Best Propane Grills

Be the master of your next outdoor cook up with one of the Best Propane Grills, we have decided on 14 propane grills each a little different from the other to make up our list.

This Article Was Last Updated On June 30, 2021

and I know there is one among them that will give you all you need to make you the king of the campsite kitchen.

Delicious food cooked together with joy and happiness as you enjoy your outdoor adventures as a family or with good friends can form memories that will last a lifetime.

cooking with the best propane grills

Opposite to a grill is a stove and you can check out our list of best camping stoves, but for now, read on to find your next propane grill, we start with what I consider the best grill overall. 

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Coleman RoadTrip Portable Propane Grill

This grill takes the lead on this list with many impressive features. It gives you every reason to enjoy and have fun with preparing and cooking your meals in the great outdoors wherever that may be.

To begin with, this grill is built for heavy-duty use time and time again, producing an impressive 20,000 BTUs of power, it is designed extremely well and is perfect for helping you prepare an amazing feast for your family and friends. 

The ignition is fast, very fast thanks to the InstaStart function, you don’t even need to bring a lighter or matches with you. This function even does the job faster than you would with a match, especially in windy conditions.

Collapsible design and compact size make it great for portability so you can use it on a wide range of outdoor adventures. From picnicking to tailgating, camping, and hiking, this grill goes with you anywhere.

  • One of the very good features of this grill is that the grates can be swapped for stovetops. Its cooktops are interchangeable, so you can decide on using the ones that work best for you.
  • This is not only convenient, but it is also every bit as easy to do too. I have recently put together an individual review of this grill check it out here at the Coleman Roadtrip Review

So, even though this is a grill, stove grates are available separately available from Amazon. Although most importantly, the grill comes with just about everything you need. The package includes a towing handle, wheels, the grill itself, a regulator as well as instructions.

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Weber Q2200 Liquid Propane Grill

 This grill is also up there on the top of our list because of some outstanding features that make it worth a closer inspection. Not only is it a durable grill that is built to last the distance but it also comes with a number of outstanding features.

Stainless steel burners deliver a plentiful 12000 BTU per hour which will provide enough heat to cook the most demanding meal. The grille features a 280 square inch cooking area which is enough to cook a dozen burgers plenty of hot dogs and some delicious steaks.

  • The grates encompass a porcelain enamel cast material which is a good quality cooking surface that heats evenly and the material used in the construction of this grill body is a cast aluminum.
  • It has a fast electronic ignition to get the party started efficiently. It also has infinite control burner valve settings that put you in ultimate control of your cooking.

The Q2200 is a reliable solution for your every outdoor feast and an article we wrote about this product in an in-depth review is available for you to look at here at the Mouthwatering Weber Q Review 

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 Solaire Portable Infrared Propane Grill

 Next on our list is a very good quality portable grill which is a terrific option for every outdoors lover.

It too has a number of features that will impress once again beginning with the push button instant-start ignition, these are always a big deal I love the instant start.

This is a time-saving device on a convenient grill that makes it a worthy contender for your next grill, this grill can be operated with the use of 1 lb cylinders which are available throughout the country in any small or medium store.

  • It can also be attached to the larger 20 lb tanks if that is more suitable for your needs, however, you will need an adaptor hose for that option.
  • The Solaire has 155 square inches of cooking surface which is a very good size for a small family or small group of friends.
  • The gas jets produce a robust 14000 BTU of power and another feature of this grill is the lightweight design where the total unit weight is 20 lb.

Its claimed there’s a Rocket under the hood of each Solaire, the infrared burner, it is a fact that it does create a high heat which is good for cooking the perfect steak. It will be ready in just a few short minutes and it’s even been featured on national television showing how it cooks more succulent and delicious food, worth a look.

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Weber Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill

 The first feature you will come to love about this grill is its stainless steel burner. Delivering up to 8500 BTUs of power, it has enough power to get your burger or steak well cooked.

The cooking area is another feature that makes this smaller grill attractive, at 189 square-inches, it offers ample space for comfortable and hassle-free meal prep.

Its cooking grates also have something exciting for you. These are made of porcelain-enameled cast-iron, making them both strong and durable enough to take a bit of hard work. A glass-reinforced frame, and a cast aluminum lid, as well as the body, add to its durability too.

  • This grill also stands out with the ignition. It is not only fast but also super-efficient. Since it comes with push-button ignition, you can start it instantly.
  • Moreover, it also comes with valve settings that give you ultimate control in your cooking heat and delivers just what you require.

Another thing that makes this grill stand out is its removable pan, which helps catch the grease. If you don’t want messy cooking, then you are going to love this bit. And that’s not all yet; it also comes with replaceable foil pans that you can put inside the pan. These will help make the cleanup a snap.

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Napoleon Portable Propane Grill

 Here is a grill that comes with a difference, not only does it pack in double burner functionality but it also comes with many other exciting features that are sure to impress.

The first feature is a high burner output of 12000 BTU so plenty of heat coming out here. Together with the Jetfire Ignition system, lighting this baby is a breeze.

This will have dinner ready in no time the burners are a stainless steel material which is ideal for direct grilling.

  • The cooking grids made from porcelain lead cast iron which is a nice consistent cooking service that helps with heat distribution and is very long-lasting.
  • Another ideal feature with this portable grill is quite a large cooking area of 285 square inches this space

This surface is large enough to prepare a meal for your whole family. It is a portable easy to set up unit which is very compact while the legs easily fold into a position that allows easy transport and storage.

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 Coleman Camp Propane Grill

 Fuel efficiency and perfect cooking are some of the leading aspects that put this grill on the list with some very classy competition, its also thanks to its PerfectHeat technology.

This offers great cooking without going hard on the fuel, it also features a PerfectFlow function, which helps ensure consistent cooking despite the sometimes rough outdoor conditions.

It also boasts a high performance when it comes to power. It delivers as high as 11,000 BTUs of heat, which is enough to grill your food to a very high standard in good time.

  • And with up to 180 square inches of cooking surface, it offers all you would ever need for easy cooking for a small family.
  • Preventing the flames from going out on a windy day can be hard enough. But luckily, this grill has that taken care of as well.
  • To keep the flames in and the wind out, it comes with WindBlock panels that shield its burners from the wind. What’s more, if you need more working space, you can still fold them down as side tables.

Versatility is the other thing you get with this grill. It is small and light enough to bring with you on any adventure while camping near the beach or other activities like hunting, tailgating, maybe just out on the back patio for breakfast.

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Martin Portable Propane BBQ Grill

 There’s no better start than with the power that this grill offers, with its U-shaped burner, it can offer up to 14000 BTUs of cooking power which is plenty for most outdoor Bar B Que activities.

Then it also comes with a porcelain cooking grid, which further enhances the cooking more fun as it ensures that your food cooks evenly.

To give you all the control you need, this grill also comes with an adjustable flame/temperature function. This makes cooking much easier and convenient.

You can count on it for slow grilling and cooking without any hassle. Portability is always crucial when considering the right grill to go for. Thanks to its foldable legs, taking it with you becomes as easy as it can get.

  • The setup is simple, you can simply fold the legs out and get your grill ready for use in minutes.
  •  You will also love the wide retractable warming rack and keeping the grease in check also goes a long way to preventing messy cooking.
  • This is where a grease pan in this grill comes in handy by keeping your cooking area clean.

With up to 354 square inches of cooking space, you will definitely have an easy time with the meal prep, as you will with the cooking. A Piezo-ignition system, an adjustable temperature, and a heat indicator are a few other crucial features worth noting in this grill.

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Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Portable Propane Grill

 For a portable grill with a nice wide 160 squares cooking space, this one could be your best bet. Not just this but also gives us plenty more, firstly, this is an easy to use unit.

When it comes to grilling the power you will get from this grill a robust 5500 BTU delivered from stainless steel burners which will cook a delightful hamburger.

This is quite a small unit but it will perform nicely cooking for a small to medium size family or small group, you will enjoy the portability and easy setup and pack away.

  • The integrated lid lock that keeps the lid in its place, the design, as well as ease of carrying makes this a nice little grill indeed.
  • Compact and strongly built grill that comes in with a weight of 17 lbs.

This freestanding unit has a reasonable power output but may take a little time to heat and could be too slow for cooking a large amount of food but for a small group this is a good  propane grill for your next camping trip

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Char-Broil Classic 280 Propane Grill

 The name char broil represents quality, reliability, and overall value, and the classic 280 might be the one for you.

It has a fair share of outstanding features, has enough space on the grill to prepare a meal for any sized family. Thanks to the quality steel construction this grill is built for the long haul and its durability means it will last many seasons.

Another great thing about it is the simple setup capability and to fold up easily along with an unparalleled compact design.

  • Using it, cleaning it, and storing it, have never been easier it also has heat-resistant handles which makes it a safer unit for your family to use
  • In regards to the cooking grates, they are of a porcelain-coated construction, these grates distribute the heat evenly across the whole area making it a pleasure to cook on.
  • This is a quality grill, well built, durable, and will provide you with many happy and delicious meals

One last item of high interest is the ignition system in this particular unit it is the Piezo ignition which adds a winning touch to a really nice grill, and one that deserves your attention and consideration for a quality grill.

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Coleman Party Propane Grill

 The ignition is obviously the first thing you will want to be efficient in your grill. But with an InstaStart, all it takes to ignite this grill is simply the push of a button.

It’s easy, seamless, and fast, offering unprecedented convenience without counting on matches. I have used this feature on a number of appliances and just love it

Consistency in performance is also something you would wish for in any grill that you spend money on.

This Coleman grill is equipped with PerfectFlow technology which makes it reliable even in windy conditions.  The portability of any grill is always worth considering.

Thankfully, with detachable legs, you can easily fit them inside this grill. This gives you easy storage and convenience when you want to hit the road with your grill.

  • Factor in the power that this grill packs in, and you have every reason to bring it onboard. With up to 8,000 BTUs of cooking power, it has what it takes to cook a wide variety of meals.
  • If you are looking for a grill for you and your partner, tailgating, and small outdoor events, with around 100 sq in of cooktop this grill may be for you.

Most of all, the grill’s components are dishwasher safe. These make cleaning your grill a snap, so the cleanup after use doesn’t have to be a cause to worry. This is a good grill for a couple while at the lake looking to grill a couple of hot dogs.

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 Royal Gourmet 3 Burner Propane Grill

 Royal Gourmet gives lots of reasons also to make your decision much easier, this particular grill comes with three burners each of them can be controlled separately.

This feature gives you a number of choices and the ability to cook different foods I’m different heat settings

Each burner delivers 9000 BTU of power so no shortage of power here a total of 27000 BTU.

  • High power allows for grilling of any meal especially when you package it under 316 square inches of cooking space this is a really good space with good heat.
  • Clean up is a breeze just some soapy water and some paper towel and you will have the unit cleaned in no time, it comes with a side grease cup that will catch any oil that spills over which in turn helps in keeping the grill clean.

Durability is another feature and with the robust stainless steel control panel and the Piezo ignition system, this grill gives you good control over your cooking. Add the non-stick porcelain enamel grate which helps retain the heat will cook tender cuts of meat perfectly, you will be the person of the moment.

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Char-Broil Portable Propane Grill 

 Here is a bench portable propane grill which stands out with the stainless steel construction but that’s just the start there are many more things to like about this grill.

Keeping your hands safe are heat resistant handles so when moving or opening the lid of a hot unit you will not easily burn yourself

Durable stainless steel latches offer robust performance and a good long life. Stainless steel features in a number of components on the construction of this unit.

  • Most of the unit has stainless steel in its construction which is very hard-wearing
  • With the ideal size and weight of 22 lbs, this grill is easily portable and transportable you could bring it with you on any adventure whether you’re camping at the beach or spending time in the woods.
  • When you’re having a great time with family and friends in the backyard this grill will perform to your expectations.

The cooking area is quite large, 200 square inches enough to give you an easy time while prepping and cooking your meals and enough room for a dozen burgers. It comes with a slide-out grease tray for ease of cleaning and priced well to put this one on the final list.

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Giantex Propane  Tabletop Gas Grill

 Almost any grill on the market today can get the job done but obviously, some are better the next.

This Gianttex grill will take your experience to the next level, it’s efficient and convenient packs enough punch to transform your barbecue and have the whole family impressed by your ability.

  • This is a  great grill to bring with you on a camping trip. It has almost everything you would look for in a portable grill.
  • Above all, it is built to last. So it all boils down to the wide range of features that this grill comes with.

The burners in this unit provide 20000 BTU of cooking power under the grill, each burner made from stainless steel will last you for years and that is a big part of the value in this good quality grill. Another impressive feature once again is the push and turn ignition for an easy start.

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Weber Go Anywhere Gas Grill

 Weber has an excellent name in cooking equipment and there is no better way to prepare an outdoor breakfast lunch or dinner than with the Weber go anywhere gas grill.

This little grill comes with a range of features that make it one of the best portable gas grills to own.

If you are looking for a small grill for just a couple of people or maybe to carry in the RV in a small space this one might very well be the one.

  • It is a portable, simple, easy to use grill, that has been well manufactured and will last a good length of time.
  • One of the features that make this little unit stand out is the pushbutton start ignition which will fire up the 6500 BTU of cooking power coming out from stainless steel burners.
  • This is a simple but very convenient feature that just makes life a little bit easier.

Its grates feature porcelain-enameled stamped Steel cooking space is 160 square inches so there’s enough room to prepare a meal for you and your loved ones, it’s convenient and packaged small for easy transport and storage.

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grilled vegetables

Reasons For Choosing The Best Propane Grill


This is an extremely important feature to me in choosing a grill for my camping pursuits, something that will fit into the car, not take up too much space, and easy to manhandle into the desired position is one of my chief concerns.

In my campsite everything must serve a purpose, everything must have its place, and it must be efficient.

Number of Burners

Determine who and how many people you need to cater to help you decide the answer to this question, Two burner propane grills are extremely popular and quite possibly the most widely used.

There are only two people when I road trip but I really prefer the 2 burners as it gives me more flexibility with weight and room in the car and as I also carry a camping stove as well.


This Piezo ignition system is very impressive on a number of different fronts, the safety that this product provides is a huge benefit plus the ease of lighting, reliability and the fact that it is now more popular than ever on so many different appliances.

I have owned and used the system on my own appliances and it has been proven over a number of years to be reliable and long-lasting but having said that it is like anything mechanical there is always a chance of failure so always a good idea to carry a flint or matches.

Heat Control

This is something that usually comes more efficiently and with better flame performance with a higher output better quality grill. The control knobs and burner jets on some inferior products are very inefficient.

A grill giving you a nice steady flame to cook food better and at the right time and heat settings always produce a far superior dish. A thick juicy steak needs constant high heat whereas a pancake needs less power streaming through the burners.

Cooking Area

Some are small 100 sq in and can cook maybe 4 burgers some of the larger 300-400 sq in plus grills can handle enough for the whole ball team.

Once again these types of grills are purchased with a specific purpose and generally for the same number of people being our family unit who regularly camp out together or with a couple of friends. Having the choice is always a winner. 

The cooking area is a feature that is usually only a concern if your cooking for a large number of people than normal in a once-off event which case you would have known this beforehand and taken steps to either have another small grill or get a larger size unit, especially for the occasion.


While not a real concern while car camping as such, it is more critical while touring or road tripping for extended periods of time.

The weight of these grills is minimal given their importance as an essential item in our equipment. Although the heaviest at around 50 pounds is probably not the ideal choice for touring it’s certainly no problem while tailgating on a weekend game or lake outing.


Affordability is certainly an area where most of us sit up and take notice, however, you don’t always get what you might expect just because the price is the highest.

This doesn’t guarantee us the highest quality it does stand to reason that paying just a minimal amount won’t normally give us many years of good service.

Do the research and know what you want to do with the product and be prepared to pay a reasonable amount of money. One tip, always check any warranty to put your mind to rest.

A bench or Self Standing

Before you set out on that long camping trip, you have to grab a few must-have items that you’ll definitely need. And one of those has to be a good reliable and portable grill.

It makes prepping and cooking meals outdoors a lot easier and efficient, the best grills for car camping as a small to medium size family are portable lightweight 2 or 3 burners.

These will allow you to put a pot on for hot water or to heat food, plus fit a pan or two to cook up a satisfying meal. The list we have put together will suit the needs of most camping and outdoor barbeques and family getaways, it just depends a lot on your individual circumstances. 

grilled meat


Best overall     Coleman RoadTrip LXE Portable Propane Gas Grill.

Best Benchtop Grill     Weber Q2200 Liquid Propane Grill.

Best Small Camping Grill     Weber Go Anywhere Gas Grill

If you have any more questions about the Best Propane Grills, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.


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  1. Shane, A very thorough review of propane camp grills. I didn’t realize there were so many choices. When my husband and I were young enough to camp out, we did it the hard way. Go collect wood, sticks and branches. He built the fire while I set up the sleeping gear. A lot of what we took was food that needed no prep. But hot coffee was a must. And we would prepare some things on the open fire.

     You gave a very good comparison of each camp grill,  how many could be served, the weight, the portability, the cooking area, whether it was a portable or stand alone. I also liked that you could recommend a grill because you had used it and had first -hand knowledge of how it worked. Coleman and Weber brands I recognized, and you covered other  grills on the market. Showing the foods you could prepare on these grills was a nice touch. A far cry from some 40 or more years ago.

    • Hi Barbara, how things have changed in 40 years with equipment and accessories, but I got to say I still love collecting the firewood and starting a fire, there is nothing better than to sit by a fire enjoying the company of someone special. As for the grill, the Coleman Roadtrip is terrific for all grilling, where I like the Weber Q as it is nice to cook a whole joint on.

      Thanks for your comment, Shane.

  2. Although I do not really go camping anymore, i do still go on boating holidays and have had several disasters with both propane and solid fuel grills, that I have invariably bought as a last thought before my trip. needless to say many of them have ended up in the bin, either before i set off for home, or upon my arrival back home.Always resulting in a waste of money.

    Perhaps after reading this article I might in the future throw caution to the wind and do a little pre-planning and buy my grill further in advance and as a long-term investment.

    Your article is very informative and this is a site that i will return to when i begin to plan my next trip. Just one thought, it would be very helpful if you would include a number of pictures of every grill that you review.

    • Hi Adrian, what you say is true, you can waste a lot of money on inferior products no matter what they are, however, there are some really nice grills on this list and I know for sure there is one for everyone. Thank you for your comment, Shane.

  3. Wow! That is all I can say starting out with my feedback to your review of the best propane grills in the market today. I am very impressed with the wide variety of options you have looked at, and also the comparison chart is extremely useful to quickly compare them side-by-side.

    The advice on features to look for when searching for a propane grill that will meet your needs is also very helpful. As I was reading through your tips and advice I picked up a few pointers myself for my next propane grill. I am an avid BBQ dude, so I always am looking for replacements to the equipment I overuse on a regular basis.

    The recommendations that you add at the end of the review are also ones I would go with, as they have the attributes that I need for my own outdoor grilling adventures. I am not so concerned with price, but I do know that is a factor for many people. I do not mind paying more for quality. It costs less in the long run.

    Enjoyable post, I am marinating steaks as I write this for dinner. Good BBQ’ing I wish you and thanks for the useful info on the best propane grills you have found and recommend!

    • Hi Dave, I am really glad you liked my post, I believe you usually get what you pay for and I also believe in a quality steak medium cooked on a good grill. 

      Thanks for your comments Shane. 

  4. I have been in need of a new grill for next summer. It will be the next opportunity to work on cooking skills as well. The grill that caught my eye the most was “Weber Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill”. I love the fact that it is made out of stainless steel. I like its durability, its porcelain-enameled cast-iron and the glass-reinforced frame. Anyway, keep dropping that good content.

    • Hi Jean thanks for your comments, you won’t go wrong buying a Weber product like the Q1000, it’s great. Shane.

  5. Hi SHANE,

    Thank you for sharing a great review about Best Propane Grills 2019. You have nicely represented all those 15 remarkable Propane Grills. I like Coleman Camp Propane Grill out of all 15 grills and I have not tested others yet. I will definitely check some of those. I believe most people will also love to know recipe and ingredients used in all those grills. I am going to bookmark your page for my future use. 

    • Hi Mzakapon, thank you for your comment, I have some interesting recipes in the Blog section on my site. Thanks Shane

  6. Thanks for the very thorough review. Do you own one of the grills? You spoke about each one as if you had tried them all! The chart was a great addition at the end for an easy comparison, and including the different features to sort the grills was a big help. If I was in the market for a grill, I would not need to go anywhere else to do research, as your article was very comprehensive.

    Well done.

    Thanks for your recommendations.

    Have a great day!

    • Hi Tom, a great question yes I own not one, but several of these grills, I have three different Weber’s both Propane and Charcoal, Two Colemans, and I have probably used 90% of this list over the years, I am an avid camper who loves the outdoors and now spends 3 months per year on long camping road trips and regularly visit all the state RV supershows and caravan and camping expos within a 600 mile radius of my home. Thank you for your comments, I am glad you liked my site, Shane    

  7. It’s always useful to look for reviews on products before buying them and I am happy to of stumble across yours.

    I’m a believer that you get what you pay for and something that works with a flammable material then I want to be sure it’s safe.

    For that reason I am happy with the thorough reviews you have posted and after cross referencing them with other research I know where I will be coming for my summer camping equipment! 

    Now I just have to make a choice as to what gas grill to buy! 

    • Hi Darren, yes you cannot be too careful when dealing with products that can potentially be life-threatening. Although most regulators, hoses, burners, and fittings are good quality on most appliances there are always the cheap knockoff products available and should be avoided. I hope you do return to purchase your camping gear and I would love to hear any comments on any product you buy.   

      Safe travels Shane.

  8. Thanks for the thorough review of all those grills, and for the recommendations. I really appreciated the use of the chart as a comparison tool.
    Well done.
    Have a great day!

  9. Well Summer is coming up and I just bought a new house so which means I don’t have a grill yet. I was looking for an affordable and good one for me and I found everything in this article. So many choices here and also with a great reviews on them.

    I like most of them but I am going to go with the Weber Q2200 Liquid Propane Grill because I like it and it is in the price range for me.

    Thank you for the rundown on this.

    • Hi Sujandar, I own a Weber Q and love it. its convenient compact and capable and very popular among the camping and caravaning community. Cooking outdoors is always fun when using good equipment, the Weber Q will not let you down.

      Thanks Shane.


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