Black Diamond Revolt Rechargeable Headlamp Review

Braving the top of the charts is the Black Diamond Revolt Rechargeable Headlamp. Known for its maximum lumens capacity, this option is best for hiking and backpacking. 

When it comes to doing explorations, you don’t just pick any headlamp available. You pick the best and that’s when Black Diamond headlamps enter the picture.

This storm-proof gear attracts trailblazers for its amazing features. It’s rechargeable, has multiple light modes, and a professional-grade lamp.

Built for use in pitch-black trekking adventures, this headlamp could save your day. If you’re looking for high-powered gear, here’s a detailed Black Diamond Revolt 350 Headlamp review.

Black Diamond Revolt Headlamp

Product Key Features

Rechargeable Batteries

Being able to recharge between trips or when you’re out on the trail is a priceless advantage. It’s a good thing that this Black Diamond Revolt headlamp offers such a feature. 

It uses a rechargeable BD 1800 rechargeable battery. When the battery life runs out, you can also operate on standard AAA alkaline batteries. To charge this headlamp, just use its mini-USB recharging port. 

Note that you can use rechargeable batteries many times over. But they tend to lose power when they sit unused for too long. So make sure to recharge or use them every month or two.

350 Lumens Capacity

Black Diamond Revolt doesn’t disappoint again with the 350 lumen capacity of this product.

“Lumens” is the term to quantify the amount of light output by a light source. Some people may confuse it with “Watts,” which is the amount of energy needed to power the light source. Headlamps can have a lumen range from 15 to up to 500+. 

Higher-end of the lumen range put out 200-500+ lumens, which means this product is good news. Gears with lower lumen output are used in campsites to avoid disturbing fellow campers. With Black Diamond Revolt 350 headlamp’s multiple setting, you can adjust the lumen to fit your current illumination needs.

Intuitive Brightness Memory

Having built-in brightness memory mode lets you have an instantly adjusted brightness with just one tap. This feature lets the headlamp remember the light output you last used. The lamp returns to that setting once you turn it back on. 

This quality helps you save battery life since the lamp doesn’t instantly revert to full power. With all these power-saving features, Black Diamond shows its superiority in making ultra-smart mountaineering gears.

Smart PowerTap Technology 

As a headlamp’s battery life fades out, its lumen output decreases and dims the lamp. All thanks to the Black Diamond Revolt 350 headlamp’s intuitive feature, you can extend its battery life.

You can adjust the modes to change the amount of lumen output in just one tap. Since this product uses LED bulbs, this feature is possible.

Dynamic Beam Type and Brightness/Mode

Headlamps usually have two different beam types. Some have a floodlight and others have a wide (spot) beam. Higher-end models like the Black Diamond Revolt 350 headlamp can switch to either both. Also, this product can switch to different beam modes such:

A dimmer function is best when you’re trying to save battery life or avoiding to irritate people at your campsite.

Flash or strobe, which can be used to signal in emergencies or preserve battery life.

Red light mode is good for viewing wildlife or stars. It’s also best to use tents to avoid disturbing others. This beam mode doesn’t cause the pupils to dilate, which means you don’t lose your optimum night vision.

Lock-out feature which stops a headlamp from turning back on while you store it in your bag while on a trip. In this way, you don’t drain your batteries too.

Tested IPX4 Stormproof Capacity

IPX-4 means that your Revolt 350 can be submerged in liquid with a depth of three feet for 30 minutes. You can use this product during rainy conditions. It’s manufacturer tested it to withstand sleet from any angle.

It’s necessary to check the water-resistance/waterproof rating of a headlamp. You can’t pick a product that would bail out when there’s a little drizzle. Activities like canyoneering demand waterproof gears such as this one. 

It’s a good investment if you’re planning to go hard on your next trekking or backpacking spree.

1-Year Limited Warranty

Gears you use for outdoor adventures demand tested durability. High-end products such as Revolt 350 can cost higher than usual. They get exposed and could potentially be damaged easily. So it pays to have a warranty on this one. 

Some users who needed a replacement received theirs within a week or two. Many loved how no further questions were asked. If you want a product that you can return with no hassle, then the one-year limited warranty of this product might suit you best.

What Are The Benefits Of This Product?

Waterproof headlamps such as the Revolt 350 let you maximize your experience on your next outdoor adventure. It’s suitable for all weather conditions and is protected against water immersion.

Max burn time of 14 hours (full) and 36 hours (reserved) offers an optimum experience. Whether you’re going out for a night hike or just making it back to your car, you can trust this headlamp.

Also, it’s recommended that you carry extra batteries to maximize your experience.

LED bulb offers maximum beam distance and dynamic beam types. You can change Revolt 350’s light output. Whether you need full strength in proximity or dimmer mode, you can, you can choose one in one click. 

80 meters of maximum beam distance lets you have a trusty light source when navigating in the dark.

With the Black Diamond Revolt 350 headlamp, you can go biking or rappelling in pitch black with less hassle.

The dimmer function allows saving battery life. It’s also best to use at a campsite and you don’t want to annoy your fellow campers.

An easy light mode swap is possible with the dime-size button on the top of this product. You can switch from dimmed modes to full power by clicking it.

Maximized efficiency is possible with the easy brightness adjustment setting of this item. When used properly, you can achieve its maximum burn time efficiently.

Emergency signaling is possible when you set the light to strobe. 

Modular design lets you use standard AAA alkaline batteries when the included BD 1800 rechargeable lithium-ion battery is drained. The AAA batteries are sold separately.

Easy battery life tracking is possible with the 3 LED battery meter. Now you won’t be left in the dark with its six-setting feature.

Hinged housing of the Revolt 350 lets you angle the beam according to your needs and tasks at hand. You can illuminate the path so you don’t have to look at your feet when walking in the dark.

Black Diamond Revolt Rechargeable Headlamp


  • Recharging the batteries is possible.
  • Bringing extra batteries can maximize lamp usage.
  • Multiple beam mode options are available.
  • It’s built with multiple power efficiency features.
  • It’s waterproof.
  • It’s super lightweight.
  • It has a high-end lumen capacity.
  • It uses LED bulbs, which allows dynamic beam options.
  • A trusted manufacturer makes it.
  • The product comes with a 1-year limited warranty.
  • It comes at a reasonable price.


  • Buying a replacement BD 1800 Li-Ion “block” is expensive.
  • The USB-port cover is flimsy and can be difficult to reseal.
  • It uses a slow-charging and breakage-prone micro-USB port.

Questions and Answers  

Q: Can this new version headlamp charge the Revolt AAA batteries via the side port?

A: No. The updated specs for the new 1800 lithium-ion battery doesn’t allow charging of older rechargeable AAA batteries from previous Revolt models.

If you want to check out Black Diamond Headlamp Old Models, click here.

Q: How is the headlamp charged?

A: You can charge the headlamp using its mini-USB cord via the side port.

Comparison Chart

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Here’s a Tip Or Two

  1. Avoid storing the headlamp for too long. Use or recharge it every month or so.
  2. Give the headlamp a good run before taking it out for an adventure.
  3. Read the manual to avoid confusion with the settings.


There are a lot of performance levels and features that you can find in a headlamp. But if you want one that’s best for hiking, climbing, or backpacking then here’s an ideal choice.

The Black Diamond Revolt 350 headlamp is a lightweight, high lumen, and rechargeable gear. It’s perfectly made for moderate outdoor activities with various weather conditions.

Its high beam distance lets you see what’s ahead of your dark path. The tilt feature lets you adjust the light source easily. 

What’s amazing about Revolt 350 is its multiple power-saving features. The lock-out, dim feature, and brightness memory let you save battery life.

It’s the ultimate headlamp for those who want an easy-to-use and efficient lighting gear.

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If you have any more questions about the Black Diamond Revolt Rechargeable Headlamp, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

For more choices and an amazing range of quality headlamps for your next adventure be sure to check out my Best Headlamps for a good comparison that will help with your purchasing decision.

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