Blackstone Dash Portable Grill Review – Always Good All Ways

After a lot of research and using this appliance, we have chosen the title Blackstone Dash Portable Grill Review Always good all ways. It seems to offer anything you would ask for in a portable grill, and by the end of this review, you will have a better idea of whether this might be the right grill for you.

Keep reading to discover what makes the Dash stand out in the endless sea of portable grills on the market. From camping, outdoor barbecuing on the patio to tailgating, portable grills make the difference when it comes to keeping the party rolling.  

However, finding that ideal grill can be hard, for beginners and seasoned outdoor diehards alike. When it comes to portable grills, you can find endless options out there, but the Blackstone grill is something special.  


The Key Features

High cooking power

The last thing you want to get wrong when buying a portable grill is power. With a high-powered grill burner, you not only get faster cooking, but it can also work wonders for several types of meals.

That is where the 7000 BTU burner in this grill comes into play. With this power at your disposal, you can save time by cooking meals fast and prepare almost any meal, a feature you need to have as part of your equipment for camping.


Versatility is the other thing that truly stands out about this propane grill. First things first, it comes with an exciting dual cooking space with a flat griddle on one side and a ridged grill on the other.

With the griddle surface, you can prepare just about anything, from breakfast to dinner, pancakes or those juicy steaks.

To make the most out of the grilling side, all you have to do is flipping the cooking surface over you can use this for your burgers or anything you want to grill.

Cooking Area

If you want to prepare meals for the whole family or a couple of friends, then you’ll definitely need large cookware. This is where the large cooking space in this grill proves essential.

Thanks to a large cooking surface area of up to 240 square inches, you can have more than enough space at your disposal. Another thing to note here is that this unit also comes with a regulator.

It comprises the gas jet and flame adjustment, which gives you absolute control over your cooking.

Super-Fast Setup

For a grill with so much to offer, you might expect the setup to be somewhat complicated. Fortunately, that’s not the case with this one. And it all comes down to its stow-n-go leg design.

This design offers an impressively fast and straightforward set up or takedown of your grill. You can have it ready in a matter of a minute or two.

What’s more, you can use it simply as a tabletop grill on a good folding camp table without the legs if needed.

Starts In Seconds

This grill further comes with a striker that you can use to start it almost instantly. However, in case that fails, you still have another option at your disposal, the manual lighting of the burner.

In the burner area, there’s a chain with a wire. This works as a matchstick if the striker fails. It works by placing a match on one end of the wire and holding the other end, then light it.

After lighting up the match, stick it to the burner and you are all set.


This grill is not only great when in use, but bringing it along is also very easy and fun. It looks much like a suitcase when folded up, which is easy to handle.

But there’s still more to it, its retractable handle makes carrying it every bit as easy. And one more thing, it has built-in wheels that enable you to pull it along, just like you would pull a suitcase.

This makes it easy to carry without worrying much about the weight. Besides, at 18 pounds, it is not significantly hefty anyway.

What Are The Benefits You Can Expect From This Product? 

With an easy drain drip tray, you will have to deal with less fat when clean. This makes cleanup super easy for you, all it takes is wiping it with a paper towel.

Hence, the cleanup is super easy, even when you use it to prepare meals that would otherwise make things quite messy.

The legs not only make the setup of this grill super easy, but they also ensure ideal stability on any surface.

These include a telescoping hind leg as well as 2 front legs, which together offer reliable support for your grill. After all, a wobbly grill is the last thing you want out there.

At 7000 BTUs of power per hour, this grill packs in enough punch to take on almost any meal on your menu. Besides, at this rate, it still uses gas efficiently enough.

A 16 oz propane tank can last up to two and a half hours, which is long enough to prepare most types of meals.

Thanks to its full adjustability, this grill offers you the opportunity to cook different types of food. And at its high power, you won’t have a hard time getting it up to temperature.

There’s virtually no better way of getting breakfast, lunch, dinner or some afternoon steaks ready in a matter of minutes.

Lightweight design means no struggle with the transportation of your grill. You can decide whether to carry it like a briefcase.

However, you can make the most out of the telescoping handle and inbuilt wheels, which enable you to pull the unit behind you like a suitcase.

Here’s A Tip Or Two

  • Make sure your grill is placed on an even surface. This enables you to achieve easy and efficient grease management as the dripping grease can easily run into the tray.
  • Make sure not to use metal utensils on its griddle top. This could lead to scratches on its Teflon-like surface. Instead, go for wood, silicon or plastic-covered items, these will do the trick.
  • Always keep safety first when dealing with gas grills, the stakes are high with these types of units, so stay safe.


  1. The cleanup is a snap.
  2. You can use it as a tabletop grill without necessarily using the legs.
  3. The cooking surface area is remarkably large.
  4. There’s enough power for just about any meal.


  1. There is no electronic ignition.
  2. Watch the back leg it may be a trip hazard for the unwary.



From camping to tailgating, from cooking fish, bacon, garlic cloves or just anything else you might want to prepare for different occasions, this grill does the magic.

It has enough power to prepare a family meal or for a small number of friends. The cleanup is super easy, and so is the portability it features an impressive, stylish design that looks and wheels much like a suitcase.

I Like this product, it’s a little bit different, as the grill plate is solid compared to the open rack style of most grills.

If you flip it over you have a smooth griddle surface but that is a feature not a negative to some people, it has over 200 product reviews on Amazon, so don’t let that faze you as it does have some very good features. 

Check The Price On Amazon

If you need more comparisons, well check out our list of Best propane Grills. 

If you have any more questions about the Blackstone Dash Portable Grill, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.




8 thoughts on “Blackstone Dash Portable Grill Review – Always Good All Ways”

  1. This is the best portable grill I’ve seen, you can walk with around as if it is a briefcase. I will be traveling home soon and this is one grill that I will take home with me for family and picnics with my family. I love the fact that it more portable than you might think, and you can make any type of dishes on it

  2. I will try and get this Black stone dash grill, if not for anything but for the fact that it can be used to prepare food very fast thereby saving valuable time.

    I also love the fact that it can prepare meal for the family because of its large surface area. I also like its portability. I am a fan of portable things. 

  3. This grill seems like a good choice. It’s price is low and the surface also looks nice. I like that you can use it without the legs.

    Thiese kind of grills very good because of the surface. Easy to clean and nothing will burn on it. I am searching for a grill for longer trips. Something like this will be good. I’ll check your “best” section. Maybe I will find something better.  

    • Hi Gno. thanks for your comments there are lots of good equipment out there, and Blackstone makes a nice product if you want to compare with others yes check out the Best Camping Stove. Cheers Shane.

  4. I love the fact that this griller is flat on the one side, which is great for things like eggs and stir-fries, and then the ridged grids on the other side which is great for meat. The size of 240 square inches is also useful, as in some situations there are many hungry mouths to feed.

    The drip tray is another great feature for healthier cooking. I wonder how easy this tray is to clean, as this is always the worst job after a lovely meal?

    • Hi Michel, I like the portability of this stove, it’s only 18 pounds so can easily be in the trunk of the car when you’re out on a Sunday picnic. yes, I’m with you the cleaner it stays the better. Thanks Shane.


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