Black Diamond Headlamp – Icon or Inferior Light Source

For night-time hiking, climbing, fishing, and many other pastimes a Black Diamond Headlamp may be the light to show you the way. Outdoors activity in the dark without some sort of light isn’t an option so a portable light source such as the Black Diamond Icon Headlamp could provide the much-needed illumination for your adventures.

It is only one of many, but over time it has proven to be a reliable and convenient light supply for a lot of people, does the newer model stack up? is it worth the money? well, let’s find out, we will take a look at the Black Diamond Icon headlamp and the good and bad points.


The Key Features

Strong straps

When it comes to headlamps, the one thing you need is reliable comfortable head straps, especially if you want one that can be used by other people in your group. This one seems to offer that versatility and the straps are quite strong and comfortable to hold the light securely upon your head or helmet.

They are robust enough to ensure a long-lasting tight fit on your head, you may not need the strap over the head. However, you might need it when using this lamp with a helmet, as it helps to secure the light even better, so this is a good feature.

Convenient extension cord

Another feature that truly counts when it comes to headlamps is the battery pack. It should be strong, waterproof, and most importantly, easy to use. The one in this headlamp goes a long way to offer most of these features for outstanding performance. Also, you can remove the battery pack with ease, and then make the most of an extension cable that it comes with.

Weighing in at 10.6 oz with batteries, simply keep the pack in a backpack or a pocket, which takes much of the weight off the head unit, making it so light, you may forget you have it there. Besides, this reduces the chances of the unit bouncing when you are running fast, which can be quite uncomfortable.

Ideal, lasting batteries?

It takes a headlamp with powerful and durable batteries to give you the ultimate thrill of running early in the morning, or the convenience of trekking in the dark. This one’s four AA batteries have what it takes to ensure you get the best performance possible. The manufacturer claims the batteries can last up to 70 hours with the lamp set on Max.

The research we did and some of the reviews don’t show 70 hours of maximum performance is reliable. We set ours on maximum for two continuous days and nights and there was a noticeable difference after the first night, the second night, resulted in a much-reduced brightness, our batteries while average batteries, would not give 70 hours at 500 lumens.

Easy brightness adjustment

Most of the headlamps out there come with an array of brightness options. Some also have strobes and different types of lights. And the Icon proves to be one of the best when it comes to ease of use. This unit comes with a single button positioned on the top, which you can use to set the brightness.

Also, you can use it to toggle between different settings as well as modes. This includes different length presses on the button as well as some types of double taps, it comes with instructions to set you right. With 500 lumens of brightness, the pathway to your adventures are well lit.

Get different projection angles

Another thing that makes these lamps great is that you can project it at different angles depending on your needs. Thanks to the fact that the lamp comes with a hinge and tilt, you can achieve any angle you want by twisting the light as you want. This proves efficient as you can set it to suit different terrain as well as the speed you are running at.

The Benefits You Will Enjoy

  • The icon uses a dimmer rather than having several settings. This gives you a wider range of options between maximum brightness and the lowest output.
  • And if you want to jump to max brightness at once, you can always tap a side button on the unit, and press it again to go back to the light setting you were at before.
  • At full brightness, the unit offers a warm and rich light, giving you a natural feel without the white and harsh light in some other headlamps out there.
  • You can also enjoy a range of options. Besides the normal light mode, this lamp also offers other colors red, blue and green night vision modes that cover your night vision needs.
  • These are great for moving around at night without necessarily compromising your night vision or disturbing others in your group.
  • It also has a 3-level power meter that lets you know the amount of juice left in the battery. This shows for up to three seconds once you switch on your lamp, so you can always know how long battery life you still have.
  • Use your headlamp in just about any environment, thanks to the completely sealed design of the unit. This is rated at IP67 which classes it dust and waterproof, making it ideal for use in dusty or heavy wet conditions.
  • You can supposedly use this unit for up to 30 minutes at 1 meter underwater, however, it is not an underwater light as it is not strong enough anyway.
  • Rechargeable Battery Headlamps are my preferred choice and it is good to know that you can purchase an Icon rechargeable battery pack here at Black Diamond. 


  1. With up to 500-lumens of power, this headlamp is ideal for heavy-duty use even in the darkest nights.
  2. The waterproof design and a removable battery pack make the use of this unit even easier in wet conditions.
  3. With its reliable straps, this headlamp works great for different people, and you can even use it with a hard hat.
  4. Its regulator enables you to dim it to set the desired brightness, giving you enough lumens for various tasks.
  5. It also boasts a memory that lets you resume the brightness you had set once you turn it off and on without having to reset it anew every time.


  1. With most of its parts being made of plastic, it could be prone to breaking if dropped.
  2. The batteries did not last anywhere near 70 hours on maximum during our research. 

My Overall Opinion

If you love the outdoors after dark, then you will need illumination as daylight will eventually fade and darkness will reign. If facing the darkness without light doesn’t sound like a good idea for you, then you need to make sure you have a light of some description you can turn to at any time. This is where a good headlamp ensures you can clearly see where you are stepping.

The Black Diamond Icon holds its own well against any competition and it’s super easy to use and packs enough power to last you a couple of nights on each set of batteries. Before heading out for your next camping or outdoor adventure, make sure to add this crucial equipment to your list of must-haves. If your already a Black Diamond user or a first-timer, you will be glad you brought it along.

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If you have any more questions about the Black Diamond Headlamp, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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