Camp Chef Ranger II Blind Stove review – Powerful 2-Burner convenience

Outdoor cooking can be fun, but if you end up with the wrong stove, not so. However, this Camp Chef Ranger II Blind Stove Powerful 2 Burner will definitely bring out the chef in you.

This Article Was Last Updated On March 01, 2021

This is a good solid unit that has many satisfied customers, and a rating of 4.2 from a scale of 5 mostly positive reviews.

A simple design with a good power outlet regulated by adjustable control knobs and electronic ignition will give you the cooking appliance to make your family and friends very happy campers.


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Camp Chef Ranger II Blind Stove

The Key Features

Robust output

The first, and by far the most important thing you need to be on the lookout for when on the hunt for a stove is its performance. And what better way to get a stove with the right burners.

This stove is built with your outdoor cooking needs at heart, and as such, it comes with two robust burners delivering an impressive 17,000 BTUs of power each. This gives you a collective 34,000 BTUs of good cooking power for ultimate performance.

Double burner design

When it comes to adventure, time is always a crucial factor that you have to be very keen on. But this doesn’t necessarily mean you should give up on enjoying your favorite meals while out there, it’s part of the fun after all, isn’t it?

Thankfully, as far as cooking goes, this unit got another ace up its sleeve, thanks to the double burner design, which allows you to have two meals cooking at a go to save on time.

Cast aluminum burners

While still on the burners, it’s important to note that the material that the burners are made of also matters when it comes to both performance and reliability.

That’s yet another factor that Camp Chef Ranger considered as this unit’s burners are made of a cast aluminum, a material that offers heavy-duty performance, as well as being very durable.

Easy ignition

One of the most important functions a stove can have is the ignition. This might not sound like a big deal, but when it comes to lighting your unit in bad weather, it could make a lot of difference.

That’s why this stove comes with a matchless ignition that makes its use super easy since you don’t need to struggle with a match in windy weather. A single push of a button will be sure to get the job done.

It also comes with a regulator

Cooking with gas fuel can be a risky business, as things could get real bad real fast. And even without the aspect of danger, you still need to cook, which is where a regulator comes in handy.

And like any other stove in its tier that’s built to give you the ideal cooking performance, this one comes with a regulator that ensures a safe and convenient connection of the stove and the fuel canister.

A sufficient hose

Another feature that adds to the convenience of connecting your stove and the gas canister is a hose, thanks to which you can enjoy an easy connection.

And the manufacturers of this unit didn’t leave that out when thinking through the details, as this stove comes with an included hose, up to 5 feet, enough length to offer you enough flexibility to work with.

Heat control feature

Attaining the needed results when cooking with your stove means one thing; being able to control the amount of heat that the burners are pumping out.

That’s where the fully adjustable dials on this unit come into play, enabling you to set the heat level right where you need it. Whether you want a fast boil of water for a hot morning drink or simmering your dinner, this feature got you covered.


When you buy a product always check to see what the warranty covers and more importantly what it doesn’t cover, manufactures will cover defective workmanship in the manufacture, however, there are many other instances that vary from product to product and manufacturer so be sure to check your warranty closely.

Price and Compare

The price of this product is very attractive and I believe it offers good value compared with other similar small stoves on the market, so check out the current price here now on ==>Amazon<== and compare the information with the Coleman Triton Stove for a good comparison that will help with your purchasing decision.

Camp chef Ranger 2-burner stove

What Are The Benefits Of This Product

The housing design of this stove with the burners on the inside makes it perfect for blocking the wind, thus giving you uninterrupted cooking for fast, efficient cooking results.

It also features short but sturdy legs that make it a great cooktop unit besides ensuring that your stove doesn’t wobble or skid on the table or benchtop when cooking.

For ultimate durability, this unit features rugged construction with a durable cast iron body that makes as solid as it is lasting; you will be using it for years.

The burner grates are another feature worth mentioning, as it is very spacious measuring 8 inches by 8 inches, enough space to fit two pots or pans with room to spare.

This stove is also very versatile, as you can carry it to just about any outdoor activity, from hunting to camping, fishing as well as tailgating adventures among others.

Speaking of versatility, note that the lightweight construction of this component makes it easy to transport, as it measures only 17 pounds, quite lightweight considering the power and performance.

A compact design is the other notable feature of this stove, as it not only measures 12.5 inches by 19.5 inches by 6 inches despite being a robust unit.

The burners are independently controlled when it comes to setting the right heat in each one of them, which further adds to this stove’s convenience and ease of use.

Thanks to the silver finish on aluminum that the sides front, as well as back, are made of, the unit looks pristine for a long time and even cleaning remains super easy.

The cast aluminum that the burners are made of is not only robust and very durable, but it’s also very lightweight, which adds to the ease of transportation that this unit offers. 

Here’s A Tip

  • Just like any other camping gear in your arsenal, it’s wise to give your stove a test run before taking it out to the wild.
  • You don’t want surprises at the most inappropriate moment when you are tired and hungry and all you want to do is cook, eat, and sleep.


  1. The Camp Chef Ranger is a robust, compact unit.
  2. A versatile stove for all your outdoor activities.
  3. The lightweight design makes it easy to carry along.
  4. Built to last, with strong, durable materials.
  5. Powerful double burners for ultimate performance.
  6. Fully adjustable dial heat controls for effortless use.
  7. Great design for blocking the wind and offer convenient cooking.


  1. At 17 lbs, this unit might still be a bit too heavy if you’ll be walking over long distances. 



With the Camp Chef Ranger stove, you can take on the wild with confidence and keep venturing out into the distance knowing that your cooking needs are sorted. Besides being a lightweight, robust unit, this stove is also very durable, which makes it a perfect investment for lasting service.

Factor in the ease of use, and you have a unit that is as fun to use as it is reliable. Seriously, this one is a real all-rounder for any outdoors person who likes pushing the limits. Check it out and see what it has to offer. 

If you have any more questions about the Camp Chef Ranger II stove, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.


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