Black Diamond Spot Headlamp Review

The Black Diamond Spot Headlamp review shows one of the best headlamp options for anyone who loves extending their outdoor adventure after nightfall.

Nothing quite beats the convenience that a headlamp offers at night around camp and walking along unknown trails or doing other nighttime activities.

While not every headlamp on the market packs in what it takes to light up your path while offering ease of use and durability, this unit goes the distance to deliver an experience with a difference.

It all comes down to the construction of the headlamp and the features it has that make it the best headlamp for you. 

I use headlamps regularly in my own outdoor travels and they are nearly impossible to beat for convenience, as the sun sets simply place it on your head and at the touch of a button you have bright light right where you need it.

By looking through this review and checking out the features and benefits you will get a glimpse of a very good product that will help you in your purchasing decision.


The Key Features

Super performance

Just like with any other lamp out there, the brightness is pretty much all we’re all looking for in a headlamp, and usually, the brighter is better for distance.

A bright enough headlamp not only makes it easy for you to see clearly, but it could also mean a world of difference in risky terrain.

That’s where the one Quad power LED as well as the one double power LED offers up to 300 lumens, bright enough to enable you to see objects around you clearly.

Besides, you can see the way ahead of you, since this unit can enable you to see around 200 ft on high setting or 60 ft on the low setting.

Lasting burn time

When it comes to headlamps, it doesn’t get any better than when you can find one with a reliable burn time. After all, no one likes the idea of having to charge their headlamp every night.

Well, now you don’t have to since this unit has got that taken care of, thanks to its outstanding burn time.

With the ability to last up to 30 hours on high setting and an incredible 175 hours on low settings, you can be sure to use it for days on end without having to change the batteries.

Included robust batteries

Talking of burn time, it’s worth noting that using electrical units like this one requires either having a rechargeable battery or the replaceable AA or AAA batteries to power it.

This one uses the robust AAA batteries that tend to last long enough to give you an impressive performance.

And it gets even better since the unit comes with the required 3 AAA batteries included in the package, so you don’t have to spend any more down the road to get those.

Waterproof design

Using your headlamp in the outdoor means, that having to deal with different environmental conditions becomes virtually inevitable.

Thus, it takes one with the right construction to stand the unpredictable outdoor environment, which is something this headlamp does best.

One of its most remarkable features is the waterproof design, which makes it perfect for use even during some nasty downpours.

Since it has sufficient protection for water down to 1m in depth for up to 30 minutes, you can bet that it’s built to keep the water out and the crucial parts in.

A variety of function

Ease of use always proves to be one of the things you don’t want to miss in a headlamp. And this comes down to a number of functions that you will definitely need to achieve different results depending on your situation or needs.

The good news is that this unit comes with a fair share of such functions, which include a flashing mode, a dimming function, along with or a short-range function.

And that’s not all yet, you also get a red night vision mode and a distance mode that you are sure to find handy.

Compact unit

Using a headlamp can be a challenging feat if you have to struggle to balance it on your head, which is close to inevitable if you are unlucky enough to end up with an extremely large or hefty.

To offer you the easiest use possible, this unit is built with a compact design that fits easily on your head, not forgetting that it’s also very lightweight weighing only 3.52 ounces, so you can use it with ease.

You will even forget that you have it on your head.

What Are The Benefits Of this Headlamp

With a brightness memory, this headlamp enables you to resume to the brightness you were using before turning it off without necessarily having to go back to full power.

A Power Tap technology is the other impressive feature that this lamp comes with, which lets you enjoy an instant transition from the full to the dimmed power and back whenever needed.

The compact design is not only great at making this headlamp ideal for fitting nicely on your head, but it also makes it super easy to transport as you can stick it in your glove pocket or in the backpack without taking up much space.

You have a good number of modes to choose from, which lets you have total control of the function you want out of this lamp.

Another great benefit is that with the red night vision onboard, you can use the trail or road without blinding others, and the strobe mode could prove handy when signaling for rescue.

As a versatile unit, this light can go just anywhere you need it. From jogging to camping, climbing, hiking as well as skiing among other outdoor activities, it’s the ideal option to defy the dark wherever you are heading to.

A Few Tips

Although this headlamp is capable of handling being immersed down to 1 meter of water, it’s wise not to subject it to deeper levels as that could compromise the unit and reduce its lifespan.


  1. The brightness it offers is enough to enable you to run on even some groomed trails after sunset.
  2. Its waterproof performance is downright remarkable, especially when using it during the rainy season.
  3. It fits securely, so you never have to worry about the straps loosening when running or jogging.
  4. As a lightweight and compact unit, it’s not only ideal for easy use, but it also proves to be easy for portability as well.
  5. For the versatility that this unit offers, you can use it for just about any outdoor adventure.
  6. A wide range of functions and modes makes this headlamp a great option when it comes to efficiency and ease of use.


  1. The plate located at the back of the lamp can be quite uncomfortable on the forehead for some, but you can use padding if necessary.



I found this to be easy to use and easy to wear, a headlamp more than capable of illuminating my campsite and trails at night. At this price point, I believe it to be an excellent product and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

So if you can’t overcome the urge to venture out even after twilight or waiting for dawn doesn’t sound like a good idea, you no longer have to let darkness stop you on your tracks as this headlamp has just the perfect solution.

With every reason to keep you enjoying the outdoors, this lamp packs in some impressive features that you are sure to love. If you’ve already tried it, we would love to hear about your experience with this unit.

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