Best Sleeping Bags for 2019

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We have been busy digging through a long list of some really good designs and the Best Sleeping Bags is the result. This research will give you a look at some of the best out there at the moment, and with plenty of good camping weather on the way, a new sleeping bag for camping may be on the shopping list with some other new camping gear.

Staying warm and comfortable is a priority in the outdoors while camping or hiking, nothing makes the trip more memorable than a good nights sleep after an active day in the wilderness. By the end of this article, I know you will find one suitable sleeping bag for you, so come along and check out some of these terrific sleeping bags with us.     

Buyers Guide to Choosing The Best Sleeping Bag for Camping.


The first consideration should be size, and how many people are going to climb inside is always a good place to start. Is it a single just for yourself or a double for you and a partner or a queen to share with children and make it a family affair. There are some sleeping bags big enough to fit mum dad and a child or two, that could be fun for the kids. Will it be a Single, Double or Queen?


Not only do we need to get the sleeping bag with the correct temperature rating, but human bodies also produce natural heat, and depending on the location and season it could become very warm indeed, are you sleeping inside a good quality tent, is multiple bodies inside. That is always better than being cold, however, you may want to snuggle into your own bag that’s just right for you. so size and how many occupants is an important consideration.


What are the features and benefits you are looking for in a sleeping bag, warmth and comfort are a given, these are benefits that the sleeping bag must possess, check the temperature rating and make sure the manufactures rating suits your camping environment? some have pillows included is this a requirement for you? some of the best sleeping bags have a removable liner for easy cleaning, I think this is a great feature.


What time of year are you going, and who are you going with, is it the middle of summer or the start of winter.  A camping trip is usually a short-term adventure, maybe a weekend away, or a couple of weeks on school breaks. If you are staying in your own state or close to home, your most likely to be aware of the season and current weather. Determining what the weather is likely to do will be a major factor in any planning of a camping trip.


Are you camping with a vehicle, this could be a major factor in guiding you in your choice of bag and which sleeping bag will be the most suitable for you. When camping with a car we have the ability to carry much more weight than if we were hiking on foot, therefore our shelter and bedding can be more substantial. These questions and plenty more all come into your planning and preparation.


What is the environment in which you intend to use the bag is it a cold rocky place or just a cool beachfront location. are you inside a tent (don’t forget a ground sheet under the tent) or are you under a fly, maybe inside a vehicle, maybe on the ground, or just out under the bright night stars. Camping together with children can make many enjoyable lifelong memories and be life-changing events for some people.


If you are on the ground you may require a sleeping mat under the bag to help with comfort and insulation especially on the cold hard stony ground on a cold night. If you are camping in a vehicle, extra comfort using an air mattress or self-inflating pads are good, also with a car, we can carry larger more comfortable foam mattresses. So together with a good sleeping bag, you can have an excellent outdoor sleeping arrangement.


The design and makeup of a particular sleeping bag will determine very different comfort and warmth levels, so a lighter sleeping bag that is beautiful to use and becomes your closest friend on the cooler nights before summer, would become quite a useless piece of equipment you will be very unhappy with during a bitterly cold mid-winters night.


What is inside the sleeping bag will also help to determine a sleeping bag that is right for you and your circumstances. There are two main products within the outer shell that make the sleeping bag work, and that is the filler. Is it Down or is it Synthetic? Both these products do a great job, both have good and bad points.

The heat released from the body is trapped inside the bag, and held close to the body by one of these products where it cannot escape, some of the more quality sleeping bags are manufactured to provide optimal performance in extreme conditions using quality materials and working together with the bodies natural heat generation, so Is it Down or Synthetic ?


Down is very hard to beat for warmth, it has better heat exchange than synthetic, however, it is also more expensive than synthetic. A good quality down will hold more heat than a lesser quality down, high quality down is very lightweight and extremely warm.

You should expect several years and more from a good quality down sleeping bag. But here is an issue, down has one major fault, and that is it does not like being wet, if your sleeping bag becomes wet, it will lose the majority of its insulation and may become totally useless.


Synthetic fillers are heavier and may be easier to clean, but they will not hold together quite as well. The loft will not remain as vibrant as down. You cannot have a synthetic sleeping bag and a down sleeping bag with the same temperature rating weighing the same. Synthetic is definitely much heavier.

However, if you are camping for an extended period there is always a chance of rainy wet conditions, if you do not have a backup plan, synthetic sleeping bags would maybe be a better choice and perform better when wet.


Make sure you are aware of any Warranty from the seller, as this will be a major part of the reason you purchase. Is it a free long-term warranty or a paid term warranty. Check the good and bad points of the sleeping bag you are interested in, make yourself familiar with the sleeping bag, and this should give you the confidence in choosing the right product for you


The price we pay is not always a sign that we are getting the best product available, however, with research, we can usually find the right sleeping bag that will serve our needs well for the price we are more than happy to pay. You don’t want to go for the cheapest you can find as a good quality sleeping bag could very well become a survival tool if the weather quickly turns really nasty.


Teton Mammoth Double/Queen

This is another good quality sleeping bag that can be purchased with the knowledge that you are getting a seriously good product.  The zippers allow this sleeping bag to be opened down each side, so you can get in and out easily. This is a terrific sleeping bag to add to your camping equipment list for next holiday season.

The larger sleeping bags are quite difficult to handle when wet so cleaning is made easy by the polyester outer. To help with keeping this sleeping bag clean and fresh inside, it comes with a separate bag liner, cleaned after each time you go away camping, this will help in maintaining the bag

These liners can be purchased from the same manufacturer. Simply wash in your washing machine and give it a good dry out in the sun, and return it back inside the sleeping bag for next time. I have done an in-depth review of this sleeping bag, have a good look at it here. 

It is an extra large size of 92 inches x 62 inches for two adults and maybe the two little ones as well, make this sleeping bag a real family affair between the sheets. That feeling of comfort and security you get only when curled up into such a cozy and quality bedding. The soft poly flannel lining is a real pleasure to lay in and it will keep you warm and toasty throughout the cold nights while camping

Canway Double Flannel

This sleeping bag is another good size, It is a large 87 inches x 59 inches sleeps two adults in comfort and style, each with a small pillow. There are larger sleeping bags available if needed. This sleeping bag will keep you warm and cozy when it’s down around the zero mark. It looks good and has an inner liner that is a flannel material with  highly desirable 210 thread count

Its practical and hard-wearing design means this is not only a good quality waterproof sleeping bag but will help keep you dry by using water-resistant material. A weather-resistant design maximizing these design features to ensure you remain warm and comfortable in most conditions above 15`c,

Ohuhu Double From

The Ohuha double sleeping bag is super warm and ultra comfortable to boot. this is a nice looking sleeping bag that performs well with a good review from quite a few people. Its sturdy construction and water resistant outer polyester shell together with an inner cotton filling with 2 small pillows, makes this sleeping bag very warm and comfortable. this sleeping bag has been designed as a double and also able to be turned into two singles which provides you with multiple uses.

Taking care of this sleeping bag and with normal use, you should get several years of good service from this product. it is washable in a washing machine with a light soap powder however should be dried out over a line preferably out of direct sunlight. when storing leave it out of its original compression sack and leave it just folded in a cupboard. Over 7 feet in length, this sleeping bag would be ideal for taller people.


Wildhorn Double

The Wildhorn King cove Sleeping bag has a massive amount of room to move and roll over it is very spacious at 86 inches x 72 inches this is a really good size sleeping bag. Use this bag as a double or you can reconfigure it to two single beds at 72 inches x 43 inches even as a single these are good size sleeping bags.

The King Cove interior liners can be removed from the sleeping bag and washed in a washing machine on a gentle wash cycle. This makes it very convenient as these liners are made from an easy breathing material that can be easily washed, then put it on the line to dry and then returned to the sleeping bag. It has a hood that can be drawn tightly closed to help with heat retention within the Sleeping bag. It weighs just 6.5 pounds so is not a great burden to carry into a campsite.

Sleepingo Double

Sleepingo has created this super warm and super comfortable sleeping bag which will perform well and endure the rigors of camping for many years. I think this quality 2-person waterproof sleeping bag is ideal for cold weather camping, it is sturdy and extremely comfortable. This super soft and warm sleeping bag sleeps 2 people with ease and ample room to move in a spacious area 87 inches x 59 inches.

So if you like to move about with some room to spare this is a sleeping bag that may be the one for you. The thought of sleeping inside a cozy soft inner lining which has a very good 210 thread count cotton mix material, which should keep you warm and cozy, and be a comfortable feel against you is very appealing. The Sleepingo sleeping bag will keep you and your loved one warm and toasty on the coldest of nights.



Teton Sports Celsius

This sleeping bag from Teton easily provides comfort warmth and happiness the coldest of nights while camping in the backwoods. Poly flannel inner lining unzips on each side and opposite to that the design and draft tubes work well to keep out the chill. It comes with a compression sack to stuff the sleeping bag into although like most sleeping bags it is better to store them in something other than its original bag.

If you can find something like a cotton knapsack big enough to hold it loosely would be great. It has a tear-resistant outer shell, that should perform strongly for many years. It is recommended that the outer lining of the sleeping bag be spot cleaned as needed, which is always preferable to full washing.

Teton Sports Deer Hunter

Once again, a Teton product, this bag has a great warming and flannel inner liner, it is quite soft, very warm and comfortable it has a very durable canvas material outside liner. It has a cotton filling that works well to keep the heat in for you to enjoy a restful nights sleep even in very cold weather. while hunting in high country you will be most impressed tucked up inside. You will be glad you have this sleeping bag to make your nights camping comfortable and enjoyable.

it is a heavy sleeping bag so not a good item to carry long distances, more suitable if you have a vehicle. it is an unusual sleeping that in that it has a canvas outer. this canvas should allow a greater level of warmth and certainly greater durability and if treated correctly will last for many years. this is a very good looking sleeping bag that should perform well even under extra cold camping conditions.

Redcamp Cotton Flannel  XL

This is an 3 season extra large sleeping bag that has a temperature rating of  23F > another great looking bag that has all the features to provide you with a restful nights sleep it is 95 inches x 35 inches so is ideal for the taller person it has a cotton flannel lining that is warm and soft to touch and extremely comfortable polyester fiber shell exterior for rugged durability.

Rolls easily and packs back into the compression sack for transporting but always a good idea to leave the sleeping bag out of the compression sack when storing for a long period. it is weather resistant and comfortable and should give a long lifespan if treated properly, also with its water-resistant design, this sleeping bag offers a really high comfort level during cold weather camping whether you are in a tent or just under a fly. If your a tall guy you can really stretch out and at 6.17 lbs it is a bit heavy.

Grizzly by Black Pine

The outer polyester material is waterproof and if looked after correctly this sleeping bag is designed to last many years. The microfibre insulation together with a flannel lining assures a comfortable and superior warmth that will give you pleasant dreams to remember. This one will be a terrific addition to your existing camping equipment. Suitable for 0 Degrees camping.

To help with keeping this sleeping bag clean and fresh a separate bag liner can be purchased, and after using its a simple task of removing the liner and washing it which saves you having to wash the whole bag which in turn reduces the amount of time and effort put into maintaining the bag. great size 90in x 40in plenty of space to toss and turn.


Abco Tech Single

This sleeping bag is manufactured with a good nights sleep in mind rated at 20`f this sleeping bag will keep comfy and relaxed in a really comfortable lining ready for the next day’s adventure. The inside is lined with a super cozy polyester lining that is an absolute joy to lay in, While the outside is manufactured from a strong polyester material that gives very good water resistance and can handle the tough going on many camping trips.

A light and comfortable sleeping bag this one is designed for cold weather conditions the sleeping bag is designed to keep the average sleeper warm even at 20`f now that is cold, warmth and durability are two features of this sleeping bag. There is a large number of good reviews on this Sleeping bag, which is always a good sign. This sleeping bag will have you refreshed and ready to go after a good nights rest.

This is one of my picks and maybe the best summer sleeping bag so check it out further in my post  Abco Sleeping Bag Review.

Redcamp Cotton Flannel Single

This is another sleeping bag that will keep you warm and comfortable when camping out even in cold weather it has a hardy outer of polyester and an inner made from soft flannel material. This sleeping bag has excellent insulation, It is designed well. This sleeping bag can be used in many environments, it’s spacious and very comfortable. and its many features should suit your needs.

Will be perfect for you to have on your next outdoor camping adventure, no need to worry about the cold chill outside in this sleeping bag. It is water resistant and will keep you warm in severe conditions and also prevent dampness with its weather resistant outer shell lining. You will like this one, particularly if your a taller person. If you are 6ft tall you will be comfortable in this one.

All Season Hooded XL

This sleeping bag is designed for warmth and comfort at 15-50`F this means the average sleeper will be warm at this range obviously temperatures change if you are inside a well-designed tent or if you are on a sleeping pad and how you are dressed This sleeping bag also has a waterproof weather resistant design to keep you warm in mildly cold conditions and help prevent any dampness all season.

It is easy to clean, they are safe to wash in a washing machine on a gentle cycle, preferably a front loader machine. They also come with a well-designed carry sack with handles. This is a big wide sleeping bag so a big tall guy will feel more than comfortable inside. Snuggle up in this extra large space, and if you need a blanket this sleeping bag can be zippered open and laid out to be used as a blanket. I like the fact it can be used as a Queen size comforter and suitable for a taller person.


Coleman North Rim

Camping out in your favorite national park comfortably in temperatures down to 0`F is something you can do in this Mummy sleeping bag. Narrow at the feet and a drawstring at the head to hold the warm air in closer to you, this sleeping bag is of good quality is machine washable and with a bunch of reviews certainly rakes up some points. This is a good looking bag easy to carry.

It has a nylon outer and comes with a stuff sack, is strong outside nylon material that surrounds this bag and looks quite durable. You will be super impressed by the ability of this sleeping bag to keep you warm and for its many amazing features and benefits. Check out my review on the Coleman North Rim Here. Not sure if this is the one I would want At 0 degrees though, the foot area seems to be a cold spot.

Teton Ultralight From

This durable comfortable sleeping bag is comfortable and warm and suitable for the person who enjoys camping and exploring the wilds of nature. Having a sleeping bag like this gives you plenty of comfort and satisfaction knowing it will perform well on those cold nights. Rated at 0 degrees for super cool camping environments, it will have you comfortable throughout the night.

This Sleeping Bag is sure to make you feel right at home. it has been made with harsh conditions in mind it had been designed tough but warm with a soft interior, at the same time strong, with a  weatherproof outside shell. you will love its many features certainly, one to give serious consideration. Not much to dislike on this one this is close to a winner for me.

Outdoor Vitals Summit 0 Degrees

This bag is super light and super warm and comes with an extended warranty so is good values for money It can also be packed and carried in its own convenient carry bag, having a great way to carry it to and from the campsite restricts the chances of it being damaged. Also, it would be advisable to use a sleeping pad underneath to prevent any unnecessary damage from being on the ground.

800+ fill made from a quality Down insulation with a grid baffle design, will keep you warm, and I think it is the best winter sleeping bag on this list, it’s also down on weight so is easy to carry and easy to clean just a spot wipe over after every use should suffice. It has a very good rating of 4.6 stars from a couple hundred reviews and it comes with a lifetime warranty so be sure to check this one out.

Also, check out my in-depth review of the Outdoor Vitals Sleeping Bag Review Here. Worth the spend if you are in cold country, and looking for warm and cozy.

Outdoor Vitals Summit 20 Degrees

This sleeping bag will keep you warm, snug and comfortable in a quality rated insulation if you get caught out in a rainstorm this sleeping bag will still allow you to stay warm in a survival situation. Surrounding you in the lining is very high-quality filling. The filling is 800 down for super soft and super warm comfort no matter what the environment you find yourself in. The warmth from down is very cozy these are well made using quality materials.

This is natures best insulation and won’t let you down when your camping in the high country and reliant on a sleeping bag that will keep you comfortable and rested ready for the next day’s adventure. Remember to store the sleeping bag outside and compression sack it comes in, buy a big material bag from another retailer to store it in. Also, if used in conjunction with a sleeping bag liner the inner will give you a long serviceable lifespan.

Best Sleeping Bags Comparison Chart

Brand ManufacturerSize Double or SingleTemperature F`Star Rating from 5Take a look Here
Teton Sports Fahrenheit Mammoth Double/QueenDouble/Queen0F Rating4.6 Stars Teton Double/Queen
Canway Double Bags 2 Pillows Queen size XLDouble 15F Rating 4.5 StarsCanway Queen
Teton Sports Mamoth 20 DegreesDouble 20F Rating4.6 Stars Teton Double 20
Ohuhu Double with pillowsDouble23F Rating 4.3 Stars Ohuhu Double
Wildhorn King Cove Premium Double Double30F Rating5.0 StarsWildhorn Double
Sleepingo DoubleDouble32F Rating 4.8 Stars Sleepingo Double
Fundango XL Double Double32F Rating4.7 Stars Fundango XL Double
Dream Genius DoubleDouble 32F Rating 4.9 Stars Dream Genius
Teton Sports CelsiusSingle0F Rating4.3 StarsTeton Celsius
Teton Deer HunterSingle0F Rating 4.4 Stars Teton Deer Hunter
Redcamp XL 95x35inSingle 23F Rating 4.3 Stars Recamp XL
Grizzly by Black PineSingle 0F Rating 4.5 Stars Grizzly
X-Cheng Multi Season FlannelSingle32F Rating 5.0 StarX-Cheng
Abco Tech Envelope Single 20F Rating4.4 Stars Abco Tech
Redcamp Cotton Flannel EnvelopeSingle41F Rating 4.5 Stars Redcamp Tall
All Season Hooded XLSingle65F Rating4.4 Stars All Seasons
Coleman North Rim AdultSingle Mummy 0F Rating4.3 Stars North Rim
Teton Sports UltralightSingle Mummy 0F Rating4.3 Stars Teton Ultralight
Outdoor Vitals Summit 0FSingle Mummy 0F Rating 4.6 Stars Summit oF
Outdoor Vitals Summit 20FSingle Mummy 20F Rating4.6 Stars summit 20F

Buyers Guide and Advice.

  1. Single or Double
  2. Temperature
  3. Features
  4. Weather
  5. Location
  6. Environment
  7. Sleeping Mats
  8. Design and Composition
  9. What’s inside
  10. Is it Down
  11. Is it Synthetic
  12. Warranty
  13. Price

Recommended Temperature Ratings.

A three season bag should be 20 -35f degree bag is enough for most cool to mildly cold nights it is always a good idea to dress for the occasion some mild nights inside a reasonable sleeping bag may only require light clothing to stay comfortable, on other occasions you may need woolen clothes head to toe. The type of shelter, if any will also have an impact on what the temperature in the sleeping bag will be.

As we stated previously this list is about camping probably in reasonable conditions, in mild environments. Most camping and outdoor adventures take place during the warmer months of the year. Most extremely cold conditions would require between 0 -20`f rating, cold nights 20-40F and cool to mild climates 40`f and upward.

Lets Wind It Up.

How you use and store your sleeping bag will determine its longevity to a large extent, If you are sleeping on the ground just remember the ground will suck the heat out of you and your bedding, so use a sleeping pad of some description. These pads not only provide extra comfort, but they also assist in keeping the bag cleaner than if it’s straight on the ground.

It will provide a barrier between you and the ground, give you an added layer of insulation, and keep the bag dry and away from sticks and stones that may damage your sleeping bag. Use a liner, the liner will help keep your sleeping bag cleaner, and will also help in maintaining an internal freshness,

Air the sleeping bag out regularly and always keep it dry, make sure you remove the sleeping bag from the stuff sack when not in use store the sleeping bag out of direct sunlight and out of its stuff sack gently folded into another larger material bag. If it needs to be fully washed do so in a front loader washing machine only and do it on a gentle wash cycle with a little liquid soap.

Just remember a cheap sleeping bag is not what you want when you’re doing some serious hiking in the cold alpine country. Some extreme weather good quality hiking sleeping bags can cost well over $1000. You won’t find them on this list. This is not about specialized sleeping bags that we will be taking on an Everest expedition.

This list is for the campers amongst us who enjoy the great outdoors, in the mountains or camping near the beach but not necessarily wanting to freeze out butts off. This list is looking at good quality, versatile warm and comfortable sleeping bags. Whatever your needs I’m sure you will find one here within our list of Best Sleeping Bags.

Please feel free to leave me a comment below or ask a question maybe leave a story you have of a particular sleeping bag.

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If you have any more questions about the Best Sleeping Bags For 2019, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.

Thanks, Shane.


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  1. Great article, camp beds should be bought with care depending on how comfortable they make you. Am a camper and I do go a lot of camping with my wife. We are so used to Sleepingo Double that when I changed the bed on a camping trip we kinda noticed the difference and it kept us up all night, took a while before we finally got comfortable with it. Till now I have no logical idea why and how but we both agreed it was the bed. Funny right. 

    • Hi Ayodeji, there are many good sleeping bags on my list take your time and you will find one that suits you and your wife.

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  3. Hi Shane, what an informative article! I agree that down is the best filling if you’re in dry climates. If not, then synthetic. Since I travel a lot my main focus is on size and weight.

    I do have a question, when buying a sleeping bag there are usually two “comfort zones” considering temperature – one is for men which is lower and the second is for women, a higher temperature. Do you know why they do it this way?



    • Hi Katy’s, you are correct, down does not like to get wet, and size and weight are two of the most important aspects of choosing a sleeping bag. The other is temperature and i am led to Believe that a womens body takes a little more warmth to stay at the same comfort level as a Man’s. Thanks for your comment I appreciate them Cheers Shane.

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