Camping Activities for the Kids – Inspiring and Enriching

Welcome to my article on camping activities for the kids and the wonderful world of camping with children, we all start out as children (most of us become adults), and one of the beautiful parts of having children is to watch them grow every day, they do little things new and exciting.

And we can’t help but derive much pleasure from their little achievements just a giggle or a new sound brings parents much joy.

So it is with much anticipation that we start to allow them the small steps they take to seeing the world through their own eyes, with guidance and advice.

We watch them grow and develop and become confident, not only in their own selves but in their own ability to think and develop an understanding of the world around them.

Outdoor Education                                                                              small boy sitting writing into a pad

As adults it is our responsibility to give them opportunities to explore the world, I’m not saying they have to travel the world I’m saying even their own back yard holds many wonderful experiences for the little ones to enjoy.

However the backyard becomes small after a few years, and the wider outdoors beckons and holds new and exciting adventures as we gain a little age.

Camping is an activity that has endless opportunities for children to gain wisdom and knowledge not easily achieved by just the classroom alone.

It allows adventures daily even hourly from waking and helping cook a simple breakfast of pancakes on a hotplate on the fire (obviously under close supervision) wrapping potatoes in tin foil and placing them in the coals of the fire.

These are a delicious side dish for the evening meal. Roasting marshmallows on a long stick over the fire is a real sugary treat.

Learning how to simply construct and light a campfire is a skill they will carry through their whole life, and impart that same knowledge on to their own children in the future. Don’t use matches and NEVER use petroleum.

Buy a flint and show them how it’s done, or use a magnifying glass during the day and instruct them how and why the glass creates the heat to start the fire using the sun’s rays.

 Games Children Play

Well, I think we are all very much aware of the time spent these days sitting in front of electronic devices playing all sorts of weird and wonderful games and taking part in so many different online social groups.

But that is not what I am talking about here, its time to get outdoors and get off the devices for a while.

Outdoor activities such as children’s games are not only a good way of keeping them entertained it is also very good for self-esteem, self-confidence and to improve and maintain good health. They will eat well and sleep well after spending the day doing things that expend their energy.

Building sandcastles on the beach and throwing the ball to each other. How about beach cricket or football among friends. That will soon get the appetite raging.

For the younger ones hopscotch is a very simple game and can be played anywhere and the majority of children will get satisfaction from playing with family and friends.

Jump rope is such an old pastime, and once again can be played in close proximity to the campsite and gives much satisfaction. The adults can just sit and relax, no real effort involved. How about a real old favorite, Chinese whispers or Telephone.

Hot Potato is another classic an adult can be the music player while the ball is handed from child to child in a circle until the music stops and the child holding the ball sits out and so on.children playing with buckets of water

Its amazing how much fun can be had by the simple but sometimes challenging game of marbles, how about chase and capture or tag, lots of fun. Kicking a ball around a field is an activity that can be fun for all.

Make sure the little ones are not being left out by the older children in the group, also that the older ones are not being judgemental or bulling towards the younger ones.

Supervision of children outdoors is of paramount importance and should be the responsibility of a capable adult.

Walking and Learninga family walking along a bush pathway

Walking and hiking is a fabulous activity for the kids and spending time with the kids exploring the environment in which you are camped.

Teaching them the identity and habitat of the local flora and fauna is a skill only learned in the wild.

Recognizing the different colors and textures of different plants, the difference in size and shape, the smell of the leaves.

Many small animals can sometimes be encountered while walking through the bush, try to identify them and discuss with children the part they play in the natural environment.

Always remember to dress appropriately and take supplies as might be necessary, most important is water, stay hydrated.


Swimming in creeks and rivers or the sea is just the ultimate fun while camping, and is an activity of excitement and joy for children of all ages. The importance of supervision of children while doing this activity ranks extremely high and should be taken seriously.

Care should be taken to determine and identify the location of any possible dangers before just jumping into any body of water.

Naming different animals and what they might eat and where they might live, teaching the lesson that we should all adhere to, and that is the protection of wildlife and their habitat. These fabulous activities cost very little so you can save money on camping

Try and enjoy them and not to disturb them too much as they like to be left alone, (just like a lot of humans).

Making chores a game, like picking up rubbish that others may have left behind is an important lesson in the care of our planet.

The reality is that some people don’t always do the right thing. Make them aware of sharp objects and avoid them if necessary. How to dispose of rubbish is a lesson even a lot of adults could learn.

two children fishing on a creekbankFishing

Who could leave out the marvelous recreational activity of fishing with a small line in hand, the mind can be kept still for a long period.

Obviously the younger the child the less focus they will give to it, but its importance as a pastime is sometimes underestimated.

This relaxing activity for the whole family is multiplied tenfold by the catching of a small fish on the end of that line.

Just look at the face of your youngster next time he has success in his fishing, the excitement will make time standstill.

The life skills that can be gained by simple participation in games and activities in the great outdoors cannot be underestimated and the confidence and well being of a child can be transformed by activities carefully planned and supervised.

Family Camping Activities is another article you may enjoy.

If you have any more questions about Camping Activities For The Kids, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.

Thanks, Shane.

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