Big Agnes Big Six Chair Review

Whether you’re heading for a day at camp or around the block to the park, this Big Agnes Six Chair has got you covered. It is a lightweight deluxe camping chair in a compact size.

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The Big Agnes Big Six Chair is designed with luxurious chilling in mind. This camp chair is tall, wide, and comfortable. It will offer you comfort wherever your outdoor adventure takes you.

If you don’t want to sit on a rock after a long day on the trail you will find these chairs super comfy yet durable enough to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

We have taken a close look at the Big Agnes Big Six Chair, and here’s what we found out.

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Big Agnes Big Six Camping Chair

Key Features


No-frills setup because there is only one way to set it up. The fully shock-corded aluminum pole allows a dummy-proof setup and takedown.

Doing it will only require less than ten minutes to bring the chair up. To completely set it up, assemble the pole segments, and make sure each is fully seeded.

Insert the legs into the frame and grab the sling. You might want to insert the poles in the long sleeves first.

Also, you will find it much easier to stay behind the chair because you will have more leverage to stretch the front pocket to the front arms. Although it takes only a few minutes to set up, make sure you deliberately place each pole to where it is supposed to be attached.

To make sure you get everything right even though the setup is really easy, Big Agnes provided a printed instruction inside the bag for your reference. That said, you can also ask your kids to help in assembling the chair.


The pole structure of the Big Six has the same technology of tent poles. This is mainly the reason why it can pack down to be so small but can still provide so much support.

This camp chair is made of lightweight nylon 100d Robic with a 300d polyester ripstop fabric so it can stand up to use and abuse. It is combined with high tenacity Robic yarn that is also lightweight and 25 to 30 percent stronger than a traditional yarn in the same denier.

The lightweight aluminum aircraft pole system and a waterproof coating on the fabric make this chair super durable and extremely strong.

Packability and Weight

The Big Agnes Big Six Chair is a collapsible folding chair that packs up into their own stuff sack. All the materials used for constructing this chair are lightweight providing significant impact when it comes to convenience in transport and travels.

It weighs 3lb and 3oz (1.45 kg) and we are confident that you can add this chair to your list of light gears to bring at camp or at the beach. With a hub-less pole design, you can have a camp chair that packs down smaller compared to other models with hubs.

When collapsed it has a packed size of 21 x 3.5-inches (53 x 9 cm) which makes it easier to attach into your backpack or stash in your truck, trunk, and even bicycle. If you’re on the hunt for a comfortable outdoor chair that won’t add up too much weight, we think the Big Agnes Big Six chair is something you should consider.


The Big Six sits 20-inches above the ground making it easy to get in and out. This trait is desirable for someone with creaky knees or for an older friend who is coming along with you.

The Big Six is pretty sturdy that it can carry a weight of 300lbs. We find it really amazing how a lightweight chair can carry this much weight and we truly think it’s an excellent feature for those looking for something durable.

The pre-bent poles create a wider and more stable sit with a smaller footprint. You won’t worry about throwing yourself down to the chair thinking you might break it.


Tipping over is also something you will not worry about because the feet are well spaced apart. Plus, its sturdy plastic feet will place the chair nicely into the ground reducing the bendy feel you get in other chairs.

Indeed, this chair can be your ultimate choice of support and comfort on the go. It will allow you to experience total relaxation after an exhausting day. Besides a good quality tent, a strong and stable chair is close behind in importance.

Comfort and Ease of Use

Without a doubt, Big Six is not only built for style but as well as for comfort and ease. It is comfortable, wide, and spacious for someone with a petite body and more accommodating for larger users.

The backrest is 40-inches tall so you can actually rest your head and neck on it. This high back feature will surely give you full support which is difficult to find with other camp chairs.

You may sit and relax in comfort everywhere you go with the Big Agnes Big Six Chair. Whether it is at camp, around a campfire, backyard, or at a music festival you will sure have something to rest in.


If you’re used to camping in luxury then we absolutely think Big Agnes Big Six chair is your jam. This chair is a little pricey, but taking comfort and support into consideration, this chair holds exceptional value for you.

Besides, if you’re looking up for something to indulge yourself with, awesome gear like this would probably make the best gift for you or to a friend who loves the outdoor. Check out the current price here now on ==>Amazon<==


This product is covered by the Big Agnes warranty policy. The company will replace your product once proven to have manufacturing or material defect. Make sure you keep the receipt so return or replacement transaction will be less of a hassle.

Big Six Camp Chair

Benefits of the Product

The full backrest support will provide your head and neck the pampering it needs after a long tiring day on the trail.

Standing and sitting isn’t too much work compared to other camping chairs because this chair sits high enough above the ground giving your legs room to comfortably move.

A versatile camping chair with incredible strength to weight ratio that makes it lightweight and durable at the same time.

Made of high-quality materials like the nylon ripstop fabric and hub-less poles that have been proven and tested among outdoor enthusiasts both beginner and seasoned campers.

The color-coded frame and shock cord inside the pole make setup fast, easy, and simple. You don’t need to be an expert just to set up the chair and for a newbie, you will find easy-to-follow instructions inside the bag.

Durable, this chair can withstand even the most vigorous sitting sessions without tearing, ripping, or breaking.

A unique patented design, all the poles are directly connected to each other and there is no unusual plastic material connecting the frame pieces to each other.

Lightweight, packs down small that you can conveniently strap and carry it around your backpack due to its compact size.

Enhances tear strength and has a soft feel due to the waterproof UTS coating of the fabric material.

Ensures comfortable sitting session due to its wide-body, long back support, and stable structure that it can be the next best camp chair nap you’ve ever had. 

With other available color options, if you feel like gray is such an ordinary camping color, you’re just in luck because Big Six is also available in orange, blue, and red colors.


  • Easy to assemble and takedown
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Provides full-back, head, and neck support
  • Superior in comfort
  • An all-weather camp chairs


  • It may be a little heavy for long trails
  • No armrest


Questions and Answers

Q: I’m a newbie and I find the assembly of this chair a bit complicated, how will I know where to start?

Answer: Do not worry because the assembly of this chair is fast and easy. Big Agnes made sure you will be guided on how to assemble this chair so they included an easy to follow the instructions inside the stuff bag.

Q: Can this chair handle aggressive sitting tendencies?

Answer: As a matter of fact, yes it can. It is made of sturdy pole and fabric material.

The Big Six is constructed with ripstop nylon fabric that truly adds to the tear resistance. The pole is made of lightweight aircraft aluminum pole that can withstand the harsh outdoor environment.

Tips You Can Take Away

  1. When assembling, you will find it easier to stand behind the chair and start setup at the back portions.
  2. Attach the top portions first before the bottom, for you to stretch the bottom part far and hard enough.
  3. For storage, make sure you store it in a nice dry area until your next camping trip.


The Big Agnes Big Six is not like your ordinary camping chair. It is well-designed with a lightweight and compact build.

This chair is tall so sitting and standing are easy. It has a comfortable back support that will just make you feel luxurious after a tiring day.

Though we said this is a lightweight chair, its weight is not practical for far solo backpacking for it may add weight. But it is ideal for family camping and picnics where you need to bring more than one chair.

After evaluating the Big Six, we have found out that this chair is undeniably a sturdy and comfortable solution whenever you need to sit or rest. It is a quick outdoor solution if you want to relax and not sit down on a rock or on the ground.

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If you have any more questions about the Big Agnes Big Six Chair, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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