s more, it also comes with a fabric cup holder, which helps keep your favorite drink off the ground, and within reach at all times.


It has adjustable feet so you can set it right where you need it, and this can really come in handy when setting your chair on uneven terrain.

The folding design of this chair is the other feature that makes it a great pick for just about any outdoor adventure. And it’s versatile enough for camping, tailgating, and even use in the backyard; wherever you are going, this Ozark comes with you.

We Rated This Product 4.4 From 5 Stars

Coleman ComfortSmart Camping Chair


  • This chair slides easily into an included carry bag
  • A nylon mesh fabric is breathable and comfortable
  • Has a convenient beverage holder for your drinks
  • The seat is high enough off the ground such that it’s easy to sit in
  • Easy to collapse and fold up


  • At 12 pounds, it’s a bit heavy and big, making carrying it difficult

First Impressions: Another from Coleman, a popular brand name among outdoor lovers, and this chair too has some great features and it’s definitely worth a look.

Let’s begin with the comfort, which is where the flexible bungee suspension construction of this chair comes into play, allowing you to enjoy luxurious comfort on your adventure.

Its nylon mesh fabric is the other feature that does a great job of offering you great comfort, as it is both cozy and very breathable, which can be great during the hot season.

And at 20 inches from the ground, this chair is high enough to sit in or stand up with ease. The sitting height is 19.7 inches.

Besides the comfort

The Coleman Comfortsmart chair is also designed to offer you the convenience you need, thanks to its drink holder, designed to fit just about any beverage including coffee cups or wine glasses.

Then there’s the performance, which hinges on this chair’s robust steel frame, built to support up to 300 lbs, making it a perfect pick for most individuals.

Its collapsible design is the other feature that really comes in handy when it comes to handling your chair, as it is super easy to collapse and fold up, usually taking only a matter of seconds.

We Rated This Product 4.4 From 5 Stars

Timber Ridge Camping Folding Chair


  • It’s made of tough polyester fabric
  • The aluminum frame is also very strong and durable
  • It’s solidly built, capable of supporting up to 300lbs
  • Comfortable padding on the seat and armrests
  • The high back design with a headrest adds to the comfort


  • On the downside, this chair doesn’t have convenient features such as a cup holder

First Impressions: Coming up next is yet another comfortable chair from Timber Ridge, which comes with a number of great features also.

And when we say it’s a comfortable chair, we mean it, as the padding on this one is enough to make it comfy enough for your outdoor adventure.

Besides its thick foam padding design, it has a high chair back at up to 23 inches, which adds to the comfort.

What’s more

This chair also features ABS armrests for soft experience and support for your hands, which can feel very great when sitting for long hours.

But what really makes this chair outstanding is the lack of a bar at the back of your knees, which can be very uncomfortable in most chairs.

Then there’s the loading capacity, which is just as impressive as the other chair we’ve discussed above, thanks to the strong, lasting polyester material and the aluminum frame, which make this chair solid enough to support up to 300lbs.

It’s also a very lightweight chair

Despite the impressive performance and the striking comfort, as it weighs only 9.5 pounds. Even better, it folds easily and comes with a handy carry bag, so transporting your chair doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck.

We Rated This Product 4.4 From 5 Stars

ONIVA Portable Reclining Camp Chair


  • The steel frame is both strong and durable
  • Comfortable, breathable polyester canvas
  • Great recline allows you to sit in up to three positions
  • Packs very small once folded up for easy transportation
  • Padded, adjustable armrests offer a combination of comfort and flexibility
  • A detachable pouch on the back is excellent for storing small items
  • It’s also quite lightweight at only 9 pounds


  • If you prefer low-profile chairs, this might not be for you

First Impressions: Meet yet another great high back camping chair, but this time, from ONIVA. But does this one stand out?

Judging by the performance, it isn’t much different, as its strong steel frame is capable of supporting 300 pounds, just like most of the chairs we’ve looked at so far.

And for the fabric, it is every bit as impressive as it is made of a lasting 600D polyester canvas, which is both durable and tough.


When it comes to comfort, you can’t afford to miss the comfy backrest that this chair comes with, which, along with its padded seat and recline design that allows you to enjoy up to three seating positions, giving you a combination of comfort and flexibility.

Speaking of flexibility, this chair’s adjustable armrests offer that last bit of flexibility you would want in a camping chair, especially if you have to sit for long hours.

An insulated drink holder

On this chair, the drink holder ensures your refreshing sip won’t have to be on the ground. And for keeping your handy items within reach, you’ll need a large pocket (which is zippered by the way) on the back of your chair.

And for easy portability of your chair, there’s an included tote bag, with straps, where you can stuff it in once the adventure is over. What’s more, the chair packs small once folded up, from 42 inches by 36.

We Rated This Product 4.2 From 5 Stars

REDCAMP Low Lightweight Chair with High Back


  • The breathable mesh back is very comfortable
  • Strong materials and solid construction for durability
  • It’s also very lightweight at only 8.3 pounds
  • Extra-wide leg caps offer enough stability on different terrain
  • Cozy sponge around the head and neck area as well as cushioned armrests
  • Offers up to 105-degree back recline for lounging comfort


  • It slouches a bit too low for tall people

First Impressions: This REDCAMP low beach chair is designed with the needs of just about any outdoor lover in mind, so you can bet it has enough features to make your trip worth every moment.

With its sturdy heavy-duty steel frame, it is capable of supporting up to 300lbs, which is the standard weight capacity of most camping chairs out there.

But there’s still more; it also has extra-wide leg caps with an anti-slip design that helps make your chair very stable even on different terrains.

The fabric is also worth a hard look

As the durable oxford material of this chair is built to give you great comfort and durability, but it’s also very breathable and features a mesh net that could make some serious difference on hot days.

To give the comfort and support you so crave, this chair features a high backrest, and a cozy sponge on the top of the seat, which feels very comfortable to lay your neck or head.

With a seat height

A height of 7.5 inches and a relaxed back, along with the low seat design, this chair allows you to stretch out your legs for a more comfortable experience.

The other features that you get with this chair include its back mesh pocket for your towels and other stuff, a foldable design


The Redcamp low camp chair measures 22inches by 26 inches by 31inches, and packs down to 7inches by 7inches by 32 inches and comes with a storage bag for storage and transportation.

We Rated This Product 4.1 From 5 Stars

best high back camping chairstwo people sitting on chairs looking at the ocean

Here Are My Top Choices

Best High Back Camping Chair Overall – Graphic Image Aluminum Sports Chair

Why: I like this one a lot because of the versatile and functional nature it provides as well as the comfort and strong support. It is easy to carry and with the little side table and storage pockets, I can keep my resting time organized.

Most popular High Back Camping Chair – Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair

Why: Here is a chair that gives good carrying capacity of 325 lbs, made by a longtime manufacturer of camping equipment.

One that is hugely popular with over 8000 satisfied customers giving it a very high rating, then the Coleman Quad chair is a good choice.

Coolest High Back Camping Chair – GCI Outdoor Portable Folding Rocking Chair

Why: The GCI freestyle rocking chair gives a special something to the person who wants a chair that’s a little bit different.

It is a funky camping chair with an assisted rocking movement that will have you dozing at your favorite campsite.

Best Capacity High Back Camping Chair – ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

Why: As the name suggests this is the King Kong of camping chairs, with a weight capacity of 800 pounds it will hold Mum Dad and Baby.

It comes in 4 smart colors for choice and it earns a top spot on my list as it does with many other bestseller lists. With its smart looks and strong sturdy design, this one takes some beating if you prefer a bigger chair to relax in. 

Questions and Answers 

Question: What makes a high back camping chair special?

Answer: Just as the name suggests, these chairs feature a higher back area, which helps offer extra support for the upper part of your back. Some are even capable of supporting your neck and head, which is good for both comfort and your spinal health.

Question: How do I determine if it’s high enough off the ground?

Answer: This will depend on your height as an individual and simply how you like to sit. A chair that’s too low will be difficult to sit in for a tall guy, and the same holds for standing up too.

On the other end, a shorter person won’t have much difficulty with a low-profile chair, however, age and physical agility will also determine the most comfortable and practical chair for you.

Question: Can I modify my chair to suit my needs?

Answer: Absolutely, thankfully enough, most of these chairs have several adjustable features, from the legs to the backrest, and even shoulder straps. These allow you to tweak and twist the different components of your chair to your liking.

Question: Does my chair have to be made of steel?

Answer: Not really. Some chairs, including some that we’ve featured in this list, have an aluminum frame, which is also strong and lasting, although not as strong as steel, the latter gets the job done. 

One key area where aluminum is far better than steel is if you use it near or on the beach as saltwater and beach condition will quickly damage plain steel through rust that will destroy the frame quickly.

best high back camping chairs-a line of chairs in the snow

How To Choose The Best High Back Camping Chairs 


The first thing, and one that you really need to be very keen on when buying a high back camping chair, has to be the material it’s made of. A steel frame, for instance, is tougher than an aluminum one.

Besides, this may make the chair heavier and a little bit bulkier. When making the decision, make sure to factor in these considerations. Also, the environment in which you use the chair mostly needs to be taken into account.

If you do a lot of beach camping or visit the seaside often with your chair you will be far better served by purchasing an aluminum frame chair that will not rust quickly from salty conditions.

Size, seat width

Size does matter when it comes to most outdoor gear, and these chairs aren’t any exception. But what matters the most here is whether the chair offers sufficient sitting space, which comes down to the overall seat sizes.

And this could be very essential if you are a big guy and enjoy a bit of room to move a large chair will be the solution you seek, one very good big strong chair I have written an in-depth review on is the King Kong Chair by Alps Mountaineering.

I like this chair simply because it will hold most of us in stable secure comfort with little to no chance of it collapsing under normal circumstances. 


This one doesn’t make or break the performance or durability of your chair, but it’s worth checking anyway, especially if you are keen on comfort and the ability to stretch the legs.

The good thing about a chair with a recline is that it allows you to enjoy a combination of great back support and that lounging experience you don’t get with a lot of chairs.


From the size to the weight, there’s a good number of features that matter when it comes to transporting or storing your high back camping chair. Such other features as the size, ease of folding it down, and an included carry bag also count.

Always keep an eye out for such factors, especially if you expect to be carrying your chair over long distances. However, most of these folding chairs are excellent choices for typical car camping scenarios where you have transport within easy reach.  


Out on the hunt for a high-back camping chair? We hope this post has answered most, if not all, of your questions besides offering you some of the best picks around.

There’s a lot that goes into finding a great camping chair, and with a keen eye on the details and good taste, you will be able to find the best high back camping chairs for you and your family.

The same also goes for just about any other outdoor gear. After all, you want to get the best value for that money. Now you can go ahead with confidence, pick the perfect one for you, and make the next trip better than the last one. 

If you have any more questions, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.


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