Carhartt Women’s Shoreline Jacket

Carhartt Women’s Shoreline Jacket written by team-member Trisha

Made for the rainiest of days, this superb waterproof gear the Carhartt women’s shoreline jacket is the perfect addition to complete your wet weather wardrobe.

We often don’t realize how important it is to have a reliable waterproof jacket until we get caught in a torrent of rain.

Well, it’s time to say goodbye to your constant worries and unpleasant experiences during wet weather, as this Carhartt Women’s Shoreline Jacket makes sure you stay dry and comfortable throughout your day. 

Designed to withstand any wet-weather environment while at work or play, the Carhartt Women’s Shoreline Jacket offers ample protection from rainfall, stays breathable, and keeps the sweat off your skin while you’re on the go.

This fully waterproof jacket comes with the brand’s signature triple-stitched seams that have been fully taped for excellent durability and weather protection.

You can also find that the detachable hood has been equipped with an adjustable drawcord while the drop-tail hem comes with a flexible drawcord to help keep the wind out. 

If you’re looking towards purchasing this awesome item or just want to know more about what it can offer you over the long haul, read on and you will soon find the information you seek.

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Features of the Carhartt Women’s Shoreline Jacket 

  • Made with 100% durable nylon a water-repellent finish;
  • Crafted with the Storm Defender waterproof technology that ensures breathability and channels off moisture for a dry, fresh feel;
  • Comes with 100% polyester mesh lining for a lightweight, breathable fit;
  • It also comes with multiple pockets, including two zippered front pockets, and two inner pockets.
  • The two front flap pockets have zippered side entry so you can use it for personal storage for your items or warm shelter for cold hands; 
  • Has a two-way front zipper with storm snap-button placket to allow the jacket to be easily put on and removed as well as for secure and cozy wear; 
  • Long sleeves have 100% nylon lining for ease of use as well as a relaxed fit so you can have ample space to move inside the jacket;
  • Triple-stitched waterproof seams are taped to keep moisture out; 
  • Also comes with hook and loop adjustable cuffs plus interior storm cuffs with thumbholes; and
  • Features a detachable, three-piece hood and an adjustable hem, both of which have drawcords and barrel-lock adjusters.
  • These adjustments protect from rough weather elements and allow you to establish firm closures, keeping out the rain, cold, and wind from entering into your jacket’s openings.

Specifications include:

  1. Fabric weight: Lightweight
  2. Jacket length: Hip
  3. Activity: Everyday use
  4. Wash: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low, cool iron. Do not use bleach and fabric softeners

Benefits of the Carhartt Women’s Shoreline Jacket 

A waterproof jacket that keeps you dry and comfortable during a downpour is likely the first apparel you’ll look for, especially when you’re spending a lot of time outdoors.

The Carhartt Women’s Shoreline Jacket can just be among the most important pieces of apparel for your safety and comfort when the sky lets loose. 


The Carhartt Women’s Shoreline Jacket comes with a mid-weight outer nylon shell that offers protection against the rain and cold. It’s the perfect go-to-work jacket for rainy days, particularly during the spring and fall season.

This outdoor gear is breathable in a way that allows you to let out your body and heat moisture while still preventing the rain to get in. Plus, it comes with adjustable sleeves, a detachable hood, and a front visor, all of which can keep you entirely dry from your head to your hip. 

The Carhartt Women’s Shoreline Jacket is perfectly snug against the shoulders and is never restrictive. You can easily move around and perform your work well with this jacket.

It’s certainly one of the more durable waterproof jackets you can purchase, thanks to Carhartt’s signature triple-stitched seams. 


This premium-feel apparel is durable enough to withstand harsh conditions in work sites. Thanks to its nylon oxford outer shell, this mid-weight jacket is not a flimsy one.

Not only is it a hard-wearing piece of clothing for work, but the Carhartt Women’s Shoreline Jacket can also come in handy when you’re doing errands, walking your pets, or just about any other daily task. 


Hard-wearing and waterproof, this breathable jacket is your go-to jacket when you have to deal with the troubles of a rainy day, whether you’re on your job site or not.

Thick enough to give some warmth especially during spring and fall, the Carhartt Women’s Shoreline Jacket offers the ideal level of comfort that allows you to use it on rainy days.

You can easily layer this jacket over your normal clothes if you can’t get out during a heavy shower.

All in all, this waterproof jacket is durable, light, and breathable enough to handle abrupt downpours at work, during a commute, while walking, and in many more circumstances. 

Guide to Choosing the Best Waterproof Jacket

  • Breathability is essential for comfort. 

For maximum comfort, the latest water-repellent technologies, such as Carhartt’s Storm Defender waterproof technology in the Shoreline Jacket, offer increased breathability. It doesn’t allow water drops in but enables vapor to be channeled out.

Don’t forget to take into consideration the clothes underneath your jacket as these garments are best to be breathable as well. Moisture can then be able to evaporate from your body and pass through the garment.

A scenario that you want to avoid is ending up with damp, sweaty clothes underneath your jacket as this will cause you to feel cold.

  • Watch out for the seams. 

The sealing of seams plays a crucial role in how well your jacket withstands rough weather conditions. The Carhartt Women’s Shoreline Jacket comes with fully taped seams where every seam is glued or heat bonded using waterproof tape.

This process guarantees that all holes are completely covered. With fully taped seams, you won’t have to worry about seals becoming fixed firmly and the jacket becoming as waterproof as the fabric itself.

  • Pay attention to the smaller features.

Hood– How your jacket’s hood fits you is definitely an important element to consider because, in rough conditions, you can lose much of your body heat if your head is not firmly covered.

The Carhartt Women’s Shoreline Jacket comes with a detachable hood that can easily be adjusted, making sure that it covers your head without obstructing your view. 

Zippers– The last thing you want when caught in a heavy downpour is a malfunctioning zipper. Its zipper is smooth running and prevents moisture from getting in.

This durable Carhartt jacket comes with a two-way zipper, plus a storm snap-button placket, so you can quickly put it on when the rain comes and easily take it off as well. 

Pockets– The number of pockets will depend on how the jacket is intended to be used. Some jackets, including the Carhartt Women’s Shoreline Jacket, have plenty of pockets that you may find it more convenient to leave your pack behind.

It comes with two interior pockets, two front zippered pockets, and two lower front zippered pockets that have flaps. These flaps help ensure that all your belongings inside will stay dry.

These also add protection to your stuff as pickpockets have a less chance of finding them when hidden under flaps.

Adjustable cuffs– Adjustable cuffs, one of the Shoreline jacket’s prominent features, are perfect in keeping your sleeves down and keeping you warm throughout. 

Drawcords– A practical means of ensuring that your jacket fits you perfectly, drawcords are found at the bottom, particularly in the Shoreline jacket’s hem. Upon adjusting these cords, make sure the garment fits you securely and comfortably as possible. 

  • The jacket should be as functional as it is comfortable.

Being easy to wear and quick to dry, as well as remaining durable for a long time are some of the essential features of rainwear. You’ll never know when heavy rains will hit or when the sun will come out from behind the clouds.

With the Carhartt Women’s Shoreline Jacket, you’ll experience the same level of comfort in a highly functional garment that you often do in your everyday outfits. The perfect workwear apparel should be light, waterproof, and breathable for the ultimate outdoor ensemble. 

Questions And Answers

Question: At what time of the year would the Carhartt Women’s Shoreline Jacket be used best?

Answer: While the Shoreline jacket keeps you dry even with heavy rains, it’s definitely most comfortable as a waterproof jacket during spring and fall. As it’s a rain jacket, it wouldn’t be warm enough if you wear it during winter around snow. 

Question: Is the jacket comfortable with layered clothes on?

Answer: The Carhartt Women’s Shoreline Jacket remains lightweight even when worn with garments underneath, such as sweatshirts and long-sleeved flannel shirts. It’s well worth the money as it won’t only keep you dry but also snug and comfortable under rainy and chilly conditions. 

Question: Are all the pockets functional or are some of them decorative?

Answer: All of the pockets of the Carhartt Women’s Shoreline Jacket are functional pockets. These are the two front zippered pockets, two lower-front pockets with flaps, two side-entry pockets, and two interior pockets. You’ll have plenty of space to keep your personal belongings and daily essentials. 

Question: How does the jacket’s material feel?

Answer: The jacket’s material is not stiff but it’s not flimsy either. Even with fabric that’s made to withstand daily wear-and-tear, including precipitation, the garment still offers comfort, mobility, and a lightweight feel for its wearer.



  • Weather resistance ability to protect you from precipitation and keep you comfortable as you work;
  • Fully taped design to ensure waterproof ability;
  • Water-repellent yet breathable technology that stops moisture from getting but enables sweat to come out, leaving you completely dry instead of drenched;
  • Zippers have inner and outer storm flaps to prevent water from seeping in;
  • Storm cuff sleeves shield your wrists and forearms from the rain;
  • Adjustable hem with drawstring waist allows you to secure and tighten the garment so water won’t splatter up through the bottom and keep it firm and fastened while you are outside;
  • Adjustable hood with a front visor helps keep your face dry; 
  • Suitable for layering without looking bulky.


  • The Carhartt Women’s Shoreline Jacket doesn’t come with an inner lining so you won’t get sweaty, but the outer shell still provides moderate warmth and protection from the cold.
  • It is also not intended to be used solely as a winter coat unless you do some proper layering.


Final Thoughts

The Carhartt Women’s Shoreline Jacket’s functional features, maximum comfort, durability, and performance make it stand out from the crowd.

Expect adequate protection against rains and optimum comfort in everyday use, all for $130. This garment’s main purpose is to keep you dry while remaining tough and sturdy to withstand a job site. 

Don’t get stranded in the rain without this topnotch Carhartt item. With multiple handy features, including an adjustable hem and cuffs, triple-stitched taped seams, and a detachable hood, you’ll definitely stay comfortable wearing this jacket even in the rainiest of days.

Earning a 4.7-star rating out of over 500 customer ratings, the Carhartt Women’s Shoreline Jacket is the perfect practical purchase to add to your cold-weather wardrobe if you want to keep the rain out!

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