Camping near the Beach – Spectacular One Day Amazing The Next

If your looking for somewhere exciting to take your family in the upcoming holidays, camping near the beach always offers a wonderful, relaxing, and memorable time together. It is a terrific and budget-friendly family adventure.

Get a seat in the front row to incredible sunrises and sunsets. You can swim all day and listen to the sound of the waves before falling asleep at night in your favorite camp bed.

The children will love it and the memories will last forever. I love being near the beach, Check out my little tips video.

Before you go on the next camping holiday near the beach, you should do your research. There are many beaches that are camper-friendly, while some are free, most of the more popular sites are in national parks.

So a good start if your somewhat of a novice is to check out the national park’s website relevant to your state.

They are quite detailed in the description, eg: what facilities are available, Toilets, showers, is there drinking water, and so on. Find out if camping near the beach is allowed at all and if there are restrictions.

These restrictions may include where you can drive your vehicle, don’t drive, or upset natural sand dunes other than those on existing tracks.

Spectacular Scenery.image of a beach

Some beaches have actual campsites right on or near the beach. And you may be surprised by the location of some, especially if you have never been to any of the beach camping areas on your coastline.

Most are super cheap just several dollars each per night through national parks and worth every cent as some locations are spectacular.

Swing the Hammock and enjoy the bliss. Usually, there have abundant signs to tell you what areas they allow camping.

Once you have made the emotional commitment to try this form of camping, a reservation will reserve an available place.

Reservations are a must as in most areas these locations are in very popular demand, particularly at school holiday times and the festive holiday periods of Christmas and Easter.

Campfire.boiling a pot of water on an open campfire

If a Campfire is a must before your trip check in advance if the beach you camp on will allow campfires. What, if any, fire bans may be in place due to extreme weather conditions or drought.

Although some do, some campsites may require approval or a permit for a fire. Others may not allow it at all.

If you have the opportunity to spend time on a beach and a campfire is allowed, come with lighter, matches, and of course, bring your own firewood.

Usually, it is scarce in these sites and it can be very expensive to buy a small bag or two.

You will need a comfortable and strong camp chair to take advantage of the occasion.

Once finished with a fire on or in the sand, never ever just bury it, the heat of a campfire can be so intense that it may stay extremely hot underfoot for an extended period.

Be sure to douse the fire with water and leave it exposed. Somebody walking on a covered fire is at risk of very serious injury.

Most people who opt for beach camping do so, not because of the hiking experience, or even to communicate with nature. It is more for the romantic atmosphere of the sea and fun for the kids.

Like camping at any other location, camping on the beach has its challenges. However, following some basic guidelines, will make your camping as enjoyable as a sunrise on the horizon of the ocean.

Location, Location, Location.sunset on the beach

Setting up your camp or family tent right on the sand so you can see the water is always the first instinct, the views can be stunning, therefore very tempting.

However, that decision could make the difference between a wonderful adventure or a miserable experience.

It would be much wiser to first check out the lay of the site. You probably don’t want to be totally exposed to high winds straight off the beach, these can be brutal.

High winds will carry plenty of sand into your site, which could be very irritating, it may be better to move the camp back into the vegetation a little way.

man and girl walking along the beach

The wind and fierce environment of the seafront will give way to a calmer and probably a lot cooler area in which to camp. This area should still have sufficient wind to help with the control of mosquitoes, and other annoying bugs common on our foreshores.

The other main point to check with beach camping is the tide charts and tide marks. Give yourself a bit of breathing space for extra high tides.

Making sure you won’t get washed away will definitely save you from a lot of heartaches.

Once you have set up camp the last thing you want to have to do is move because of an unfriendly environment or rising sea levels.


The shelter is extremely important on any beachfront camping trip. Take a look here at a very good quality tent, maybe a tent like this that is fully enclosed with a floor, and window and door mesh will be the best choice.

Not only will most of the sand be kept at bay, but any annoying insects will find it hard to penetrate your cozy sleeping quarters. Place a strip of carpet or a cheap mat at the door to help reduce sand inside.

Creature Comforts.

I like my comfort when I am camping, so I make sure my bedding is good quality, and that it will give me a good night’s rest. In some instances a good sleeping bag works well, sometimes a nice queen size air mattress is an excellent addition.

Included in my gear is a 12-volt air compressor which makes light work of inflating the mattress. A mattress topper and a good doona and I am set. It’s surprising how cool it can sometimes get on the beachfront so make sure you pack some good warm clothes as well.

Personal Cleanliness.three people jumping up on the beach

Toileting is something we all need to do daily, and unfortunately, what we are seeing a lot of these days in our travels are a large number of toilet tissues being left to blow about the area.

Our natural environment is not a dump, neither for household nor human waste. If you are visiting an isolated spot with no long drop please at least dig a hole and bury your waste.

On a recent camping trip, I was gathering a number of rocks to make a fire ring, and when I grabbed one of them it had been used as a cover, over a fresh toilet deposit, NOT very nice.

Sun Protection.lady laying on the bech

Don’t forget your hat, protect yourself with proper clothing, never sit on the sand or go into the water without first using sunscreen.

The sun reflects very strongly on sand and water. And it is also helpful to remember that UV rays can still be strong on cloudy days.

To avoid looking like the lobster you ate for dinner, take a few minutes to protect your skin. Protect your feet with shoes as well. And protect your eyes with sunglasses with UV protection.

Only a few people ever have the great experience of living right on the beach in there home. But for a night or two, maybe a weekend or a week, your whole family can experience the fun lifestyle that attracts people to our wonderful coastline.

The next time you plan a camping trip, consider giving up the traditional campsites in the middle of the forest and instead, enjoy a relaxing and sun-filled camping experience on the beach.

Safety.first aid kitlifeguard vehicle on the beach

Whether you are just a beach lover or you want to get up and jump straight into the ocean while the sun is rising, this is a wonderful way to spend time with family and those close to you.

Just remember many of these camping sites rarely have lifeguards or emergency services onsite, so great care should be taken at all times during all activities. Carry a good first aid kit, and familiarise yourself with basic first aid and CPR.
How about driving on a beach? well, that is a story for another day. If you have a favorite beach camp or a story of your own please feel free to tell us below.

If you have any more questions about camping near the beach, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.

Thanks, Shane.

4 thoughts on “Camping near the Beach – Spectacular One Day Amazing The Next”

  1. Hi, Shane.  I read your post about camping near the beach with interest, because back in my younger days I was in the Navy and lived just about a football field distance from the beach.  It never occurred to me to camp there because I lived so close, but if I had wanted to camp, your tips are spot on.  I was in Pensacola, FL, when I lived right near the beach, and the sand in the gulf’s beaches are almost white and pretty fine, making for a great time on a beautiful beach, and the water was usually pretty warm during about every time of year but winter.

    One problem we had on the beach where I lived was the jellyfish.  Not only were they in the water at times, but they would wash up on shore and their stinging tentacles would get mixed into the sand, and you couldn’t see them.  After a day on the beach your body would have red welts on it.  Not much fun.  Anyway, your post will help landlubbers plan and enjoy a beach camping trip.  Well done.


    • Hi Grant, I love the beach and when we were young we lived about 50 miles away so only visited now and then, so nowadays I enjoy spending time near the beach, and I only live a few miles away now. I am sure we could add to this list there are plenty of items that people use and enjoy while playing and staying close to the ocean, lots of toys and gadgets. The best first-aid for jellyfish stings is to flush the affected area with vinegar. We have jellyfish that can kill a human being, they are not nice.

       I appreciate your comment.

      Thanks Shane. 

  2. Oh I do love camping near the beach, but it sure is hard to find places that let you.  You can find them in the Adirondack Mountains on lakes very easily, but I love to camp near the ocean with the sounds of the waves rocking me to sleep.  When I lived in San Diego, we did find a secluded beach called Blacks Beach.  It was kind of hard to get to, and it was a naked beach by day, but everyone left at dusk and we’d sometimes stay and build a fire and camp overnight.  I’m sure it was illegal, not that I’m sure, but probably.  No police would ever bother making that treacherous trek down there at night, so we never worried about it.  Waking up in the morning was GLORIOUS. 

    • Hi Babsie, Yes it’s getting very hard to find places to camp on the beach now, and it’s even harder to find a secluded spot. Those were the days eh. Thanks For your comment, Shane.


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