Best Self Inflating Camping Mattress Review – Thermarest MondoKing 3D

Choosing the best self-inflating camping mattress may prove a real winner, let’s face it if this mattress can provide you with a comfortable sleeping surface you will be excited to take it on your journeys.

This Article Was Last Updated On February 15, 2021

Comfortable sleeping arrangements are one of the things you have to consider before setting out on an outdoor journey. Not only does this mattress offer a sleeping surface for outdoor sleeping, but it has a wide range of other exciting features.

Therefore, if you are considering checking it out,  firstly check out this post where I will tell you all about it, so you can determine if it may be suitable for you this camping season, it will help you understand what to expect.


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Thermarest MondoKing 3D Camping Mattress

The Key Features

Convenient self-inflating design

There’s no better place to start than with the detail that counts the most when it comes to air mattresses. With self-inflating design, this is one mattress proves it worth to make things super easy for you.

When it comes to using it on the go, going out camping? it is a smart choice for your bedding. Thanks to this self-inflatable design, this mattress also comes across as among the best options for use at home when you have family and friends stay over.

Easily stored it takes up little room packed in the garage. With dual valves, the compressible urethane foam core of the mattress simply expands and inflates itself once unpacked.

Since you never need any pump, it takes much of the hassle of inflation out of the way.

It’s spacious and cozy

It’s the two things you never want to miss in a mattress, it should be as spacious and comfortable as your situation allows if you are to get the best night’s sleep.

This is a good length and width and would be more than suitable for most of us in cold weather also. Here are a few numbers on the size and build of the mattress.

Firstly, this one goes to great lengths to ensure you get the best of comfort and sleep, first, the size is just right with the 25-inches width and 77-inches length x 4 inches thick.

The construction is an extremely comfortable compressible foam, and this, in turn, makes it a simple bedroll measuring 7 inches x 26 inches when rolled weighing 5.5 pounds.

To keep warm you need good insulation under your body and with an R-value of just over 11 this is an extremely warm pad on which to sleep 

Easily mateable for additional space

Sometimes one mattress might not be enough space if more than one person, so you may need to attach two together especially if you are camping with someone else.

That’s where the vertical sidewalls on this mattress come in handy. This design proves to be perfect when the need for mating two pads together to ensure you have a larger sleeping surface.

Now you can perfectly make the most of your favorite tent space with this mattress while enjoying the shared surface of two mattresses.

Set your desired firmness

Another thing you don’t want to get wrong with your mattress is the firmness. Too firm, and it might feel like you are sleeping on a bare wooden floor. Too loose, and you will hate that sinking at the center.

It thus takes a mattress with the ideal design for setting the firmness, which is where air mattresses outshine most other types. Well, with this one, all it takes is a few breaths to adjust the firmness depending on what works best for you.

Hassle-free storage and transportation

Using your camping mattress out there can be lots of fun. However, you need to bring it along in the first place. And if it’s not easy to carry around, then you might not find it so fun to use it on the go.

You need a mattress you can transport with ease, and this one is a perfect fit for that. Besides being just the right size at 7 by 26 inches when rolled and with an ideal lightweight at only 5.5 pounds.

It also comes with a perfect stuff sack, in which the mattress fits without any struggle. Besides, since it has an included carry handle, you can bet you will have an easy time totting it along.

It’s also very stable

Stability comes in as one of those things you never want to miss in a portable mattress, as you might need to use it on different types of surfaces.

And thankfully, this one never disappoints when it comes to this feature. With a stable urethane foam core, this mattress comes in as one of the most stable options out there.

Besides, it ensures ideal cushioning and protecting you from roots, rocks, as well as uneven surfaces on the ground.

best self-inflating camping mattress-blue thermarest mattress

What Are The Benefits Of Owning This Product

With the vertical sidewalls in this mattress, you not only get the chance to pair two of them with ease. This design also goes the distance to offer you up to 20% more sleeping surface to enhance your comfort.

Since the self-inflating of this mattress is super fast, you can count on it to save you a lot of time and struggle once you get to the campsite. You should be ready to sleep in a matter of minutes.

The ability to set the firmness proves invaluable especially for people with back problems. You can always set the firmness that feels best for you, and never have to wake up to stings and pains.

This mattress is also very warm, besides the fact that it ensures you need less insulation, as you won’t be sleeping on the ground.

If comfort and size are of the essence to you, then this one’s for you. Not only is the bed spacious enough to let you stretch out and relax, but it’s also wide enough to offer you an unbeatable comfort to.

With an impressive R-value (the measure of a material’s insulation ability) of 11.4, it comes in as one of the warmest air camping mattresses out there.

This proves to be a much-welcome addition, especially when camping in bad weather or extremely cold areas.

Here’s A Tip For You

  • Remember, it’s always a great idea to get your mattress several days before your trip. If possible, make sure to give it a test-run to be sure it’s working flawlessly before heading out.


  1. Luxurious with more than enough sleeping surface.
  2. Super easy to use thanks to the self-inflating design.
  3. The transportation and storage are also as easy, thanks to the compact folded design.
  4. An included stuff sack further makes handling and carrying this mattress even easier


  • It is too bulky and heavy for backpacking



Achieving a comfortable sleep in the outdoors can be a hard nut to crack unless you have the right mattress for the job.

You need one that not only offers ultimate comfort, but it can also be easy to store, transport, and set up. That’s why this mattress takes the cake when it comes to suitability for outdoor use.

It has all you need in a mattress to make on the go use super easy and fun. If you have a weekend camping trip coming up in a few weeks, then you need to check out this mattress, you will love it out there. 

If you have any more questions about the Best Self Inflating Camping Mattress, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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