Best Shower Tent For Camping – 10 amazing shower tents for your privacy

I was recently asked which popup enclosures would be the Best Shower Tent For Camping. The answer is not as simple as the question so I wrote out a list based on my own experience.

Outdoor adventures can be fun, but it could also prove to be a dirty and muddy affair and having a shower after a long hot day is part of that fun. In most cases however, we cant simply drop our clothes, most of us require some form of privacy.

So, having a good quality shower tent will provide a private spot for bathing and toileting while we are out camping. These are great equipment, easy to carry and use, simple in design, mostly very affordable and we can maintain our dignity with comfort.

The thing is, you need just the right camping shower tent, and this will depend on several factors. Everything from ease of transportation, set up, use, and durability are worth considering when deciding which shower tent to bring along on your trip.

This post goes into great depth to reveal some of the most sought-after options on the market, so, let’s get rolling.

Shower and privacy Tent For Camping - two shower tents

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Green Elephant Pop Up Utilitent 1200r 4.6


  • Pops up and comes down easy and fast
  • Up to 8 pegs and 4 guy lines with tensioners hold well in windy weather
  • Packs small at only 24 inches by 24 inches by 2.3 inches
  • Bonus sandbags with metal hooks
  • Sturdy build and strong, lasting zippers


  • This tent doesn’t have an inbuilt floor
  • It is quite heavy at up to 6.3 pounds

First Impression: The Green Elephant shower tent is designed to be extra tall and spacious to cater to a wide variety of campers, and that’s not all there is to this one.

Measuring 6.10 feet by 3.11 feet by 3.11 feet when open, this tent is built to deliver a freestanding convenience and make movement within as easy as it can get, allowing it to accommodate even tall campers as well.

Included in the package are some handy accessories like a towel hanger, a shower opening, a hanger for clothes as well as a toilet paper holder and a flashlight hanger. It also has a storage pouch for other personal effects and a carry bag for the tent.

This shower tent is made of a water-repellent polyester material that makes it ideal for its designated use. Besides, it also has heavy-duty door zippers that are as rugged as the tent itself, and the stitches hold up very well after long use.

Other features such as a mosquito-netting opening help ensure flawless airflow and keep the inside of the tent well illuminated while still keeping it very private. Moreover, there’s an additional rain cover that you can attach on top to cover the netting in rainy weather.

We Rated This Product 4.7 Stars From 5 Stars

ROPODA Pop Up Privacy Tent 450 4.7


  • Up to 8 studs for improved stability
  • A cloth line for hanging your wet clothes and towels
  • A convenient instructions book for easier setup
  • An overhead clip for hanging light is handy too
  • There’s also a removable cover for extreme conditions


  • At 5 lbs, it is a heavy shower tent for the trail
  • Takes some time to figure out how to take it down

First Impression: If you want a shower that offers versatility, then this one for you. Designed for a quick shower in the outdoors, it can also double as a private place for a toilet.

And there’s more, this tent’s features make it truly stand out, with high-quality steel poles that make it very solid on windy days. Then it also has up to 8 stakes that ensure the tent stays well secured on the ground for convenience.

A removable roof helps big time when it’s too sunny or during the rain, and when you don’t need it, you have a mosquito net with shower holes for perfect air circulation and privacy.

The fabric of the tent isn’t any bit less impressive, as it is made of 170T polyester taffeta with a water-resistant coating that keeps the tent from soaking as you shower.

The setup is fun, as it just pops up into shape, no assembly is necessary here. This makes life a lot easier for you as you can have this tent ready in no time, allowing you to set it up virtually anywhere.

I also loved how spacious it is once opened at 6.89 feet by 3.94 feet by 3.94 feet, and a compact 25.5 inches by 25.2 inches by 0.98 inches. Besides, it has other great features as a side bag for your personal effects, a removable bottom mat, an included carry bag, and a hook for light. Read My Full Review Here.

We Rated This Product 4.8 Stars From 5 Stars

WolfWise Pop Up Privacy Shower Tent 3200r 4.5


  • Solid zippers offer reliable privacy once you’re in there
  • The roomy interior comfortably accommodates a single person
  • Easy to pop up since this tent doesn’t need any assembly
  • Has a cloth line as well as a pouch for your items
  • At 4.4 pounds, it’s not as heavy as the others we’ve looked at so far


  • You could easily get dirt into the tent since it the floor mat isn’t attached
  • Should be better with a mesh drainage system to let the water out

First Impression: With a 47.2-inch wide floor, this shower tent offers a wide area so you won’t have to squeeze in there. But that’s not all it has to offer.

The material it’s made of also stands out when it comes to performance and durability, as the fabric features a tough polyester while the poles are made of sturdy steel that is not only lasting but also helps maintain your tent’s shape.

Folded up, it compacts into a nice little package at only 23.2 inches by 23.2 inches by 1.4 inches, making transporting it a breeze. What’s more, a removable rain cover comes on only when needed, sheltering you from extreme weather.

The floor is removable too, which is ideal for the bottom of your tent, and gives you a bit of flexibility since you can decide when to use it if necessary. You also get up to 4X stakes for securing your tent to the ground, which can be very helpful in heavy winds. And yes, the carry bag for the tent is included so you don’t have to make do with something else. 

We Rated This Product 4.6 Stars From 5 Stars 

SGODDE Instant Portable Outdoor Shower Tent 300r 4.4


  • Built-in mat floor with surrounding mesh for drainage
  • Detachable multi-pocket mesh for keeping items handy
  • Up to 4 ropes and 4 ground stakes enable the tent to hold up nicely in strong winds
  • A silver coating makes the tent more opaque and blocks out UV rays, reducing sunburn
  • A water-repellent design comes across as a big advantage too


  • There’s only one major bummer with this one; the material of ground stake loops breaks pretty easily

First Impression: This SGODDE privacy shower tent has one thing in particular that makes it stand out, it is a 4-season tent with strong fabric and tiebacks for the door, so it’s built for the wild’s extremes.

The 190T polyester material of the fabric is hands down one feature that makes it a stout little privacy chamber for those unforgiving conditions. And the frame is just as robust since it’s made of strong and very resilient steel wire that gives you lasting service.

With a floor-length of 47.2 inches and a similar width, you have enough room inside this tent for different activities from showering to using it as a camp toilet. There’s also a rain shelter, which will be very useful in bad weather, and of course, ventilation has been taken care of with up to 3 mesh vents on top and a side window.

The setup is a snap, as this tent simply pops up once you unfold it; it’s that easy and fast. you’ll also love a wide variety of other great features as the ground stake and windbreak rope that this tent comes with. And for easy, convenient portability, the carry bag is included in the package.

We Rated This Product 4.5 Stars From 5 Stars

G4Free Changing Room Deluxe Shower Toilet 322r 4.5


  • Wide floor offers up to 47.24 inches of space
  • Made of 210T water-repellent and anti-light material
  • A removable floor mat gives you more flexibility
  • Packs small at 21.25 inches by 7.08 inches by 7.08 inches
  • A hole on the roof offers an opening for feeding a hose into your shower


  • At 10.5 pounds, it’s a heavy shower tent for most hikes
  • The floor tarp is pretty small, making it a bit difficult to Velcro onto the tent sides.

First Impression: Here’s another awesome shower tent with a silver inner coating that offers great sun protection while keeping you invisible from the outside, but that’s not the only thing I love about this one.

A strap outside the window offers a very convenient clothesline for keeping your clothes dry when showering. And once done, you can easily grab them without having to step outside. Even better, the window features a double zipper design, with a waterproof inner layer and an outer one that is made of air-permeable gauze for ultimate ventilation.

And there’s even more ventilation through the mesh top and the large entrance. Then there’s a hook on the tent roof that supports up to 4 gallons of shower bag, and could be used for a light as well.

Up to 8 metal stakes and 4 wind ropes, you have everything you need to secure your tent on the ground. No embarrassing surprises on extremely windy days once you have it well set up. Its zippered closure type is also a great feature for easy opening and closing of the entrance and windows.

Lastly, and most important of all is the material, which is where the abrasion-proof PE Velcro floor of this tent comes in, along with a strong ferric frame with an anti-rust painting technology for outstanding performance and durability.

We Rated This Product 4.6 Stars From 5 Stars

KingCamp Oversize Outdoor Camping Privacy Tent 260r 4.5


  • Up to two large clips for hanging your shower head and shower bag
  • Two inner pockets with 4 compartments for small items
  • Two handy straps for hanging your clothes and wet towels
  • Spacious interior measuring 83.8 inches by 41.7 inches by 82.6 inches
  • Double room design offers great flexibility with one room as a toilet and the other a bathroom


  • This is so far the heaviest tent on this list, which makes it a challenge to carry on hikes.
  • Issues with the fiberglass poles and shower bag clips breaking

First Impression: The KingCamp oversize privacy shelter tent truly lives up to its name when it comes to pushing the limits of size, thanks to its double room design that makes it outstanding.

Once packed, however, this tent is quite small, at just 22.8 inches by 7.8 inches by 7.8 inches, making it easy to store or carry in an included oxford compression bag. However, the same can’t be said for the weight, as it is a heavy tent weighing in at up to 13 pounds.

Made of fiberglass poles and steel upright poles, the strong freestanding tent can withstand winds and rain in the outdoors and can support up to 3.9 gallons of water.

The setup is fairly easy, thanks to included pole clips that you can quickly snap over the tent poles. Then it has 4 guy ropes and up to 10 steel nails that you will find helpful in securing your tent solidly to the ground.

Its 190T polyester removable rainfly is a great addition with a water resistance of up to 1500mm. The tent also has a mesh fabric floor for convenient water drainage. And then it has other awesome features like a mesh roof and mesh side windows for reliable ventilation, as well as a large entry with zipper closure.

We Rated This Product 4.6 Stars From 5 Stars

Vidalido Outdoor Shower Tent 260 4.6


  • Strong material make it strong against the elements
  • A handy clip for your shower bag goes a long way to keep your hand free
  • Well ventilated with mesh windows
  • Large zippered entry allows easy access in and out
  • Roomy interior and sufficient center height


  • The lack of a floor might come across as a bummer for some
  • No bar inside for hanging your towels or clothes

·         It should be noted that this tent has a shadow that can be seen from the outside, you might have to install a tarp around it to make it completely opaque 

First Impression: Made of a combination of nylon polyester fabric and steel poles, this shower tent is built to take on the rough outdoors and serve you for a long time.

The floor area is up to 1.96 square meters, which is large enough for one person to enjoy a great shower without feeling restrained inside the tent. And with a maximum height of 86.5 inches, even tall guys can use this tent with ease and comfort.

 Mesh windows on the side help keep the inside of the tent well ventilated, but you don’t need to worry about privacy, the mesh lets you see outside without being seen, and they even have an outer cover that takes care of that.

A large zippered door offers easy entry and exit while still keeping you privately concealed, and there’s a clip for your shower bag on the roof too for convenience. For weather protection, this tent features a closed roof, which helps big time in extreme conditions and makes the setup easier.

Once packed, this tent measures 25 inches by 7 inches by 7 inches, making it easy to pack and store. Transporting it might not be as easy though, since it’s quite hefty at a whopping 13 pounds. 

We Rated This Product 4.7 Stars From 5 Stars

Sportneer Pop Up Privacy Changing Tent 1300r 4.6


  • Inbuilt pockets for keeping your personal effects and showering accessories
  • Compact, lightweight, and comes with the carry bag
  • Up to 4 tie-downs and 4 stakes to secure the tent tightly
  • Waterproof and ultraviolet proof material for durability
  • The roof and its two zippered windows are built for reliable ventilation


  • This tent would be great with a floor tarp
  • Cases of holes on the seams

First Impression: For a tent that is roomy and tall enough inside, you should check out this Sportneer privacy tent, which also comes with a wide range of other great features too.

The setup on this one is just as easy as most of the other shower tents I have already listed here since you don’t need any tools. Thanks to the instant pop-up design, the tent opens right up and you have yourself a private shelter.

Then it has 8 tent pegs along with corresponding loops for each corner of the tent, which allows you to secure the tent solidly to withstand heavy winds.

A tear-proof polyester material and steel poles deliver an impressive and lasting performance. And there’s a silver coating that ensures ultimate privacy, and a large entry with double zippered designed for easy access in and out.

Albeit having up to 47.2 square inch base offers enough room inside the tent, but once taken down, it folds up into a nice little luggage measuring only 22.8 inches by 22.8 inches by 1.6 inches and is pretty lightweight at just 4.9 pounds.

It also has such remarkable features as built-in pockets for small items, a built-in clothesline for your towels and clothes, as well as an access panel on the ceiling so you can bring in a showerhead through.

We Rated This Product 4.6 Stars From 5 Stars

Alvantor Shower Tent Changing Room 230r 4.6


  • Compact size once folded, measuring only 20.8 inches wide
  • Crucial accessories as sandbags, stakes, and guy lines come included in the package
  • A handy waterproof top helps in bad weather and is easy to attach to 4 clips on each corner
  • It also comes with a carry bag that makes carrying and storing the tent easy and convenient
  • A PE floor ensures the interior of the tent stays clean even with constant use


  • At 7.4 pounds, it is hands down a heavy tent, especially for backpacking
  • Folding it back is a bit of a hassle until you get used to it

First Impression: This tent is not only a great choice for tall people with a height of up to 7 feet, but it also offers large interior space for comfortable shower time, with the sides measuring 4 feet by 4 feet.

Its poles are made of fiberglass material, which makes them very sturdy and durable as well. And the 300D polyethylene fabric is also just as robust, not to mention that it also has water, dirt, tear, and oil proof poly-oxford Teflon coating.

An extra vinyl coating offers additional shielding, with UPF 50+ UV protection that enhances the durability of your tent. What’s more, as a 4-season tent, this one is built for the extremes of the outdoor environment.

Interior pockets offer a convenient option for your personal effects and any shower accessories you bring into your shower. And it gets even better, thanks to a rope that allows you to hang clothes conveniently, as well as a clip for your coat.

The popup design makes the setup a snap, and once you have it ready you can enjoy the great ventilation and privacy with a mesh top. For easy entry and exit, the large door offers enough room and features double zippers that are a breeze to operate.

We Rated This Product 4.6 Stars From 5 Stars

Abco Tech Pop Up Outdoor Shower Tent 2400r 4.4


  • Super lightweight shower tent that you can carry almost anywhere
  • Easy and fast to set up design taking much hassle out of the way
  • Convenient interior pocket and clothesline
  • Strong fabric and poles material gives it lasting performance
  • Sufficient ventilation helps dissipate heat and odor


  • On the downside, this tent doesn’t come with the floor, which would be great in some conditions
  • Some cases with loose threads on the stitching

First Impression: To wind up this list, here’s another tent that isn’t any bit the least, as this one too has some valuable features that make it worth the money besides being the most lightweight one on this list by far.

A large door with a zipper closure makes this tent easy to access, while a large window offers not only reliable ventilation but also gives you an awesome view of the area around your campsite.

Setting up the tent is instant, thanks to its pop-up design, then you have up to 4 metal mounting stakes for pinning your tent to the ground and give it the right stability. On the inside is an inbuilt bag that will hold your personal effects such as a phone, wallet, or keys.

It also has an integrated clothesline that will help keep your clothes or towels conveniently within reach and safely off the ground. And while once set up this tent is a bit roomy at 47 inches by 47 inches by 75 inches, it collapses into a small package measuring just 23 inches by 2 inches.

To make transportation easy for you, this shower is not only super lightweight at a measly 1.88 pounds, but it also comes with a carry bag, which by the way also helps protect your tent from nips and tear when in transit.

We Rated This Product 4.5 Stars From 5 Stars

Best Camping Shower Tent

best camping shower tent - 2 different shower tents standing side by side

My Top 3 Choices

Best Camping Shower Tent Overall – Green Elephant Pop Up Utilitent

Most Versatile Camping Shower Tent – ROPODA Pop Up Privacy Tent

Best Camping Shower Tent For Tall PeopleAlvantor Shower Tent

Most Popular On This List – Wolfwise Popup Privacy Shower

Questions and answers

Question: What is the best floor design for shower tents? 

Answer: These tents usually come with either fixed or removable floor mats, others don’t come with any at all. However, you should choose the right floor design depending on your destination’s conditions.

Personally I like a tent with no floor that way I can use a ruuber mat on the ground and the water simply drains away.

Question: Can I use these tents in the winter?

Answer: Luckily, yes. But there’s one thing you should consider here, not all shower tents out there are stout enough to withstand the punishing winter conditions. So make sure to look closely at your choice if you intend on using it in the extremes. The frame should be robust enough to support snow just in case, also, you don’t need a tent with much ventilation in this case.

Question: Are shower tents best for hiking?

Answer: These tents can be a little heavy, some weigh several pounds. However, that isn’t to say you can’t use these tents on hiking trips, but you need to do enough research to find a lightweight one that will allow you to hike light.

Thankfully, there’s a fair share of them out there, and it gets even better since most of them pack very small once folded. 

Reasons why shower tents for camping are the best

All said and done, here are a few things to know when setting out to get that ideal shower tent for your outdoor voyage.


Let’s face it, these shower tents can cost you a pretty penny, so why go for an option that won’t give you lasting performance? When shopping for these tents, one thing you must be very keen on is the material it’s made of, as well as the construction itself.

That’s why for this list, I handpicked options that feature robust steel or fiberglass poles and similarly sturdy stakes, and tear-proof fabric that gives you outstanding performance.

Interior pockets

It might not look like it, but even in a shower tent, having pockets inside helps a great deal whether you are using your tent as a changing room, or a shower. And having several of them comes in handy for keeping your personal effects such as wallet, glasses, and watch among others.

Also, these pockets could be very useful for your shower accessories, it’s the kind of convenience you will be thankful to have onboard.

Ease of setup

However robust your tent can be, it still needs to be easy to set up if you are to enjoy using it while out there. These items are designed for use on the go, and thus the setup shouldn’t be a complicated or overwhelming feat.

Thankfully, most shower tents have a pop-up design that allows you to have them ready in almost no time. The kids can use this enclosure to change out of wet clothes instead of inside the main camping tent.

Interior space

The issue of room is one aspect you can’t avoid when it comes to tents, however small or large it is. And these shower tents are no exception. As such, you still need to be sure the interior space of the tent will offer enough space for your needs.

Now, this might not be much of a concern if you’re a petite person, but for plus-sized campers, this should be one of the most important aspects to be keen on.


When having fun in the outdoors, dirt and grime can be hard to avoid, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay squeaky clean. With any of these best shower tents for camping, you will be able to enjoy a quick shower whenever you feel like it in privacy.

These tents are built with your need for privacy in mind, and thus, almost all of them are opaque enough to keep you invisible from the outside. Even with a light on the inside, it should be difficult for someone on the outside to see a silhouette through the fabric of these tents.

And most of all, they fold up nice and are easy to set up without any fuss, so you can be in your shower in no time. Above all, you can also use them for a wide range of other applications as a toilet, changing room, photoshoots, and a whole lot more.

Go ahead and pick the perfect shower tent for your outdoor activity, you’ll love it.

If you have any more questions about the Best Shower Tents For Camping, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.    

Please Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.


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  1. Hello, I have to say that one of the reasons that I have not enjoyed outdoor camping so much is because of the shower situation. I love the fact that there is so much equipment available nowadays with so many options open and geared toward me that I may have to go camping again.

    I love to be clean and enjoy my privacy while camping and you have put together a great list of portable shower tents for us to choose from. I really didnt think there were so many out there.

    Thanks for sharing all these reviews! I have to say that these tents look like the changing pods that I used to use when I was working at the film sets. They look better though. 

    Vidalido Outdoor Shower Tent 260 4.6 Looks great to me. I can live without the shower hanging bar. 

    • Hi Nuttanee

      I appreciate your comments and I have to agree with you, the amount of camping gear on the market today is remarkable, and some of it is amazing. I love using good quality gear and a number of these shower tents are very good.

      I hope you enjoy your next camping trip now you have everything you need, thank you and I wish you well, Shane.


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