The Big Agnes Skyline Chair Review

Ultralightweight, compact, and comfortable is what the Big Agnes Skyline Chair will offer you. Weighing just over a pound, you can easily take this chair to the beach, on the river, and deep into the backcountry.


The Big Agnes Skyline Chair features a fully shock-corded patented hubless frame design making it collapsible and nicely packable. You can simply attach it in the side pocket of a backpack or transport it on a motorcycle or bicycle.


That’s the good thing about Big Agnes when they say packable, they really mean it. Not just that because with all the great features the Skyline Chair is packed with, you’ll definitely have an outdoor chair where you can relax and enjoy the view you worked so hard to get to.


Key Features 


Materials and Construction


The pole is an all-in-one single piece with shock-corded tubes made of ultralight aircraft-grade aluminum. This structure is the same as the Big Agnes’ tent pole technology that can pack down to be so small and compact yet provide adequate support.

Pre-bent poles on the Skyline Chair creates a wider and more stable seat.
A combination of ultralight nylon 70D Robic with nylon 66 rip-stop for extra tear strength and high tenacity Robic yarn that is 25 to 30 percent stronger than a regular yarn in the same denier completes the construction of the sling.


To make it more outdoor-friendly, a waterproof UTS coating is applied on the chair giving it a soft feel and improves tear strength. All these materials and construction results in having an excellent combination of durability, stability, comfort, and weight.


Ultralightweight and Compact


Utilizing the same collapsible tent pole technology of Big Agnes’ is one factor that makes this chair lightweight and compact. It weighs only 1lb and 11oz, which is much lighter than other camp chairs we’ve reviewed before.


The chair comes in a nice narrow yet long stuff sack resulting in a packed size of 3.5 x 17 inches. For a minimalist or ultralight backpacking, we truly think this chair deserves to be in your list of gears if you want to have a comfortable stay at camp.


Easy to Assemble


Assembling this chair is so easy that your kid can help. Take out the parts of the chair from the stuff sack and start connecting the poles. 


For stability, make sure that each pole is fully seeded. Once the frame is ready, it’s time to place the sling.

You will see that the poles and the sling pockets at each corner of the chair are color-coded, so you will never have to guess which pole goes to the pocket. We always find it easier to start inserting the back of the chair then followed by the front.


As easy as that, you are ready to relax and sit in a very comfortable chair.




Having a height 15 inches above the ground makes getting in and out of the chair easier even for taller individuals. We know how hard it is to get in and out of chairs that are too close to the ground.


Another factor that contributes to a comfortable chair is the seat’s depth. The Skyline chair is designed deep enough so anyone who sits on it can truly relax.


The lower backrest is a bit of a downside but the curved sides around the legs and back and the bent poles under the leg rest providing wider width still offers an appropriate fit for larger folks.




Despite weighing only 1 lb and 11 oz, the Skyline Chair can perfectly support up to 275 pounds without wobbling. You will not worry about accidentally tumbling off the chair when reaching something on to the sides.


Base on observation, it is fairly easy to lean down and cook on the ground while seated on this chair. That said this chair is not just stable but also superior in functionality.


The good stability performance of the Big Agnes Skyline Chair is because of its unique pre-bent pole design. It provides a broader base and a wider width adding to the secure, stable feeling of sitting in this chair.


The Big Agnes Skyline Chair Review


Benefits of the Product


Ultralightweight chair, best for ultralight backpackers as well as for family trips because they can definitely bring more than two of these chairs without adding too much weight on their luggage.


Packs small and comes with a stuff sack that has a zipper opening instead. You can simply stash it in the side pockets of your backpack or in your tote bag as you go to a music festival or picnic.


A comfortable chair that you can sit on after a long trek. This chair has a nice off the ground height and has a deeper, wider seat that even taller people can get in and out of it without difficulty.


The aluminum aircraft pole design eliminates the use of any space-consuming plastic hubs that are bulky. This pole design makes this chair super durable.


The color-coding scheme that makes setup incredibly easy and fast that anyone in camp can assemble this chair without the need of instruction manual.


Waterproof coating applied on the fabric which enhances wear and tear, this chair will surely last longer even after multiple uses compared to other outdoor chairs.


The pre-bent poles add to the comfortable feeling by creating a wider and stable seat, you will surely not worry about falling off this chair.


A versatile chair that can be used in different activities. This chair is not just for the purpose of relaxing but it can also be used while cooking, playing cards or board games, and fishing.


Price, the Big Agnes Skyline Chair is really affordable, if you want to invest in a quality outdoor chair, Skyline is an excellent option and holds high value. 


Warranty all Big Agnes products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects. It will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Big Agnes.

You can always call their customer service to know more about the coverage as well as the return and exchange policy.

Quick Specs Table

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  • Ultralightweight and compact design, truly deserve a spot in an ultralight backpacker’s go-to gears
  • It is very easy and fast to assemble
  • Durable materials used for guaranteed longevity of the chair
  • Includes a stuff sack with printed setup instruction in case you need it
  • Fully shock-corded structure for easy breakdown and setup


  • The backrest is a bit shorter for larger folks but other than that we are totally satisfied with the Skyline Chair’s performance


Questions and Answers


Q: What’s the difference between the Big Agnes Skyline Chair and the Big Agnes Six Chair?


A: The obvious differences you will see between these chairs are the design and weight. Compared to the Big Agnes Six chair the Skyline chair is way lighter and smaller.


On the other hand, the Big Agnes Six chair is much bigger and higher. Both chairs hold high rating reviews and excellent outdoor performance.


Choosing between these two chairs will totally depend on the user’s preference. These chairs are truly worth your money, so choosing any of them will be a good investment.


Q: I am confused, are the Skyline Chair and Stool the same? 


A: No, they are two different chairs. Although they are both made for ultralight backpacking with the same shock-corded frame structure, these two are very different in specifications.


The Skyline Chair weighs 1lb, 11oz, and can support up to 275 pounds while the Skyline stool is 1lb, 2oz in weight, and can only carry up to 250 pounds. Both of them are top-quality products intact with great features.


But if you’re off to longer camping trips we highly suggest bringing the Skyline Chair for it will offer you more comfort. It has a higher backrest compared to the stool which doesn’t have any.


We think the Skyline Stool is best for activities that are not too exhausting like for a quick picnic at the park or backyard use.


Tips You Can Take Away 

  1.  Although you can set this chair by starting on either the top poles or the bottom poles, it is still much easier to stay behind the chair and start at the top poles. This way, you can fully stretch the sling as you attach the bottom or front arms.
  2. If ever the chair gets wet, make sure to completely dry it before keeping to avoid mold build-up.
  3. Disassemble the poles and fold the sling neatly. Place the poles within the sling as you roll it to avoid any parts bulging that may make zipping the bag difficult.



The Big Agnes Skyline Chair is really a fantastic chair for your outdoor needs. It has an excellent blend of comfort, weight, stability, and durability that are truly important factors when looking for a camping chair.


We like the fact that it is higher off the ground compared to others because sitting in a lower chair is a pain but with the Skyline Chair you can get in and get out without difficulty. Plus, the seat’s depth is really comfortable and relaxing.


With its lightweight and compact size, you can literally bring it anywhere. We highly recommend this for someone looking for an affordable outdoor gear that will surely last for longer uses.


Without questions, this chair is worth investing in. It will offer you the comfort you deserve in all your outdoor adventures.


Overall, the Skyline Chair is close to perfect! It is completely intact with features that any outdoor enthusiasts would ask for a portable camping chair.

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If you have any more questions about the Big Agnes Skyline Chair, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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