Coast FL85 Headlamp Review – Bright and Lightweight

The Coast FL85 Headlamp Review Bright and Lightweight headlamp is a reliable source of light, so if having to wait until dawn to begin the adventure isn’t for you, then this is what you need

The market has a wide variety of headlamps to choose from, so why should you go for this one? Some are impressive in performance or durability, and others are just cheap pieces of junk that will only fail you at the most inappropriate moment.

One thing for sure is that not all of them will give you the bang for your dollar. So let’s get into the Coast FL85  and explore if this headlamp could make a great fit for you.


The Key Features

Easy twist focusing

Setting the right beam on your headlamp doesn’t have to be a difficult challenge unless you are using a unit that doesn’t feature the right function for this purpose.

Different lamps come with different ways of setting the beam, but it all depends on the one you go for.

And this unit is no exception, as it comes with a simple twist focusing that enables you to set the beam at ultra view flood beam or narrow down to a bulls-eye spot that you can use to focus on a particular object. 

Tough, durable unit

Using a headlamp in the outdoors means only one thing, it’s going to see a good pounding from the rough outdoor environment. And as such, without the right construction, your headlamp could give in to the abuse sooner or later.

Fortunately, this unit is equipped enough to take the outdoors head-on, as it features a tough construction that enables it to withstand up to a 1-meter drop.

Also, it’s an IPX4 rated design when it comes to water-resistant, which makes it ideal for use in damp and humid weather.

The power

When it comes to headlamps, power is always of the essence. If it can’t light up the trail ahead of you, then it won’t be worth the money.

AAA batteries power this unit but it’s not always just about having light to enable you to walk after dark fall, just how powerful the lamp is matters a lot.

That’s where the 615 lumens that this unit packs in comes into play, as it is not only bright enough to lighten up the path, but it also enables others to spot you, especially if you are jogging on a public road. And of course, for many, brighter is always better.

Stay visible

Talking of staying visible, you might never have given it any serious thought but ensuring that you are visible to other road users is not only important for convenience, but it could also actually mean a difference between life and death.

The good news is, this unit has that catered to as well and as such, it comes with a reflective strap that ensures you are clearly visible to anyone else on the road.

You can jog in the morning confidently knowing that you are visible to others. These are not only for outdoors but also inside the hut or inside the tent.

Compatible with a hard hat

One thing to keep in mind is that you don’t only need to use this headlamp when out camping. You can as well use it very efficiently in the garage or out in the barn when you are not having fun in the wild.

In such cases, a hard hat might be inevitable for your safety, but that doesn’t mean having to give up on your buddy.

Since this headlamp is also compatible with a hard hat, you can use it without any problems when working in an area that needs using a hat for your safety. Now you no longer have to tuck away your headlamp once the camping fun is over.

Lifetime warranty

No matter all the promises that a headlamp might come with, there’s always one way to find out if it can truly live up to the hype, and that’s by using it. Well, here’s the thing; many things can go terribly wrong down the line.

We’ve got some good news for you, as you will never have to worry about anything going wrong when using this headlamp.

Besides the high performance and outstanding durability, it also comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, which got you covered in case of any issues with the material or workmanship.

What Are The Benefits You Can Expect

The dual color comes across as one of the most important and cool features in this headlamp.

The white light is great, but for a better night vision, its red color takes the cake as you can see clearly but without blinding others who are using the same trail, road, or table as you.

With the high setting producing up to 615 lumens, the medium one at 330 and the low setting putting out up to 96 lumens, you have enough variety of options at your disposal depending on your needs at any given time.

Besides the beam is very bright, it also extends far away in front to enable you to see a good distance ahead of you.

At the high setting, it is claimed you can see up to an impressive 600 feet, with the medium setting lighting up to 459 ft, and the low one still remarkable at 250ft.

These distances rarely matter as in reality you mostly only need to see around your personal area probably within 40 feet,

You cannot see anything clearly at anywhere near 600 feet on a dark night with a personal headlamp.

The runtime is the other thing that also makes this headlamp the go-to option for many. It is also claimed that you can enjoy up to 13 hours at low settings, an impressive 3.45 hours on a medium setting, and a clean 2.15 hours at full power.

The ability to switch from beam to spot and back is downright awesome, as you can count on it for different purposes whether you are searching for bolts and nuts or out on an adventure after twilight.

The head strap comes with an easy-to-adjust headband that enables this headlamp to find different types of people.

You might need to reposition the headlamp unit and the battery pack after attaining the ideal snug on your head.

Here’s A Tip 

  • To shine the ultra-wide beam, use the first button on your headlamp, which is so much easy to find. For the spot beam, you will need to twist the bezel fast. Use the second button to set the red LED for a night vision when necessary.


  1. The reflective strap ensures you are always visible to other road users, making it easy to stay safe.
  2. Its dual-color design is great for versatility; it all depends on when you want to use white or red light.
  3. Built with a tough protective casing and high water-resistant levels, this lamp is definitely an ideal fit for outdoors.
  4. The high lumens and long distances that it illuminates are also very awesome.
  5. Enjoy a focused spot beam or the ultra-wide flood beam to fit different types of uses.


  1. This headlamp is not the lightest.
  2. This is not a rechargeable headlamp



If you just can’t wait for the first light to embark on your adventure, then having a headlamp is the way to go.

What sets this type of light source apart from the other options is that besides ensuring you get a variety of light options to choose from.

This Coast headlamp has a wide range of features and at a reasonable price, this is a well-made headlamp that will perform well for an extended period of time. 

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If you have any more questions about the Coast FL85 Headlamp, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.


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