Camp Chef PRO90X Three Burner Camp Stove Review

Gearing up for a camping trip can be demanding and confusing, but a stove like this Camp Chef PrO90X Three Burner Camp Stove is an item you can’t afford to leave behind.

Now, why would you need a three-burner camping stove up your list of must-have outdoor gear? Well, it doesn’t have to be a stove this big, but if you have a larger group to feed, then this stove fits the bill just fine.

What makes this stove worthwhile? Everyone has a reason for picking one product over another, so let’s jump right in and see whether this Camp Chef stove can be a great choice for your outdoor cooking needs.

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Camp Chef PrO90X Three Burner Camp Stove

The Key Features

It’s a beast

If you have the whole family on board, or you’re in the company of several friends or colleagues, then you need a solid stove that can take on the challenge of rolling out enough meals to go around, you don’t have to keep them waiting.

This beast will save the day; with its three robust burners delivering some serious fire, you should have those meals ready in no time. Not only are the burners powerful enough to take on family meals, the fact that there are three of them alone means you can have two or three meals going all at once.

It has enough power

Having a stove that can take on up to 3 cooking pots at a go is one thing, having enough power to cook those dishes in a timely manner is quite a different story altogether. Not to worry, the number of burners isn’t the only big thing about this stove; the power is also just as awesome.

To put this into perspective, each burner delivers a whopping 30,000 BTUs of raw cooking power. Combined, you get up to 90,000 BTUs in total, there’s almost no limit to what you can pull off with that much power as far as outdoor cooking goes.

Is it strong enough?

Quality is every camper’s concern, especially when it comes to large outdoor gear. If it’s too big, yet flimsy, chances are, it’s going to fall apart sooner or later, probably sooner. Now, considering the amount of money you have to part with for these big machines, it pays to have one that can last long enough to give you the value you pay for, right?

Not to worry though, to match its size and power, this stove has been solidly built, featuring a combination of cast aluminum and steel material that guarantee the long service you are looking for. Seriously, having checked out this monster, I can confidently say it’s not just a big machine it is extremely well built.

How about the wind?

The wind can prove to be a real nightmare sometimes when cooking outdoors. It’s understandable why you would be worried about that. I can’t deny it either, I’ve had my fair share of moments with unrelenting gusts from different directions hitting at my stove burners.

It’s not just slow and frustrating, it also means your stove sucks more juice that doesn’t convert into heat on your cookware, cutting on fuel efficiency. Therefore, they fitted this stove with an awesome three-sided burner design that brings onboard a quick and easy fix to the wind problem.

It’s also easy to move around

No, it’s not as lightweight as your tiny, compact single burner stove or those can stoves you may bring along. This juggernaut weighs a hefty 59.5 pounds, so moving it around can be a bit challenging if the weight is your major concern.

So why do I say it’s easy to move around? The handles! It has some nice solid and tough steel handles that give you an easy time when you want to set it at just the right spot. These are also at hand once you have this machine folded down for the road, so you can easily grab them and set your stove in the trunk of your car nice and easy.

After all, if you have to bring along a 3-burner, 90,000 BTUs stove, there’s more than enough hands to help out, right?

No matches? No problem!

Using matches or lighters outdoors to get your stove’s burners fired up can be fun if the weather plays nice. But on a bad day, you might have a frustrating moment, not to mention if you misplaced it in the rush when setting up camp, then you’ll have a hard time getting supper ready.

Camp Chef has also taken care of that, thanks to this stove’s matchless ignition design that lets you get your burners fired up and ready for the fun cooking ahead in a snap. It might not sound like it, but this could save you a lot of trouble, the convenience is a nice touch too. So yeah, I like this function a lot too. 

Get more cooking and meal prep space.

Let’s face it, meal prep space can be hard to come by in the outdoors, especially if you have to cut the list of things you can tote along. The tables might not be enough and the available ones, perhaps the kids are playing a game on that one. And of course, there’s no way you’re going to take down that granite cooking table in your kitchen and haul it along.

With space at a premium, every inch of real estate you can get in the outdoors counts. Now, you can make the most of the folding panels on this stove to create some more room for meal prep. It’s a simple yet intuitive design that sometimes could save the day.


This is a great stove but there are others that are worth a look at as your personal choice may require different features. For a great comparison with a similar product, to give you a complete picture of what is available take a look at the very impressive Outland Portable Camping Stove t0 to assist you in your purchasing decision.

Camp Chef Three Burner Camp Stove

What Are The Benefits Of This Stove

This stove raises the bar in terms of size, with the cooking grate being spacious enough too at 16” by 38” for an ample cooking space.

 It’s also compatible with just about any Camp Chef accessories, so you can make the most out of the accessories you already have (if any) without having to spend more.

The built-in leg levers are another feature you’ll be thankful for during your cookouts, as these allow you to set the stove at the height that feels most comfortable to work with.

If you have a table that you can use for your meal prep and cooking, then the easy folding legs allow you to convert this stove into a tabletop stove in a snap.

Better yet, the legs can be locked in place when open or closed, so there’s no worry over the legs collapsing accidentally during use or becoming loose in transit.

Since each burner can be independently adjusted, you don’t have to worry about simmering one meal while turning up the heat on the other, you have absolute control here.

Also, each burner has its igniter, allowing you to use just one burner if necessary, offering an extra bit of convenience and saving on fuel. 

The setup doesn’t have to be a pain either, since you don’t have a lengthy and complicated assembly to wrap your head around.

To make your cookout less messy, the stove also has a convenient “tin can” holder that you can use for attaching a can to catch any excess grease. It helps when it’s time for a cleanup.

Even better, this propane stove also comes with a hose regulator, so you don’t have to spend more on that down the road.  However, keep in mind that the propane tank isn’t included in the package, you’ll have to pick that up separately.

Quick Specs

Burner material:Cast aluminum
Number of burners:Three
Power:90,000 BTUs
Dimensions:16.73” X 7.38” X 4.3”
Weight:59.5 Pounds
Cooking Grate Size:16” X 38”
Height Adjustable:Collapsible Legs


  • A large cooking area can take cookware up to 16 inches
  • Three powerful and separately adjustable burners
  • Robust output with up to 90,000 BTUs of collective power
  • Ideal 3-sided windshield holds off wind from getting into the burners
  • Folding side panels offer extra meal prep space 


  • This stove is big and heavy, you should have a hard time carrying it over long hikes
  • The side panels used as covers for the stove tend to loosen in transit

Questions And Answers

Question: Can you use the grill box and griddle with the windscreen up?

Answer: Yes, you can. However, the grill box won’t sit perfectly. It’s also difficult to see the burners with the grill box or griddle on, so keep an eye on the progress of your meal as the burners could go out without you noticing.

Question: Is there a quick connection for connecting this stove to a motorhome propane tank?

 Answer: No, it doesn’t. If you want to use this stove on your motorhome, make an effort to get that separately.

Here’s A Tip Or Two

  • When setting up your stove, it will be easier to flip it upside down to unlock the legs and unfold them. Then flip it over to set it on the legs, it will be easier, and faster this way.
  • To make it easier to fold your stove when packing up, make sure to take the wind protector on the back before folding in the side panels. With the back protector on you will have a hard time trying to fold the side tables to cover the stove.


There you have it, folks! If you are planning a family cookout or heading off into the wild with your family or friends, then this Camp Chef Pro90X 3 Burner Camping Stove will come in handy.

It’s big, it’s robust, and it has all the bells and whistles that you would love when you finally get the burners fired up and ready to whip up a delicious treat for your loved ones. The bulky design and hefty build might make this stove less ideal if you want to go light and fast.

However, what it lacks in portability, this stove makes up for with its solid construction, ideal stability, and powerful performance.

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any more questions please leave them in the comment section below and I will get back to you. For more amazing stoves for your next outdoor cook up check out my article Best Camping Stove to help with your decision.

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