Coleman Even-Temp 3-Burner Stove Review – Will Make You Smile

I’m convinced the Coleman Even-Temp 3-Burner Stove Review will make you smile and why should you check it out? It’s powerful, versatile, durable, and a whole lot more that you can’t help but love.

This Article Was Last Updated On February 19, 2021

If you are planning a cookout with family and friends or a camping trip with your loved one, you will need to get everything right, a good store is crucial.

While who doesn’t love an open campfire, there’s virtually no better way to get your delicious meals ready in no time than with a propane stove.

Let’s see what this stove has to offer and at the end of this review, you will have a good idea if it’s right for you.

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Coleman Even-Temp 3-Burner Stove

The Key Features

Stable non-skid feet

Stability is one of the things you cannot afford to miss when checking out any stove. This is not only crucial for efficiency, but it also plays a much significant role in ensuring safety.

The non-skid feet on this stove offer more than enough support and stability for your stove. These also work wonders on different types of surfaces, which is a much welcome capability too.

Instant start

A stove that takes a heap of effort and frustration to start can be a deal-breaker for any camper. Things can be complicated if you are trying to start your stove with a match with gusts of wind blowing in all directions.

That’s why the matchless ignition in this stove proves invaluable. This passes an electric spark to the burners, which only takes the push of a button to start.


Cook without concerns over the flame even in windy weather, all thanks to the side panels on this stove. These panels offer a reliable wind block that keeps the burner working perfectly.

But the best part is that you can adjust them depending on the size of your pans. And when the weather is calm enough, just fold them down and use them as small side tables.

3 Powerful Burners

When it comes to delivering a punch that truly makes the cut, this stove never disappoints. With its three burners, it packs in an impressive 28,000 BTUs of cooking power.

So there’s virtually no chance that you’ll ever be underpowered no matter what type of meal you are cooking.

Cooking Space

Nothing proves more essential in a camping stove than the cooking space. And with this Coleman one, you can have more than enough space to work on.

Not only does it have enough room for its three burners, but it also features enough cooking space for up to three 8-inch pans. Nevertheless, if you have larger pans, you can as well use it with two 12-inch pans.

With this combination, you can keep several items cooking all at once, saving you precious time.


With all the great features of this stove, many would expect to go at an incredible price. Thankfully, that’s far from the case here.

Despite the impressive construction and outstanding performance, this stove comes at a moderate price. Then factor in its capabilities and we think it’s worth every penny when compared to others on the market.

PerfectFlow Pressure 

Make the most out of this tech when cooking in any weather or altitude, what makes this stove outshine some of the competition in this aspect, maintaining consistent pressure makes it is very efficient in terms of fuel.

You can’t find it handier than when you are running low on fuel, and again, it ensures the stove gives off a steady heat output, which improves the overall performance.

Coleman Even-Temp 3-Burner Stove

What Are The Benefits You Can Expect From This Product?

The burners are independently adjustable. This enables them to give you ultimate control over your cooking.

Besides, an even-temp design offers a uniform heat distribution, which eliminates any hot spots for a better cooking experience.

With the stable feet, the stove doesn’t wobble when you stir food in your pot or pan. It will also sit stable on your camp table.

But most importantly, it offers much-needed safety as it prevents unwanted spills that could spell disaster for you.

The cooktop features an aluminized steel, which makes cleanup a breeze. But this aspect plays an even more significant role; it ensures the surface is rust-resistant.

With this design, your stove’s cooktop is very durable and once it is seasoned after use it will perform beautifully for a very long time.

Using different sizes of cooking pans on different burners makes this stove more versatile in that at the same time you can cook different items.

You can have your bacon ready at the same time as your coffee no more waiting for one item to cook while the other item goes cold. This is something I like.

The included regulator, which comes along with the attachment mechanism with the stove, with this feature on board you can use the small cans on this stove with ease.

These cans are readily available throughout the country at most small supplies stores which means if your running low on fuel you’re probably not far away from getting more.

Here’s A Tip Or Two

  • Out of the box, this stove will work perfectly with the small disposable propane tanks. However, if you want to use the full-sized tank, make sure to get an adaptor hose, which is sold separately. This hooks up to the stove as well as the large propane tank.
  • Safety is something you need to be aware of when dealing with propane fuel, the chances of an accident are always there and so is the potential for injury or damage of property. So stay on the safe side by always being cautious.


  1. large cooking space works great for big pans and pots.
  2. You can control its three burners independently.
  3. Convenient push-button ignition, no need to bring along a match or lighter.
  4. Set up is a piece of cake, and so is the cleanup.
  5. Side panels also double as side tables, offering a much-needed versatility.


  1. At 19.5 lbs, this stove is not the lightest for on the go use.


While we can’t deny the fact that this stove can be a little heavy to move around, we believe it can’t be stressed enough that its construction and performance far outweigh this negative point.

Built for outdoor use, it comes with everything you need. From the seamless push-button ignition to the large cooking area, side panels, and tough overall construction, it’s the way to go.

I would say this will become a go-to stove if you’re looking for a bit of size and room to cook and I highly recommend you add this to your essential equipment especially if you like being able to use more than one pan at a time.

With a good griddle plate, you could produce some amazing steaks. With a warranty in place, this is a no-risk option, I hope you enjoy it. 

If you have any more questions about the Coleman Even-Temp 3-Burner Stove Review, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below

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Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.


10 thoughts on “Coleman Even-Temp 3-Burner Stove Review – Will Make You Smile”

  1. I have been a Coleman fan since I was a kid. We have used their camping equipment all over the USA and in Europe while seeing many wonderful sites from the wilderness side of things as opposed to the city areas and vacation spots. It is durable, it works, it is portable, and it makes sense to have it when doing outdoor activities (even picnics).

    Right now I am in the market for a replacement for my really old Coleman 2-burner stove that is still working but is not big enough for the growing family (6 grandchildren now on top of my 2 kids and their husbands). This even temp 3 burner model seems like it will be perfect.

    I like the stable feet, the windscreens, and the independent controls for each burner. It also comes in the color I like (I think this color has never changed?), and the even fuel flow on these is excellent too. I likely will get the propane regulator so I can hook up a bigger tank, as otherwise, we would use too many of the small cans with the size of the family.

    I found you via a search, good post that lays it out clearly and simply. I appreciate that – now it is off to buy this! Thanks.

    • Hi Dave, good to hear from you, yes, it does everything you said and I also like using the bigger 20-pound tank for convenience, plus it works out cheaper overall. I hope you purchase your new stove through my link on my site, and I hope you might give me a short writeup of your experience with it after you have had a chance to use it.

      Thanks for your comments, I appreciate them, Shane.

  2. Hello Shane

    Thanks so much for sharing your review on Coleman burner stove. I`m new to outdoor adventures, started hiking then moved on to camping just a few years ago and got hooked, there is nothing like sleeping under the moon in a quiet clear night with a campfire burning.

    Now as much as I love camping and campfires, I still need some luxury while camping and this is what made me to look for camping stoves and your review came up. I wanted something powerful, quick start and at the right price and I feel Coleman Even-Temp Propane Stove is exactly what I need.

    Now you mention Coleman has 28,000 BTUs of cooking power(as mentioned earlier, I`m not experienced with camping stoves) what is 28,000BTU? Another question(this is personal) I`m not an experienced online shopper and to be honest the only thing I ever bought online are some ebooks, never any physical products. so if I purchased from Amazon, who pays the shipping? I`m not in the USA and I`m worried shipping may cost way too much.

    Once more, really appreciate you sharing this.

    • Hi Roamy, I’m with you, I also like my comfort these days and good camping equipment makes it far better than sleeping on hard ground eating cold tin food. The Coleman Eventemp Stove is a great piece of equipment that will last for many years. As for shipping outside the USA yes it can be very expensive and something you need to check when you are on the site at the checkout.

      Best of Luck, Shane.

  3. Wow the this stove has a whole lots of unique features that makes it outstanding . The wind shield is one powerful outstanding features I like so much. If I go for my church yearly camp, I can even carry this stove without being disturbed by the wind while my fire is burning. I also like the cooking space which is one of the features and also the lightning feature where I don’t need matches to turn it on.

    • Hi Kenechi. this is a really nice stove that you will enjoy sharing good food with good friends at your church group gathering, the cooking space, and lighting features are very good and make this stove very worthwhile.

      Thank Shane.

  4. There is nothing more than comfort and reliability when we’re out of our comfort zone. With marvelous 3 Burner Coleman qualities, i think this will help me reignite my love for cooking once again because i had lost interest in it.

    The only disadvantage I’m seeing right in the stove is it wouldn’t be advisable for cooking for large family like mine

    Aside from Amazon, is there any other way i can place my order and get shipped to me in less that five days?

    • Hi Kehinde, I appreciate your comments, there would be other suppliers of this product, but I’m not sure they could deliver any quicker. Thanks, Shane.

  5. Hi! This definitely is the one for me! I greatly appreciate the windshields. I have tried to cook outdoors with stoves that don’t have them and it’s a nightmare.

    And concerning the 3 burners, 28,000 BTUs is really impressive. With it we can cook any meal outdoors!

    I don’t mind its 19.5 lbs, and I really like the price. This is the one for me! Thank you very much for this review.

    • Hi Henry you will be more than pleased this terrific stove, please make your purchase via my link and let us know your thoughts on the stove after you use it a couple of times, Cheers Shane. 


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