Coleman Evanston 8 Person Tent – Review and Answers

This is a unique product and one that stands out and says look at me I’m special, the Coleman Evanston 8 Person Tent will fit the needs of many families who enjoy space and comfort.

This Article Was Last Updated On February 10, 2021

What are you looking for in a tent for your family? This excellent Coleman Evanston 8 person tent is a good product, there are features in this shelter that will provide very good value for money.

Very highly rated by over 1600 customers, most of them satisfied that it can provide good shelter, warmth, and security while camping in the woods, by the sea, or at your favorite camping ground.

So let’s find out if it suits your needs.

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Coleman Evanston 8 Person Tent

The Key Features.

Screen Room.

With a whole lot of space at 12foot by 12foot, this can easily accommodate a small family or a few friends on any camping adventure.


Add on the screened-in room and the Coleman Evanston 8 person tent becomes a real go-to solution for campers who want a little extra space and comfort in their camping gear.

No matter, whether your car camping or on an extended outdoor stay, the screen room will provide an extra little cozy area with a number of benefits. 

This smart screened room promises a bug-free lounging solution plus an additional sleeping deck, to offer you an outdoor stay, with the next level of comfort away from biting insects.

In fact, the front porch of this dome-style tent is an excellent place to sit and relax when you don’t want to walk out of your tent.

It also makes great storage if you want to store your camping chairs and other gear in a safer place before leaving the tent.


If you have been looking for a tent with good airflow, this Coleman Evanston 8 person tent can end your search. The extended window awnings of this tent are immaculately designed to enhance the air circulation inside.


While the separate tent porch ensures a zero suffocation effect, the Variflo ventilation system will keep the tent interior cool, no matter what is the temperature outside.

Moreover, four large windows in this camping gear will ensure maximum ventilation and minimum condensation whether you are camping in a group, big or small.

Lovely fresh air circulating throughout the tent is always pleasant and makes any tent camping holiday much more enjoyable, so plenty of fresh air and no closed-in feeling equals a happy and contented experience.


Made with high-quality 75D Polyester Taffeta, the Coleman Evanston 8 person tent can barely escape the impression of next-gen camping gear.


With its bathtub design, a patented floor made of 1000D polyethylene tarp-type material reduces the chance of groundwater seeping through the floor.


4 poles made of heavy-duty 11mm fiberglass, two mesh windows and a D-shaped zippered entrance on the porch front, this dome styled tent is an unusual blend of quality, structure, and durability.


Its two main poles are strong and designed to hold the main body of the tent while setting the cross pole lifts the fly up.


While both the fly and the floor of the tent are extremely lightweight, this piece, as a whole, is engineered to be very stable and sturdy when set up on the campgrounds, medium to strong winds will not disrupt the holiday too much.


tents in a campsite


Blend of Technologies.

The Coleman Evanston 8 person tent also offers a nice mix of technologies to make your camping life more seamless and hassle-free.


All these technological traits have been put in place with impeccable attention to detail and they will ease out almost all the hassle of outdoor camping in a tent.


The features of this tent are numerous, like its dome styled body, extra screened shack, built-in electrical access port, insect protection, rain resistance, covered storage, zippered entrance, mesh holder pockets, WeatherTec System, Variflo technology are only a few.


Together with the patented welded floor to enhance its weather resistance it also has extended window awnings, mesh roof, and continuous pole sleeves to finally create a tent with the intelligent features that make the tent stand out of the competition.


The Coleman Evanston 8 person tent 12 x 12 is all about space – lots of space. 12 ft x 12ft with 5 feet 8 inches of center height and 10×5 feet of the screen room, this spacious tent claims to fit 8 people on the floor in relative comfort.


Place a couple of queen-sized air beds in the main body of the tent, and you will still have plenty of space around. I would suggest like all these types of tent 4 Adults would be comfortable, while 4 Adults and 4 children will fit.


What’s more, the porch offers an additional sleeping option when chances of rainfall are minimal. In fact, this front pocket of the tent is a multi-purpose zone.


You can use it to store your other camping stuff or sit here with a couple of chairs just to enjoy the outside view.


On a cool morning when the sun is just rising this is a lovely place to sit, or in the evening viewing the starry sky is always a pleasant way to finish up the day.

Weather Resistance.

The intelligent WeatherTec system of this tent is probably one of its best features, however, I would purchase a spray-on waterproofing product and apply it throughout the tent where you think water could be a problem


Its wind strong frame with redesigned poles and guy-out triangles are the most mention-worthy ones here as they are engineered to be more wind-responsive to keep the strong winds outside from damaging the tent.


Next, the tent’s zipper cuff is tailored with a weatherproof and leak-free fabric, and its Velcro attachments add an extra layer of protection all the way from the rainfly to the tent.


Adding a coat of weatherproofing to all joins and seams is always a good idea and will only add to the existing weather-resistant capabilities of the tent.


Also good to note that the tent’s extended window awnings bring more air inside and the rainfly gives you extra protection against all weather extremities.


Finally, the inverted seams hide the tent’s needle holes to keep you and your things dry in times of heavy downpours while it’s the water-resistant and patented welded floors that help eliminate those holes completely.


Portability is another great feature of the Coleman Evanston 8 person tent that is worth a mention. Not only that, but this smart outdoor piece also comes with a good storage option when not in use.


In fact, in times of stowing or carrying, this tent puts you to absolutely no trouble. This camping gear comes in a packed size of 28 x 10.25 x 9 inches with a weight of around 25 pounds.


It can be easily folded and transported almost on any type of vehicle, This is the one feature of this tent that makes it the best pick for vehicle camping.


The size and weight of the most important element of your equipment should not be such that it is a struggle to either carry or erect.


Don’t forget to use the deluxe carry bag that comes with this travel piece and packing will be simple and easy. Also, check out my in-depth review on the Coleman 8 person instant tent for a good comparison.


What Are The Benefits Of This Tent?

Screen Room.

A great addition: The extra space on the front porch will keep you on top of your storage and sleeping choices. The insect protection feature also works smartly to keep you bug-free during your outdoor stay.


This is always a benefit when you can sit in comfort on the seashore or in the woods without being driven crazy by insects, mosquitoes, etc, and to sit and watch the starry sky at night is a great way to end a day. 

Fresh Air.

With enough scope for ventilation, the breezy interior of this tent will keep you fresh and cozy during the days and the nights. With just the slightest of wind, you will be super comfortable thanks to the design and placement of numerous windows and doors

Reliable strength.

With strong poles, high-quality fabrics, and robust supports, the Coleman Evanston 8 person tent can offer you a hardy shelter like no other. While the lightweight and portable features of the tent deliver their promises of a hassle-free car camping adventure.


Its sturdy structure offers a heavy-duty performance on the campground and knowing it will withstand the wind and rain while inside asleep gives you peace of mind.

Great design.

With the latest technologies in place, the Coleman Evanston 8 person tent setup is simple and quick and is a great travel companion for campers of all sizes.


All the outdoor intelligent features of this tent have been tried and tested to make sure that this high performing gear delivers what it promises. The features will keep you warm, dry, and comfortable.

Room to move.

Here is another quality family tent that will let you take the comfort of your home outside. With plenty of space inside, you will be able to stretch, sleep, lay, relax, and do whatever you want.


While it is claimed to be an 8 person tent 4 – 8 people will fit, although 8 full-grown men would not get a comfortable nights sleep with room to move. Maybe research your required footprint before purchase.

All-weather design.

The smart weatherproof technology makes this Coleman Tent an all-weather favorite camping tool. Take it on your outdoor trips and you will not regret your purchase this shelter will do its job in the harshest of weather.


The design and manufacture will keep out the most moderate weather but be sure to purchase a weatherproofing spray-on product separately and spray all joins and seams before using, this will enhance the existing ability of the tent to repel water.  

Simple setup and transport.

Just fold and pack this portable tent into its smart carry bag and it is easy to store and carry anywhere you want.


With a weight of approx 25 pounds, you will not have any problems carrying and erecting this tent, nor will it take up much room in your car when transporting it for your next outdoor adventure into the wilds. 

Customer Reviews.


coleman 8 person dome tent with screen room

Quick Specs

  1. Screened porch for bug-free enjoyment
  2. rainfly to give protection from the rain and sun
  3. Patented welded floors and inverted seams to help you stay dry
  4. Strong Insta-Clip pole attachments  
  5. Snag-free continuous pole sleeves
  6. 15ft x 12ft space fits 2 queen beds
  7. 6ft hight
  8. Limited 1-year warranty


    • Smart getup, State-of-the-art features
    • Robust structure make this versatile tent a great bang for the buck
    • The tent takes not more than 15 minutes to set up on the campsites
    • Technologies like WeatherTec and Variflow make this camping piece highly functional
    • A Deluxe storage bag is included in the package
    • Enhanced ventilation takes the camping comfort to the next level
    • Lots of space offer an added advantage
    • The porch allows you to remove your footwear to reduce sand and dirt into the tent


    •  The porch floor will get wet
    • The guy lines go a little too far and may come in the way of your walks
    • The rainfly comes halfway over the porch.
    • So there are chances that rain may enter the porch area


    I believe this Coleman Evanston 8 person tent would serve your family well and would be an excellent choice, easily carried, just minutes to erect. A little extra care and maintenance will give you a very comfortable and capable shelter from the elements while enjoying the great outdoors.

    If you looking to purchase a family tent for your next holidays, rest assured this product will give you an enjoyable and comfortable shelter. Go ahead and buy with confidence. I give this product a very high buy rating. 

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    If you have any more questions about the Coleman Evanston 8 person tent, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

    Below is one of many customer reviews, most of the reviews are from buyers that are satisfied with their purchase and who have left mostly positive comments.

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    Thanks, Shane.

    16 thoughts on “Coleman Evanston 8 Person Tent – Review and Answers”

    1. We have the six person version.
      Once you learn how to put it together, it can be put up in 5-10 min with one person or more easily with two.

      My husband and I own this tent and have used it on two trips, one to Ocracoke in June 2018 and a cross-country camping trek for a month across the US from NY via Canada to Michigan and then across to Washington State coast then CA and back. This is a perfect tent for dry conditions. We use the screened vestibule to keep bugs out (Never have both doors open) and for our boots. It withstands winds very well. We have never had to stake it more than basic stakes on the four corners and on the two front points of the front porch.
      It is wonderful with the fly off in dry weather. I spent a couple of hours one night watching a meteor shower.

      We only had trouble with minor leaks when there were torrential downpours (we had not sealed the seams). We found it is a good idea to seal the seams, especially the fly. Luckily, when it rained for four days, we had a giant tarp (16 x 16 would do) to cover it all. We use a 16 X 8 tarp with small squeeze clamps to the front tent arch pole to cover the screen porch when it rains, as the porch gets flooded. You can also fold the porch up with its door open and tie it to the front hoop pole as other people have done and step over it into the main tent.

      Otherwise, it is spacious, and gives us plenty 4″ of personal space on either side of our 6″ thick queen air mattress. It would be snug with two queens, but 2 adults and 2 kiddos would definitely fit very comfortably.

      • Hi Shelly, wow you have done some terrific camping in some awesome places, I agree the setup is simple and in mild weather conditions the Evanston Tents are well worth the reasonable cost. It is hard to find a 3 season tent for just a couple of hundred dollars that is perfect in every aspect, but putting a spray-on waterproofing agent will help with the water resistance.

        Great idea putting a giant tart over the whole setup, this really does help. I also loved the screen room, in good weather it is a terrific bug free space to lay and watch the stars. I have never seen a meteor shower, wow what a sight.

        Thank you very much for your comments, we apreciate them

    2. We were looking for a tent for our vacation, and this is one of the best and most informative reviews I’ve come across. And really helped with the details on wind and water resistance. The pros and cons were helpful in narowing down our search. My only other question would be the quality of stitching and how durable it is? 

      • Hi Alona, i really appreciate your comments and i am glad i could help, just remember this is not a high end extreme camping tent this is a tent for all seasons family camping and as such will give you good shelter in fair to moderate conditions. I believe the stitching to be of a high standard and the needleholes are hidden in the fold which make it even more water resistant and quite durable.

        I think this is a very good tent. I hope you enjoy your vacation Thanks, Shane.   

    3. This tent is definitely something I’d get for a big family camping trip. I bought a similar tent a few years ago but it wasn’t very good and didn’t have many features. You mentioned that it has an electrical access port, I’ve never these come with a tent before. What electrical things can you use it for? Will it work for my laptop?

      This tent looks excellent and I checked the price on Amazon which is much cheaper than I expected. Your post sure made me think about going camping again.

      • Hi Kent, yes for the price of this tent it certainly has some nice features, the electrical access is for allowing cable to be passed through into the tent which saves leaving a door or window ajar. 

        Thank you for your comment Shane.

    4. Hi Shane, I am not much of a camper myself. I have never been quite sure what I need to take or bring. Your blog page were very helpful. The recipes you have look great. I have got to try the “Sheepherder’s Breakfast” even if I am not camping. 

      Your website has me thinking, this camping stuff looks pretty cool. I need to look more into doing this. 

      I like the fact you have products and reviews on about everything one would need to go camping. Kind of a one-stop-shop. I love it. 

      Will you be adding or sharing some of your own camping stories or maybe other camper stories in the future? I would love to hear some of these. 

      Very good website. Thank you, johnny.

      • Hi Johnny, if you get the chance, do it, i find it relaxing and good for your wellbeing although i understand not everyone likes the work involved in setting up and taking it down. Thank you for your kind comments and i do have a lot of camping tales maybe i will sneak a couple into my posts in the future. 

        Thank you Shane.

    5. Hey Shane, I’m not much of a outdoors guy. I haven’t put up a tent in about 35 years and I’m 48 years old. I think Coleman is a very good product. I see lots of people buy buying this product. Since I have friends that likes to go camping I’ll share this on Facebook. It’s not that I’m into camping. I have a very busy schedule.

      • Hi Roger, well we cant all do the same thing can we mate, I’m actually the opposite, not much of an indoors person LOL. I would appreciate you sharing on facebook that would be great. I wish you all the best Roger thank you.

    6. Interesting Shane!

      The Coleman Evanston 8 is far more advanced than the tent I used last year on my camping trip, that old tent of mine leaks when it rains and mosquitoes got through too so we couldn’t sleep in piece. How safe would you say the Coleman is when animals are around? 

      • Hi Riaz, i know what you mean, although a lot of todays budget tents also leak and i find the best solution is to buy a spray on waterproofing agent and spray all seams and joins to help with keeping the rain at bay. As far as animals and safety it depends on the area and country your camping in, we all need to know if there are crocodiles, tigers, or bears around so we can be better prepared.

        Appreciate your comment, Thanks Shane.

    7. Hi there thanks for this detailed review of the Coleman Evanston 8 person tent.  I really like the idea of the extra space provided by a front porch. It’s also a good suggestion to use it for storage when you leave the tent. Of course keeping yourself as bug free as possible whist enjoying the great outdoors is important and it sounds like this area with screens does the job. Mosquitoes love me, so this i a great alternative to smothering yourself with insect cream.

      • Hi Ann, thank you for your comment, the porch area is certainly a cozy little nook and just makes life a bit easier when the bugs are biting and yes better than insect cream.

        Thanks Shane.

    8. WOW Shane this looks like a pretty good tent.

      Next year I will be building a new house and need somewhere to stay for about 14 days while the 1st stage is being built.

      This tent could very well be the solution.

      It is certainly big enough for two people with extras that need cover and the price looks excellent.

      If I decide to go this route, I will certainly come back to your site and use your link to buy.

      You have done a very impressive review.


      • Hi Tim, yes this is a roomy tent that will keep you comfortable, and it is very affordable which is always good. Best of luck with your new house that’s exciting, and if you buy the tent please come back and give us your thoughts. I appreciate your comments 

        Thanks, Shane.


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