Camping Trailer Accessories.

There is a wide variety of Camping Trailer Accessories, and some of the more practical accessories can, and will have a positive impact on our time spent using it as a home away from home. A lot of stuff out there in the market labeled under camping trailer accessories leaves a lot to be desired, as per there quality and standard of manufacturing.

The Base Model.Camper trailer

We need to start with the camping trailer itself, the market for trailers is huge and the number of makes and models is growing all the time. Imported units come onto the market under many names picking one is a bit of a lottery. However, most of the more popular models have some level of respectability and some of the best known have more reliability than others but the price doesn’t always relate to an equal or better product.
You can spend a small fortune on some units and have everything you can ever use, however, the practical requirements of a typical family are a lot less than we sometimes imagine. With research and our own determined personal needs and wants, we should be able to come up with a solution to the correct mobile accommodation and equipment that will suit our requirements.

I own a camping trailer myself, it is a very basic setup but with the accessories I have added along the way, it suits me perfectly at this point in time. I love to get out and explore at every opportunity and do so regularly. The equipment I rely on does not always get treated gently. But if it can’t get me to where I want to go, or if it can’t follow me, its not much good to me. So even though I may not always treat equipment well, I always maintain it well after use.

I will not name the make or model here, as they give me no special benefit and I won’t give them any free advertising. That way I can keep this post neutral. Depending on the camper trailer itself and what you purchase with it, will determine your needs for some added accessories.

Accessory Number kitchen on a trailer

Even a base model trailer will usually come with a slide out or pull out kitchen, and this is my number 1 accessory. This must have accessory gives you the ability to cook and clean in a unit that will make for a much more contented camp cook, which should result in better cooking, and better meals.

Because of the convenience, it gives outside a real kitchen, it makes camp life much more comfortable. They come in many and various configurations but for this comparison, we will say it has a sink with either a hand pump or battery operated pump and a small preparation area. This is a must-have.

So my number 1 camping trailer accessory is the kitchen. It just simply makes life outdoors much more pleasant.    An essential component of the kitchen is, of course, a cooktop with 2-4 gas burners (Some models do not come equipped with a gas cooker, they are an additional item). So a cooktop/stove is part of the kitchen.

Accessory number 2.

Refrigeration is my number 2. 12 volt refrigeration is a real comfort and convenience that takes a lot of beating when camping out, the ability to access a fridge while camping, allows us to have fresh food cold drinks and to have much more comfort than our parents and grandparents could have ever imagined in times past.

The units available today come in many styles and sizes, we won’t be recommending any here today however we will do some reviews in the weeks and months ahead. I have a 65 Lt that suits me fine. It has the capacity to satisfy the needs of 2 people and would probably be enough for a small family with 1 child.
Number 2 refrigeration, what a game changer. Fresh food and cold beer.

Accessory Number 3.

12volt battery power, generation, and storage. This element is given to us freely at no additional cost other than running the car normally when driving to your destination. A battery gives us the power to operate lights plus the refrigeration unit also to power our electronic devices, even run a small TV. talk about the comforts of home. However, this battery power typically won’t last more than a day or so when parked.
Having a cold beer and fresh food is great but problems arise where the car battery now can only provide a certain amount of usable power before we start drawing it to a point where we have trouble starting the car. How do we overcome this major hurdle? The answer is Generation and Storage.Solar panels beside a car

A solar panel or panels that produce more power than we use, and a means of storage separate from our car battery.

A dual battery system allows me to travel and camp for extended periods now. I have a second battery hooked through a C-Tec regulator/battery charger to the alternator on the car. The C-Tec unit has the benefit of an auxiliary input that I can directly connect a solar panel and it also has a built-in solar regulator and controls the amount of battery used.

Particularly the main starter battery and will not allow it to be drained therefore always having the power to start the vehicle. There are many good quality regulator, battery charge units on the market, so do your research and you will find one that suits your individual application.

Using this system, and with ongoing sunny days with solar panels that produce more amp hours than I use, I can now stay camping in one place with refrigeration indefinitely. I have a third Battery in the camper trailer that I charge by solar and use for lights and charging devices.

My number 3 accessory. A dual battery system and solar panels. Indefinite camping sounds good to me.

Accessory Number 4.

Now that we have the power and the ability of indefinite camping, next in line of importance and of practical benefits is a toilet of some description. My choice of the moment is a Thetford porti potti. A toilet is not usually an accessory which comes standard with a camping trailer, yet is something we all naturally require every day.

A simple porta pottie like this one is very light, very compact, easy to operate and add a level of comfort to your camping experience that is worth a lot more than the cost of the unit itself, usually only a couple of hundred dollars. My camping trailer accessory number 4 is a toilet. Very comforting knowing you don’t have to dig a hole when there are dozens of people around you.

Accessory Number 5.

Accessory number 5 is lighting, in particular, good quality LED lighting, placed strategically around the trailer makes for another comfort that is hard to ignore. I say LED lighting because it is so light and compact and the brightness is unmatched by old-style bulbs or gas lights.

There are many designs and their uses are numerous but you cannot beat a good quality headlamp for personal use like night fishing, or for rummaging around the campsite at night, nothing worse than kicking your toe in the dark.

A couple of good quality LED Lightbars placed around the campsite, over the kitchen, and above the dining area will give you a higher level of security and comfort. They use very little power, they come in different colors for insect control, and they are all but unbreakable with a lifespan that may outlast the trailer itself.

So number 5 for importance and practical application is good LED lighting

Accessory Number 6.

You can travel around the country and in fair weather enjoy many days on the road with only the items listed above, pull up, open the trailer to access the bedroom and living area, pull out the kitchen and happy days. I do this quite often. But the fact is the weather is never always fair so it would be my choice to have an awning/spare room over the kitchen area.

This not only protects that area in the case of rain but also gives us a spot to sit and ponder the events of our trip out of the elements. If you have children with you it also provides for extra room to accommodate them without actually being inside the camper trailer, with wet or muddy feet.

Accessory number 6 for the camping trailer is an add-on room/awning it allows us a bit of extra living room to move around on those rainy days.

Accessory Number 7.

Number 7 is a good quality mattress and bedding. If I’m going camping and traveling and I have all the accessories listed above, the thing that will complement and complete the basic package is a good nights sleep. The quality and the simple makeup of some of the stock standard products that come with some trailers need to be removed and thrown out immediately and replaced with a good quality innerspring mattress and nice topper.

Accessory 7 Result = Sweet Dreams.

Accessory Number 8.Camping out in the forest under an awning

This is an accessory that happens to belong on the tow vehicle but is something that I consider one of my best purchases and that is a simple awning 2.5mt x 2mt. It is attached to the roof racks or canopy of the car. This is just an awesome bit of gear. It is always used when I am camping. This is where I set up my dining table and chairs. It is extremely practical, very easy to erect, and simply provides the number 1 priority when outdoors and that is a shelter.

Accessory 8. An awning on the Vehicle.


If you have any more questions about the Camping Trailer Accessories, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.



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