Coleman 4-Person Tent Reviews

The Coleman 4- Person Tent can make your camping trip a breeze. The tent is genuinely a camper’s delight, they are comfortable, practical and are truly easy to set-up. And the closest thing to having a shelter in an instant. This 4 person instant tent is ideal for those who lack any tent building skills.

Or like me just want to get it up quickly and without any hassle. Just lay your tent down in a flat area, open up the fabric and extend its poles till they bolt into place. Next, throw on the waterproof sheet over the tent, anchor it down and that’s done. 


Now just grab your favorite Folding Camping Chair and a cold drink from the cooler and sit back and enjoy what nature has to offer.



You can watch a youtube video of wind tests on this tent and the results are pretty impressive, it remained intact and standing in winds over 35 mph. These tents are designed to withstand strong winds so you can remain safe and cozy during strong winds. The shelter is entirely freestanding which means you can pitch it anywhere, however still weight it down. It accommodates four people, and you can modify it as two separate rooms.

Quality Build. 

The Coleman 4-Person Instant Tent makes for a great purchase due to the combination of ease of setup and the high quality. The 75D heavy-duty fabric is double the thickness of the standard models, so it works well to resist the elements of all seasons of the year.


The canvas is waterproof to a point, rain tests by Coleman showed it stays dry in short bursts but in longer constant rain there are instances it gets wet inside. This Instant 8 ‘x 7’ tent comes with the seams and joins all fully taped. Plus it also comes with an integrated rainfly for extra protection from the elements.

Patented welded floors. 

Inverted seams all act as one unit to create a dry habitat. But even with all this, with every lower cost tent I purchase, I always purchase a good quality seam sealer and apply that to all joints and seams. This will give you extra peace of mind. And for even more comfort, erect a separate rain fly over the whole tent.


Maybe the most important feature of a 4 person instant cabin tent, is to check, is 4 people really going to fit in this thing. Four full grown large men will have trouble even laying comfortably, stretching out or rolling over would create major problems. 

If you are a family with one small child this would be a tent with enough space or a couple with an extra large double Sleeping bag and leave room for your gear.

Two Tents. 

If your group consists of 4 big people, you could put your gear inside one tent and throw the sleeping bags out under the stars. That way at least you would be able to spread out. The space inside the tent would not comfortably accommodate 4 people with all the gear for a couple of days camping, the gear would have to remain outside which is not suitable and may not be possible. Two smaller tents or a larger tent may be the answer.

Fast Pitch.

Yes, this feature is great, time saved is fish caught. The Coleman 4-person instant cabin is a dream to set up. Your airy and spacious cabin sets up in just less than 5 minutes after you get used to it and do it a few times. The manufacturer boasts a quick and easy setup in under a couple of minutes, this is correct as the setup time for us was just under 2 minutes with ease.

Pre-attached Poles. 

For quicker, easier pitch, just extend the poles and secure. The opposite is also very simple, takedown is just as easy but more so if there are two people. to assist one another. It is always a good start to any camping trip when the shelter goes up as easily and quickly as this one does. The poles are a great feature, just follow the instructions for happy adventures.

Large Windows. 

The large mesh windows keep you cool by allowing the fresh breeze to circulate throughout the tent they are also very easy to roll-up and secure.  The D-door allows for tired campers to quickly enter and exit the tent.

The view is best captured inside through the large windows and makes your camping while in the tent much more pleasurable. They are easy to adjust or open fully, the zippers work well but give them a light spray with a light lubricant after each use to maintain a clean and rust-free teeth in the zip.


The compact folding design of this tent makes it easy to transport and store as it packs into a convenient carry bag that allows it to be carried over the shoulder with ease.

It Weighs around 10lbs only which also lends itself to small vehicle camping, for instance, it would suit motorbike camping. And transporting in an SUV will raise no problems as far as portability is concerned.

The carry bag also makes it easy to keep all the poles and parts organized, and everything in its place.

Weather Tec System. 

The company incorporates a patented Weather Tec System in the Coleman Instant tent, in the way of patented welded floors, the seams are inverted making them leak-free. 

The inverted floor seams exponentially increase the weather-resistance of the tent by hiding the stitching holes within the tent and away from other weather elements. 

The webbing and zippers help keep the interior comfortable and dry for your comfy stay. personally, I always use a good quality seam sealer on the joints and tape lines of a new tent.

What Are The Benefits You Can Expect From This Tent?

The main benefit of the tent is that it provides a critical element of survival in the form of shelter. And it does this very well indeed. It is very quickly erected once a suitable spot has been found.

There is no wasting of time and energy in getting a protective space in which to remain warm, dry and comfortable. A major consideration in choosing this particular tent for yourself to purchase is ease of set up and this tent is very easy to set up.

Being compact and portable is another benefit in the tent that you choose if you have a smaller vehicle the weight and size of the tent you buy should be easily transported and carried into your favorite campsite.

You can simply place it over your shoulder using its own strap and carry bag and carry it to its final destination overlooking a beautiful beach. After all its only around 10 pounds in weight.

When the windows are open the inner area of the tent can be flooded with light and fresh air making it extremely comfortable during a lovely day just lazing around the beach.

Then when its time to sleep it can be shut up tight to keep out the cold and any unwanted slithering or biting visitors.

The patented welded floors in this design mean this is a fully sealed one-piece tent, This is a great benefit and is certainly a more relaxed and more comfortable environment knowing that you are completely sealed in against things that sting and bite.

When the Coleman 4-person tent is used in typical camping conditions, it will perform well and do the job it was made to do, however, some people disagree with me, but there is always going to be certain circumstances that will mean some tents are better performing than others.

For whatever reason, maybe due to poor workmanship or inferior build quality there will always be potential for problems with any item. There could be a variance in build quality as some tents are made in the USA and some are imported

These tents are normally used in good seasons during reasonable weather (not typhoon weather) and If this tent is erected in the manner prescribed at the time of purchase and is anchored down according to the prevailing conditions.

This tent should remain upright and serviceable, and by its design and construction, it should keep you dry.

I have personally noticed the walls on these tents if rubbed with your hand while the tent is wet or during rain will allow water to penetrate through, so try not to touch the walls when wet.


  1. This tent can stand up to strong winds and keep you well ventilated on hot days
  2. There are no complications during set up, and you will be finished in less than 5 minutes
  3. Coleman has large windows and door hence making great light and ventilation through the tent
  4. Lightweight and Compact, easy to carry and transport
  5. Manufactured from high-quality materials and fabric


  1. 2-3 adults can comfortably use this tent, with basic camping gear stored inside
  2. A family of more than four people may need a larger tent


My Overall Opinion

All in all, Coleman innovative tents can make your trip more enjoyable because you no longer need to worry about spending hours to build a shelter. With this kind of tent, all you need is a few minutes, and that’s it. The rest of the time can be used to watch the sunset, set a coffee pot on the fire, sit back and enjoy the serenity or the action.

I have the 6 person Tent design, have a look here, with the 2 rooms configuration, it allows me to take our dog and he gets the front room and we get the back, and I think it is great. it suits my purpose when tent camping, they are well built durable and easy to erect.

I have had ours for several years and it still performs very well. You won’t be disappointed with this product. I rate the Coleman 4-Person Instant Cabin Tent at a moderate score of 8. It’s a long way from perfect but for the price and the convenience, it the size suits you, it would be a good choice for a very practical tent.

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Still unsure? Need Comparisons? Check out my article on the Best Camping Tents

If you have any more questions about the Coleman 4- Person Tent, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.

Thanks, Shane.

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  1. I’m happy to see that this tent has large windows because during the summer, camping in tent without proper ventilation can be quite stifling.

    My best friend invited me to go camping last summer and when she asked me again for this year, I had to turn her down because I believe she bought a tent that is only useful to use in colder weather.

    I will direct her to your website where she can make an informed decision on which tents to buy for more comfortable camping.

    • Hi Reyhana i also like the big windows for ventilation it is really nice on a humid evening, there are many tents on the market, i hope your friend enjoys our information on the site. 

      Thanks Shane


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