Black Diamond Revolt Headlamp Review

 This Black Diamond Revolt Headlamp Review shows a great all-round headlamp weighing 3 oz or just under 90 grams, that works and performs extremely well.

The Revolt 300 has been redesigned and is brighter and better than ever, this light as it is now, surely takes some beating. 

A revolt headlamp works in different ways in which you might be surprised. It will be of great assistance to you on any nighttime mission.

More so, if you are a hiker or enjoy camping, this product is for you. Our review of this product highlights some of its features that make it an overall outstanding headlamp.



Simple to charge

When you want to charge this device, you do not require a lot of procedures. All you have to do is to plug in the USB charger to the socket of the power source and then to the charging system of this device and it is already charging.

Fortunately, it takes just a very short time to fully charge the headlamp. Therefore, you will not have to spend long periods waiting to go.

More so, you can also use Alkaline AAA’s batteries as a backup. Easily charged by plugging into your cigarette lighter or power source of your motor vehicle when stationary or when traveling on your next outdoor adventure.

Long-lasting power

The duration with which a device that is used to provide light drains its batteries is dependent on the brightness level in which you use.

However, this Black Diamond Revolt has the ability to last for up to ten hours when it is on its strongest and brightest mode, unlike others which go for only 3 to 4 hours.

If you reduce its brightness, you can be able to use it for up to 25 hours. As you can see, it might last for several days or more days since you might not use it for the whole night.

Light and Bright

This product weighs just over 3 ounces, therefore, it is among the lightest of headlamps. As a result, it tends to be comfortable and more portable.

Black Diamond Revolt 300 lumen is designed to produce a high intensity of light that can throw 250 feet even in the darkest nights.

Even when its brightness is reduced, it is still bright enough for you to see clearly and comfortably without straining to around 100 feet.

Due to its being very lightweight, you are able to wear it on your head and not feel any excess weight, therefore, you will not feel tired in the neck area when carrying it. It can also be a permanent part of your outdoor essentials.


The Revolt Headlamp is designed to be a water-resistant device. As a result, you do not have to complain about water, rain or bad weather. In fact, according to research, it has a rating of IPX8 which means you can place it in up to three feet of water with no adverse effects, Due to this, if you find yourself caught out in wet weather while hiking or camping, it would be very suitable indeed. it would also suit the fishing enthusiast at night.

It is rechargeable

The fact that it is rechargeable makes it outstanding from the other non-rechargeable headlamps.

Unlike the battery torches which you buy batteries and when they are exhausted you buy more, the Black Diamond Headlamp can be charged when it is exhausted.

As a result, you can top up the charge when sleeping or during the day so as to be able to use it well at night. Therefore, you do not have to buy new batteries each and every time.

It has a battery meter

This device has a battery meter that shows you the remaining amount of power or the amount of time in which you can still use it.

It has a green light which tells you that you are good to go since the charge is more than a half, therefore, it can last for a reasonable time.

Orange color indicates that its charge is about half or less but you can still use it for some time. Then there is the red light which signifies low charge.

As a result, you have to charge it since the amount of energy is very low and it won’t last long. Furthermore, there is a blue indicator that is seen when the headlamp is put on lock.

This helps when you put the device on the bag so that it won’t turn on by itself accidentally thereby draining your batteries. The three-level power meter will show the remaining battery power for 3 seconds after it’s turned off

One button function

 The Black Diamond ReVolt Headlamp has one button on its case that controls all the activities that the headlamp will undertake.

Other devices might have several buttons that you might not know what their functions are and therefore you will have an extra task of memorizing them.

However, this kind of product is different because you can press the button even without looking at it.

All you need to know is the number of times or how long you have to press it so as to get the mode you desire if it is infrared, strobe or any other that you want.

The design of this headlamp together with this feature makes it very simple to use the device. The light has a memory in which it will turn on the mode it was last turned off

It is comfortable and well designed

All black diamond models are made of sleek designs that are well-fitting and classy. More so, the Black Diamond has an adjustable strap headband that you can adjust to fit the size of your head.

In this case, you are free to set it to any size of your choice. A lot of people who use other headlamps suffer from headaches due to the non-adjustable strap headbands.

Wide straps mean it fits more comfortably and being so light, there won’t be excessive bobbing movements that will make you uncomfortable.

Variety of beams

With the Black Diamond Headlamp, you can choose the type of beam that you want. The spot beam is very good we were happy with the brightness.

This can be used mostly when you are trying to clearly see something or someone from a distance.  The two flood beams are enough to illuminate a whole campsite with one sweep.

The better part of this beam is that it spreads the light to cover a larger area. More so, there is the diffused or dimmer on the beam that can be used for a close-range and working around the camp.

You can use this in your tent for illumination when you are out camping. What is more amazing is that you can choose to use it separately or all of them at hiking along a trail

The Key Benefits Of This Product

Being Rechargeable makes this one very handy headlamp how many times do the batteries go flat on our devices just when we need them.

With the redesigned Revolt headlamp you have one of the few that is rechargeable, but it also uses standard AAA Batteries.

This is a very well designed headlamp, and to be able to run both battery types as an emergency backup this is a terrific feature.

Because it uses both rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries this means you don’t have to worry about flat batteries if you are still hiking when the sun sets.

Powerful and bright are benefits that are sometimes not easy to find in the one headlamp, but the revolt has a 300-lumen output which is plenty bright enough light that would suit most situations you find yourself in.

Frankly most of the reasons we need a headlamp while camping is more close up work around the campsite or looking for something inside the tent. 

A Mode Function Switch may confuse you a little at first but spend a little time learning the uses of this headlamp and it will provide you with many hours of illumination and security at night.

Light modes are a part of the headlamp and determine just what you can make the bulbs do.

It’s a good idea to buy a light with three simple modes 1. Spotlight, for distance. 2. Floodlight, for close in work. and 3. Strobe light. used for emergency situations.

These three modes will cover all basic needs because this is all you need for everyday use.

Comfortable and strong and able to hold the body of the light quite rigid and in place, without flopping around.

A lightweight and comfortable fit will assure you of good times because being only 3 oz, after a while, you might even forget its sitting on your head.  



This is a really good headlamp that we have rated 9 out of 10, the reason for the 1 point drop was the mode control button can be a little confusing and you will have to spend a short period familiarising yourself with it.

However, once you have taken a few minutes to get to know the light, switching becomes very simple. When working around the campsite in close, the use of the floodlight will provide ample light.

If you are laying in your sleeping bag wanting light then the revolt will provide it. This newly designed powerful 300 lumens light means you will have plenty of light to enjoy your evenings outdoors and reduce the risk of hurting yourself.

This headlamp is versatile, lightweight, and will sit nicely on your head during any outdoor activities.

Being rechargeable and also able to use standard AAA batteries gives this headlamp a real high score, and for me personally, this would be one of my top 3 picks for camping and outdoors, plus being waterproof at IPX8 puts it very close to a 10.

If you are in the market for a quality headlamp that won’t let you down, you can’t go past the Black Diamond Revolt headlamp, this has all the features you’ll need to use in a multitude of outdoor nighttime activities.

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If you have any more questions about the Black Diamond Revolt Headlamp, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.

Thanks, Shane.



6 thoughts on “Black Diamond Revolt Headlamp Review”

  1. Wow, I really wish I had this headlamp back when I went camping in September in Colorado! I love that it is rechargeable and waterproof. It’s really amazing that it is 300 lumen and can light up the darkest areas up to 250 feet away! I like that it also has a battery meter so that you can have a good idea when it is time to recharge it. With all the other features you mentioned, I want to get this badly. This will be added to my Christmas list, thank you for sharing this!

    • Hi Brian, well don’t forget to purchase it through my link then we will both have a nicer Christmas. Seriously though, the Black Diamond Revolt is a good quality product and being rechargeable makes it even better. I know this will light the way around camp for you. All the very best and thanks for your comment.


  2. Hello there,

    As a person who is very passionate about late night walks in the park, I sometimes find myself to be in some spots where there isn’t any light and the road is just plain dark which honestly, kills the experience a bit for me. That’s why I’ve been lately on the lookout for some gadgets which would help me resolve this issue and make my late night walks much more enjoyable and safer as well. This Black Diamond Revolt Headlamp seems like a perfect solution to this problem! First of all, I want to say that I found your review to be very informative and helpful, thanks a lot! As far as this headlamp goes, I am very impressed by it! It’s truly a complete package, users are getting long lasting power, great build quality, it is rechargeable which is a huge deal for me and it is also very user-friendly. Keep up the awesome work!

    • Hi Evald, I am glad you liked my post., this is a headlamp that will keep your path well lite while night walking.  Being rechargeable is one of the best selling features on the Black Diamond Revolt, also the compact and ease of use makes it an ideal addition to your hiking and walking equipment.

      Thanks Shane.

  3. Wow! A USB charger! It goes to show — USBs are not just for electronics. Anything electric can also take energy from the same port.

    For camping, waterproof lighting is essential. It is also essential to have a fast, reliable source of energy. Fast recharge times are key! Having a battery backup is an important feature of last resort.

    And long lasting power! The engineers seem to have thought of nearly everything.

    If your review really is to be believed, then I feel sold.

    • Hi Michael, well we take our research very seriously, and what we found was an excellent product. This Black Diamond Revolt Headlamp works as well as we say, so believe me, I was certainly sold, and would recommend this product highly.

      Thanks for your comment. 



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