Camp Chef Expedition 3 Burner Stove Review – Powerful Performance

The Camp Chef Expedition 3 burner stove review powerful performance is for anyone who’s keen on cooking delicious meals for their family or friends on a camping trip, backyard cookout, or any other outdoor activities.

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The idea of a perfect stove could sound a bit farfetched, but it pays to take the time to look for and put your money on the line for a stove that offers something outstanding.  

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Camp Chef Expedition 3 burner stove


The Key Features

High-Performance Burners

When it comes to offering something above the ordinary, this stove’s 90,000 BTUs of sheer power is all it takes to blow the competition away.

With up to three burners and each of those pushing an astounding 30,000 BTUs of raw searing power, the unit packs in enough power to take on anything you have to throw at it.

This makes it ideal for cooking all your favorite meals outdoors, and in a timely manner. The burners are also very sturdy, thanks to the cast aluminum material that they are made of, making them great for high-quality performance and durability alike.

Easy assembly

It just can’t be easier than it gets with this stove. To begin with, it requires almost no assembly at all, you can have it up and set in just a few minutes.

While this is typical of most stand-alone stoves, the Expedition takes things a step further with a straightforward assembly.

The best part is that all you need to assemble the unit comes with the package. However, you can consider replacing the plastic screws with steel ones if you want to make your stove more robust and durable.

Easy to use

The assembly is not the only impressive aspect that this stove boasts; it also comes with a fair share of other exciting features that make using it easy and fun as well. A matchless ignition ensures you can start this stove easily and almost instantly.

Besides, it features easy-to-use controls that offer outstanding performance while still giving you absolute control over your cooking. Set the level of heat you want to cook anything from boiling coffee to simmering dinner.

Three-sided windshields

Want to cook but the wind just won’t let up? Don’t worry, take your stove out there and get cooking.

With this stove’s three-sided windscreens protecting the flames on three sides, you no longer have to worry about gusts of wind blowing right into the burners, causing nasty flair-ups or putting the flames out altogether.

Flat top griddle

If you want to cook pretty much anything from meat to eggs, veggies, or bacon, this grill is the way to go. With a flat top griddle, it makes cooking almost any meal you can think of as easy as it is fun.

This versatility goes a long way to making this grill ideal for all-around cooking, cook that perfect steak or delicious burgers and breakfast pancakes.

Enough cooking space

An insufficient cooking space can be inconvenient for most campers, but this unit never disappoints when it comes to this aspect.

With an impressive 608 square inch cooking space, it is spacious enough for preparing anything from snacks to dinner and anything in between. Plus the single burner outside the griddle3 plate is ideal for the coffee pot.  


This is one of the most important things to look out for on the hunt for an ideal stove. A stove’s compatibility with different accessories could mean a world of difference if you want to make the most out of it.

Thankfully, this one is downright awesome at this aspect, as you can use it with most 16-inch camp chef accessories such as a grill box and many others.

Detachable Legs

The first thing that will catch your eye in this stove is the height. Standing at 31-inches, it offers all the convenience you would ever ask for if you want to cook while standing.

And that’s not all; the legs are also very strong, ensuring that your stove doesn’t wobble or, in a worst-case scenario, topple during use, which can cause injury or damage.

A Little too large Maybe? 

I have done a full review of another Camp Chef product, which is a similar stove only on a smaller scale and you can get a good comparison by checking it out here on my article Camp Chef 60 Pro. 


When you buy a product always check to see what the warranty covers and more importantly what it doesn’t cover, manufactures will cover defective workmanship in manufacture.

However, there are many other instances that vary from product to product and manufacturer so be sure to check your warranty closely.

Price and Compare

The price of this product is very attractive and I believe it offers good value compared with other similar gas stoves on the market, for such a quality stove it is quite inexpensive so check out the current price here now on ==>Moosejaw<==

Compare the information with the excellent Outland Portable Stove for a good comparison that will help with your purchasing decision.

What Are the Benefits You Can Expect From This Product?

For easy cleanup, the unit comes with a drip trough on the front and a cup holder that helps reduce the fatty mess while cooking.

You don’t need to struggle with the disposal of excess fat; it will automatically flow into the holder for easy disposal later, which equals easier cleaning.

The legs are not only robust, but they are also detachable for ultimate versatility.

If you want a stove that you can use as a freestanding stove or a tabletop, then you won’t be disappointed in this unit.

It gives you those options and besides, with the legs being detachable, you can bet on the fact that the portability will be super easy too. 

A paper towel holder and a tool rack are also a big plus. With these features on board, you can head out being at peace with yourself that everything you need when cooking will be within reach.

Simply load your tools on the rack and the paper towel dispenser and you have the complete cooking setup.

With a large griddle and up to three burners, you can easily cook different items at a go.

This not only makes cooking more fun, but it also helps save you time, which can be very crucial when camping.

2/3 of the surface can be for the griddle which still leaves you one burner for a pot or pan, very convenient.

Anyone for Pizza? You will be rushed by everyone wanting your delicious pizza when you install the pizza box onto the stove, try some new recipes, and be the most important person in camp.

All the family will be waiting anxiously for the treats that emerge from the kitchen area.

Here Is A Tip Or Two

  • Portability might not be easy with this unit featuring a hefty iron griddle and grill, even the stove itself is not light. The best way to make things easier as far as transportation pack the plates into a separate carry bag.
  • Since this unit doesn’t come with a carry bag, purchase one to keep the stove organized and all where you know where it is.
  • Also wrap the stove with a bag or old blanket to reduce scratches or knob damage, which can easily happen along the way, especially on bumpy backcountry roads.


  1. A flat griddle top is ideal for cooking various types of meals.
  2. A collective 90,000 BTUs of power is efficient for almost any meal.
  3. The three-sided windscreens keep the stove performing at its best even during windy weather.
  4. It offers great value for your money.


  1. It can be quite expensive, but it’s worth every penny.
  2. This stove is quite heavy at 70 lbs but it won’t blow over.


The Expedition might not be at the lower end as far as the price range goes. But if you want a stove that you can turn to for ultimate performance, this is the one.

With a solid construction for durability and amazing performance as well as its impressive ease of use, it offers something for seasoned and novice campers alike and I rank this appliance 9 out of 10.

If you are on the hunt for a stove that will help you cook with ease as you take on the wild, then put your money on this one and leave the rest to it.

I highly recommend this stove for any outdoor camping, hunting, or other activity where you require the presence of a good quality cooking appliance, and several seasons down the road, you will be glad you got it. 

Check The Price On Moosejaw

Check The Price On Amazon

This is an excellent stove and is also on our list of best Best Camping Stoves

If you have any more questions about the Camp Chef Expedition 3 Burner Stove review powerful performance, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.

Thanks, Shane.

6 thoughts on “Camp Chef Expedition 3 Burner Stove Review – Powerful Performance”

  1. Great review, Shane! I’ve been wanting to go out camping more often(will hopefully be doing so this summer) and this looks like a good grill to use out in the woods. Quick question: i assume this comes with hose and regulator and also the griddle. Does it also come with the travel bag? i looked at the blackstone stove.

    • Hi Mike, and so you should, it’s good for you. The Camp Chef Expedition 3 Burner Stove is great works very well and you’ll be more than pleased with its performance and durability. 
      The hose and regulator do come with the stove, as does the steel 24″ x 16″ Griddle, plus a paper towel rack and utensil holder. There is also a travel bag for the whole system. This one won’t let you down Mike, let me know if you purchase it, I would love to get your opinion.

      Thanks, Shane.

  2. Hey Shane

    Really good review. That thing looks like a beast. It’s probably bigger than I would need, but I know of at least a few friends who would love to have this. (I just noticed that you cover this and provide a link to a comparison with a smaller one. Nice!)

    While the video is really good, some pictures to coincide with the descriptions would be nice. I do find it interesting the you’ve used BTUs for the energy output, especially living in Queensland. 🙂

    As an American (living in Australia) I think I will always find it interesting, especially when my Aussie friend hassle me about the using non-SI units.

    With the removable legs, you could also note that you could put it on the tail-gate of your UTE (pickup)?



    • Hi Dave, I’m glad you liked my article and yes it is a good size, not sure what non-si units are I have always used the British Unit. I agree, throw it on the back of the truck and you could have a great old time. 

      Cheers Shane.

  3. I’ve been considering this stove for camping trips. I like the power, and I love the ease of assembly and use, and the flat-top for more cooking surface. I am, however, concerned with the size and weight as you mentioned. What size vehicle have you used to transport this, and do you have a recommendation for a carry bag? Since this is an online purchase, the decision is not as easily made.Thanks for the review and putting in the investigative work for all of us, so we don’t have to!

    • Hi Jerimy, The stove weighs in around 70 pounds, so it’s not a lightweight, but its design and usefulness shines when your camping in one spot for a long weekend, maybe a week or two. You set up your camp plus the kitchen area and your set for as long as you like, it won’t blow over and it’s not going to be easy for someone to just walk by and steal it. For all my car camping I use my Toyota 4×4 ute and Camp Chef have a bag available for this stove.

      Glad you enjoyed my article, Thanks Shane.


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