The Top 10 Best Sleeping Pads

Comfort can be hard to come by in the rough outdoors so researching articles like the best sleeping pads will give you some great insight into a list of excellent new camping and hiking pads.

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As well as comfort and insulation, some of the other features of a quality sleeping pad are the versatility, lightweight, ease of transportation, and most importantly, the portability of this type of camping gear.

Some of the latest models are on this list so finding and buying the right gear will always set you up for an awesome outdoor experience. so let’s get started. 


Buyers Guide To Choosing The Best Sleeping Pads


Let’s face it the main reason we are even considering a sleeping pad means we are going on a trip into the outdoors and are looking to have some of the comforts of home and one of the critical areas is bedding.

So if we intend to be comfortable in our sleeping arrangements we need to have gear that can provide it. We need to ask how comfortable it is when we are deciding on the right sleeping pad for us.

In most cases, a thicker pad means more comfort, but that’s not the only factor at play, as the comfort in these pads also depends on the amount of foam and insulation and type of construction.


There’s a long list of the things that you need to be on the lookout for when shopping for a sleeping pad, but the size is by far one of the most essential things you need to consider.

They come in a variety of different lengths and widths as well as thicknesses so you can always choose the one that best fits your needs.


Thankfully, with car camping, you get the opportunity to enjoy a larger and more weighty sleeping pad for additional comfort, which could otherwise be too heavy and large for a backpacking trip.

However, be sure to consider the weight, especially if you’ll have to move your gear a considerable distance from the car to the campsite. If you are hiking then portability is a crucial element that needs serious consideration and planning.

Ease of inflation

Most of the valves that have been built into these sleeping pads are twisting valves, which require you to turn the valve to one side to open it, and then turn it back to close it.

This design is easy and fast to inflate, but it’s not as easy to use as it might sound since you have to apply constant air pressure while closing it with your tongue since air can move easily through the valve.

Luckily enough, most sleeping pads nowadays have a float valve, which has awesome inflation and deflation settings and features a flap that locks in the air when inflating your sleeping pad.

Warmth and Insulation

Different sleeping pads feature varying performance when it comes to warmth, with different R-value levels. Some have an R-value of 2, 4, 5, 8, while others have a higher value at up to 11.5.

The choice of this feature will depend on whether you are a warm or cold sleeper or the season you are out on your camping trip, so make the right choice.

The capability of the sleeping pad is extremely important, so the performance and warmth are hands down two more of the things you can’t afford to miss, so what is the best sleeping pad for backpacking?

sleeping bag on a sleeping pad

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Let’s Look At My Top 10 Sleeping Pad Choices

1. Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad


  • This 14oz pad is very lightweight, which further makes it perfect for other types of outdoor adventures such as hiking, backpacking, as well as car camping.


  • I couldn’t really find a fault with this one.

My Initial Thoughts: From a brand that has become known in the market for its outstanding products, this very popular sleeping pad lives up to the hype with its quality.

Good dimensions.

With an impressive size at 75 inches by 23 inches, it is spacious enough to allow you to sleep in enough comfort. The thickness of this sleeping pad is yet another feature that earns it a high position on this list.

Quality construction with a 2-inch thickness, this Sleeping pad is not just comfortable, but it’s also very strong. But the best part is that it is also great for sleeping in just about any position.

But wait.

Another great feature of this sleeping pad is the tear-resistant design with a heavy-duty ripstop nylon fabric, not only tough but also very durable which is great when backpacking.

  • With the 20-denier thickness, this makes it very comfortable and offers impressive heat retention.
  • Another great feature in this sleeping pad is the inflatable design, which makes it comfortable to sleep on even when you are sleeping on a rocky, hilly, or rough terrain.
  • You no longer have to sacrifice comfort for the adventure. 

Check out my in-depth review of this product here at Sleepingo Camping Pad this pad is extremely highly rated and very popular and could be the best sleeping pad for camping. I like this one a lot.

We Rated This Product 4.8 From 5 Stars

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2. Wellax Ultralight Sleeping Pad – Inflatable Mat


  • The flexing air cells within the pad is designed to support your weight evenly for optimal comfort.
  • With an R-value of 2.1, it is a great 3 season pad.
  • Forget about discomfort and back pain in the morning.


  • There is a couple of critical reviews but we are with the majority of customers who show overwhelming support for this product.

 My Initial Thoughts: Another popular sleeping pad with good features that are sure to transform your sleeping experience with comfort, performance, and durability.

So what am I talking about?

The first thing that will catch your eye is the easy inflation and deflation design, thanks to advanced inflation technology, as this pad comes with 2 flat valves; one for inflation and another one for deflating.

With only 4 to 6 breaths, you will have your sleeping pad fully inflated, and the deflation is every bit as fast. Another great feature is the compact and lightweight design, which makes it great for easy portability it weighs only 14.5 ounces.

But you know what else?

  • Once inflated, this sleeping pad is spacious enough, measuring 78 inches by 24 inches.
  • But the feature that makes this pad worth a hard look is its 2.5-inch width, which is great for comfort and warmth.
  • When packed down and ready to roll it only measures 10 inches by 3.5 inches which makes it nice and portable.
  • What’s more, it’s also silent, and waterproof as well as abrasion and tear-resistant.

Other great features in the Wellax Ultralight Air Sleeping Pad include a revolutionary design thanks to a laminated 20D nylon as well as a TPU layer that ensures a great balance of weight and durability. 

We Rated This Product 4.6 From 5 Stars

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3. Outdoorsman Lab Camping Sleeping Pad


There’s an inflatable pillow measuring 11 inches by 9 inches, which is easy to inflate with only 3 to 6 breaths for additional comfort.


Poor insulation qualities so you will need an under-quilt in cold conditions.

My Initial Thoughts:  It folds down to 8 inches by 3 inches by 3 inches, which is small enough to make it very portable.

What’s next.

Well besides the compact and lightweight design, it’s also great for people who sleep at different positions, thanks to interconnected smooth air cells, which self-adjust to match your body shape for ultimate comfort and support.

Measuring 73 inches by 21.6 inches, which is great for virtually all types of sleeping bags. What’s more, it has an impressive 2.2 inches thickness, which makes it great for comfort, support, and insulation.

But that’s not all.

Another feature in this sleeping pad that’s worth mentioning is the R-value of 2.2, so if you want a sleeping pad with a high r-value, then this is not for you.

But the lasting 200 ripstop woven nylon and a laminated TPU coating make this sleeping pad worth checking out if you want a lasting sleeping pad.

  • You will also love the convenient inflation and deflation of this sleeping pad, thanks to its easy-to-use air valve, which takes about 10 to 15 breaths to fill it up.
  • But you can add a few more breaths for additional firmness and support.

The other features in the Outdoorsman Lab Sleeping Pad include the compact design, as in your car during transportation.

We Rated This Product 4.4 From 5 Stars

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4. Klymit Static Sleeping Pad


  • Quiet to lay on in a hammock.
  • Very portable 8 inches by 3 inches in its own stuff sack.


  • If you are a side sleeper the ridges could be annoying and the inflation valve seems to be a bit cheap
  • Can be a little difficult to get it back in the sack

My Initial Thoughts: This one comes with a V-chamber design and the great thing about this design is that it ensures less air movement, thus reducing heat loss.

In addition to that.

Here is the Klymit Static V2 Sleeping Pad, which comes with a fair share of impressive features as well, enough to keep you warm and comfortable throughout the night.

But that’s not all, as it also offers great support and comfort, which makes this pad worth the money. What’s more, this pad is very versatile, as you can use it with a hammock, on your cot, or on bare ground and lie on top of it in your sleeping bag.

Another feature that stands out in this sleeping pad is its lightweight design, as it weighs only 16.33 oz, which further makes it a great pick for a variety of outdoor adventures.

  • And when it comes to size, this one never disappoints, as it measures an impressive 72 inches by 23 inches, and has a height of up to 2.5 inches.
  • Besides packing very small, this sleeping pad further makes the portability a breeze as it comes with an included stuff sack.

But to ensure that you won’t end up frustrated and sleeping on a flat pad, it also features a patch, which can be very handy in case of a leak.

We Rated This Product 4.4 From 5 Stars

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5. Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Xlite Ultralight Backpack Pad


  • The features that are worth a mention include the small packed size of 9 inches by 3.3 inches, included stuff sack, and a repair kit.


  • It is very light but at 47 inches long your feet are on the ground.

 My Initial Thoughts:

Up next is one from Therm-a-Rest, and this one is an ultralight air mattress that you should toss in the trunk of your car before driving off to your next destination.

Besides that.

One of the things that make this pad great is the reflective ThermaCapture design, which traps radiant heat to ensure minimum heat loss. Besides, it also comes with a triangular core matrix baffled design that offers stability besides keeping heat loss very low.

You’ll also love the tapered design, which sheds off weight but without sacrificing the warmth. Then there’s a great R-value of 3.2, which adds to the performance of this sleeping pad.

Factor in the 2.5-inch thickness and you have a sleeping pad that you can inflate with ease (usually within only 2 minutes of inflating) and offers enough insulation.


  • And that’s not all, this pad also boasts a non-slip fabric, which enables it to stay put throughout the night no matter how much you toss and turn in your sleep.
  • When it comes to the lightweight design, this one weighs only 8 ounces, which means it is lightweight enough for car camping and most other outdoor adventures.  

 But as far as size goes, it’s not a large pad, the Therm a Rest Neoair measures 47 inches by 20 inches.

We Rated This Product 4.2 From 5 Stars

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6. Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XTherm Max Inflatable Pad


  • I like the rectangular design and non-slip material
  • R-Value of 5.7 makes this a nice warm pad


  • At 23 ounces it is quite heavy for backpacking

My Initial Thoughts:

Here’s yet another great sleeping pad from Therm-a-Rest that you should look at if you are on the hunt for a reliable sleeping pad.

First off.

It has a reflective ThermaCapture tech that traps radiant heat to help you stay warm through the night. This is helped by the R-Value of 2.1.

But that’s not all, the heat retention that this sleeping pad comes with is aided by a Triangular Core Matrix design that’s also very effective at heat retention.

For easy portability, this pad also comes with a lightweight design, weighing only 17 ounces, well, not the most lightweight option on this list, but still lightweight enough, isn’t it?

Still, on the easy portability, the packed size of this pad is compact enough to make it easy to carry along, as it measures only 9 inches by 4 inches. What’s more, it comes with a stuff sack.

  • But once inflated, this pad is pretty large, measuring an impressive 72 inches by 20 inches, and did we mention it has a 2.5-inch thickness?
  • An included repair kit is sure to keep you covered if anything goes wrong, you won’t have to sleep on a flat pad in case of leakage, and you can fix it up in the middle of the night and go back to a comfortable sleep.

The other features that are worth mentioning include the no-slip fabric that ensures your sleeping pad doesn’t slide around the tent. If you are looking for the best car camping sleeping pad then this could be the one.

We Rated This Product 4.2 From 5 Stars

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7. SEMOO Self-Inflating Camping Sleeping Pads


Two mats can be buckled together to make the best 2-person sleeping pad.


We found the pillow uncomfortable and really just a waste.

My Initial Thoughts: When it comes to thickness when inflated, this one isn’t as thick as some of the pads we’ve listed here, as it measures only 1.2 inches.


If you would like to grab a sleeping pad with a difference, then this self-inflating sleeping pad is for you. The self-inflating feature is not the only great thing about this pad.

It also features a waterproof taffeta that is every bit as durable and a high-resilience sponge filling for ultimate comfort.

Then there’s the free-flow valve design that makes the use of this pad as easy as it is fun. But there’s more, as you can set the desired firmness by manually inflating your sleeping pad by blowing it through the valve and closing the valve.

Some other Points.

  • But the good thing is that it also comes with an inflatable pillow, which adds to the comfort.
  • And as far as versatility goes, this one takes the cake, as it is also a great option for hiking, travel, backpacking and picnicking as well.

Speaking of using your sleeping pad out there, the lightweight design of this unit makes it a great option for toting along as it only weighs 2.3 lbs. Moreover, it also packs small at 16 inches by 7.9 inches by 7.9 inches.

We Rated This Product 4.2 From 5 Stars

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8. Teton Sports Universal Lightweight Sleeping Pad 


  • At 6 pounds it is extremely lightweight.
  • Portable and versatile, good for car camping.
  • It provides a  high level of heat retention.


  • Packed down it is quite a bulky object to carry.
  • I think it is expensive.

My Initial Thoughts: Versatility is the one outstanding thing about this sleeping pad, as you can use it with your cot, on your guest bed, or as a stand-alone ground pad.

What’s more.

You’ll come to love this Teton pad thanks to its array of exciting features such as the lightweight design that makes carrying to just about any outdoor adventure a breeze.

Besides the lightweight design, it also comes with built-in roll-up straps as well as a roll assister and compression buckles that ensure your sleeping pad stays as a compact package.

Although I found this a little bulky and takes up a lot of room but fine if you are car camping.

Another outstanding feature is the extra insulation design, which guarantees great warmth throughout the night. But that’s not all, as this pad also comes with a thick construction that ensures great comfort.

Above all.

  • There is the open-cell design, which is at the heart of this sleeping pad, and ensures it retains its shape and comfort.
  • You’ll feel just as comfortable as sleeping in your bed at home.
  • Besides, the open-cell foam design ensures that your pad recovers easily every time you unfold it.

Thanks to a canvas shell that slips off, cleaning your sleeping pad is super easy. Additional padding design also makes this a very comfortable and reliable foam sleeping pad.

We Rated This Product 4.7 From 5 Stars

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9. TNH Outdoors Premium Self Inflating Sleeping Pad 


2.3 pounds of weight certainly is a pro when backpacking

4.5 R-Value will provide good warmth


Sit on it too hard and you will come to a hard stop

My Initial Thoughts: Attractive pad surprisingly supportive despite the thin design and construction.


As our list draws to a close, it’s time to meet a great sleeping pad, which is not only packed with great features, but it’s also very durable, easy to use, and carry along.

Made of a robust 75D polyester skin, this sleeping pad is ready to take on just about any outdoor condition, so you can venture out further and enjoy the backcountry with comfort.

Another great feature that this pad comes with is easy inflation (actually, self-inflation) thanks to its 500 series valve, which is easy to twist open and unroll your sleeping pad, then just let it inflate itself.

  • You can set the ideal firmness of your sleeping pad by blowing in a few puffs of air.
  •  Although this sleeping pad is not as thick as some of the other options we’ve discussed on this list, the 1.5-inch thickness should ensure you won’t be uncomfortable even when sleeping on rough ground.
  • Factor in the foam padding and the super insulation in this sleeping pad, and you have a unit that will prove to be your best friend for virtually any outdoor adventure.

And the fact that it packs very small makes it a great option for easy storage as well as storage, you’ll love it!

We Rated This Product 4.1 From 5 Stars

Check The Price On Amazon

10. HiHiker Camping Sleeping Pad + Pillow


Inflated size of 75 inches by 23 inches makes it suitable for the sleeping bag or hammock


Extremely high customer rating and hard to fault

My Initial Thoughts: The inflation of both pillow and pad is very easy, and you can adjust the firmness to your liking, but the best part is that they both retain air for many hours.

To top it off.

This sleeping pad also comes with a long list of great features as well,  it comes with an inflatable pillow that’s sure to enhance your comfort, not to mention that it’s also very lightweight, and could come in handy when you are sitting if you need something for lumbar support.

Besides, this pad conforms to your entire body and its curves to deliver ultimate comfort, as it stands between you and the rugged rocky ground, and at just over 14.5 pounds it is very portable.

You will be happy with no more waking up to neck pain or backache. Besides, it also ensures you can stay warm throughout the night.

  • The other great feature in this sleeping pad is the ease of portability, as both the pillow and the sleeping pad pack small enough to fit in just about any tight space around with ease.
  • Not forgetting, it also comes with an included carry bag, which you are sure to find handy when transporting or storing your sleeping pad.
  • Besides, they are both easily washable, so you can always clean them before storage.

Get the value you pay for with high-quality materials that this pad and the pillow are made of, as they feature a waterproof and ripstop material that’s sure to last you for years.

We Rated This Product 4.7 From 5 Stars

Check The Price On Amazon

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My Picks:

The Best All-Weather Sleeping Pad         Therm-a-rest Neo/Air Ultralight Pad

The Best All-Round Sleeping Pad               Wellax Ultralight Sleeping Pad

The Most Popular Outdoor Pad     Sleepingo Sleeping Pad

Question and Answers

Q How durable is a sleeping pad?

No matter how comfortable a sleeping pad is, if it’s not durable enough, it won’t be worth the money. The durability of a sleeping pad usually depends on the denier, which is the unit used to measure the textile strength of the pad.

A higher denier means a thicker and stronger fabric, which ensures high puncture resistance and enhances the durability of your sleeping pad.

The denier on different sleeping pads could range anywhere from 15D to 75D among other options, it’s all up to you to choose the right one.

Q. I have been told they are very noisy?

This is another great feature that you can’t afford to get wrong when selecting the sleeping pad of your choice. The problem with some sleeping pads is a crinkly noise, which is not really something you want when trying to fall asleep.

And things could get even worse when your partner is sleeping on such a sleeping pad and turns and tosses a lot.

While not all pads are noisy be sure to do your research to make sure to purchase a sleeping pad that’s not only warm and cozy but it’s also very quiet when you sleep on it.

Q. Do I have to spend a lot of money to get a good sleeping pad?

Find a pad that offers the value you are looking for, but if you are shopping for camping gear on a tight budget, then it makes sense to look for a pad that you can afford and there are a lot of good pads on the market at a reasonable price. 

Thankfully, you can get a sleeping pad that offers the value you want without having to break the bank. Check out the Sleepingo sleeping pad, this is an excellent product and is great value at around $40.

Q. I am a side sleeper iI have heard that sleeping pads are no good for side sleepers, Is this true?

There are many excellent pads for side-sleepers, a bit more cushioning can go a long way. You will need a sleeping pad that cushions the hips and shoulders, but overall, your sleeping pad should be thick enough to offer the much-needed comfort.

Be sure to research the pad in question and check out the many reviews that are available from customers. The recommendations of people that have already purchased a product make a strong argument on which may be the most suitable for you. 

Q. Do I need to carry a pump for the inflation of my sleeping pad?

Some sleeping pads come with a pump although most of the better ones are self-inflating or just require a dozen or so breaths of air to inflate, so in answer to your question, No, a pump is not always necessary.

If you are planning to carry along an inflatable sleeping pad, then the ease of inflation is important, and in most cases, this boils down to the valve type.

The choice is all yours, so go for the one that will make inflating and deflating your sleeping pad easy enough.

best sleeping pads set up on the ground


If you are setting out on an outdoor trip, then you can bet that sleeping on the ground alone isn’t going to be ideal. Not to worry, with any sleeping pad on this list, that shouldn’t be a challenge anymore.

Besides, we’ve offered you everything you need to make the right choice as far as selecting the right sleeping pad for your outdoor adventure goes.

So go ahead with confidence and pick the right sleeping pad for your upcoming trip. The outdoors is more enjoyable and fun if you can enjoy a good night’s sleep. And a sleeping pad will ensure you enjoy the best night possible.    

If you have any more questions about the Best Sleeping Pads, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.


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