Camping Cooler Reviews – Thermik High Performance 45 QT Cooler

Here we have one of out Camping Cooler Reviews – Thermik High Performance 45 QT Cooler, which is a Roto-molded cooler. Within the manufacture of roto-molded coolers, the heated liquid plastic is applied over a thick layer of insulation and the resulting product has no seals or imperfections.

The manufacturing process is called rotational molding, a process by which a heated and softened material is applied into a slowly rotating mold. The mold continues to rotate during the cooling phase, which produces a thick and uniform finished product that can be used in a number of applications.

This technique has enabled manufacturers to design and produce coolers with insulation which has tremendous ice retention capabilities and is much stronger and more durable than old-style traditional plastic coolers. They have definitely provided us with a good choice.

Choosing the correct camping cooler for your next outdoor adventure should be given serious consideration, as a lot of this equipment is very expensive and you want to be happy that you are buying the best and most suitable product, that will serve you well, whether out in the back-country or at the beach.

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Its solid one-piece roto-molded construction means this is a cooler that not only looks good but is built to withstand some hard work, Its rugged good looks together with an equally impressive cooling performance make this a formidable cooler even though it’s not as well known as some.
Both strength of build using thick urethane insulation which gives the cooler a solid exterior, and durability of its high-quality components, ensures a product that will go on any adventure with you and perform very well indeed. The size of the cooler is not too big that it won’t sit nicely in the family tent.
Dimensions for the cooler are:
Internal 20.2″ L, 10.6″ W, 11.6″ H           External 26.7″ L, 16,6″ W, 16.3″ H


Weighing 29.9 pounds, this 45-quart thermo cooler guarantees high performance even during the warmer months of the year. It maintains cool temperatures within, so expect your beverages and food to remain cool and chilled for days. In fact, it has been proven to keep contents chill for 5+ days. This makes the Thermik Cooler the ideal companion for your camping or weekend getaways with family and friends.

Vacuum Release Button.

With time, the ice within the cooler will melt which then leads to a drop in the pressure within the cooler, this causes the vacuum to pull towards the gasket. With some other coolers, this will lead to stuck lids hence forcing you to wrestle them open. With the vacuum release valve, all you need to do is press the button which will equalize the pressure within the cooler. This will free the lid instantly making an easy opening.

Captured Drain Cap.

With high tech, appliances come unique and sometimes simple features that make it outstanding and worth the money. In addition to all the outstanding features on the Thermik High-Performance Cooler, you will also find a captured drain cap. This is a rugged two-stage drain that is designed to comfortably fit a garden hose. This is a convenient option for easy drainage of the ice melt. You will also be pleased to know that this comes with a stainless leash that prevents the cap from getting lost or dirty on the ground and also prevents drain overboard.

Durable Rubber Feet.

The Thermix cooler strategically features durable rubber feet that will keep it centered in one place. This means that you do not have to worry about the cooler moving and sliding about within the trunk of your car or slipping from its location within your boat while in transit. The rubber feet will see to it that the cooler does not slip or slid all over the place and will also be helped by the tie-down points.

Tie Down Points.

With most coolers, you will notice that they often slip or topple over especially when in transit. This particular cooler rules out these accidents thanks to the tie-down holes located underneath it. While on the boat or in the car simply tie the cooler down and enjoy the ride. This smart feature simply adds to your convenience and the safety of the contents. What’s more? With this feature, you can comfortably tie the cooler on the roof of your car when there isn’t ample space inside.


When on a hiking/fishing/camping trip, the last thing that you need is moving back and forth when fetching a drink or storing your catch. Additionally, carrying your cooler from one point to the other is expected especially if you are unlikely to stay locked in one area. Which explains the convenience that comes with having a mid-sized portable cooler at hand.

Dry-Keeper Basket.

We understand that there are times when you will need to keep your items separate within the cooler. Your meats do not need to be in contact with your beverages hence the dry keeper basket. Besides facilitating organizing the contents, this feature also prevents cross-contamination. This basket is quite versatile as you can use it to store your more fragile foods, snacks and other, lighter, more delicate items that need to be kept cool.

Easy Ring Lever Latch.

The “T” latch is the most common latch with other coolers, and with this, expect to bang your knuckles a few times when trying to get it open. However, the Thermix cooler is artistically designed with an easy ring lever latch which facilitates easy opening and closing of the latches. Additionally, these sleek latches sit close to the body of the cooler.

Stainless Bottle Opener.

If you are a person who enjoys the convenience, your vacation or weekend getaway with friends maybe a little more convenient if the bottle opener is conveniently located on the cooler. This definitely was in the manufacturer’s minds when they constructed this state of the art cooler and saves the hassle of losing, misplacing, and keeping track of loose bottle openers. Anyone using this cooler to holds bottled drinks will definitely find the two stainless steel (heavy duty) bottle openers convenient.

What Are The Benefits You Can Expect From This Cooler? 

In case you need an additional bench, this cooler will comfortably facilitate that. It will give you a well-textured surface on which to prepare your catch. Always nice to have a surface to work on.

Besides the dry keeper basket and all the other convenience, you also get to enjoy the benefits that come with the cup holder and the cutting board.

Having a cup holder is a real benefit, in having somewhere secure to place your drink other than on the ground.

Overnight, maybe when it’s not in use, or you are away from the camp, slip in a padlock to prevent bears and intruders from getting to your food and drinks. Or your mates who take a liking to your beers.

Good Ice retention of 5+ days which means the ability to stay and enjoy the one place for a longer period. This means you don’t have to cut your adventure short.

Built-in bottle openers are a benefit that saves the hassle of losing, misplacing, and keeping track of loose bottle openers.

If you have bottles in the cooler, and you need to open them the convenience of having a bottle opener on the cooler is a real blessing in disguise. You will find the two stainless steel bottle openers make your stay more pleasant.

For more research and information go to our best coolers for camping and check out our buyer’s guide and comparison. This cooler stands up well against a long list of other coolers.


  1. This cooler has a 5-year warranty
  2. It holds the stated capacity 45 qt unlike some
  3. Looks great
  4. Excellent Features


  1. There is nothing I dislike about this cooler


Our Overall Opinion.

There is nothing more frustrating than when you run out of ice and you have to either put an end to your trip or at the very least go and refill with ice, but that only works if you can get to a seller who has ice available. Not much good in the middle of nowhere or at sea 50 miles out from the coast. The ice retention capabilities of the Thermik 45 Qt cooler are very impressive 5+ days which is equal to the more well known and more expensive brands.

This is an excellent cooler at a reasonable price, around $250 and comes with a 5-year warranty. From my own observations and research, I don’t believe that too much can go wrong with this unit. By looking at the Amazon reviews you will get a pretty good picture of a reliable, user-friendly, sturdy, and good looking cooler for your future adventures.

It’s sometimes the little things that make a big difference and so it is with this cooler, the cup holder, the dry basket, and the cutting board that seconds as a separator are very good features that set this cooler apart. I highly recommend this cooler if you need a mid-size cooler for yourself or your family. And if you want to save yourself money, then this is a cooler that will solve all your problems.

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