Coleman Folding Camping Table Review

Camping can be fun, but only when you have the right gear such as this Coleman Folding Camping Table, otherwise you’ll have to compromise and end up not enjoying your trip to the fullest.

There’s a long list of reasons why you need to get a great table for the adventure, whether it’s for meal prep, serving meals, playing games, and other needs, a table is a must-have for any camping adventure.

However, getting that perfect table is what proves a challenge for many, and this review is aimed at helping you understand what is in this table and whether it will satisfy your needs.

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Coleman Folding 4-in-1 Camping Table

The Key Features

Adjustable legs

The one thing that could stand in your way to using some of your best outdoor gear is the uneven terrain, which could sometimes call for compromise here and there. However, with the right type of table, this shouldn’t be a cause for concern.

And this one is built with that need in mind, and as such it comes equipped with adjustable legs that allow you to level the tabletop even when setting it up on a slight slope. Then you can settle down to convenient and mess-free meal prep, or avoid spills when enjoying your favorite drinks.

 Use one or more tables

Large as it might seem, mostly one table isn’t enough, especially when camping with the whole family. So you might need to get another one or two. But this brings up another challenge, since using each table independently could cause problems with the leveling of the tabletop and such.

To allow you to use more than one table without any inconveniences, Coleman has built this one with brackets that attach two tables securely offering a single larger table. And you can not only use this feature for just two tables, but you could also add others too, it’s all up to you!

The frame is also very reliable

While the tabletop might sound stout, it needs a frame to be complete. Now, the frame must be of a similar caliber, as this is the backbone of the table. Having a strong tabletop and a flimsy frame won’t make any difference, your favorite meals will end up on the dirt.

That’s where the robust aluminum frame chips in, offering the much-needed support for your tabletop and any items you have on top, as well as guaranteeing solid stability to keep drinks and soups from spewing all over the place if the table receives a sudden jolt, which happens quite often in the fun camping world by the way.

Sufficient tabletop surface

A strong, stable, and stylish table is one thing, but when it comes to the issue of space, every inch counts. As such, despite having a sturdy table, it also needs to offer enough space for your cooking or other needs. After all, what good would a robust table be if there wasn’t enough room for a stove and a few cookware on top anyway?

Thankfully, that isn’t something you have to worry much about, as this table is large enough to cater to your needs, and if you can attach two of them, then you should be able to prepare your meals conveniently with plenty of room to spare. Its 31.5 inch by 15.5 inch top has all the room you need for your outdoor meal prep or dining if you have a small family.

It’s pretty lightweight too

Weight is yet another aspect you don’t want to miss when deciding the perfect go-to table for your outdoor voyage. The difference is in the ounces, and the heavier your table gets, the more difficult it will be to lug along especially on long walks. Thus, if you are expecting to hike for a few miles to get to the campsite, you need to keep things as lightweight as they can get.

Granted, this table weighs in at 12 pounds, which might seem to be a bit hefty at first glance. But when it comes down to the impressive build and the outstanding performance it can offer, you will realize that it is lightweight. If you don’t have much luggage bogging you down, or you are not planning on any lengthy hikes, this table should be easy to move around or carry over short distances.

Packs small once folded

As much as size is of the essence when using your table when it’s time to pack it and store it away or transport it, you will realize just how essential a compact table is too. To make life easier for you, it’s always wise to go for a large table that packs small enough to make transporting or storing it easy.

And that’s the other perk that has made this Coleman camping table a favorite for many campers out there. Besides being pretty generous with space when set up, it folds down into a small and manageable 24 inches by 3 inches by 16 inches package that you can easily throw in the trunk of your vehicle, inside the RV, or store in the garage without taking up much space.

Stylish top

Thanks to its stylish mosaic laminate design of the tabletop, you not only have a stylish table that looks great on your outdoor setting, but it also offers a great deal of performance as well. And with the ability to support up to 300 pounds, you can bet this one’s a heavy lifter with good looks.

So having a table that offers the best of both worlds could make you the envy of the campsite. Another great benefit is that it makes an excellent side table beside your favorite chair.

Coleman Folding Camping Table as a side table next to a coleman chair

What Are The Benefits Of This Product

Up to three height adjustments, 14.5 inches, 27.5 inches, and 31.5 inches, so you can set it as low as you want to use with a low-profile chair or high enough to prepare meals while standing.

As a 4-in-1 table, you can use this table for a variety of applications such as a buffet table, a square table, or as two separate, bi-level tables, your wish!

An included self-contained carrying case comes in handy in protecting your table from dirt, grime and damage when on the move or during storage.

And to make carrying your chair easy, the case features a handle that is easy to hold on to when moving the chair around or carrying it, better yet, both tables fit in the case so you don’t have two cases.

The MDF surface of the tabletop also doesn’t get too hot when left in the sun, and the material is not only heavy-duty but also doesn’t add much weight to the unit.

Its polished aluminum frame is not only very strong but is also very durable as it withstands rust and corrosion very well, giving you lasting service.

Thanks to the foldable design, setting up this table is quite easy and straightforward, all you have to do is take apart the tabletops and unfold the legs from underneath them then lock everything in place.

Besides, it’s just as easy to take down by simply unscrewing the legs, then snap them into holders underneath the tabletop, and from there you lock the two tabletops together and you’re done.

Once folded, both tabletops lock together, creating a solid package that eliminates any movements or clunky noises on the road, as well as reducing any chance of damage.

The aluminum frame is not only robust, but it also packs U-shaped bracings that give it even more strength, which enables this table to support a whopping 300 pounds.

Quick Specs

Weight:12.3 pounds
Capacity:300 pounds
Tabletop material:MDF
Frame material:Aluminum
Dimensions open: 31.5” X 15.5” X 14.5”
Dimensions closed:24” X 3” X 16”
Adjustable heights:14.5”, 27.5”, 31.5”
Carrying case:Included


  • Strong enough to support up to 300 pounds
  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Lots of tabletop space for your cooking or dining use
  • Ideal height-adjustable design for varying uses and adapting to uneven terrain
  • It’s also easy to attach two or more tables for even more space


  • Low resistance to heat could prove a challenge when you want to use the table as a cooktop surface
  • Getting both tabletops to fit together when packing up could take a bit of trial and error to get it right.

Questions And Answers

Question: Does this come as a single table or two of them?

Answer: The package includes both the tables, although each table stands on its own, so you can decide whether to join them together or use each one separately.

Question: How can I detach the tables after opening the latches?

Answer: After taking your tables out of the box and opening the latches, slide them along each other, pushing one table to one side and pulling the other to the opposite. That way you’ll be able to get them apart easier.  

Here Is A Tip Or Two

The MDF on this table is not to be exposed to extreme heat such as stoves or other hot items to avoid damage to the table. Also, make sure not to leave the table outside, as the underneath of the tabletop could develop mold if exposed to moisture such as in the case of rain.

As always, make sure to order your table well before the trip so you can set it up at home and learn how to do it right. This will save you lots of time when you finally get to the campsite, and yes, if there are any defects on the product, you’ll be able to notice them early enough and take action.


Its combination of great performance, easy use, and convenient design make this Coleman Folding Camping a go-to table for many campers. It gives you the flexibility you need when preparing meals or using it for other uses as dining or playing games.

And with the compact design once packed, along with the included carrying case, transporting your table becomes easy. If you’re searching for a great table that you can take along on your camping adventures, then this great folding table may make a perfect choice.

If you have any more quesions on this product simply leave them in the comment section below and I will happily respond asap.

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