GSI Outdoors Camping Cooking Set Review

A good quality camping cooking set allows you to enjoy a warm dish while you’re camping in the wilderness. With the many related products available today, it’s almost impossible to know which ones are worth your money.

Some may seem to offer more while others may look suspicious at first glance. So to let you see if this product is a good addition to your camp kitchen, here’s a detailed review. 


Tested Technology

With its Teflon Radiance technology, you can enjoy its non-stick performance. Even heating is possible too since it’s made with hard-anodized aluminum, so it can work best for an outdoor camp stove. 

Say goodbye to low-quality pots that make you worry about cleaning it after cooking. You don’t have to have a hard time scratching the stains and eventually scratching the surface.

The tested technology of Teflon lets you have a longer lifespan for your pots and pans and overall, you can save time and effort while you enjoy your dish wherever you are. 

Cook in any conditions

Outdoor environments are as unpredictable as they can be, so you have to get a cook set that lets you prepare your food without compromise. The GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Soloist Complete cook set lets you do this easily. 

Designed to provide superb efficiency, you can take advantage of this GSI cookware in varied conditions. All thanks to its windscreen nest and 9,629 BTU/h2 Pinnacle Canister Stove, you’d waste no time heating that soup you want so bad. 

Other cook sets along its price range don’t provide the same advantage at all. That means you’re getting a good catch with this one. 

Easy to use and store

Braving the outdoors requires you to pack light and easy, and this nesting cooking set answers that need. Unlike other cook sets, this one has a folding handle that locks into place.

This design lets you have secure transport when you place it in its welded stuff sack while traveling. You can also use it as a washbasin or sink when the situation needs it. 

All of these efficient features and functions make this backcountry cookware worth every penny spent. 

Keeps food hot

The cold outdoors would make your demand for easy and warm food. With this cookware, you can enjoy a warm dish longer than some other cooking sets allow. 

You’ll love how the bowl and mug have insulating sleeves can keep your food hot. So take advantage of its unique bowl and mug solution. Aside from keeping your food warm, these extra kitchen wares are designed to lessen spills. 

Talk about safety and optimum dining experience, and this complete cook set won’t disappoint. Its multiple-star ratings agree too! 

Trusted brand name 

With its 32 years in the business, GSI outdoors remains a trusted name in bringing quality cookware to outdoor enthusiasts. That’s because the three siblings that established this brand also love outdoor activities.  

 They created a company that makes products that every trailblazer would also love and use. Buying cooking sets and other camping necessities from trusted names gives you the peace of mind.

Most of the time, you’re also getting the quality you paid for. With GSI Outdoors, you’ll love how it stands up to its reputation up to this day. 

A reasonable price-tag

If you’re just starting to invest in your outdoor gears and equipment, then you’ll love how this product is budget-friendly. 

With its price, you’re getting a decent backpacking cooking gear that’s made with high-quality materials. You can survive with this kitchen set wherever your next outdoor adventure leads you.  

 Finding products like this online can be challenging since you’ll encounter similar-looking items with cheap prices, but with zero assurance that they’re worth your money. 

Since it’s made by a trusted brand and has good online reviews, you’ll have an idea of why it’s loved by most of its users. 

Price and Compare

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Compare this product and the information by reading my review of the Jetboil Flash cooking system for a good comparison that will help with your purchasing decision.

What are the benefits of this product?

High-performance build lets you enjoy warm meals in the middle of nowhere.

It comes with a windscreen, non-stick coating, and an insulation feature that lets you maximize your use. 

Lightweight materials let you have an easy time carrying it around.

It only measures 5 x 5.4 x 5.5 inches. With a total shipping weight of 8 ounces, you won’t even feel it’s there in your backpack while you’re trekking. 

As a complete one-person cooking solution, it’s perfect for solo travelers. It strips you of the extra weight and makes more room in your bag. 

High output stove makes cooking easier and more efficient. Aside from that, its windscreen feature lets you optimize your time in cooking. 

You’ll need less time to dedicate to preparing meals and more for socializing or resting on the camping site. 

Insulated mug protects you from being scaldedIt’s a simple safety feature, but it can make a big difference. The insulation also helps preserve the warmth of your food or drink. 

A space-saving package lets you arrange this camping cooking set more efficiently in your bag. It’s designed to maximize space, which is a necessary quality in camping gears and equipment. 

Hard-anodized aluminumis the material used in this cook set. It can resist scratches and abrasion. When used the right way, it can lengthen the shelf life of this equipment. 

It comes with a large pot size that measures 1.1L. Yes, it’s not a family camping cook set since this measurement is meant for one person. You can enjoy an ample serving of dinner to refuel you after the day of adventure. 

Packs multiple cooking equipmentin one package. This helps you have a quality kitchen session. You’ll get a stove, plate, pot, and other necessary items to make a decent meal.

If you’re a newbie and don’t want to miss any relevant item, here’s a beginner-friendly kitchen set. 

Extras like the windscreen, strainer, mugs/bowl, and stove bag let you optimize your cooking time, your space, and energyThey’re unique inclusions in this cooking set. 


  • It’s a complete package cook set 
  • Insulated mugs to preserve heat  
  • Lightweight overall package  
  • Comes with relevant extra items 
  • A reasonable price 
  • Has an efficient stove  
  • Easy storage in the bag 


  • The spout may not be even with the kettle top. 
  • Boiling water may bubble out through the kettle spout. 
  • The lid opening may show corrosion. 
  • The pot handle may get hot. 


Questions and Answers

Q: What does the set all include? 

A: GSI Outdoors – Pinnacle Soloist Complete Cook Set includes the following:

  1. Canister Top Stove 
  2. Windscreen with Folding Base Plate 
  3. 1.1 L Pot, Strainer or Sip-It Top 
  4. 14 fl. oz. Mugs/Bowl with Insulated Sleeve 
  5. Telescoping Foon 
  6. Stove Bag 
  7. Welded Sink. 

Q: Does the kettle have a whistle? 

A: No. It’s an excellent kettle, but it doesn’t have one. But the sound of boiling water is clear, it comes in a decent size, which can save the day on specific occasions. 

Here’s A Tip or Two

  • Don’t clean the dishes directly from the source water. 
  • Bring a scouring pad or wipes for easy cleaning. 
  • If possible, use biodegradable soap. 
  • Go easy on the Teflon-covered pot. 
  • Use a cloth when holding the handles. 
  • Clean the cook set thoroughly when you reach home. 


You know you’ve got the right camping cookware when you enjoy the comfort of the kitchen at your campsite. That’s a long-shot goal, but it’s attainable when you choose the right items.  

GSI Outdoors – Pinnacle Soloist Cookset aims to bring you a durable and lightweight cook set for a reasonable price. 

Without breaking your bank, you’re getting a one-person cookware set, complete with Canister Top Stove, Windscreen with Folding Base Plate, 1.1 L Pot, Strainer or Sip-It Top, and more. 

The compact package build of this set makes it an easy choice for many avid outdoor enthusiasts.  

If you’re interested in more camping gear and equipment, I can help you find the right products online. Feel free to send me a message so we can jumpstart your search. 

Check The Price On Amazon

If you have any more questions about the GSI outdoors camping cooking set, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.


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