Canway Sleeping Bag Review – Lightweight Waterproof Backpacking

With an ideal sleeping bag, being comfortable and sleeping well while outdoors is the goal, the Canway Sleeping Bag Review will give you a view of one such bag make sure you have the right one.

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So be sure to check out this review in detail to see the features and benefits I found that I would consider crucial in some environments.


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Canway Sleeping Bag

The Key Features

Skin-friendly construction

When shopping for sleeping bags, mattresses, and such gear, most people are so fixed on getting the perfect comfort that they easily miss checking how it could feel on their skin. Well, no one likes the idea of developing skin complications after a weekend of camping.

You don’t have to worry about that, the breathable 230T polyester with a cotton fiber that this sleeping bag features as the surface material makes it very soft and comfortable as well as ensuring it’s very friendly to your skin. Is there a better way to rest after a long day of hiking?

It’s warm

One of the reasons why you should be very keen to bring along most of the camping gear with you is to ensure that you will have ideal protection from the elements. As such, it pays to get a sleeping bag that can guarantee a warm, cozy night.

Thankfully, with the ability to withstand extreme weather at up to 32 degrees F, you have every reason to enjoy a warm, cozy night sleep through the night. You will no longer have to be turning and tossing around uncomfortably in your favorite hammock during chilly nights.

Built for on-the-go use

Size and portability are the two things you can’t afford to overlook if you are on the hunt for a sleeping bag to take on an outdoor adventure. One thing for sure is that it should be easy to tote along, which is exactly what this one is all about.

As a package, it only measures a mere 16.5 inches by 10.23 inches, a nice compact package that you can throw in your car trunk without having to trade-off space. Besides, it is also very lightweight, which makes it the perfect option for carrying over long distances on your back.

Spacious on the inside

Remember what we’ve talked about as far as size goes? Well, it turns out, having a compact sleeping bag you can carry with ease is not all, as it also has to be spacious enough for you to fit in there without a struggle.

That’s where the 82.6 inches by 31.5 inches size of this sleeping bag comes to the rescue. It offers more than enough space for moving freely in it, so you never have to feel like you’re in a cage or some tight space. Plus it fits easily into a lightweight backpacking tent.

What’s more, it also comes with a separate bottom zipper design that enables you to stick a foot or both out if you would love to.

Top-of-line zipper system

Talking of zippers, you will find out that most sleeping bags largely come with this feature. But the difference is in the quality of the zipper itself.

Well, this one doesn’t disappoint at that feature as well, as it features, a two-way zipper system as well as a “zipper guard” that helps prevent any stuck hooks. What’s more, the zippers in this sleeping bag enable you to zip yourself into its warmth as easily as it is fast.

And that’s not all yet; as its double-sided zipper enables you to achieve an unbeatable closure while on the inside, but if you would rather share with your partner or friend for more warmth, then you can as well zip together two sleeping bags.

Canway Warranty

The Canway Group produces some fabulous camping, cycling, hiking, and other outdoor products and this sleeping bag provide a lifetime warranty. This is an area that is a concern for many but with this warranty from a quality company, there is little risk or downside in purchasing this product.


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What Are The Benefits Of Owning This Sleeping Bag

Its tough polyester material is one of the most outstanding features of this sleeping bag. Not only is it great when it comes to softness and comfort, but it is also waterproof, which makes it ideal for use in a wet outdoor environment.

Hollow cotton is used as the filler, which goes the distance to offer an unsurpassed plush comfort on the inside while feeling very breathable at the same time. After all, no one likes to sleep in a bag that makes them feel like they are going suffocate in there.

A drawstring hood is yet another thing you definitely don’t want to miss when choosing a sleeping bag, and this one has a hood that won’t let you down.

The half-circle hood not only proves handy at enabling you to keep your head well off the ground, but it also ensures you can stay warm during cold nights.

The zipper system in this sleeping bag is hands down one of a kind as we’ve seen, but there’s a lot more to it yet. It also comes with a securing Velcro strap that ensures you are snug inside the sleeping bag.

The velcro strip is there for another very convenient reason and that is to also keep the zipper from opening at the middle of the night.

Portability is simply a breeze, thanks to the compact and lightweight design of this sleeping bag. It’s packed weight is 4.2 pounds which will not be a burden on your back.

The easy-to-fold design is also a great addition, not to mention that it also comes with an included compression sack for transportation and storage.

What’s more, the sack features straps that you can use to secure the sleeping bag to your backpack and free your hands.

Here’s A Tip

  • Purchase an inner liner separately and use it to keep the inside of the bag clean and fresh 


  1. It’s the ideal pick for comfort and durability.
  2. A convenient zipper system helps keep you inside while keeping the cold out.
  3. Thanks to the compact and lightweight design as well as the included compression sack, the portability and storage become super easy.
  4. A drawstring hood keeps your head clear of the ground while protecting you from the biting night cold when need be.
  5. The cozy, skin-friendly inside is anything but remarkable.
  6. Regulate the temperature during hot nights by sticking your feet out of the sleeping bag using the zipper at its bottom end.


  1. The compression sack could be waterproof in case you hike on a rainy day but it’s not a big problem



What makes the sleeping bag a great option for just about any outdoor bedding needs is that it does everything it claims to do. If you are serious about getting the perfect solution for sleeping outdoors, then this bag will provide you with everything you need. Besides, it’s a great option for just about any outdoor adventure.

From camping to hiking, and a whole lot of other outdoor activities, wherever you go, this sleeping bag goes with you. Add it to your must-have list and make sure to grab it on your way out when heading on a camping or any other outdoor trip.

This has proven itself to many people, and with a large following, and a very high rating, this sleeping bag is highly recommended by me as the solution you seek.

Remember to let us know how things go out there, we would love to hear about your experience with this one. 

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